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Default Baldur's Gate Solo Pure Kensai Part 4

Decided to do the whole of Durlag anyway. After all, it shouldn't effect the werewolf-quest. And I don't remember how to get out from lvl -4.

At the spiders a prot from poison is best, also a potion of defense if possible.
A potion of storm giant STR (24 STR, potn07) is in demand to get the items at least moderatly useful (flametongue, staff of striking). While it lasts you should open the cloak of the shield's chest too. I wouldn't bother with the green rooms loots with this one, and it seems the crypt crawlers do not hold you (they do, I just forgot about my Ring of Freedom), so that's cool.

The problem with the Demon Knight is, it casts stupid spells. So use that mirror. But before that, drink a potion of defense, potion of heroism because of the mirror fiend. Also drink an oil of speed when possible. And healing potions when needed. If youstill have, a potion of 23 STR can also serve good.

Aside this, I checked what happens if you report Aldeth in this chapter. Well, you get arrested, you do not get exp reward, AND he disappears from the game. Crap.

Oh, either way, I want to nominate the vendor at Durlag's Tower the Most Useless Vendor In The Game title.

Went and delt with Sharevok's coronation. The usual consumables were taken: 23 STR potion, oil of speed, potion of defense, potion of heroism.

In Ulgoth's Beard immediately used a Shield Amulet charge (1 charge remains) to avoid instant death, then also an oilof speed when I saw I'm being punished. These lasted until killed every cultist outside Aec'letec's summoning chamber. The time includes buying and drinking healing potions. Figured I won't need them anyway, the running charges are better option. Funny, that I almost never used with this char healing potions. They are too minimal when HP-loss occurs.
Oh, for the cultist on the inside also quaffed a potion of heroism, because that head mage is annoying.

Decided to try Aec'letec. Preparation: prot from magic, 23 STR potion, potion of heroism, oil of speed. Use aganzanar scorcher potion on head cultist. Potion of mirrored eyes keep running. Run around killing cultists. Replenish expiring potion(s), drink healing potions for max HP. Use Kai and bash the demon. Run around for healing between kai-charges. (weapons: main hand: Longtooth, offhand: Poison Dagger)


Prepare to Werewolf Island: bring all kinds ofbuffing potion, and a +3 weapon (that +3 quarterstaff looks welcoming, or maybe the staff of striking can work out, although later might find a +4 vs werewolf dagger which would be even better. If you learnt bastard swords instead of long ones, bring the +3 vs shapeshifters one).
A potion of power if you still have 2+ is a good idea. Also do not forget the Energy Ring as a last resort.
Also bring a Potion of Clarity if you want to mess with the sirens. (only found 3 of these in the game, and one was a bug-respawn in Candlekeep. the other was sold in BG's mage shop)

When entering the ship drinka potion for 0 AC (of defense, or invulnerability), and a potion of heroism. Get the 24 STR potion here.
For the seocnd deck cast Draw Upon Holy Might too. Get the Werebane dagger (if that's your proficiency too). Kai is a perfectly good ability here.

Deck 3 is a bit easier, so just kill stuff as long as it lasts.
Deck 4 is the main fight... As you can move to that doorway and make them attack you one-by-one, it's not that hard.
By the way,here realy shows how strong the Kensai's to-hit bonus is. Just murders everything.
Don't forget to AC0 yourself when fighting Mendas. There were a couple of good potions in the werewolf tunnel if you ran low.

On prophiciencies: of course your choice will be determined whatpart of the trilogy you are playing. Assuming the whole of it, speaking endgame, a twohanded weapon style canbe attractive. With the inherent bonus on weapon speed, these too go to almost nothing, AND you get 10% critical chance instead of 5%. Twohanded options also dealmassive damage per hit, and with greater whirlwind you'll dish out 10 attack per round either way.
I used 3 dagger (easily compeptitive for "best" weapon class in BG1 part, 1 single weapon style (critical hit chance and AC helps early game), 2 two weaponstyle (just pumped to 3), 1 long sword (because you always find a longsword, and it helped against oozes, especialy early-midgame).
Planning on maxing daggers (because why not), maxing flails (because I'm not entirely mad, and don't want to get stuck. So Falil ofAges + Defender of Easthaven is my powergaming optiion), and 2 point still remains to spend. With the Kensai's massive bonuses this can be spent however I want, like hammers (to kill golems, or just dish out massive electric damage on things like the chromatic demon), short swords (Kundane gives +1 attack per round to the main hand!), or just whatever.

Had to position right to prevent Sharevok's goons dispelling my preparation, also to get lucky and Tazok not bash my head, but yes, it's done.


Oh, before I forget: list of "strongestmonsters defeated":
rat Shank wolf Tarnesh hugh spider Silke Bassilus flesh golem revenant Kahrk greater basilisk demon knight

and common items as questitems:
aside the trivial boks-for-the-mage there's only the sphene gem, an angel skin ring, and a history of the unicorn run
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Default Diablo 2 - bow enchantress

I just don't care anymore. I'm not even sure why. I always wanted to do this character. And for years, for like a decade I was a dedicated player.
Now it's all dust on the window sill.
It's a bit sad it doesn't even makes me sad.

Something similar is with Fallout 2. There the problem is, it lacks flowing action. And the continuous problems with the franchise do not help either. The tale is still good... But I know everything by heart. It's like a book you read over and over, and you're reading it so fast, you're 3 pages forward to where it is open
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Default Baldur's Gate Solo Pure Kensai Part 5

Let's start with a race/alignment related to items list:

- the only race-specific item is a dwarven throwing hammer

scimitar: one of Drizzt's is for non-evils only. Like anyone uses these.
twohanded sword: Carsomyr is only for non-evil (but who plays fallen paladin?), Soul Reaver is for non-good
axe: Azuredge is good only
dagger: Neb's Nasty Cutter is for evils
(there's some "holy sword of tyr" in BG:EE for goods if anybody cares)

- leather: Human Flesh is for evil (only the upped version, the basic is for all)
- just to mention, females though "can compete in the Forgotten Realms' world", have no situation aside Anomen's romance to do something a male can't, while males have extra quests and free stuff.


- Mala's Soulstone: helmet, not for good.

timed quests in BG2
- The Mournful Paladin and the Little Girl is daytime only
- Wellyn the Halfling Ghost Child and his Teddy bear has both daytime and nighttime parts
- Buried Alive has a nighttime optional part (silver pantaloons!)
- Renal Bloodscalp, the Shadow Thief can only be done in Act2 BG2 if you side with Bodhi. Not just this, but the first part of Mae Var's quests can only be done during nighttime if you can not steal.
- Nevin's Not-so-dead Uncle Lester only happens during daytime
- the Tanner quest has a sidequest with Mrs Cragmoon. First,she can only be found during daytime, so if you plan on reporting him the Tanner, hold it until reporting this. Then you'll get a timed even after like 6 ingame days.
- there's another timed even at the city gate (5 days after first visit atemporary shopkeeper appears)
- oh, and just for completion, there's the promenade black market merchant every night.
- the Sir Sarles quest also includes a daytime element (the ore merchant only appears then)
- why I keep bumping into these... Jan Jansen can only be freed from prison during daytime.
- oh, and I think Bodhi only accepts/gives quests during nighttime (if you side her, which is the more profitable solution)
- and there's - if protagonist is not cleric - the Another Mission For TheTemple, which happens during night (it's a long thing until you reach here, so no fuss)

The Burried Alive is the quest that makes you loose some reputation, so do it ASAP. And it even gives you (if you're killing the criminals) the Boots of Avoidance, which takes care of the archer enemies.
Decided to do the Orog Random Encounter - had to drink a healing potion (obviously not the basic one).
Doing the killing for the harpers required an oil of speed, but didn't mind, because it helped during the Mae Var killing too (those pesky stone golems - my only weapon to hit them at this point was the short sword from the first random encounter). Against the mage himself timing was the essence: first buff with draw upon holy might and switch to a nonenchanted dagger for starter (dunno if prot from magic weapons prevents you to hit stone skin or not), then when he goes invisible use a charge of horn of kazgaroth to avoid his death and disintegration spell. And while the speed expired, but the defense lasted, disposed the pirates of the inn.
Running the timed quests mentioned above (darn, the visit to Watcher's Keep for that potion bag has to wait), and when have time, concentrating on killing Neb (picking up the mace of disruption will help) for his dagger. It sounds awesome killing things with tiny daggers.

NOTE: Neb's Nasty Cutter is bugged. Because it is a "charged" item, with 0 charges it stops working (can't attack with it). So it's worse than it looks. Of course I could just buy a +2 dagger in a shop, or something.

The next thing to make you stronger is the Vloak of Sewers (+1 AC). Every little bit counts.
I think I'll tank up on potions, and do Nalia's Keep for the stronghold and stuff. There's a dagger +2 amongst other things.
Another thing to keep in mind is the Firkraag dungeon. Not for the dragon, not even the dragonslayer stuff, but the mask, which everyone should be able to wear, and protects against critical hits, so a helmet to be worn.
Oh, and if you don't mind reloading, buy an 50% MR potion from the sewer-merchant, and get the berserker horn!

Using the berserker horn, and a potion of stone form,and an oil of speed, destroyed M. Peblecrusgher's branch. Simply because the MR-potion still lasted. Because THOSE lasted killed Anarg&Co, and Valeria's companion too.

As Neb's Dagger is bugged, there's this option for a (second) +2 dagger. Sure, it's a throwing one, but just do not throw it ever I say. For that the mercenaries of riatvain shall be massacred, but as this character can't cast limited wish, there's no dilemma. Naturaly for this you'll want to lower your AC to 0.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Baldur's Gate Solo Pure Kensai Part 6

Tip: always keep on you 5-10 healing potions with a Kensai. Theyare aplenty anyway.

Had to realise the Boomerang Dagger is missile weapon, so no dualwield with it. I'm VERY tempted to just cheat in a +2 dagger.
Whatever. Drank a potion of invulnerability and an oil of speed, and killed the Boomerang Dagger party. Because the potions lasted, went for the Spider Figurine. There just to avoid complications used a prot from poison scroll, and a potion of firebreath.At this point realised I'll need to buy a Sword of Flame to be able to kill trolls (Nalia's Keep has some bad design on it, as not all kits can use bows, eh?).
Because I thought the effects still lasted, disposed Tranor the Hatchetman in the sewers. The effects ran out right when I arrived there, but thought whatever.

There seem to be 4 possible daggers for me at this point: a +2 dagger in the De'Arnise Keep, another in the Planar Spehere (sounds problematic), another at the Dryad Queen at the Firkraag Dungeon (needs force-kill they say, no idea for effect on reputation), and a +3 dagger when rescuing Haer Dhalis in that pocket dimension (again sounds trouble).

QUESTION: why did the illithids set up the Lilarcor-quest?

Hoped to Windspear Hills and killed the dryad queen. They never turn hostile, so you need to hit fast and hard to succed. Cast od draw upon holy might + oil of speed. And with that running, I said what the heck, and went for my helmet. Yes, Kensai can wear that mask.
Then went to Nalia, and to be honest it's just life-saving to wear the Defender of Easthaven, so duh.
At rescuing Haer Dhalis troupe used a horn of kazgarot charge to avoid the left mage's death spell.

Funny thing: never realised the beholders can't see what's invisible. This is good thing, because this character's only chance against them is the cloak in the shaugain city. Darn, I so hoped I don't have to bother with that this time!
The thing is, to solve the Unseeing Eye quest the ONLY chance for this character is, to use a bhaalspawn-ability on the demon-in-the-temple.
The Guarded Compound was though, at least the upper floor. Shield amu charge + draw upon holy might + kai + greater whirlwind. Go up on the right, start with aiming on the mage, then ASAP kill the katana guy (don't wait for the mage to die!), hop to the farther magling and kill it, then finish the first mage with elemental magic (flail of ages for me). The other two are strong, but very slow, so just run around healing up as needed.

equipments I worn:
- boots of avoidance / boots of speed
- dagger +1 -> dagger +2 -> pixie prick (never makes anyone sleep, but it's the strongest dagger for now) / dagger (to bypass prot from magic weapon) / flail of ages (if enemy has stoneskin)
- offhand: defender of easthaven / mace of disruption +2 / arbane sword / stiletto of demarches (to keep with the dagger-theme)
- girdle of bluntness -> belt of inertial barrier
- cloak of the sewer -> cloak of reflection
- mask of king strohm III -> pale green ioun stone (Kensai can wear ioun stones!)
- necklace of form stability -> 5% MR amu
- prot +1 ring -> prot +2 ring
- fire res ring -> ring of gaxx
- gauntlets of crushing (so kensai CAN use some bracers!)

dragon killing: potion of defense (or similar effect) + resist potion/scroll + oil of speed + potion of heroism + draw upon holy might + hardiness + greater whirlwind + kai + dragonslayer longsword in offhand.

underdark and other tales: kensai can wear the gauntlets of crushing,and even canuse drow crossbows. The real treat though is to do the aboleth's quest to gain a +4 dagger. It doesn't do much, doesn't doanything aside damage, but the +3's sleeping power isn't gigantic either. Also, the +2's dagger's hold (stun?) simply doesn't seem to work at all, so I just put that away now.
I can't bother to do the illithid city for 10% more fire res,so fok it.
And I'm just not into killing these days, so no fight with the silver dragon. Dang, I'd be curious if you have to have the flesh armor at you when you want it to be upgraded. After all, they don't askfor it when they send you for the blood...

At Bodhi her group of vampire dominated(?) me, what I don't remember from any other playthrough. Potion of Clarity, darn it. Only have 6 more.
Funny thing happened though. Thought I'll go through their big gate abnd go up where I usualy do in the cemetary. Though luck, allentrance disappeared. But some glowing red skeleton warrior wanned to mess with me? Strange.

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Default Baldur's Gate Solo Pure Kensai Part 7

In the Rogue Stone Doorway the vampire again messes with you, so probably use a potion of invulnerability. Not that you'd need the place for anything.


For Baal's Tears get +3 STR, immun to weapons, saving throws, whatever the black dragon gives for talking it, and the only dubious choice is the selfishness. But with the already crappy AC loosinga DEX I think would further ruin the situation, so I went evil. I mean the MR on this character isn't great either way. 25% now, would be 35% with the tear, and wielding the BG2-sword of balduran would give another +10%, but that's it.

Against Irenicus dran a Potion of Power, and Potion of Invulnerability, then started whirlwinding him away. When he casts his second mislead (along some mantle which makes him untouchable) is the time to turn to Slayer Form to avoid being imprisoned.I think this was the intended story (SlayerIrenicus vs Slayer Protagonist), only this was the first time I used this option.To gain back the reps, do some of the optional stuff at the start, like resurrecting that guy, helping the elves or the dwarves...

Hardest Monsters in BG2:
demon knight (from BG1) adamantite golem unseeing eye Kangaxx, the demi-lich Firkraag Bodhi
I think Irenicus and Gromnir only give quest exp, that's why. Gromnir is also bugged. At least he and his cohorts posed no problem.

Entering Marching Mountains: a shield amulet charge, hardiness, kai before entering, then whirlwinding everyone.
For the rest inside drink a potion of fire res, and use hit&run tactics. You'll still need Extra Healing Potions, but whatever.
Against the shambling mounds of Nyalee the longsword specialization proved useful, as they are only voulnerable to slashing damage (and two type of elemental damage, according to Flail of Ages +4). They are immun to piercing and blunt damage.

Get the BMU, and you'll have -23 AC. At Sendai herself though, just use a shield amu charge.
There are some annoying parts left, like fighting mindlyers (INT-drain), Draconis/Abazigail (80 dmg breath weapon spam), Ravager (stun spam), against what no character can do squat anyway. At least Kensai kills everything fast. I mean realy fast.
I don't evencare to finish Melissan, because what's the gain there? I KNOW I can beat her, with ease, there's no challenge.

So, bard is the worst class, monk and kensai have problems at certain stages, other characters (like druid, cleric, thief) have certain problems but just get over it, and spam cheesy abilities like no tomorrow.
I'm done with this.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Ugh, my gaming library is sooo full, I don't think I'll be able

I just looked through all the games I have in my library as "should play it finaly", and darn, they are many.

1 - full throttle
2 - soma
3 - deathtrap dungeon
4 - divinity, original sin
5 - divinity, dragon commander
6 - cayne
7 - get medieval
8 - abomination, the nemesis project (if it works)
9 - warcraft 3 (I might entirely passon this one)
10 - my current BG2:ToB kensai run. Btw, I artificialy nulled my exp, so I'll be able to see "strongest monster defeated" proper. It doesn't seem to straight corellate to monster level, and Idoubt it is exp. I mean I'm at fighting Irenicus, and Bodhi is the strongest monster defeated, beyond Firkraag, who is already beyond Kangaxx...


Ok, so Cayne and Soma are games to those who have time and patience to discover a world of lore, but if you want - you know - progress, doing stuff, these are not for you.
So hereby I skip for now. Maybe forever. Especialy on Soma what is a terribly depressing game, and I don't need that, especialy at the moment.
And Warcraft 3... To be honest the whole franchise just... lost its charm in time for me, I realized.
I'll likely drop any future attempt to Fallout 2 (I planed to do a full playthrough, anda thrower playthrough), Fallout Tactics (deathclaw solo), tides of numera/planescape torment, Abomination: the nemesis project (I wanned to make a wikia for it), Rage of Mages 2 (hard warrior playthrough), because these games take forever.

Let's see what I still consider to be on the list:
1. sanitarium
2. full throttle
3. distraint
4. deathtrap dungeon (but I might just settle for a let's play series)
5. the divinity franchise
6. get medieval

EDIT: yesss, Deathtrap Dungeon looks a bloody cool Doom-engine based game. But when was Doom popular? Riiight.
And it doesn't even has a story. It is a standard dungeon-crawler, with the individual levels/dungeons having their own story-cards. Nice to know this game, but is even more outdated than the gamebooks.
I fear I'll have a nervous breakdown.

EDIT: Distraint is a depressing short story about a weird circle of life (I mean greed). It feels very empty, certain elements mean nothing, lead to nowhere, things are out of place, or just simply unconstituted.
Two of the control-keys were never used.
The third day where you have to make the junkie move is very weird,and the mechanics are annoying (you have to smoke mushroom-drug to pass boarded doors in hard-to-map labyrinth,and the trips are timed...).

All in all, it's a waste.

EDIT: Sanitarium

There's probably an audience for this... Maybe... The meteor-alien-plant thingy overtook children-town is even interesting... But this isa moody game, nothing funny, the puzzles soon fall to those unsolvable algorythm-puzzles, and moon logic,and pixel hunting.

The game is also infested with clunky mechanics, like walk long distances slowly, and first you have to click on stuff to be able to interact with them with your cursor what looks all the same until you clicked on the right things.
There's also some hectic storytelling, meaning one part of the story canbe reached only certain part played, but you'd need those infos earlier because narratively you passed that point it talks about/wants you to interact with...

And what is with people making these hopeless, decaying world games? Real life sucks already, why bring it into our games too??
Full Throttle has the same depression-problem.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Get Medieval

They say this game is like "The Gauntlet", whatever that was, only better graphic, and a bare minimum story at last.

You can choose from 4 characters, each has 3 lives, or each player has 3 lives. I didn't investigated this.

- gold seems to just keep score, but maybe there's some characterlevel? At least the game at times say "level".
- gold keys need for chests
- bronze and silver keys open doors
- HP is actualy a timer, and bumpin into monsters take away hugh chuncks of it, so try to avoid that (character speed helps)
- scrolls are a screen-kill-bomb (first symbol at the key-bar, some shiney arrow marks it)
- skeleton key is on timer, so first kill everything, onlypick it up then, after that run through everything to open all gates
- hearts in blue containers give 100 HP
- hearts in green ocntainers give ? HP
- hearts in red containers give the most HP (I think 500)
- the Mask of Evil makes monsters runaway. Ranged monsters do not attack. In melee distance still not good for your health.

- there's movement speed what is noticable
- weapon speed is even atbasic is very fast, so never mind that
- weapon strength is... I have no idea where it counts. Maybe on structures (monster generators)
- the maximum stats are 5 (attack, defense), and those are reached pretty early. Did not see walking speed upgrade

other noticables:
- gates which must be triggered from a distance probably open in skeleton key areas
- I found a hidden warp-spot on lvl 2's first skeleton-key room
- the barbarian is voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger (no idea if this is licenced, or just put there)
- there is some vampire-looking thing (extra fast, black cloaked enemy). Must be killed ASAP, else it nulls your stats. This gets gamebreakingly annoying with all the other enemies and obstacles around.
- chests and stuff will be destroyed by shooting them, so be cautious

The game has fun, but 40 levels sound very very too much, at least judging from how hard it becomes in dungeon 8-9. There not just the enemies are hoarding, and most of them are ranged, but you'll also need to solve the levels by trial and error (what opoens which door, so you don't loose unnecessary HP), and those levels become HUGH, dungeon 9 even relying on teleports to make it bigger. I wonder what is an outro-cinematic, but I don't think I have it in me to beat this. Well, at least not on the basic difficult, what is Hard. But I bet that's requirement to unlock the ber-difficulty. Why do I care though???

What? there isn't even an outro??
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Get Medieval maps

- easy: HP doesn't deplet by time, monsters hit 50 HP
- normal: you loose HP by time
- hard: monsters hit 100 HP
- torture dungeon: ?

dungeon 1:
go from left to right.
enemies: spider (standard melee), bat (fast, can get over cretain obstacles, annoying), wererat (standard melee = SM)
Torture Chamber Tip: get used to the faster timer. Also watch out for monster-generators.
Warp Spot: in the NEern room of the map.

dungeon 2:
new enemies: spider (SM)
There is a skeleton key in achest in the SW corner of a room (you'll know it). These things are timed, so cleaneverything first, then hurry up. Run down,you'll likely step on the trigger stones which'll release a bunch of spiders, so be prepared to use a scroll. Run to unlock the other door too, and you might still have time to unlock the chests in the previously locked room which said "this door can only be opened from a distance" what means from a certain point of the dungeon (usualy stepping on a trigger-stone).
Don't forget to go back to where the spiders were released from, 'cause that has a warp-spot.
Torture Chamber Tip: acept thatyou can'tdo everything now.

dungeon 3:
I think this was where I started to run out of golden keys regularly, so use them sparingly, or something.
new enemy: lizard-people (ranged attacker (RA)
the warp-spot is above the bat-filled trap-room (don't step on the stones here, or almost guaranteed a large HP-loss, or a scroll-use). Or I could say at the edge of the map east of the exit.
The key to unlock the "from distance" room is to go right at the start, open the golden key gate, and step on the triggerstone under the generator.
The skeleton key inside its room seems a mere decoration with no real purpose (though makes you ableopen chests inside without spending gold keys of course).
Torture Chamber Tip: get used to avoiding chests.

dungeon 4:
there is a hub, and 4 side-dungeon. You only have to do the farthest (start going north) if you don't trust yourself.
the skeleton key is in the nearest (go east from start). It leads to a tp, where the idea is to use the skeleton keys of each golden key gate to unlock the chests inside. If youare curious, the skeleton keys open the farther doors from the other side, but there's barely any timer on them, so tough luck.
Torture Chamber Tip: learn the patter, and remember where and how much resources are left.
Warp spot: in the skeleton key maze go the other passage, and enter the seemingly blind alleys. The 2nd unlocks a door in the warp zone, the 3rd is the warp spot.
Hint: there's definitely a golden key shortage here.

dungeon 5: spider boss. First eliminate the monster generators. The boss is big, and shoots at regular intervals.
Oh, it has a dungeon too, where you have to go where it allows you. A lot of enemy are ranged. Also, beware that when you open the brass key door the final gate's side has 1-1 thief.
To use the Skeleton Key first go right, then down (both times only turn when the passage ends).
Note: if you collect all keys and open every chest, you'll be able to unlock all chests, but only 1 in the boss' arena.
Torture Chamber Tip: you must LEARN the level. Some polish youtuber did a let's play, including opening as many chests as possible - hint: on this level chests are useless. Blow them up. There's only 1 good next to a ratman-generator, gives 500 HP, and it is crucial. Also, some situations can only be solved by using scrolls. Accept it, and hunt for scrolls!
Warp spot: on the north side of the first gate in the east section. Has an aura of death powerup in the chest (has no effect on generators or bosses).
Note on barbarian: this character is bloody slow, barely can reach the skeleton key treasury.

dungeon 6:
I suggest be caustious, as I tend to run out of HP here.
Utilise the Mask of Evil fully (there is on on the north corridor, and one in the south (SE from the lizardman generator - use the remaining timer to eliminate the ratmen in the traproom for a miniroom of streage), do not stop picking up items for its durations.
Do the EAST corridor with the bronze key. This gives you a Mask of Evil, with which you should do the south corridor of no-key-gate. Step on the LEFT triggerstone in the trap-sideroms-room, then go to the just unlocked south miniroom. Pick up the Mask of evil (also step on the triggerstone there) and unlock the SOUTH silver gate key.
NOTE: if you go the east passage instead of sdouth you'll unlock the exist for the other silver key corridor. There's also in the final room's traproom-segment's south the warp-spot, but it isn't very important (has a scroll, but not much else, also no idea what opens the gate inside it).
If you die, your stats will be nulled, and that's bad.
New enemy: some kinda ranged unit. Looks like a bit like mouse? goblin?

dungeon 7:
if you can avoid it, do not touch chests, because they likely contan thieves, and that's not good. I suggest a reload if you get nulled. Shooting chests means the thief (and later curse) pops out anyway, and have to be killed. A strategy if you intend to open chests (they regulary have 500 HP) is, when you touch it, run back (obviously only works with knightess/elf) so you'll have time to react. he skeleton keys are there to let you open chests w/o using your resources (golden keys).
new enemy: thief
Torture Dungeon Tip: there are very few chests with HP, so it is easier to blindly go ahead shooting the generators as they are in alternating sequence. In the end I tend to run VERY low on HP, so used like 5 scrolls before the exit-room.

dungeon 8:
very annoying. First open the two melee rooms by going close. Pick up the golden keys. Leave through north. Ranged enemies do not discriminate, meaning you can make them eliminate a large portion of themselves for you. The HP is in the northern chest.
Second you should only step on the south and west tiles, those are safest. You only have to step on the south tile. The HP is in the west chest.
The exit from the third room is to the east. Use a scroll I say if you step on a trigger. The NW chest has HP, no idea on the rest.
Forth: use the SW tile to open south.
Torture Dungeon Tip: remember you have scrolls, also, get used to do the bare minimum.

dungeon 9:
this dungeon uses bloody many teleports. The way to exist (and there is no battle!): S, E, W, E, E, W, W (East leads stright to the exit, while west to 10 chests. 1 has a thief. Has good supplies. No key needed if running a skeleton key charge). The chest nearest to the tp has a thief (NOTE: thieves always drop a weapon/armor/OR SCROLL when defeated)

pretty straightforward. Used the eastern teleporter at the end, which brought me to an ogre boss's treasure cove (general rule is, the other brings you straight to the boss). Here the two slower heroes will have trouble, being slower than the boss. The others should eliminate the generators first.
To get to the skeleton key hoard, go west as much as you can, and follow the diagonal passages when there is one. When in doubt, go down.
KEY POINTS: the first chest to the south has a Mask of Terror. Directly north of it isa scroll.
There's a room with not open area but ocnstant corridor. South of the 2nd twist is another Mask of Evil. Run, as the exit is near.

dungeon 11:
new enemies: liches? they go invisible(?) regularly. Also some knights (SM).
new item: curse of reversal (switches directional controls, making chests something to avoid at all costs). The effectis temporary, ca.30 seconds. Makes fighting very hard.
At the end there is a badly placed Skeleton Key,, so tough luck. Otherwise the place is pretty straightforward.
- In every room you practicaly have to destroy everything as you'll need a bronze and silver key to progress.
- in the 2nd room aim N when entering to destroya lich-factory, then aim the NW corner for another lich-generator, and the warp-point. Watch out, the SW chest has a thief.
- for the 3rdroom again aim NW. The coner has a lich-generator, but that's not the main point (actualy it is, it has the current silver key). The chest east of it has a Mask of Evil! Not that it'd save the world or something, but enough to go for the bronze key (in the middle). BEWARE as the easter side is cut off from the rest of the room by a wall, you have to pass to the gate going west, the following the north wall! Probably worth casting a scroll before the last bronze key gate, though can't shake the feeling you should be ableto use the Mask to get theskeleton key, and still last enough to open the skeleton key gate though.

dungeon 12:
The northern passage at the start has a bronze key... But the bottom one lets you forward. To be most effective open the eastern chest in the bronze key corridore before picking up the key, and RUN!
Second time the third from above lets you pass. (there are 5 passages,so it's the 3rd from below too) There's also a silver key (can be seen from the right, so get it from the 3rd hub). No need to fight (but they are melee anyway).
For the third again choose the bottom one (and run). The liches not just go invisible, during that time they are incorporeal.
With the skeleton key (in the middle, at the exit) choose south. You can open both, but north is a red herring. This dungeon will replenish your HP, so that's good news.

dungeon 13:
The second row from the top first teleporter leads you out. The other exist looks more profitable, but dunno which tp leads there. It worth trying to clean this place because you can get a megaton of scrolls. The other tp that leads out is in the SE corner, and has 500 HP in it.
Torture Dungeon Tip: you won't be able to clean the place.

TIP: there's a warp point NE from the exit. Also, the chests along the corridors are worthless, but at the end of the corridors the two chests will have 500 HP, and 2 times Mask of Evil.

dungeon 15:
you must trigger things by stepping the right stone. As there are too many, and the action is heavy, I won't go into which you need, but it seems you have to step one of the RIGHT room's tile on the north for the outer door, and the LEFT room's one for the inner of the middle section, which unlocks the exit. No idea what's the difference between the two portal there. I used the left one, which put me to 4 chests and a boss. It is a giant black knight. Nothing special.
With the skeleton key go up and right, or right and up. this time I had way enough on the timer.
PRO TIP: start from the right, as there's a Mask in a chest nearby, and the left room is a nuisance.
Also, the middle section has a speed-booster, which can be used to just run through the room.

dungeon 16:
At the first choice go right for the silver key.
Next choice go RIGHT, because in the 1st room in the south is a Ghost powerup. The problem with this strategy is, there is no silver key in this side, soyou must pick up the bronze key from here too, get back to the other side, keep running to the west sideroom (after eliminating the generators), there the triggerstone unlocks the room you need (and releases a bunch of nagas, so prepare to cast a scroll).
Next go right. On the hub-corridor the chest north of the knight-spawner is a Mask. Use it to run in on the north where the keys will be, and to get out asap.
Next left to keep to the algorythm (barely any enemy here).
new enemy: bat mark II, naga (RU)

dungeon 17:
the bottom teleport does nothing, the upper opens the bottom left cell. The northwestern stone opens the door to continue.
in the second hub-room you need to aim the norteastern room. I'm not sure the rooms here open by what factor. The chest next to the exit of the room has a ghost-powerup, but as powerups cancels each other out, get the skeleton key before touching this!
I don't think those skeleton keys here actualy do anything relevant.
The last door to pass is in the middle of east. But this time it needs a silver key. It is not far to NW from the SE corner (NW of the tp). TIP: just west of the entrance in chest is a Ghost powerup.
99 is the maximum amount from any type of items. HP max is 999.
This level sounds crap. You have to find the right room to go further, but you'll only be able to go further if you find the right way on skeleton key timer it seems. And 2-3 times in a row that. I think for the first I went right and up, and right and up and when that didn't work down for the second. The third had the exit, not stupid skeleton key.
Torture Dungeon Tip: stay on the edge, don't bother.

dungeon 18:
use the 2nd tp from the right, and get to the top along the west wall (stick to it).

dungeon 19:
the skeleton keys here are only cruel jokes. Get to the top on either side, then get around to the other to grab the keys. The center of the north lets you pass. Rinse and repeat.
Torture Dungeon Tip: You'll need to use up like 4 scrolls per room, 2 on each side to get to the keys. Hope for the best.

dungeon 20:
A brass key is in the center north, a ghost powerup is center south. NW brass gate has a silver key. Use the silver key on NE gate. Use the SE porter after that to get to the lich boss. Annoying for the electric traps. Oh, and the lich boss kills you instantly if it hits you in melee. As it tends to go invisible isn't it fun?
With the skeleton key go right, up, right, down, right, down, right.
Torture Dungeon Tips: first go and get the Ghost, then eliminate the bat-generators on both sides whil gaining the brass key.
In the NW brass corridor in one of a corner in the SE is a Mask, so don't blast the chest! It'll take you along distance.
Unfortunately HP is scarce, so not finished this yet.
SOLUTION: when starting the level, step EAST, and shoot the knight, and a bit behind it the naga. Then move SE, and when in position eliminate the bat-spawner.
Get to the south edge, and cast a scroll (unless youare total pro), and shoot the lich-spawner, unlock the chest, pick up the 300 HP, pick up the Ghost, go NW, shoot the bat-spawner, get back to the middle, go to the north edge, bump the chest, destroy the naga-spawner, GET THE BRONZE KEY (under the naga-spawner), pick up the scroll from the chest, pick up the 300 HP if needed (probably do). Go to the NE door, enter the tp.
Keep running until the Ghostlasts, then be a bit more carefully, but it still worth running.
Go semi-cautious until you can get the Mask, then star running again. Don't mind ANY spawner until you get to the north-going corridor, where RUN IN to destroy all spawner, AND KEEP going forward to the south. ELIMINATE EVERYTHING. The Mask should expire when everything is down in this part. You have to go on a thin corridor for a triggerstone. There's also a 300 HP chest along the way.
Ok, leave this area via the unlocked tp. Kill everything that rushes towards you, and run tothe NE gate. You tp to another room.
Run in a bit east todestroy the lich-spawner, then come back the west,so south to destroy a naga-spawner. Your goal is not to rush asap to the SE corner, avoid fight if possible.
Congratulation, you are at the boss.
NOTE: use scrolls whenever you feel necessary! This is a HARD dungeon!
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Default Get Medieval maps (2)

dungeon 21:
straightforward. The optional side-rooms have bloody strong powerups.
on note of some items:
- "player is now amongst the dead" makes monsters indifferent to player unless melee range (ghost cloth)
- there's a curse which makes you only be able to fight in melee range
- there's hermes' boots/helmet which gives you superspeed

dungeon 22:
go to the right edge of the map, then down.
Turture Dungeon Tip: in the first room go SE, aim the naga-generator, then unlock the nearby chest for a Mask. Run to the east w/o stopping,you caneven reach the edge. Start going south cautiously, and eventualy (maybe 2nd room) you'll find a God Mode.
I have 39 scrolls now (TDdiff).

dungeon 23:
This dungeon is too long and deadly. Lost several lives, and you just can feel the lack of good defense stat what makes you die again, and again...
And to make things worse, there's a new curse which - hard to say otherwise - kills you plain and square. In theory you could maybe stop it by drinking a HP-consumable, but fat chance.
And the armor/weapon resources are scarce, you'd need a ton to grind these stats back, AND HP is never in chests...
SOLUTION: don't EVER step on traps unless you have to. ALWAYS visit the siderooms for special invincibility powerups. This means no shooting chests there (and preferably no touching chests at all otherwise).
First go west if you need HP, otherwise go south. In a sideroom (west) you'll get a "god mode powerup". Go south, then when that's blocked go west, then through the narrow corridor. You just have enough time to destroy everything here (hard mode). When in the room with two enemy filled room on the side step on the SOUTH triggerstone to get further.
Next there'll be a west sideroom (has an 500 HP chest and a 300 HP container, so worth the time) to a bronze key locked room. Do NOT shoot the chest in the northern room, thathas a "mask of evil" powerup. Reaching the next room step on the NORTH triggerstone!
Next you need a VERY PRECISE set of actions. When you get the Mask of Evil get to the next corridor. SHOOT the to chest at their start and DO NOT TOUCH the skeleton key. the nothern chest contains CURSE so be prepared and shoot it, or you'll be doomed. Next go up on the diagonal corridor preferably w/o touching any trigger stone (if you do either use the timer to thin them out, or use a scroll - I have more than 80 at this point!). Eliminate all monsters when reached the top on the corridor heading east until it turns north. Backtrack for the skeleton key, and run like heck to use it on the door at the end of the east-going corridor just mentioned. It'll have 500 HP and a ghost powerup. If you touched the skeleton key by accident, RUN, hope for the best, and definitely don't mind using up a scroll to get here!
Go up on north the corridor, and step on the WEST triggerstone.
Follow the corridor the a hub. Open the WEST gate. The skeleton key you'll see only opens a 500 HP room which also has a speed artifact - not that useful in these narrow spaces, so if you loose the key, don't mind too much, though prepare to use a handful of scrolls when your HP goes low. Actualy, try running in, usinga scroll to get rid of the enemy, you'll get it back. That sounds effective.
You'll reach a room full of black knights. The room's trigger will be slightly AFTER the room. I hate it. Use the north triggerstone to pass w/o opening this trap.
You get back to the starting hub with this. Go NORTH, run in (I think all traps release the traprooms), and use a scroll. Destroy the building, then open the chest for a godly-powerup. Don't panick and open the next chest too for 500 HP. STEP on the triggerstones on the diagonal corridor, it's a trick otherwise to loose some of your timer.
You'll reach the end of an east-going corridor which'll turn south. The chest in that corner provides a ghost powerup. Do not squander it.
You'll reach a skeleton key again - this is definitely an absolute waste of time, skip it. No powerup, not even HP in the room, so the key is a trap!
The next triggerstone to a south sideroom is again a trap - the room only contains enemies. Choose the narrow corridor instead.
This brings us back to the second hub-room. Go east to the exit (you collected 3 silver key by now to be able to leave in case you must know).
HINT: do NOTpick up HPs at the hubs ifyou can spare them when you reach there first!
NOTE: the dungeon is generous with scrolls if you paya bit of attention, so despite generously using them here, still have 38 of it.

dungeon 24:
this is infested with thieves to start with. The exit is on the north. To pass it you need 3 silver keys: 1 is in the NW corner, 1 in the SE, and 1 in NE. The best way to do this is to systematicaly extreminate everything going west to east, south to north. Use the many gates to your tactical advantage. There are a lot of HP laying around, so if you can avoid, don't touch the chests, and definitely don't mind them destroyed. Many have thieves in them, at least 2 has a "can only attack in melee" curse, and at least one "drink a HP consumable or die in 5 seconds" curse. Unlocking chests this way if you must: go backward - shoot if needed.
But if you finaly get robbed, because you 99% will, I say fok it. Ye, that was 80 scrolls or so, but... Crap, I could have just used those to dispose the thieves, right? Well, maybe not, as some disappear form screen VERY quickly, giving no chance.
We'll see how this mess turns out Wait a minute: the thieves take all your scrolls with them, so that's not an option, UNLESS you use the scroll BEFORE it touch you (hope you have trigger-fingers)!
Torture Dungeon Tip: go SE, NE, NW. Don't bother with the resources, although likely on the bottom you'll figure out some scroll-chests. Keep in mind freed HP, backtrack them as needed. Reaching NW is hard. The exit has 2*300 HP.

dungeon 25:
I'm afraid you have to kill everything here. The goal is to collect 4 silver keys, but the place is mega-hugh, and there are not even cool items to rely on.
Use the upper teleporter to leave this area to the naga boss.
With the skeleton key go left and down, and at the end NW follow the corridor.
SOLUTION: start from the south gate after killing everything in the hub and opening the two golden gate. Check the side-rooms in order. You'll find eventualy 2 silver key before you reach a tp which brings you to the other half of the map for the other two.
The golden-key-gates opened 4 rooms, they are in pair on each side. If you came as I suggested, the first you encounter will have an invincibility powerup, the ther a curse.
You probably will end up unlocking chests even by accident, or in hope for scrolls, and to be honest the thieves are killing me a lot here. Also, if you started from south when you enter the tp, in the right chest on the other side is a God Mode.
The naga boss is terrific by the way. The electirc traps are very bad news, the spwaner-buildings must be delt with ASAP, and that's very luck-based. The boss itself is a hugh problem with its ranged attack and plent of HP.
NOTE: curses now last 30 sec. Dunno if this depends on progress, or difficulty (I remember as medium diff had 15 sec timer for them). Powerups last 30 sec, except skeleton keys which have their own individual timer.
Torture Dungeon Difficulty Note: you'll have to rely on scrolls many times. Have to repeat this.
Torture Dungeon Difficulty Trick against the boss: do NO leave the treasury, but be aware that the boss can shoot through walls. Fortunately it has a pattern, shoots regularly. So stay behind the edge of the wall, not letting it passing the corner (using its size to your advantage), shooting just along the edge on it, while regularly moving aside - staying behind the wall - slowly chipping away its health. Don't forget the naga-generators willstill exist, and under production!
With the Skeleton Key: firstchance go north, second chance go all the way south. Follow that corridor, and you'll find a crossroad, follow the NW passage. There.
Scroll note: I still linger around 40.

dungeon 26:
start from SW.
new ~enemy: oozes. They don't hurt you, but slow you if stepped on. Move around in a pattern. Also some demon knights (MU).
The place is ginormous, and I suspect you have to know exactly which chest contains what, what is just absurd of course, but still looks that way.
SOLUTION: don't waste your keys on the chests. First go west, and when reached the edge go east, then around the room. The SE corner has an 500HP in the small room, and a scroll outside. Preferably don't bother with the chests having thieves and curses in them.
Go throughthe SW gate, the only one openable at the moment. At the end of the corridor before it bends is an 500 HP consumable, so pull out the enemy there until you don't have the chest onscreen to preserve it.
As you go south there'll be a chest with a god-mode temporary. Follow the corridor, and where it bends will be 500 HP in a chest.
The next north curve's east side will have a scroll in chest.
You get back to the hub,and the close room with the demon knights will contain a bare 500 HP in one of the chests. Step on the trigger-stone of course. NE is now open.
There's nothing to mention until you reach a tp, where is 500 HP and ascroll,so don't blast the chests.
On the other side of the tp use a scroll, and open the northern chest for a ghost powerup. Go north, open the northern chest for a scroll. You'll use it anyway in the eastern big room, which by the way leads back to the hub. Also, in the SW corner of it is 500 HP, and at its entrance's south has a Mask of Evil.
In the room south of this is a warp-point. Leave it until necessary.
To get further, use the middle north gate, unlocked by bronze key. Don't mind the side-rooms, go to the end. Unlock that room by a trigger-stone (it has only melee enemies). In the NW chest is500 HP, the middle has a scroll. Pick up the bronze key.
Go backwards on the northside, and you'll reach a ghoul-room opened. The left chest in it has 500 HP. The room west of this will also be opened, has demon knights in it, but has no useful resources.
Go back until the other bronze key door (leads west). It'll be shorter. Before you get in here, actualy, go to the warp-spot, and unlock a chest for a kill-in-radius powerup (both chests there has one if you're interrested), heh. Grab the silver key. Enter the tp, grab any healing you have left (if you have none, open the chest west of the tp for 500 HP), and finish the dungeon.

dungeon 27:
I'll be honest. I don't think these levels are possible above normal diff, because even if you don't die of thievery or some curses, can just barely keep the HP against the ranged, vanishing enemies. And they are a LOT, trust me.
SOLUTION: start going left. The demon knight spawner in the SW is our goal. Next to it is 500 HP. Step on the triggerstone.
Go north. If instead going further go a bit more east, there's a Mask of Evil in a chest. Leave that for later, and go in north, casting a scroll where the 300 HP is on the triggerstone (same where the brass key is). You'll have to trigger it for later. Eliminate the enemy here (ranged mixed) with a scroll. Before triggering the gates however, go south to unlock the brass gate, and trigger the stone there too. NOTE in this section are two mini-room with 2 chests, 3 keys. Each room has 500 HP. The brass-gate room also has 500 HP (in the south, so no worry).
The brass gate's stone opened a gate on the NW in the previous area. Go there with the Mask of Evil (it has a low duration or something, that's why).
North of that room beside a knight-spawner is a chest with a scroll.
East from there is the Silver Key Gate, and SE of it is a ghost temporary, but don't take it. Take instead the god mode temp north of the eastern miniroom (see above). With that go to the east side, and get a silver key. Hop in the tp, grab the other silver key, hop back, and go to the Silver Gate Key. NOW pick up the ghost temp.
Beyond the Silver Gate on the left siderom is 500 HP (south chest).
The following corridor is horrendous, so do your best. You'll reach a Very Dangerous Room, the middle of it has a chest with a god-mode temp. Its NE has 500 HP.
In the middle of the next room is a trigger-stone which unlocks the exit. Just go straight for it. (Currently I have ca. 15 scrolls, would be good to have way more, but I don't dare.)

dungeon 28:
There is a section with smaller square rooms in a row. The NW one you need most. Otherwise follow the passage.
Warp Spot: directly west from the start, has half a dozen scrolls, and a nopt timered Magna Scroll (scrolls destroy buildings too).
Useful chests: the one at the first tp. NE in the silver gate's hub has 500 HP, SW hasa scroll. N in the SW room of the Silver Key Room-hub. Next room is NE, then NW (Torture Dungeon Diff Tip: use a scroll to empty the room - remember, Magna Scroll removes generators too), so you ensure the 300 HP consumable is not lost). SE room, before the corridor bends, north side. At the end of that corridor, on the south, next to a generator is one with a scroll (if not told otherwise, the chests have 500 HP). In the next room's west side a god-mode.
Go to the east side next room, at the end of the corridor, in the middle is a ghost temp. North room there has the silver key, and in the NW chest a scroll.
Go east now to a new silver key gate. In the 2nd alcove on the north is a speed artifact (crap, don't take it, I forgot boosters don't mix!), and 500 HP.
There'll be a choice of corridors leading east. Choose the bottom one, because I know the chest right after the first generator has a ghost temp (beware, do not blast it!), and before the corridor bends, there's 500 HP.
In the next room there's another 500 HP, and a God Mode.
Next room's NE corner has 500 HP, under an attack, and under THAT a scroll. Then enter the tp, cast the scroll (not, if your God Mode is still running), enter the following tp, and finish the dungeon. Beware, the exit-room has 2 demon-knight in it!

dungeon 29:
at the end, the last silver key door there'll be a hugh rom full of enemies. Get fast along the bottom and open the chests to find a temp invincibility powerup
SOLUTION: start with stepping on any trigger-stone, so you have to fight less enemies. At the end of the S-shaped corridor (basicaly the starting room) the last two chests has 500 HP.
At the top of the next labyrinth, right south of the third spawner-building is a scroll. Go down the 2nd passage to get further. At the end of the labyrinth is 500 HP, also on the next part's beginning is a Mask of Evil.
You'll reach a closed door (north), it'll have 2 siderooms. While getting further is north through the bronze key gate, these shouldn't be ignored, because the east's south chests have 500 HP and a God Mode, and the west's north has 500 HP and a Ghost Mode.
The next room has 2 Golden Key Gate, both have 500HP. You have to do the eastern part for 2 silver key.
Then go west until you reach the 2nd Silver Key Gate. The room's south has 500HP and a scroll. The room on the other side is messy, so that's where you get the ghost powerup in its south.
NOTE: the oozes likely handled as other temporaries, so speed artifacts are nulled while effected.
Wasted a lot of scrolls here 37 remains.

dungeon 30:
if you get thieved/die, reload. There's a good chance for both.
Take the bottom tp out for extra resources. The boss is a demonlord (ranged, fading thing).
At the end with the skeleton key stay on the left and go down.
CHESTS: when it second goes south a chest has HP. Shoot easily froma distance all other chests, they are likely a problem. Next when it goes east at the end has a God Mode.
Next you'll reach a Dangerous Room heading north. The chest between the generators has 500 HP. This room by the way is just one annoying place with nothing but enemies in it.
The next room has two rows of chests, all useless except the 2nd of NW (Mask).
Next room is west, 2nd of NW has 500HP. Middle has Ghost (if you run for it, you can clean the first's room from generators while it lasts, and using a scroll right after that makes it a safe spot).
In the labyrinth go north, then the first chance east, then stay on that side and go north.
In the first room the chest in the east contains a thief.
Second room's east has a curse.
The third room's NE will have 500 HP, sry, rly there isn't more. So especialy on TortureDungeon Diff, keep in mind casting scrolls. East has a speed powerup.
On the last room (entrance from east)'s start is 500HP, although likely will squander it. The NW chest is deadly curse. The SW chest is a Ghost.
Found the boss easier for no electric traps, only oozes. Thugh the bad news is, you must fight it, no Trick of Smaug.
NOTE: wasted 2-3 scrolls here, still have 24.
Scrolls for Turture Dungeon go left: 27 (no scrolls in the skeleton key treasury!)
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Default Get Medieval maps (3)

dungeon 31:
long as hack, but there are permanent powerups? I sawa speed anda magna scroll booster w/o timer.
To get to the speed start going east, than north, than Idunno, but going north you'll see a corridor with 2 chests and 300HP at the end, and that's there. Tha Magna Scroll is on a similar place, but way further, on a southward corridor,m at the NW corner of the dungeon, and is camouflaged as a normal scroll. The perma-boost disappeared when entering the next dungeon, so the speed artifact is definitely better. To know, in case you get lost like I did, the exit is in the NE.

dungeon 32:
bloody hard, because lack of ANY manouverability. There's a precise where-to-stand but that'd be hard to describe, easy to show, but I can't screenrecord. Important to know what chest has what because of HP.
SOLUTION: run in the middle, and cast a scroll,step some further and another (not if enemy not spawned). Unlock the chest east of the demon knight generator for a God Mode.
Go north two row, and under a generator (stay in the middle) you'll find the Silver Key. Leave the dungeon going north. The chest directly at the middle of the gate has a scroll.

dungeon 33:
you have to gather 4 silver keys by destroying monster generators. Ye, this sucks, especialy in your weakened state. Especialy as most chests do not contain HP, and even at least one contains a death curse, while HP on the open is not frequent either.
The necessary chests are: SE corner, blue generator NW from the corner.
At the east side, a bit more north, under a demon knight generator.
Under a demon knight generator in the NW corner.
Under an orc axe-thrower generator which you can reach going just a bit SW from the exit.
There's SOMEWHERE a God Mode, and a Ghost if you bump into it, get best use! Destroy every demon knight spawner, and any other spawner you come accross! If you find the Circle of Death, START OPENING CHESTS as it protects you from thieves and curses! Seems it also eliminate enemy projectiles - but does not protect you from headspawning (do not stand on a generator), neither from lightning traps, so watch out.
And hope the best. At the exit the NW chest has a scroll, the NE 500 HP.
Hint: try to be systematic, and "learn" at least for the beginning where the generators are. Do not blast the chests, try your best to store up resources by them, but only touch them when you have to. The best route is to clean the SW corner, then go to the SE corner, but don't necessarily stick to the wall, but seek and destroy for generators. There are some easy-to-remember 500 HP chests, REMEMBER THEM. Also, do NOt try to destroy the whole map going left to tight, right to left! STAY on the edge of the map! From theSE go NE, then NW (specificaly for the key, so if you find an invulnerability and can beeline, DO THAT and beeline to the exit!).

dungeon 34:
the same as the previous, but you start in the middle, and the resources are better, and I found no curses.
SOLUTION: first destroy the generators and eliminate their immediate spawns. Then go south, and get to an edge, like west. Then go east, and methodicly eliminate all generators. Once the bottom row is finished you'll only have to watch one direction (north), and can open all chests. Yes, there is at least one death curse. There'sa God Mode too, when you find it, you won (concentrate on the remaining generators).
Torture Dungeon Diff Notes: this thing is bloody hard, I especialy hate the fading blue lizardpeople, the spiders, everyone with ranged attack, the electrical traps, the curses... I hate everything here. First Try to establish yourself on the spot moving closer to ONE generator of the four initial, then start to move to the SE corner where is the warp spot, which contains 2 Circle of Death. It's pretty lame, but better than nothing, so I suggest move with the first west, then return and go north with the other. Always watch the timer, and use a scroll if you're sorrounded.

dungeon 35:
this dungeon is infinite and i hate it.
I suggest go towards the left, you'll finaly get to that which leads to the boss's store-room.
The boss is some friggin ogre (axe-throwing orc), ranged, very active, very big, and there are oozes to slow you down... Maybe just squishing it w/o running around would be best. Not sure.
No idea with the skeleton key.
SOLUTION: At the start in the chest is 500 HP if needed. At the first chance go left. In the west you'll see a double corridor, choose the northern one. Watch out, do not destroy the chest in the end, it has a God Mode.
Go out of the room where you came from, go south, and follow the edge of the map to the north. It'll make an L-turn to north: in the corner will be a chest when it bends back to east, and nearby a demon knight generator. That chest has a Mask of Evil.
Stick to the left edge of the map, and get to the tp. Note: at the corner before the last corridor is a chest with a scroll. The exist also spawns 2 demon knight, but remember, the boss's room has some HP.
The skeleton key pass: first chance go NE, then south. There'll be a corridor E, but continue S. The next chance go E. Next N, and stick to that direction.
TORTURE DUNGEON SOLUTION: run in and shoot the twoarriving demon knight, then eliminate the lizard-generator. Go in and destroy the spider-spawner, then deal with the demon knight and their generator. Aside the above mentioned 500 HP chest blast all chests, they are dangerous. To get in the west-leading gate open the door, wait until the electirc trap disables, castascroll, run in, blast the generator.
You're close to the GodMode (go west), no worry. Be cautious to not blast the chest (even for the price of a scroll)! With it get back, downabit, then west. You'll reach a room with demon knights, and two chersts next to each other in a suspicious manner. One has a Ghost, pick it up. Run, run, run to catch the Mask of Evil (described above). Keep running to the exit. For the last demon knight generator cast a scroll, believe me, getting rid of the minions is the key.
Lastly, beware of the two spawning from the exit: stay in the middle to avoid destorying the HPs, and shoot.
Torture Dungeon Scroll Situation: still has 30.

dungeon 36:
the goal is to get 2 silver key, both passages have 1.
the SW tp leads to the exit (needs the 2 silver key), the NE to some HP.
SOLUTION: start south. One of the chests'll have a Mask, but first clean the way to the next room. Pick it up and enter.
New Enemy: dragons.
You need the bronze key from the middle. I suggest just rush in with the Mask, there's plenty of HP for later, and I hate the room (lacks manouverability).
The SE corner of the room has a Ghost, keep it to when you leave, so you can eliminate the generators on the corridor with ease. Why care? The second from west (end of corridor, back to the hub) has another Ghost, so you can safely clean the next corridor. Unfortunately the booster on that corridor is simply a speeder, what is useless. Well, in theory you could run in, cast a scroll, and hope to rush-destroy all the generators... Sounds reckless. It is, but it can work. The other option is to bother with the room's very inconvenient layout.
scrolls at me: 41
Torture Dungeon Notes: beeline between powerups once you started the sequence. With the 2nd Ghost DO NOT STOP TO PICK UP THE SPEEDER, instead go in to the dragons' room, and start eliminating the generators. Use scrolls to remove the enemy when the timer runs out. This is your only chance.
Some more notes here: there's a Magna Scroll on the corridor leading to the 2nd key, sounds fun if you can allow to waste some scrolls. But also canhelp if you backtrack. Not just for HP, but around the central dragon generator there is a Circle of Death, if you didn't destroy it of course.
Torture Dungeon Scroll Situation: 27 left.

dungeon 37:
the NW tp leads to the exit, requires silver keys from the other tps (they also have HP refills), but those can only be gained by triggering some doors, so start wondering around where you are.
Start going right, go until you get close to a chest/see the enemy, cast a scroll. Open the chest, and you found a scroll temporary which makes your scrolls destroy buildings. Try to get the best of this as the place is very annoying, and the enemy is ranged. I suspect the other rooms have the same feature, but can't bother, too complicated there. Just stick to one side for those.
The south room has melee monsters, thus the easiest. The north has dragons, and that's somehow feels harder. The west has ranged orcs, and they are overwhelming. Chunk them out, and retreat to patch up as needed.
West: go in, cast a scroll, run further SW, the 2nd chest is what you need: a ghost. It has enough time to clean 2 rooms. Also, right in front of the entrance is a Mask. Preserve that for now.
Next shall be south. Activate the triggerstone, then go a bit east to a chest, which has God Mode.
Next go East. Trigger the stone,and go for the Mask of Evil.
Next go North, activate the triggerstone and get out. Enter all the tps, the NW has the exit, so leave it last.
Every room open the chests along the triggerstone as there are scrolls. Never open the chests in the tp-rooms as they have armor/weapon, thus useless.

dungeon 38:
very annoying one. Chose these: right, left, left, right, right, left. This latest is super annoying, I got hurt most of the times (but worth being patient). There are only fire-oozes on this level (don't try the other way, that's for noobs to suck).

dungeon 39:
similar to the previous, so it's annoying to map.
Melee stuff is easier, so open only those doors, and choose: SE, SE, NE, NW. Shoot the chest right north of you (has a thief in it, murder it - or try to avoid touching the chest at all). To two chest on the north has all the HP you can need in them.
Pro Tip: first open the current gate, then shot the generator, THEN cast a scroll.
Torture Chamber Difficulty Status: 28 scrolls, 950+ HP, max stats, 10 souls (whatever that is).

dungeon 40:
before each room you get resources. Hope you still have keys for chests.
first room is filled with ranged orcs restricted to the walls, so get along one side slowly amushing each. Stick to the west side for the silver key.
second room has eletric plates, but only melee fading monsters (suspect they start from the alcoves too), so don't panic.
third has dragons - if still has scrolls, why not waste them.
go through the silver gate's tp for the resource-chamber of the boss. Elimininate the generators, then finish the game. Beware, if the bos hits you, it has the same effect as stepping on a lava-ooze!
Actualy, if you have like 40 scrolls, you can use them to eliminate all threats. Very convenient, especialy in the 2nd room with the invisible enemies.
Smaug has no sequence. Its behaviour is, if you are right in front of it, it spits a fireball. To be able to hit is you must be ALMOST in front of it, only a little sideways. It'll continue flying towards you, but won't correct its direction, unless out of screen. Sadly there isn't many HP in its room, and the twospeed-artifact in the northernside-chests are barely any help (and a bit dangerous with the lava-oozes around).
TRICK against Smaug: lure it on one side at the north, then run in to the other. Smaug will be stuck in the treasury (only available if you used the Silver Gate Key), and you can kill it with zero risk!


Hm, there IS an outro movie before the list of crew, but can't see anything because of coding. Oh well.
Btw, Torture Chamber Diff is unlocked:
for finishing the game not just Torture Chamber Difficulty isunlocked, but you can now choose at which dungeon you want to start you adventure.
TChD diff is the same as Hard diff (monsters cause 100 HP with no stat upgrade), only the HP-timer is like three times faster.
EDIT: also seems monster/generators have incrised HP, and the generators not just spawn stuff, but they do it continuously, so I think the whole thing is entirely impossible on this difficulty in the long run. And that length is not long. I did the first two dungeons, but...

Hard mode won:


EDIT: Torture Chamber Dungeon Difficulty won (Smaug Trick):

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