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Old 09-04-2005, 10:19 PM   #1

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Was Browsing the web after having far to much Trouble getting old Dos games to work on my system, even had a lot of trouble with dos Emulators and i found a real gem of a site for Betrayal at krondor that gives you an easier way to do it maybe. I will cut and paste the relevent parts here for you lot to mull over tell me if i have it completely wrong.

The great majority of people and websites i've run across have no idea
of how to get BAK to run on 2000 or xp. However, after looking around for
entirely too long, i finally figured out how to make it run 100% of the
time, no matter the computer's personal quirks. I've tested this on both
of my computers- one a gigahertz desktop with Windows XP Home, and the second
on a 400 megahertz laptop on XP pro built over (as opposed to completely erased
and restored) windows 98, and i can say that it wroked great on both

The problem is is that everyone assumes the game won't run because of a
sound problem, such as what occured on windows 95 and 98. This is just as
true on 2000 and XP, however, there is also a much more fundamental problem.
Unlike earlier versions, Windows 2000 and xp run on an NT platform rather
than a DOS platform. Of course, there is a dos emulator built into both
operating systems, but most people don't understand how to edit this
platform to run games.

the secret is is that the dos emulator runs off of a file called
config.nt in your windows subfolder. config.nt is NOT the same as
config.sys - the latter affects the startup of your computer, but
config.nt affects only the msdos emulator.

In order to run Betrayal at Krondor on either xp or 2000, here is what
you need to do:

1) Download and install BAK just as you normally would

2) Open Config.nt (its easiest to use the search function to hunt it
down) in notepad. The file is usually located in c:\winnt\system32 in
Windows 2000, and c:\windows\system32 in Windows XP.

3) At the very bottom of config.nt add the line:


and then open the File menu and save changes. Now close the file.

This will tell the DOS emulator to use all but 64 Megabytes of ram as EMM
memory, so you will not get any more memory errors or memory crashes
when trying to run Betrayal at Krondor, or other old DOS games.
However, now you have to tell the game this, so...

4) Open the folder where Krondor is installed and right click on the
Krondor.exe file, and then click Properties.

5) Click on the memory tab and under EMM memory select "Auto".
Click apply and exit the memory folder.

Congratulations... this should solve all your memory problems.

6) Now, you still also have to fix the sound problems. The easiest way to do
this is to open Krondor's setup program and change your sound to "no sound"
or "general midi". The "Roland..." speakers setting will also work
on most computers from what I've heard.

After performing all these steps, Krondor should run on your system
without a problem, as well as many/most DOS games.

i never activated DosBox or any other program to get the game working, following these simple instuctions the game runs like a dream and there is no messing about required, the game just runs like any other program. is this an easier solution to dos box or am i just confused. This wasnt written by me and is in no way my own work. I just thought it was a verry easy way to get dos games working on xp

EDIT: if this is in the wrong section i appologise.
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Old 09-04-2005, 10:35 PM   #2
Home Sweet Abandonia

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Well, from an objective point of view, it is simple but not more simple than opening with dosbox or d-fend.
I haven't tried the game either way so I can't comment any more.
Thanks for the info though. k:
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