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Old 30-11-2006, 09:11 AM   #41
The Fifth Horseman
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In dosbox.conf set core=dynamic. This should allow you to increase cycles a bit.

"God. Can't you people see I'm trying to commit a crime against science and nature here?"
-- Reed Richards
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Old 01-12-2006, 07:11 AM   #42

Hmm, did that and it improved the mouse a bit so now it is kinda smooth although not the best like other games (still choppy). But... it's still slow. Typing my name is so slow like it takes 10 seconds+ to backspace John Doe and it doesn't respond to my typing for like another 10 seconds. I got frustrated and quit. I've never had any problem like this before... Maybe this isn't a game for me... <_<
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Old 04-07-2007, 03:16 AM   #43
Forum hobbit

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I'm strangely interested in serial killer stories... :blink: I have to admit I can't believe it.
The last victim is the most disturbing and haunting killing I've heard of so far

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Old 25-01-2008, 06:17 AM   #44
Abandonia nerd

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I'm pretty sure the first murderer is Dr. Philips, but I cannot put together a working hypothesis, rather it won't let me.
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Old 05-04-2008, 12:23 PM   #45

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Same here. It seems to point to him but I can't seem to get a conclusion from the premises.
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Old 17-04-2008, 10:14 PM   #46
Skilled WormMaster
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Maybe I'm not a hardcore adventurer and detective, but I'll bive it a go.
I'm just G@mer4Life!!!
Life is tricky, it doesn't have "Load Game"!

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Old 23-09-2008, 09:50 PM   #47

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Default Jack the Ripper Walkthrough

Originally Posted by isella View Post
does anyone know if there exists a walkthrough for JtR?

Since noone else (to my knowledge) have posted a walkthrough,
I thought I'd do it, so here goes:

Case/Mystery 1:

I usually skip to "Next eventful day" on this one. I don't know if you
can solve it earlier*. Go to (on the "second day") 29 Hanbury Street (front)
and examine
the place to find a fishing fly. Get that info in your notes.

Go to 29 Hanbury Street (back) and speak with John Davis.
You will now find that John Davis stepped on a fishing fly and discovered
the body 5:45 AM. Combine this info with the one you got from the fishing fly
to come to the conclusion that the fishing fly was dropped before 5:45.

Now go find Dr. George Phillips. (He is usually found at the mortuary
if he's not at the scene of the crime). Combine his statement that

he first arrived at Hanbury St. at 10:26 AM with the one that
the fishing fly was dropped before 5:45 AM.

You will conclude that Dr. Phillips was at 29 Hanbury
St. before 5.45 am at the night of Chapman's murder.
Combine that latest conclusion with the one where
Phillip states that he first arrived at Hanbury St. at 10:26 AM
and you have solved it.

*ATTENTION: I discovered you can do this much easier. First combine Pc John Neils' statement that nothing unusual happened at
3:15 AM and the statement where he says he discovered the body at 3:45 AM, to conclude that the murder of Polly Nichols occured
after 3:15 AM & before 3:45 AM.
Use this conclusion combined with Dr. Phillips statement that he was at the scene of
Polly Nichols' murder no later than 3:15 AM and you have solved it. (I'm such a fool lol)

Case/Mystery 2:

Interrogate Mr. Walter Purkiss and get the info
where he remarks that he only saw two prostitutes walking together
on Buck's Row.

Find Mrs. Harvey - (Miller's Court or wherever you may find her).
She says:
"I did not know Polly Nichols had copped it until you told me".

Now go see Mary Kelley. (Doorset Street or wherever you may find her).
Kelly says that she heard of Nichols' death from Mrs. Harvey.

Combine this with Mrs. HArvey's statement and you will find that Mary Kelly

Ellen Holland (wherever you might find) says that she saw Mary Nichols' some
time after 2:45 AM on August 31 with Mary Kelly at the corner of Wentworth Street
and Brick Lane. Combine this statement with the info Purkiss gave you
that he only saw two prostitutes walking together on Buck's Row,
to conclude that Mary Kelly was with Nichols just before she
was murdered. Combine this latest conclusion with the fact that Mary Kelly
lied, and you have solved it.

Case/Mystery 3:

Search the crime scene location. Interrogate PC James Harvey and combine the info
that a button is missing from his uniform and that he has the badge number 964 City.
Combine the given conclusion with that a brass button was found underneath Polly Nichols'
body labeled 964 C, and you have solved it (that easy, huh?).

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Old 23-07-2009, 07:03 PM   #48
Forum hobbit

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Default Wow, that last picture was graphic

I wasn't sure where to go in this game, but I seemed to get everything I needed...It's not the most interesting, can get a little dull with no music or sound. But the scenery is wonderfully created.
Btw, I wasn't expecting the game to actually have Mary Kelly's picture. I've never seen it before---I feel the description is bad enough. I needed a break after that...I got freaked
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Old 19-08-2009, 11:12 PM   #49

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This has to be the _best_ game I've played in ages (apart from Scumm adventures, which are pretty good too) but it really needs the manual...

It lists people's locations and gives more information to help in solving the harder crimes.
The walkthru is only for that person's game and it seems to be only for the easier settings..? I don't know - none of the mysteries I've solved have been like that (okay, I'm lying..).
I am playing only intermediate level.

I haven't found the manual. But then, I haven't really looked so it's no surprise.
Maybe I'll check it out later. If I need it at the higher levels.
I'm starting to make a list of where people are and at what times.

Bit like the saddo stuff that I do to crack the cases on Covert Action.
You know, get my pads and pens and spend more time and effort playing a god-damn computer game than doing something constructive.

Maybe I should do something else.
Oh yeah, I do. Spend time doing sweet FA.

This game has to be in my top 20 of greatest games ever.
Right behind Rayman Raving Rabbids game for Wii.

But it needs the manual for people to experience it's true magnificence and the art of either trial and error or deductive genius.

(actually, you don't need the manual if you're the type of person who enjoys these games - you're like me: the type who goes around putting up fake "lost" posters of the world's ugliest dog and suffering the prank calls and occasional thanks for the laugh [which is why I put my number on it].
People need all the humour they can get in a putrid city, facaded with beauty and the boot - stamping on a human face, forever)

And okay - I'm just trying to be enthusiastic because I read the walkthru accidentally when reading this thread for a manual.
Sometimes the information just goes in and you can't help it... sucks.
Thanks for spoiling a great game - I was on the verge of breaking case 2 but was stumped as people kept disappearing before I could speak to them (Scotland Yard has interrogations).

Never mind.

Hopefully a lot of boring shite will put people off reading this thread.

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Old 19-08-2009, 11:50 PM   #50

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After a lengthy post, some good old chap did deliver me a manual.

It has everything you need - all the things I was going to collate.
Thanks to the person who found it out for me and if you want it, I will share it with you.

It helps win on harder difficulties.
Way more satisfying, but not as satisfying as making ascii drawings
 ,'  `\,_   
 /##c '\  (     I never actually said "Elementary, my dear Watson".
' |'  -{.  )    /
  /\__-' \[]
 /`-_`\                 FACT   :$
 '     \

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