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Sometimes... 19 41.30%
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Old 19-04-2005, 03:49 AM   #21
Forum hobbit

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Yes, I admit it. I cheat. But I know where to draw the line. If you cheat while playing a single player game thats really tough so that you can make it more fun for yourself, hey why not? But when you go online and start cheating , thats when it gets unethical. Its just wrong to ruin someone elses fun for yourown selfish reasons. True achievement does not come from winning or losing but knowing that you played fair and did your best. Dude , if you lose a game of CS online, or WoW online, its not like your life's gonna fall apart or something. If you lose , just practice and try harder next time.
I personally think single player cheating is fine. Games are supposed to be fun and cheatcodes can add that replaybility factor. Finish the game and CHEAT ON DUDE!
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Old 19-04-2005, 06:14 AM   #22
New(bie) Kid on the Linux Users' Block
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Is using walkthrough considered cheating? If so, then yes, I cheat all the time. I can only play roughly one or two hours everyday, and I don't have enough free time to explore games by myself. So whenever I'm stuck, I will consult a walkthrough. I don't want to play a game that will make me stuck after so many hours just because I do not pick certain objects in the beginning of the game. I don't have countless hours to dedicate for gaming only, so when I play a game I'll make sure I do it right
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Old 19-04-2005, 06:23 AM   #23
Home Sweet Abandonia
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In arcade games at bosses, just to even the odds. he, he..... :evil:
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Old 19-04-2005, 09:29 AM   #24
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Originally posted by ReamusLQ@Apr 18 2005, 07:58 PM
I hate when people cheat online, because that to me, totally defeats the purpose.* I remember playing my barb from Diablo II in open battle net once so that my friend and I could use a mule and trade items, and these people would come up moving super fast with like, 100000 aura's around them and the look like death lords and they say "Hey, want some really cool hacked items!?!?!?"* and then as soon as you walk out to go beat up some monsters they dice you into a thousand bits with one hit...it really pissed me off
thats item editing. lots of small charms loaded with high level auras, extra speed modifiers etc.
anyway, i cheat sometimes in single-player games but i have only ever cheated in d2 online (but that was after i had been around a while and i wanted a change of pace) but a character that has heavily edited items that are extremely powerful can kill diablo 2 so i gave that up. and only diablo 2 newbies call that "hacking" as its only editing character files. real hacking on d2 is using maphack etc (been there, done that, got the hacked t-shirt :P) but d2 is full of hackers so you have to hack to keep up with most high level players
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Old 19-04-2005, 11:38 AM   #25
Super Freak

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I don't cheat, even if game is really hard. I will be trying for hundred times, destroy my keyboard becuase of anger, my family will move away because of my damns but I will never use a cheat.
And I hate czheating in online games, especially in FPS. I think Valve has done a good thing banning all this CS cheaters. NO MERCY FOR CHEATERS :Titan: :guns:
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Old 19-04-2005, 12:16 PM   #26

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I cheated more when I was younger, but the only game I'll still cheat on now is the Sims, because otherwise it's pointless. I don't cheat in any strategy/shooter/rpg anymore.

As an avid player of online games, I absolutely refuse to cheat in them as I believe that destroys the whole purpose of the game, and when playing DAOC I saw cheating firsthand everywhere... don't want more of that.

...And in response to an earlier post, I don't consider a walkthrough cheating, as even if you figure out HOW to beat that particularily hard boss or the way through that impossible dungeon, you still have to face the elements and dangers to beat it...... if you turn on god mode or infinite ammo or whatever, it still defeats the challenge. When I'm very stuck, I'll refer to a walkthrough.
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Old 19-04-2005, 12:22 PM   #27
Abandonia nerd

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I used to cheat all the time, then I realized that it takes all/most of the fun out of the game, so I've stopped cheating
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Old 19-04-2005, 03:30 PM   #28
Caught Somewhere In Time
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Posts: 803

Yeah I agree, sometimes cheating just takes the fun out of game if your using it say for infinite ammo or health or whatnot, beat the game faster, but the fun factor goes down.

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Old 19-04-2005, 06:21 PM   #29
Game freak
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I have made it a hobby to find exploitable bugs in games after I've finished them. Got more than 20 such 'cheats' for Command & Conquer and C&C: Red Alert.

I don't consider a game beaten before I beat it without any cheats though.
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Old 19-04-2005, 06:59 PM   #30
Union Leader

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I rarely cheat, especially in more modern games, because the cheating is more complicated, you have to modify .ini files and what not, what hapenned to the good old IDDQD?
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