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Old 13-02-2010, 05:14 AM   #51

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Originally Posted by TotalAnarchy View Post
Redownload it now, and run setup first.
SWEET! Works perfect now

Thank you so much for the speedy response, and fix


Yep, game is just as I remember.. I love this game.

Dang, just died trying to get my 2nd ornate key in the first dungeon L2

Ohh well, time to go pass out

I'm so happy. I missed this game.

Thanks for bringing back fond childhood memories of being stuck in front of the PC for hours on end, avoiding social situations :P

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Old 03-09-2010, 10:43 PM   #52
Emet, Paladin of Truth
Default 1/2-assed walkthrough

I was born in '90. this was released in '92.

some of you can already see where this is going...

sure enough, my mom picked this up in a bargain bin 'round '95- about the time where little old me's wanting to mess around on the computer.

guess what my favorite game was

well, on a nostalgia trip, I picked it up today... and got stuck.

so I search for a walkthrough and find this half-assed one.

thought I'd share the love


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Old 08-01-2011, 09:27 PM   #53

Heh, I remember that walkthrough.....I think it confused me as much as anything else....

General hints;

Constitution only effects the amount of HP you gain when you level up, so hang onto the Con bonus items (Sun amulet \ lyre(?)), and swap them in before you visit the guildmaster.

The number of men in each tower grows periodically on a percentage basis. Donate enough cash and a tower will gain more troops automatically than it can lose liberating towns.

Loot is random, however it's generated when you first enter a room. A bit of saving and reloading can make the starting dungeon a little easier.

Lastly, for any new players who find the combat a bit too frustrating;-
Character creation
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Old 16-10-2014, 05:10 PM   #54
Talking Mr

Just started playing this again after 18 years.

my only issue at the moment is figuring out why quite often my runecaster does no damage at all on spell attacks.
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Old 30-05-2015, 02:59 PM   #55

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For those who didn't know:

There's a 102 videos long Let's Play of this on youtube. Just search for
"Trazere". If you want to see the crystals they're at:

Part 55 about 08:00 in the video (Serpent Crystal)
Part 64 about 05:00 in the video (Moon Crystal)
Part 80 about 07:00 in the video (Dragon Crystal)
Part 89 about 23:40 in the video (Chaos Crystal)

See also:

part 58 (Beware of getting irreversibly stuck/warning) and
part 75 (For the riddles)
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Old 28-05-2018, 10:58 AM   #56

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Question Help for Legend-The-Four-Crystals-of-Trazere

Hello everybody,
I made a site for help the news players :
Telll me your thinking about it.
Sorry for my beginner's english.
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