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Default Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded, Impossible Difficulty

Mission 10:

Rightclicking an equipment in your inventory will swap it for the current one.
Btw, this is another Walk To the Edge of the Earth mission

TIP: try to remember where extra ammo is, what kinda ammo is there, and try not to blast immediately every crate as they potentialy have +50 HP. Those do not overflow, but are your only source of realhelaing on this mission.

In one of the secrets you'll find a Combat Armor II. But while you should always be inarmor during this mission, you should still have plenty from the last Combat Armor, and the Power Armor too (this is our bestarmor currently, wear it last!).
Along the armor will be a free best-pistol-in-the-game too.

Mission 11:

best pistol: - (all pistols got unlocked, shop does NOT sell the tradable Mission 4 Prototype Pistol!)
best shotgun: Craft SP 200 (all shotguns unlocked. Shop does NOT sell Double Shotgun!)
best SMG: volcano
best explosive: -
best special weapon: -
best armor: -
supply: -
Invest into: mega medikit

Always wear armor and medikit. This is because until you filled the main objective, there is no healing. The mission isn't terrible though aside some half-hidden corridor, and the fact you see more of the screen horizontaly than verticaly, so use only the smallest medikits you found.

Current stats:
HP: 33 (base, +30 implant)
STR: 20 (base, +20 implant. This is way enough to carry around ammo, but in the nextmission the shop rolled a 50+, and that's definitely more thananyone would need)
Speed: 25
Special Perk, Economist: 66
ACC: 56, currently pumping it to 100

Mission 12:

best pistol: - (all pistols got unlocked, shop does NOT sell the tradable Mission 4 Prototype Pistol!)
best shotgun: - (all shotguns unlocked. Shop does NOT sell Double Shotgun!)
best SMG: -
best explosive: "Rain"
best special weapon: plasma minnigun (the shop DO sell the freezer, but I think do not sell PR-1500, which was available to be picked up in Mission 11)
best armor: -
supply: -
Invest into: mega medikit, plasma gatling

On implants in shop: determined when starting the mission. Restarting mission does not change them. Replaying previous mission might change them, but who'll take the effort for a reroll?
Either way, a 3 stat boost 80+ per stat implant is arund 80-100K $, if you care.

Reloading trick: changing weapon, then immediately changing back (using the mouse's roller is a miracle) reloads your weapon. Can be useful for slow reload weapons.

Notable items: you'll get a Flashlight III.

NOTE: whenever possible, let the drones get ahead of you, especialy when the lights are out (googles supposed to work, but my version definitely has them permanently disabled). On one corridor a BUNCH of mega-monsters reside, so you need cover. And while youwon't hit by your own blasts (so rocket launchers are 100% safe), I"m not sure about the bots, so energy weapons are pointed on.
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