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Default Civ 2: Aftermath

While playing the Scenario "First Strike" with my friends on an editted version of it (we al lstart with stockpiles of nukes) we decided right at the start of the game, "Hey, lets see what happens after Nuclear war!"

This is the story of whaat happened:

January 1975: Following a deteriorating world on the verge of war following the rejection of the "Smelly" bill by the Soviet Union, world tensions are high. The smelly bill was supposed to rename The U.S.S.R to the U.S.S.S.R, Union of Smelly Soviet Socialist Republics. President Fubb of America and Nato is quoted as saying "Well crap"

Days after that bill, he got mad. ICBM flew off American, British, and other NATO colonies soil, lighting the night sky. In the morning, India and Brazil had been made into Radioactive wastelands. Eastern Europe was in Chaos, and southern China was on fire.

Warpac responded by Nuking Western Europe, England and a large portion of the East Coast of America. Luckily, President Fubb (being represented by a secret agent :P ) escaped to the newly constructed "Vault 001" in Canada's Rocky Mountians.

China responded to Russias nuking, by nuking a large portion of Americas West Coast, and allot of southern russia, knowing that Russia could not respond in a Nuclear retaliation.

Brazil and India were pretty much forgotten, as they tried to rebuild

Febuary 1975: The Navy war breaks out. 10 Nuclear Powered submarines from America, each carrying a Medium Ranged Ballistic Missile (or MRBM) and any spare ships are cruising towards China and Russias east coasts in a hop to destroy the last of there coastal cities that weren't hit by Nukes. America's navy quickly gets in ranged, and the MRBM's are launched. President Fubb is quoted as saying "I enjoy the sparkly lights." while he was watching on a video uplink that was connected to Vault 001.

Appropriatly, Cities rename themselves into different vaults as hell takes over the world

January 1976: The war is still carrying on. Everybody thinks everybody else's Nuclear Arsenals are depleted (Except President fubb who still has 5 ICBM in his grasp, and 1 MRBM in a NP submarine)

World population is on a slow decrease.

During this time, and spare units that WARPAC and NATO still have in Europe are fighting to the last breath, getting nowhere at all. President Fubb, while still in Vault 001, orders the construction of an invasion fleet to be made in the crumbling cities of former Los Angelas and Sanfransico

Vault 18 (formerly known as London) begins construction of food wagons to be transported throughout whats left of england to keep the island alive no matter what. If things work out, President Fubb (his little secret agent sprite that is acting as him that is) will be transported to Vault 18.

China and Russia are in a fully engaged ground war. If Russia were to send the troops engaged with China to europe, NATO would lose in but a fw months. President Fubb notes this and orders for and paratroopers in england to be dropped into Europe to help the war effort.

Before China can persuade Russia other wise, or Vice-Versa, NATO and China join hands, and become allies. Fubb breaths a sigh of relief, noting that if Russia and China had planned to ally, NATO would be in trouble. China's President, President Chin, tells Fubb that his secret agents have found the location of a MRBM in russia's territory, in its city of Irkutsk. In no time at all, One of NATO's remaining ICBM is flying through the atmoshpere. (judging by my friends groan when that happened, i had known it wasn't a waste. That was his last nuke!)

Little to China's knowledge, NATO also has spies workign furiously in China, in a hope to make sure they don't have any more Nukes. He who holds nukes, holds power in the coming wasteland.

Fubb laughs as a Soviet invasion force lands near former Sanfransico. The Soviets are pushed off quickly

July 1976: Not far int othere Alliance, China cancels, by Invading Hong Kong. NATO marines in the area are getting ready to retake the city next month.

All world leaders are surprised to the fact that the world hasn't changed yet (no global warming) due to there Nukes. They figure "Yay, that means we can keep killing eachother"

Nov 1976: NATO Paratroopers capture Cuba. President Fubb gives out Cuban Cigars to all in Vault 001.

Nov 1977: First Effects of Global Warming via Nuclear War are now apparent. Deserts sprout out of nowhere. Still mankind lustfully continues there war that is goign nowhere fast!

Vault 001 is revolting! President Fubb says "ENOUGH!", and leaves the Vault (i sent my little sprite to go travelling north of it, and at that poitn was now somewhere in the mountians to the north. Ironically enough, i make my sprite stay in a little Paper Mill just a few squares from Vault 001....someday, Fubb vows, He wil lreturn to Vault 001

Thats all for tonight. I'll post more on mankinds finally years tomorrow or later this week This was the best Hotseat game i've ever been engaged in!
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