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Old 06-12-2007, 05:54 AM   #1
"I" in the Team
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Default Mugen

Its a tool with god-like powers.
Its the holy grail of fighting games.
Its something so wonderful and addictive, yet it sometimes so frustrating.
Its Mugen.

Never heard of it? Mugen is basically an easily modifiedable engine, which can be used to make 2D games, most specifically 2D-fighting games.

So whats so good about it? Why is it so god-like..etc? Well, on the internet, there are thousands and thousands of fighters, either ripped from another 2D fighting game or newly made just waiting to be downloaded and added to the game. You can just download any character from any fighting game (provided that someone has ripped that charcacter from the game) and play with it trough Mugen. You can collect all your favorite characters or make a huge mindless crossovers featuring characters from Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Marvel, King of Fighters, Killer Instic...etc.

And not also characters, you can also add your own stages, health bars, menus, character selection option, intros and even endings by downloading or making them by yourself.

And, as a bonus feature, its also possible to make a level from Contra or Super Mario and play it with any possible character. For example: contra-levels with the Marco Rossi? Sounds neat.

Sounds great huh? It is! Put its got couple of thorns in it.

1. Its technicall stuff and there's sometimes problems with the characters and stages. Im currently having some trouble with character colors.
2. The AI isnt the best. While making a characer, people also have to program an AI for them. Because of this, there are many characters that are so easy to defeat and some characters that are hard as hell.
3. And of course: making your own fighters, levels and stuff isnt easy.
4. Speaking of fighters, some idiots have just gone lazy when making a character and these characters are just...um...cheap. And I mean push-and-kill-everyone-with-one-button type of cheap characters.

I found Mugen many months ago and while then it wasnt so cool, now I've learned to handle it and its starting to be very playable. I have gathered some of my favourite fighters + some new dudes, like Ash friggin Williams from the Evil Dead.

Thanks to Mugen, its possible to create the biggest fighting crossover ever. Anyone up for Ryu vs Shao Kahn? Sub-Zero vs Captain Commando? Onslaught vs Judgement? Mario vs Hitler? Omega Tom Hanks vs Missingno? Gambit vs Reptile? Ken vs Sephiroth? Goku & Vegeta vs Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin? There are tons of possibilities.

If youre looking for to download it, use google. You can easily find some good character links from Mugen Nation and for a best version (Hi-res! Get the Hi-Res version!!) of Mugen, go to Random Select.

If you still want some viewing material,watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf9blAzq5hE
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Old 08-12-2007, 11:56 PM   #2
I get HYPE
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I love the idea of Mugen. But I feel like most of the time when you rip characters out of every game, the balance is gone, and the characters often operate very awkwardly all working off the same engine. It's pretty cool for just having pretty much every fictional character in existence in it, but as a fighting game, I can't really see it as much past a novelty.
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Old 10-12-2007, 06:29 AM   #3
"I" in the Team
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Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Lappeenranta, Finland
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Like I said, its the programming. If theyre would be one guy who programs the AI for every character, the game would be better balanced.

Because of this, I still havent managed to beat Juggernaut withouth using Sephiroth.
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Old 13-12-2007, 01:30 PM   #4
Home Sweet Abandonia
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MUGEN is a great opportinity for the fighing games fans!
Like everything made by fans, it has some problems, but there are some very well done/programmed characters which really worth a play
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