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Home Sweet Abandonia
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Default Part 6

Addendum to Chapter 2-3: items and abilities to use

- the Thieves Guild has a mazing trap. Not amazing.
- all the city's special liches can be destroyed after using a single scroll of prot. from undead if you have high enough thaco (clvl 20 should do by far), and use a prot. from undead scroll (should last enough. Speak with the liches yourself, the autospeeches won't automaticly happen). Also, while their doors require higher strength (I think Kangaxx itself needs 24), a simple Rage will give you 4 STR, so it's easy.
- if you plan on assaulting The Sphere, bring a prot. from petrification scroll (one of the halflings can cast the spell once)

- the Boots of Speed seems to enhance my weapons skills to. I gain 0.5 attack when wearing it.

- Tiris and the return of the tanner quest did not start, Jenia didn't show up. The cause might have been was simply that I forgot to pickup the raw human flesh.
- At a (later) point I got "permanently diseased". Not that the diseased condition ever did anything (noticable), still. I summoned the warrior from the Horn of Valhalla (beljuril-level), removed my equipment and made it attack me until I got hurt enough the churches offer the Heal spell. Solved it.
- In the Illithid City "godly strength" doesn't just mean 25 STR. It - unfairly - means "godly" strength, aka. turning into Slayer (which you should avoid, as for a warrior class the Slayer-form is weak).

Watcher's Keep:
lvl 1 should pose no problem, but for lvl 2 bring Ras, Vhailor's Helm, and Fire Staff. Summon 3-4 fire elemental from the staff so the Chromatic Demon will have something to feed on, and Ras FROM THE SIMULARCUM. That way you too will be able to summon a second Ras if you have to. Oh, I hope you bought the Potion Bag, it is a cool stuff to have. NOTE? you CAN use the wands of coursing.
Both you and the Simularcum should go Greater Whirlwinding the creature to death, maybe with Foebane in hand as it gives better stats because it is a demon you fight against. The damage doesn't matter though as each hit will deal only 2 damage no matter what. At this point you should leave and dump all your stuff and only keep as many item on you you'll be able to carry all new item from lvl 3 (so bring Vhailor's Helm and even leaves Ras at home).
The final room with the Deck of Many Things is interesting. You should definitely gain the Spectral Brand (invoulnerable summon like Ras), and you can safely bet away some exp (you loose 50K exp if you loose what mean absolutely nothing at this point) if you'd try not reloading that much.
During the first run you can get two effect: a permanent CON-drop (curable only by remove course, so you have to leave the level with it), or a Slow effect (which is a winning condition and only temporary - it is rly just a slow spell).

Still on lvl 3 is the tanar'ri vs baatezu conflict. Somehow the tanar'ri ended up as lawful evil, AND they come first. I suggest siding with them (you don't need the exp, and they are though). Before later entering the baatezu cast Draw Upon Holy Might (if you have as baalspawn-sbility) and Hardiness (I was at this point lvl 30, so it lasted very long), than (Greater) Whirlwind them to death. Watch your HP and don't feel shame drinking mega-healing even if you need it.

The Deck of Many Things when you killed the cambion for it should be played like this:
#1 DonJon (if you reached here early in the game - beginning of Act 3 -, you might settle for Ruin which takes away all your money, but is more frequent)
#2 Star (+1 strength for warrior classes!)
#3 Moon (the +10% HP is more allaround than the 5% fire resist from Comet - yes, you can have both Comet and Erinyes as third card even if you had a "bad" draw)

NOTE: I hope you did not forget about your stronghold. It tends more to eat money than produce, but you probably still wish to have your own cleric in the keep. He's quite a good shopkeeper, has: boots of grounding, staff of striking, 2*prot from undead, helm of charm protection (most of these likely not needed, but still, this is kinda the best this stronghold can offer).

WSK lvl 4: an illithid container and another behind the oil-door drains level.


Now it is time to go to the Underdark. Before you go prepare!
You'll need items to save your sorry hide, while be able to collect new gadgets. So bring minimal stuff even as you'll have the Bag of Holding.
You'll have to fight beholder(s), so Shield of Balduran should come. All three of your containers too (scrolls, gems, potions). Sell stuff to have a hugh amount of money if you didn't do it until now.

I brought: Shield of Balduran (must have, unless you like to reload a lot, and want to cut yourself off of an area), Helmet of Defense, Wand of Wonder, bow (ANY means of ranged damage, including Wand of Wonders suffice, but you MUST have at least one item doing it!), both wands of coursing, and the glasses of identification of course.


Spellhold is straightforward, and you could even actually kip the shaugains, as the only interesting things are the Boots of Etheralness which only have real use in ToB and there will be redundant for the Tears, and the Cloak of Mirroring which doesn't mirror anything in ToB, and isn't actually that awesome in solo.


- kill the gnome for the light gem. Easier than killing the demon...
- buy 10% magic res amu from shop. 5% more is 5% more.
- inside the city the only subquest you probably will do is the "defeat the cultists", and even that only 'cause some top-hierarchy matron forces you. You'll be close to clvl 40, and there are no items from here.
- from the three outside areas the kuo-toas (who have the megre bracelet of improved haste) you'll have to do no matter what ('cause we're killing dragon), and the beholders offer 0 goodies (unless you want the nonsense Equaliser or a greenstone amulet, or the sling of avoreen). The illithid lair is much better 'cause aside it provides another part of the Equaliser, or the pretty useless-at-this-point staff of domination, it also has the Ring of Fire Control.


Your next Stronghold-quest will definitely happen.
Going shopping won't be too exciting solo. There's the Crimson Chain and the Helmet of Brilliance (another use-per-day item I tend to have but not use)for ca. 25K gold, but when I have 150K, that's hardly a thing.
Oh, before doing anything (except the Stronghold, which is timed), go for making the Human Flesh Armor. It takes 4 days for completion.

When going to Shuldanesselar collect ALL your stuff you wish to carry further. You should not bother too much with arrows, potions and such, but as you have a potion bag, you should carry away all the best of your selection. The Bag of Holding is also should be accessed fully. Not forget all your enchanted jewelry either - the Gem Bag is excellent to carry. Finally there are scrolls. The two prot from magic from the Adventurers' Mart is a definite go, and a handful of prot from undead is also appointed. Element-protections can also come if you feel like it (1 prot from fire and from cold sounds reasonable).

From Baal's Tears start with Sharevok and scream off his head for +3 STR. For all other tears the "good" reward is way more powerful, although if you really want a debate Selfishness and Greed could be argued marginally.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Home Sweet Abandonia
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Default Baldurs Gate ToB solos barbarian run, trilogy

So, ToB.
If you had too many equipment you wanted to carry being a packrat, you could do it by stashing all in WSK on a shelf. For reasons while nothing disappears in BG2 areas from the ground, they are 'stolen' in ToB.

My equipment at this point:
helm: balduran's
armor: human skin
gloves: of weapon expertise (from Bodhi)
amulet: of Seldarine
belt: of Inertial Barrier
ring 1: of Kangaxx
ring 2: earth control
boots: of Speed
cloak: of Balduran (I know)
weapons: flail of ages +3, mace of disruption +2, axe of unyielding, spectral brand
shield slot: defender of earthheaven
quick slots: bottle of efreeti, horn of valhalla, spider figurine
arrows: 82 piercing arrow

backpack: gem bag, potion bag, scroll case, glasses of identification, bag of holding

potions: 2*of heroism, 25*extra healing, 3*of regeneration, 34*superior healing, 6*of speed, 9*of invisibility, 1*of genious, 1*mind focusing, 5*brine potion

scrolls: prot from: 1*electricity, 13*undead, 2*magic, 1*fire, 1*cold

jewelry: 1*of invisibility, 1*of djinni summoning, 1*of the ram, 1*of human influence, 1*of regeneration, 1*of spell turning, 1*of fire control, 1*of prot from fire, 1*of protection +2

bag of holding: golden pantaloons, silver pantaloons, Vhailor's helm, white dragon scale, flail of acid (for flail of ages), 2*wand of cursing, wand of wonders, book of infinite spells, shield of Balduran, staff of command, 4*tree of life nuts, bracers of blinding strike, rifthome axe, heartseeker, rod of resurrection, helm of the rock + 2*horn, vigil stone, angurvadal, ras, staff of air, foebane, helm of brilliance, storm star, ilbratha, daystar, staff of fire, shield of harmony, gloves of healing, cloak of the shield*2, cloak of prot +2, horn of blasting, horn of silence, cloak of nondetection, 2*control circlet, elven holy water, stakes, corthala family armor, cutthroat, rod of lordly might, cloak of mirroring, cloak of reflection, boots of etheralness, namarra, adjata the drinker, pearl white ion stone, arbane sword, helmet of defense, crimson chain


Baalspawn 1: straightforward, 0 income

Baalspawn 2:
- there's the Matteo's Execution quest, which'd provide you the Starfall Ore. But that's only use'd be making your first +5 weapon - which you don't need. I mean short after you'll be able to've upgraded Foebane, so why waste time?
- Lazarus' Spellbook on the other hand unlocks a shop, and shops are good. Not that he has anything more good than a couple of healing potions for us, but there you go.
- get through the Sewers, not the prison (I think that way is a dead end)
This is why I lub weapon immunity from the Tears:

Baalspawn 3:
This is a place where you won't face magic, but musclepower, so swap into White Dragon Scales. Do not hold back anything when entering the complex - it is one of the really dangerous fights. Cast Hardiness before entering, and inside whirwind them to death. The Ring of Fire Control and the Helm of Rock helps too.
Tip: when it is not against Fire Giants, hop into the lava with 101%+ fire resistance. You gain heavy healing during and after combat.
In the Inner Chambers RUN IN and kill Belem (he has component to upp Axe of Unyielding). He has some very dangerous spells you know. Then run out to the passage where no giants can follow and dispose the army with (unlimited ammo) ranged weapon.
At the had remember that shambling mounds can not be hit by blunt weapons/can only be hit with slashing weapons (use the axe, heh).

Trial 2:
You should know Tamoko drains level. Still, the first to be destroyed is naturally the mage.

Run through the Oasis, and in Amkethran save Saemon (unlocks shop), and the local healer (I refuse from now on to call these clerics, I'm an atheist and all these clericism offends me - why am I forced to worship dieties just to be healed? - anyway this unlocks another shop).
NOTE: as you'll inevitably stumble upon the thieving major's daughter you can compensate the reputation-loss from there at the saving of the healer. Not that that fight would be long, or hard, or the rep-loss would rly matter.
Possibly interesting items from the smugglers (for this solo): gargoyle boots, ruby ray rod, k'logarath (+4 throwing axe), glasses of identification.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Default ToB part 2

I always advocate going against the dragons first for the sake of the BMU. We're experienced enough to do so:

Now I don't know what happened, but I could not hurt Draconis at the gate with the FoA. Fortunately the upped Foebane did the trick. Don't forget to hop away sleeping (recharging your ability-pool).

Inside the Lair there's the should-be-infamous ice salamander room. If you have a prot from cold scroll, I highly advise you casting it.
And if you have a bunch of potion of invisibility (or ring, or whatever), I advise to avoid contacting the eyes. They are more trouble than their worth.
When you aquire the Bronze Pantallettes I strongly advise to hop for the BMU, and sleep (bad design causes your character not to sleep for a week). For the actual fight against Abazigal first crawl around the edge to get rid of the salamanders (use ranged weapon - scorching BMR, wink, wink), and only when that's finished and you're regenerated start trying your luck against the dragon.
What I actually HATE in dragons their ability to just smash away 50% of your HP. Annoyingly dangerous. So cast a Hardiness WHILE you're still fighting his human form, than whirlwind it to oblivion (and reload if fail). The whole thing is just stupid, because he not just able to smash your HP for reasons, but you also not have time to drink potion 'cause it can fullheal for reasons. Still, with baba even this fight isn't too long or neigh impossible.

Trial 3 is the lamest of all.


You may swap back the Human Flesh armor, as drows are ... civilized, thus will trust in spells, but Crom rejects that... I mean... You get it.
I say choose the slave-tunnel. As you have weapon immunity it'll count. But you'll also need a good AC, so as soon as you enter PAUSE the game, and for this fight, and this fight only, swap the BMU. With Defender of Earthheaven you'll have -20 AC, so the Duero Berserkers, the only units able to hurt you, won't (constantly) hit you. This is semi-cheating as as soon as you enter you're "in battle", so if you're nosey, you might try going through in the white dragon scales. I on the other hand say the smallness of the doors is just bad design.
The Bowstring of Gond would be a useful item IF ranged weapons would not be obsolate in ToB (we'd go for the Talarash bow, but there's rly no place to use it). Oh, if you insist as the duel with the drow captain is a fighter battle you can play the same armorswapping as for th slave-tunnel, but he has not that many HP...

For Sendai itself... It is a prolonged fight, but I give you some rules:
#1 always kill those at the door. They are annoying, but do not respawn.
#2 sleep before this battle, lol
#3 you probably want to bring in all yur buffing equipment. Haste, improved haste, stone skin, mirror image - you name it, are useful.
#4 keep healing yourself
#5 if you don't move from the door you likely can enter non-battle mode as the statues don't notice you until they notice you
#6 your biggest weapon is the Pocket Plane ability. If you dig yourself into a hole, you can just hop away (might require non-battle mode!), sleep a good sleep, while Sendai is at your mercy :P

The biggest problem with Sendai comes with her last/real apparition: she can strip ALL your HP but 1, which is that ridiculous healer-spell. So I strongly advise to SAVE between stages when the ones coming through the door are disposed, but her new form is still out of screen!
Aside that with baba this fight is probably way easier than with any other classes.

Trial 4:
Cyric's backstabbers are no problem for someone immun to backstabbing. Still, if you have any enchantment left, or you slept, you can cast it.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Baldur's Gate Trilogy Solo Barbarian, Final, ToB Part 3

What's left is 3 boss.

#1: Balthazar
I suggest you go in by Havarian. That's so much faster.
Another tip is to isolate the bugger. He IS dangerous, even if the fight is straightforward between a specialized warrior (Blathazar, the monk) and an overspecialized warrior (you, the barbarian).
Oh, and this being a warrior-match INSIDE swap in the BMU for the AC.

#2: Ravager
Bloody straightforward this is for this character.
I suggest to cast Stone Skin from the boots, Mirror Image from the sword, cast Hardiness, and cast the +4 sword as summon sending it in, than just run in to let the battle rolling.
I suggest use Flail of Ages +5 until the Ravager is Slow, than swap for Foebane (it IS a demon you know). Never mind how "ineffective" your weapons are, you DO damage the monster (who is actually Old Father Baal). If you have like 10 greater whirlwind on you (you should have like 14, but who counts), you'll destroy it.
Oh, don't mind the swords, they are annoying but respawn indefinitely. They are why you summoned your own sword - to gain time using it as distraction.

#3: (A)Melissan
Now put everything you have in your Bag of Holding, because:
- you won't be able to come back
- you won't be able to sleep anymore
- you'll possibly not be able to save between every stages of the coming encounter (bug)
- despite you not being able to sleep, you WILL be able to linger indefinitely between stages. With your natural regeneration (CON > 19), Ring of Gaxxx, Axe of Unyielding, Ring of Regeneration, and that Ioun Stone you stashed probably your regeneration-rate should be in the sky, not to mention consuming regeneration-potions. Still not enough to rely these in battle, but between battles...
As you can just stand around until healed (faster if you drink potions), try not to use up whirlwinds against pool-monsters!
- ALWAYS concentrate on Melissan, as anything she summons goes with her to Oblivion
- cast Hardiness before Melissan re-emerges. You should have a bare minimum of 3, but not more than 5 of that ability (whirlwind is your offensive arsenal).

Detailed battle between me and Melissan:
Stage 1: Before stepping through the Gate cast Hardiness and wear the Big Metal Unit. To dispose Melissan cast Whirlwind (one is prerequesit), and 1 Greater Whirlwind.
Stage 2: Before disabling the pool cast Hardiness. Wear the BMU. When deactivating the pool WAIT until Melissan pushes you away. Only AFTER that start to cast Greater Whirlwinds (4 required). During this fight once I gut stunned (from unknown source, the battle log did not mention it) - stun and Hold Person are the greatest threats to this character as they are unavoidable to happen and means automatic loss 'cause you'll be plumped to death before their semi-infinite duration expires.
Swap into Ice Dragon Scales to fight the ice elemental prince, who'll dispel any other source of cold resistance (meaning scrolls).
Stage 3: Before disabling the pool cast Hardiness. Wear BMU. BE ABSOLUTELY SURE you're wearing Boots of Speed. Stay away the last pool if possible. Melissan has enough HP to last against 5 Greater Whirlwind, but you can get away with just 4 and not dying, so I suggest you spare what you can.
The next pool is Extremly Dangerous, so much as Melissan, so I Strongly Suggest luring away the creatures one-by-one! If you have 2 Hardiness left, you can keep that in mind and cast one if/when needed.
Stage 4: Before disabling the pool cast Hardiness. Wear the BMU. Blast away Melissan with 5 Greater Whirlwind (no reason to hold back anything, this is the end).

(wearing Human Skin Armor as for the majority of the game)

And finally let's consider what could we destroy during the entire saga:
- The Iron Throne: destroyed
- Baldur's Gate: destabilized
- Sarevok's cult (including a doppelganger invasion): destroyed
- Shadow Thieves: destroyed
- rival organisation of the Shadow Thieves: destroyed
- Anomen: destroyed
- Keldorn: destroyed
- Viconia: burned to death for we didn't rescue her = destroyed
- Jan Jansen: imprisoned, and probably died from captivity because we didn't free him = destroyed
- Minsc and Jaheira: likely the roof collapsed on them while being caged because we didn't rescue them = destroyed
- Yoshimo: destroyed
- Mazzy Fentan: left in a dungeon, imprisoned - starved to death because we didn't help her = destroyed
- Valygar: destroyed
- (Shadow) Druid sect near Trademeet: destroyed
- Spellhold: pretty much destroyed
- pirate rule in town next to Spellhold (Brynnlaw): destroyed
- Shaugain city: for keeping a mad king who exiles and executes his nation = destroyed. Alternatively we could dethrone him and place a mad prince on the throne who'd attack BOTH drows, illithids, and practically anyone you can think of = destroyed. Heck, this city/race is pretty much self-destroys either way...
- Underdark draw ambush against the surfacers: destroyed (because we killed their leaders, prevented contract with a demon etc.)
- if playing with warrior, the noble family of Roenals: destroyed
- all other Baalspawn: destroyed
- Baal, lord of murder: destroyed
- all (ex-)cultmember of Baal: destroyed
- The Throne of Baal: destroyed
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Baldur's Gate Trilogy Solo Bard, Character Creation

I don't plan on running this in the recent days, but once it'd be interesting.

Bard is everything a Fighter is not, and can be seen as any of the other classes with reason, although weaker in any field:
- it can somewhat fight, so don't have to strougle THAT much early game as a mage
- it can cast spells like a mage, or healer, or even druid, but with hugh limitations, lacking any Deva, or the healer-spell which strips all-but-one HP from the enemy (assuming a successful hit AND passing the magic resistance, but that's what reload is for)
- it can set traps as HLA taking the most important aspect of the thief.

And while if you choose a kit, or eg. druid,you can always compensate the idiocity of the choice by dual/multiclassing, so no need to bother coming up with nonsensical ideas like "insane (diffuiculty setting) solo poverty (no item used)" crap, because everyone with half of a brain will do a kensai/mage instead of a pure kensai/mage hunter etc.

So, in theory the weakest class is bard in my eyes, which can't even compensate by dualing/multiclassing with anything else.


Sex: aside some laying options which influence absolutely nothing doesn't matter (ok, technically females miss the event of copulating with a drow, but that's it).

Race: half-elf. It gives bonus on pickpocket for starter.

Alignment: Neutral Evil. Being evil is good, 'cause:
- you get Larloch's Drain as first baalspawn ability without problem
- you don't have to fight a big group of demons in Watcher's Keep
- won't cause problem if you pick an evil ability from the Tears with your familiar.

Starting Stats:
STR: 10 is minimum to be able to wield most weapons. This should be bare minimum. For all other keep in mind Tomes and the Machine of Lum. With 13 some more types open, like Flails and Halberds. 14 is the requirement of Carsomyr if you want to use it (bard likely would rely on a LOT of item-swapping, so we go for 100/ magic resistance occasionally). Anything else is obsolate, and should use by STR-belt only.
DEX: max it (18).
CON: 16. Well, you can pass with 15 and still get all the benefit, because how the engine handles HP/lvl (be sure to set back the difficulty to Normal when leveling up!)
INT: 18. Sry, no alternative. Ok, bard sux at casting, but why pass on learning all the spells you find if you don't have to? Maybe also effects spell slot amount, so just do it 18.
WIS: 10. Realistically you must have dumpstat, and 10 WIS at least won't mean penalty on Lore. Ok, you could go lower if you really have to for all the Tomes and whatnot, but don't be cheap, k? And if you wish to do some (limited) Wish from scrolls, drink a potion!
CHA: 15. No reason to not make it a dumpstat either, even if the minimum is so high. Cast Friend if you need any more for shopping.

So the bare minimum worth stats looks:

Super optimal stats:

Realistic roll is all stat 14, CHA 15, and 1 more point in store.
If you have any unspent points, dump them into STR to be able to carry around heavier equipment.

Kit: Blade.
Well the choice is between a constant +1 dmg/thac0 and a temporary +2/+2 PLUS an extra attack. There's also the defensive spin (more useful in party, to block doorways, but who knows solo).
I vote Blade, and I assume noone votes pure bard or jester.



This is where comes some very interesting problems, as Bard gain points very slowly. In the original exp-cap you'd end up with only 4 points here, and you only start with 2.
Blade's most promising advantage is, it can put 3 points into Two Weapon Style, but c'mon, first you have to survive to be able to do that!

What BG1 ultimately needs is bow, so there goes one of your two initial points.

What are the weapons in BG1 to use? Well, for starter Bastard Swords fall out for Bard as they go above 10 required STR (I try to go with the minimal worth stats here).
Also keep in mind you want an enchanted weapon ASAP because weapons break in BG1.

Well, you can immediately get a +1 Dagger, what is as good as any. Cast Friend to have the necessary 17 CHA.
Longswords is a second good choice as it also comes semi-early (in Nashkel Mines extrerior), and can hold out as endgame category. It comes also with +2 enchantment, which is very rare in BG1.
If you don't like Longswords you might want Warhammers instead. You have to kill Bassilus for it. Lategame you could use Crom Fayer with this.

Now here comes another question: do you want to kill Drizzt?
One of the methods is to get Bow of Marksmanship, a ton of Arrow of Piercing, and 1 potion of invisibility. attack him, lure him to the lake he won't be able to circumgo, drink the potion, get aorund and shoot until he's dead.
Drizzt has 2 scimitars (which will be lost after BG1), one which is not useable by evil or neutral alignment (I don't know if "neutral" here applies to lawful/chaotic branch too or not! If it does, than bard's can't use it at all!), and another +3 (well, the previous,Defender is technically +5, but by stats only +3 too). The problem with scimitars is, they never come "great", only as "good".

Middle to lategame comes the rest:
- short sword of backstabbing is a +3 weapon, comes at the last chapter of BG1. There're a multitude of "great" short swords, including Haer Dhalis' Chaos Blade, which drains 2 DEX per hit, and if you can pull it out that means death.
- there's the chance to put 3 point into Two Weapon Style
- some staves are overpowered (eg. Staff of the Magi in the Rogue Stone Doorway), and staves come in almost all damage-type (crushing, piercing)
- twohanded swords are an interesting idea, not that they'd be "best", or would absolutely need proficiency to use them. I mean Lilarcor comes as an early +3 weapon to possibly kill iron/adamantium golem in De'Arnise Keep, but you hit it from out of range, so who cares who long it takes? And Carsomyr is for mage-battles where you aim 100% magic resistance with it, so again the duration of the battle won't really count.
- and finally there are axes. One axe in particular, Bala's Axe come sin BG1, and if you consider what can be brought (legally) to BG2 from BG1, that is simply top choice.

Transitioned items from BG1 to BG2 (suggestion):
- golden pantaloon
- helm of Balduran (or Claw of Kazgaroth, but do you rly dare to risk the saving throw penalty in BG2?)
- the armor form the durgars won't really kick butt, so don't bother, take the default
- and finally there's the weapon from the genie. After eliminating the useless sling and cursed (Kiel's Morningstar), and not-in-the-game (the root of the problem) options, and the "meh" +2 weaponry which simply don't worth a quest-reward, you're left with Bala's Axe or Varscona (which is a +2 longsword with +1 cold damage). I vote on Bala's Axe, but it's up to you.
- katanas can hardly be justified given how suxxor they are. The only notable katanas are Celestial Fury (a +3 mediocre blade), Dak'kon's Zerth Blade (like you'd really need that +1 AC and +1 spells that you'd sacrifise an actually useful secondary weapon for it - eg. Crom Fayer -, or a good shield- eg. Shield of Harmony), and finally the UPPED Hindo's Doom, which'd save you from death-magic, but comes so late it is obsolate.

In order my pick would be:
1, 2 - daggers, longbows
3 - long swords
4 - axes/short swords
5, 6, 7 - two weapon style
8-12 - short sword, staff, warhammer, two handed sword, halberds (there's one which kills fire elementals, efreeti and salamanders with no save)




EDIT: there's no Friend-scroll anywhere in Candlekeep, but you can pickpocket every quester for minor treasure, and the +1 dagger!
Also, you can't bash or lockpick anything, but can't wear almost any equipment either. Settle for a longbow + arrows and a studded leather armour from the shop.
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Default Baldur's Gate Trilogy Solo Bard, Chapter 1-3

First a CORRECTION: instead of Long Sword choose Short Sword! there's a +2 Short Sword south of High Hedge, and this way we'll get use the ShSw of Backstabbing.

Second: in BG1, or at least at its beginning, and above all solo anything but a fighter/barbarian SUXX. Hardcore. You desperately need to reach clvl 3-4, and that can only be achieved through quest-exp.
Unfortunately most of the early-access quests give reputation, so I tried to counterbalance it with working for Silke, but although I got the 400 exp, but no money, neither reputation-drop, so WTH, I'll get healing as special ability.

The main problems is:
- you can be hit easily. Even in armor. Heck, despite they disable abilities you SHOULD wear the lowest AC armours and remove when you use the Stealing. Unfortunately stealing is not very well thought through as there are very few stuff to steal, and even if there are, those are quest items. Meh.
- you can't hit anything. You desperately need to rely on bow, and that not always a possibility due to respawning enemies or small areas. It doesn't help either that a lot of enemy can run after you (you are still a bit faster, but not much).
- you can be oneshotted by any semi-important enemy for, I dunno, until you have 30 HP. Doink.

So best wishes against the assassination-attempts. Running towards the local militia helps though.

I suggest hopping after the quests before Naskel which demand only to kill a couple of hobgoblins or sg (try to dispose only the quest-creature, not the entire group, and especially avoid archers!), so after those hop to get the +2 shortsword, and as it is in the same area, kill Basilus.
Basilus is that cleric surrounded by skellies (which are eliminated through conversation). He has a Rigid Thinking which doesn't really matter (you'll either run into safety or keep attacking), 2 Hold Person which you must survive, and finally Entangle. Entangle is your friend, because he too can get stuck giving you free shots with the bow.
He's still very though (higher level than you by enough), so if you can hide behind a stone of the stone circle and save at a point that's good.
I personally also needed 5 potion of healing, and 5 charges from the wand of missiles (and a couple of reloads, lol).

TIP: you can learn Armour. If you sacrifice for it a spell slot, you won't have to wear actual armors, which is a plus given your (compared to the barbarian) low strength.

TIP 2:
- if you meet a random ghast, KILL IT for the exp! Worth a lot, but slow as kcuf, so safe to kill.
- don't forget to buy arrows to resupply!
This low strength of course means you can't bash open anything either.


In Naskel Oblek did not mistake me with Greywolf. Maybe because my reputation was already higher than with the barbarian? Still, this means one less reputation collected.

Also, you can't bash things, so you can not complete Joseph's Greenstone Ring. Hm, maybe with Knock spell? Too bad that is only available from Baldur's Gate (the city) itself. So no exp in time.

The assassination in Nashkel is like the battle against Basilus, but here you have no cover, only some militiaman for support. With at least one around you'll probably be able to constantly cause casting failure, and you'll likely not get the 650 exp from killing him the lethal blow coming from the militia probably, but that equals with a random ghast, so not hugh problem.

In the carnival I needed 5 healing potion just to get rid of the "uh, it's a witch"-mage, but at least it was done. Could use a couple more levels before going in the mines though. Let him kill the "witch" - big loot, no loss.

Get the two special potions. With one you'll be able to learn spells withut intelligence-limitation, and with the other you'll be able to bash open something you really want. Than sleep. A lot.

Killing Drizzt would be attractive for his armour - unfortunately the BG2 engine has a way better pathfinder routine, so you can't just arrow him down. The only chance for the exploit is to buy a bunch of invisibility potions and hope for the best (saving between every swings), but this way will only be open when you have access to Baldur's Gate city.
I thought it'd work if I make Drizzt attack me, turn invisible, than the gnolls take care ofthe problem while I go FAR away, so the pathfinder routine don't kick in. I could definitely dispose some gnoll one way or another. Unfortunately the gnolls though "attack" Drizzt, very rarely roll an attack roll! No wonder Drizzt can kill them without taking scratch (although that he's lvl 16 ina lvl -10 campaign likely helps too). Too bad.

Before going into the Nashkel Mines I suggest look around for some easy areas, like south of Nashkel for the bracers of archery (needed 1 potion od defense to clear the area from events - remember 3 are dropped at Silke), or the gnoll stronghold (all areas to that are pretty much ok if you don't rush into a crowd, and you can get the Boots of North from the guy, and the prot frm undead scroll from the girl and her zombie cat. Only problem is if you attack the Cursed Scroll Seller, who has some damaging spells, and even if you manage to prevent his mirror image causing casting failure - after that comes a horror you must save against -, he's still a capable enemy. Try to finish him off using an Offensive Spin. Still takes 3-4 potion of healing to beat him.).
Be aware though that most other areas, like anyting with Sirens, ankeghs, Gullykin/Ulcaster, are too strong for you! So the only area possibly doable is Durlag's Tower's above-ground floors.
Ok, Sirens are bad, but helping the dryad is ok. Although those guys there hit lethal, but if you killed the Cursed Scroll Merchant (next to the Xvart Village) you were able to learn Web (I try to avoid buying scrolls), and that way it is like free exp (use bow, start killing Dumber/Krumm).

Nashkel Mine exterior: Greywolf is a big guy, but not that terrible at this point. Has enough stats to consume all 4 of "spins" of yours, but hardly does any real harm.

East of Nashkel Mine: this is not the area south of Durlag's Tower. That is NE of NM. This is a l00ter place with a soldier you shouldn't make attacking you (he costed me reputation -> reloaded), a ring of fire resistance, and a body to carry away for quest exp. BEWARE, the body weights 125 weight (whatever the measurement is ingame), so you have to be strong and/or leaving all your regular equipment behind. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING ON THE GORUND, it'd disappear.
Fighting the soldier showed me how unfair the RNG can be. I could hit it rolling 14-20, and he could hit me rolling 19-20. Still took me 3(!) tries with I assume equal amount of HP to kill him. Khm.

The Nashkel Mines only have kobolds mostly, and although I suspect the engine cheats, because the average roll for my character is 4-7, and I get 3 times more frequent critical misses than the AI gets critical hits, and I get 1/10th critical hits as critical misses, kobolds are still hardly a challenge.
I strongly suggest though to get the Wand of Frost from the nook in the area, as it serves perfectly in the room of the local boss, and against the assassin-group when you leave the mine. Rly, if you have like 30 HP left and drink a potion of defense, you can do Full Frontal Assault and be happy! The wand should kill the two non-casters (reload if the one which'd have loot desintegrates - unfortunate possible side-effect of this wand), than run away to only see one, and kill them with +1 arrows (strangely while normal arrows never hit here, the +1 ones did always). Do not leave loot on the ground. Place 'em in a tomb and come back later.
Come to think of it, robbing the tombs is advisable. The one where you have to bring the +2 dagger (I had 43K after going back to Beregost and selling all loot until now, so money isn't a problem anymore) has a potion of Freedom, which is immensly useful in another tomb here which has 3 ghouls-or-what in there which would happily Hold you. Casting another charge from the frost wand there is again good idea.

Oh, abut the assassination attempt in Nashkel don't worry. Wait until the entire militia-regiment walks near the building (now it is a 5 unit group), and you're 100% safe.


At this point your options are:
- go straight after the Bandit Camp (better reconsider)
- do Durlag's Tower upper floors for 4000 free exp and possibly some loot (potions and such)
- go to the Lighthouse to get that Tome. You likely still won't be able to fight the monsters in the area, but that's what a potion of invisibility CAN solve
- probably ankeghs aren't impossible now, so you can pass that farm area solving its quests
- there's still the basilisk area (E of Beregost Temple) for hugh chnucks of exp if you insist
- Firewine Bridge worth a try for Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (this is a single 1-on-1 fight which with a lvl 6-7 character should hurt you but not kill you)
- there's also Gullykin (and the Ulcaster dungeon accessed from here for some loot) to give a try if you can manage the assassins for their chainmail +2. The fight is not without danger though. When you arrive you should make your way to the gnome settlement to have access to the local hospital. Yes, they have a healer there. Next start to play peek-a-boo with the would-be headhunters! You have to save before trying, and also should keep in mind the Random Monster Spots which are freakin' annoying! If you're lucky only one enemy will chase you (when you showed yourself and see it running after you run like half a screen before starting shooting arrows to minimize the chance more than one incoming). Use +1 arrows. If the human fighter comes after you, consider yourself lucky; if not, welcome the exp (hopefully). When the enemy is down, get healed by the healer and repeat the process.
For the last time I could not separate the mage from the human soldier, so had to fizzle away my wand of frost (used 3 charges here). As you can buy another if you must at High Hedge it is ok to do so. Also, the human warrior is a big brute, who's even fast walking, so if you have some +2 arrows (I had 5, found on some enemy somewhere), why not pummel him with those.
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Default Baldur's Gate Trilogy Solo Bard, Chapter 4-5

Before going into how to beat the Bandit Camp and further, let's check areas you should NOT visit, because they consume RL-time while not generating sufficient income in any way, or are simply too hard to bother:

- Drizzt's area: you either go there to kill Drizzt, or for nothing (andI have no real idea how to kill Drizzt for now)
- E of Beregost Temple: this is the famous basilisk area. Aside gaining exp - assuming you can prevent turning to stone - there's little to no reason for this. Well, a guy has a Golden Girdle here, but is there a real gain in that?
- Ulcaster: rly, that area only exist if you need a second Boots of Stealth in case you traded the first for quest-exp, and you changed your mind or sg (if it is possible to steal back the boots it is at least very hard)
- Ulcaster Dngeon: yes, it has "heaps" of minor treasure, but it's oh-so-much easier to buy those form a shop!
- S of Ulcaster: the +1 rep quest is insanely hard even with a full party, anything else exist just to make another area
- Larswood
- E of Larswood
- W of High Hedge: this isn't just without meaning, it even would kill you
- S of Lighthouse: the Archeological Dig's demon is insanely hard and give no treasure. I know everyone does it for the challenge ONE time, but be honest, you never do it again (and nothing else is here)
- Firewine Ruins
- N of BG's Bridge
- Ice Dungeon (TotSC area): ye, there are some wands, but from the useless variety. I suspect you aren't forced to visit if you didn't do the thieves guild initiation quest when you first visit Ulgoth's Beard
- Werewolf Island: it is long, it is dangerous, and the only mentionable reward is the bastard sword +1, +3 vs shapeshifters which is rarely needed even in a full party

Ulgoth's Beard:
- seems I was right, I was not sent to the Ice Caves. The guy who offers the quest has 8(!) things to be pickpocketed, amongst others a Feeblemind spell. I thought that was not in BG1. Result of random under BG2 engine?
- there's actually a door - of a house - I could bash open. Had a pearl in it. Still, trophy!
- the local tavern's shop offers some interesting items: a harp, cloak of displacement (although Algernon's Cloak is still handy with the 2 CHA and the charm person charge, it is not a constant battle-gear), and improved invisibility scroll which isn't sold in BG. the Greenstone Amulet no longer gives its boost while inactive unlike in the unpatched BG2. The Ring of Invisibility is expensive as hack, I don't think it'd worth it (maybe only fora thief who likes to backstab).
- Hurgan Stoneblade in the inn is the dwarf sending you to the dagger from Durlag's Tower which'll summon the demon ... Long story short, as the programmers did not actually think you'd pickpocket every random NPC, you can - again - pickpocket the questreward from this guy - the warhammer +1, +4 vs giants. The funniest thing still remains 'bout this is that there's not a single giant in BG1!
PS: he also has a diamond
- do NOT try to steal from the runestone-sellers. It is set "failure".
- it is a valid steal to steal a Ring of Free Action (check a walkthrough/wiki from whom)


Bandit Camp: Outside the Big Tent is that full armoured guy with that freakin' big sword like comin' from Game of Thrones. Well, he can't be big if he's paralysed by the wand of paralysation. And his archers can't help 'im if they're sleeping by Wand of Sleep, right?
Inside the Tent is a lackluster. Two simple Aganzanar's Scorcher from a Wand of Fire kills everything (aim the mage to prevent casting).


Cloakwood Forest:
#1: a pretty standard area. Yes, there's the Cloak of Nondetection what we can't use but worth minor quest-exp, and a guy to kill (side the druid, who cares).
TIP: before saying goodbye to the druids (if you sided them) stealfrom the chief-druid to get a Ring of Animal Friendship.
#2: there r web-traps and spiders all around, so that Ring of Free Action and all your antidote/health potions (the pink ones curing poison) will all come in handy. Fortunately we can 'teleport through' once leaving it. And while we don't need the Spider Bane at all, there's a Wand of Frost, so at least consider the Spider Queen (too bad respawning spiders don't stop after killing her - would be cool). Oh, carrying the body is again a problem - bring a Potion of Strength if you care. Unfortunately bards/non-warriors can't use any of the 19+ potion.
#3: don't bother with the wyverns. I bet they're god exp, but even the slightest chance of dying from wounds isn't attractive.
#4: more optional wyverns.
#Mines exterior: the problem is the assassin-group, and my lack of patience at this point, so I initiated Operation Scroched Earth: I went in circling from below aiming the caster there, and adjusting the wave to burn the meleers (the one with the boots of speed is the main threat, but none is negligable). This ment some running around, and somewhere in the middle I think used Frost Wand to elminiate the other mageling/caster when the first died. I kept doing this until everyone lied dead, than liberated the nearby building to be able to stash the extra equipment, than went selling stuff.
Pack some Heavy Artillery (wands. Wand of Frost seems a safe bet, but you might try of Fear, of Sleep or whatever if you have the patience to test them), POTIONS OF ABSORPTION, and healing potions.
#lvl 1: initially a guard attacks you, and some steps further a bunch of guards are summoned to attack you. Now don't bother fighting, just lure the single guard to the group, cast sleep (use the wand) until all sleeps, and kill them with a single use of the frost wand. That escalated quickly.
Stick to the necessary road though, we don't want to fight if not absolutely necessary for the entirety of the mines.
#lvl 2: quaff that potion of absorption before going down that corridor. The big group of enemy is in theory a problem, but that's dwarfed with the terrible Wand of Frost. Given that noone has any worthy treasure there's no reason to restrict yourself (though the mage had a scroll of speed, which I don't see listed as sold for any shop).
You CAN bash Rill's door (guy who frees the slaves).
#lvl 3: at arrival make people sleep. Now this was fast. Before going down heal up!
#lvl 4: isn't that hard at all. I used a potion of firebreath (found in the bandit camp on the Big Sword Guy) to kill the two horrors at once, sme charges from the wand of frost to finish the second horror and weaken the mage, and finally offensive spin away him. Was much easier then expected after all.
Problem is the Mustard Jelly which I have no idea how to kill. One thing is it is immun to piercing, but was immun to the unenchanted other-kind-of-sword the guard down here had too. Whatever, I just ran away.

Some curiosity:
one guy had a really bad aim, and the other rolled 0 on a dice whichhad numbers from 1-20 (but still saved!):
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Default Baldur's Gate Trilogy Solo Bard, ToSC

Durlag's Tower:
with all its problems the Tower isn't you against an army, so I say no better time than now.

To enter you'd have to fight 2 battle horrors, but they're immun to piercing damage aka. bows, and if a barbarian has trouble fighting them imagine a puny bard. So I just ran up and down, mostly 'cause I didn't want to waste wand-charges on 'em. I don't think my own spells would do too much harm to them you know, although I COULD re-memorise to switch from webs to Aganzanar's Scorcher for the heck of it. But Boots of Speed is just gamebreaking.

Anyway, the upper levels at worst has some ghast if you wonder around, and if not 4K free exp. You can steal the staffspear from the unfortunate adventurer and sell it for money.
I'm still a bit frustrated the shopkeeper don't have infinite healing potions if we lack a healer...

Below ground:
- lvl 1 has some ghast, pummel 'em with arrows.
- lvl 5-6 offers nothing, so skip it. Again not worth trying the chessboard.
- lvl 2: has a battle horror. Meh. In the room you find it is a locker you CAN bash open. Good news is there're arrows everywhere so you don't have to go out for supply. Yes, most of 'em r special arrows, but BG1 has not trolls or anything (nor could you hit the Big Bad Demon in Ulgoth's Beard with arrows), so feel free to use them.
Walk always manually through the side-corridors because the passage to the south(? well, which is in front of the entrance) has a trap which shoots fireballs and don't get deactivated when walking through it.
Also watch out for two Mustard Jellies (again immun to piercing) residing in a room.
There're 2 flesh golems and a Wraith Spider which demand +1 arrows (don't go melee).
Oh, and there's a Monster Summoning III scroll on this level (not noted in walkthroughs).

The 4 dwarves-apparition:
Before talking with the last questor take all your arrows in your inventory. Right after talking with the last RUN LIKE HECK (booots of speed/potion of speed demanded) to the entrance, so you spearated ... Fear? Whatever, it is a blurry doppelganger-thing. Pummel it with +2 arrows.
Next get as close to the other ghost-thingy on this side of the lvl-door to activate it THEN RUN BACK. This "activation" causes a mini-cloudkill running, damaging TWO of the minibosses! When it ends they are much easier picking. Actually the closer-one is a thief who'll try to backstab you (not that high damage), so use a spin to eliminate it ASAP.
Pride is the hardest, even after being weakened, so you want to deal out damage FAST. If your offensive spin lasts use it, and do some +2 arrow shots (retreating until the entrance) to weaken it further (could manage 3*11 dmg), than release some wand of frost charges (2 should be enough, running away between the shots).

- lvl 3: a thing to know of doppelgangers is, they cast Mirror Image and than Haste. Both takes time. When they start casting back away, so they don't chase you, and you can simply w8 until the effect dissipates.
For the throne room run out ASAP with the helmet, w8 until the gangers stop rolling saving throws, than hit the rightmost dummy to open the door again.
To get Kiel's Buckler (bard can only wield these suxxor-shields) you have to kill the doomguards. First: there's 4 of them, and the traps (fireball, lightning) never get deactivated (but you can go around 'em if you know where they are, but the AI will blast 'em on your head, so nah), the corridors are thin - so we have trouble. Casting THREE web before touching anything makes the situation manageable. What you need to do during that is casting zounds (ca. a dozen) fireballs from wand/s. Well, for solo Fireball charges mostly suck anyway.
Opening the chest is the second problem, so either sleep right now to memorize a knock spell (if you have it - could be found during the adventure. It is lvl 2, so you the webs take away the space to have it memorized already), or come back after gaining Bala's axe (if you want it - I do). You can NOT bash open this chest even with 25 STR (violet potion).

NOTE: on (one of) the way out in the room where's Durlag's Goblet oh-so-sudden I met 2 uber-doppelgangers. They had stats in the sky I could not hit 'em with roll 18, so I had to use up a ton of charges from wands to get rid of them. They also kept healing each other, so it took looong. I have no idea why this happened.

At this point my equipment is:
weapons: Long bow of Marksmanship, Bala's Axe, Short Sword +2
necklace: necklace of missiles
gauntlet: gauntlets of weapon expertise
armor: chain mail +2
shield: Kiel's buckler
belt: of piercing
bots: of speed
cloak: of displacement
ring 1-2: claw of Kazgaroth, ring of free action/of prot from fire


methods which do NOT work under Trilogy/Weidu/EE to kill Drizzt:
- summon infinite monsters from wands (maximum monster present is 5)
- shoot him with arrows from the other side of the lake (pathfinder routine sees further than under real BG1)
- shoot him with Detonation Arrows (accidental breaking immunity/resistance no longer exist)
- stealing: you can only steal Frostband
- combining Boots of Speed with Potion of Speed: they no longer stack

method which COULD work by the look of it:
step 1: summon monsters
step 2: attack drizzt with piercing arrows and other thaco-boosting equipment, buff etc.
step 3: keep summoning things
step 4 profit
the only problem is, my lvl 11 blade could not have low (high?) enough thaco to hit Drizzt outside criticals. So I don't think it is possible to kill Drizt solo outside original BG1.
The running up and down while the whole party is shooting arrows COULD work of course with some luck.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Baldur's Gate Trilogy Solo Bard, Chapter 6-Sharevok

Baldur's Gate E: you can steal the nymph cloak quest reward from the magic shop - why bother with the quest, eh? Get the tome of wisdom (requires accepting the thief quest - as I had 80K gold at this point I could evenafford that ring of invisibility!)
Brevlik also has a quest reward: a lightning wand (strange, I know no other of this kind). Well, steal it, that's cheaper. First he'll "give" a cursed ring, just throw that away.
If you want to avoid the "shopkeeper recharges my wands" technicality you could kill the four mages in the magic shop.
Also, there's the
I'd mention all the reputation-quests too if I could kill Drizzt, but as I can't...
Check the NE section to be threatened, than go to the S section.
Baldur's Gate S
: There's an NPC Desreta who has a companion. Run away from Desreta (she has Gaunlets of Ogre Power, but who needs those) and steal 2 spell and a wand of fire from the co, than just reject the offer (of shredded to entropy = being killed). Than they disappear.
Leave the Iron Throne for now.
There're 3 reputation to gather here if you need it (how I wish I could kill Drizzt!).
Baldur's Gate Central: as we MUST pass this to reach more relevant areas I suggest to do the thief quest. I suggest to turn invisible and leave the girls alive. Oh, to let you know the door of the house is locked, and I don't know how much STR you need to open it, but 14 definitely not enough. So either try a potion of STR if you feel lucky, or cast a Knock (hope you have it memorizes). By the way I forgot how strong the questor mage is, so I did not risk it, and used the wand of paralysation I just stole from him to prevent any mischief.
Oh, start Lathander's Gease quest to avoid any future trouble!
There's 1 extra reputation to collect here if you need (you'd need if you could kill Drizzt).
Baldur's Gate W: do the Nymph quest. It demands only a short talk, and gets rid of a mage who'd get in the way to get a Tome, so just hop in. Of course this door is locked too...
Baldur's Gate NW: start the helm/cloak of balduran (not that you'd rly have use of 'em, but think upon BG2, k?). Yes, here the door is locked too.
Go to the twins' house, and start the quest. But don't mind it, just be a bard who always step in, gets her/his way (sexual suggestion here), and steps down. I mean steal that wand of polymorph which'll is an excellent way to get rid of the Priestess of Umberlee.
There's also an extra reputation. Meh.
Baldur's Gate NE: talk out the ogre attacking you, and solve your poison-problem. Marek is a minor mageling, so try Bala's axe.
Baldur's Gate N: There's a Tome here, but that's it. time to go dealing with the Seven Sun.

EDIT: Don't bother the Balduran shield/helm quest, just steal the cloak and get the helm!

The Seven Sun is a minor thing where they can't even really hit you (unless natural 20), so the 3 offensive spin is way more than enough to eliminate everyone.
The Sewers is pathetic if you buy the Ogre Mage Slayer Arrow from the mage shop in the East district (you only have 1 chance, so save).
The Iron Throne given they are only on the top floor, and a bard has way enough CHA to bluff her/himself until that is not that threatening. I entered improved invisible, used up 2 potion of firebreath, and 1 charge from the wand of frost (I'm starting to run out of charges from that). Fortunately noone got desintegrated, 'cause one of them has tons of spells.

Buying spells: I bought in a temple here a scroll of luck. I suggest buying Detect Evil, Melf's Acidic Arrow, Monster Summon 1, Polymorph Self, Slow and Vampiric touch from the mage-shop in the east quarter 'cause those can not be bought outside.
Before speaking with the duke I strongly suggest moving all your useful stuff to the Friendly Arm Inn, while holding tight some very specific equipment you want to have with you for Candlekeep.

Candlekeep: this place is darn straightforward (we're heading towards the climax u know). Climb to the top floor (you might check all the shelves for spells you possibly still not have), get arrested, arrive in the dungeon where you'll need 2 knock spell (sleep as needed) to get both tomes (also get the ring of fire prot and wand of fire - means you need 2 free equipment slot for this go). Against the solo doppelgangers I say use defensive spin (so they can only hit you with critical), and against any group blast fireballs or whatever you have in mind (and clear the rubbles with arrows).
You'll have to pass some basilisk, so you either had to carry a potion, memorised the counterspell - or simply turn invisible.

Baldur's Gate again:
E: talk with Tamoko, buy any spells you still not have (for me they were Shocking Grasp and Skull Trap), change your arrows to ...of Piercing
S: enter the Iron Throne, climb it, take Diary of Sharevok (after a short fight). I concentrated on the human woman, and let her go. This caused the ogres to self-destruct(?).
NOTE: if you'd want to do things proper you should talke to Tamoko in the SW section before this, but NOT enter the FF-HQ!
N: just to do everything proper come here, and go EAST to find an allied Fist soldier. He won't be fisting you (pun intended), but send to the Flaming Fist HQ. Oh, you better stash away all your armor and stuff, 'cause you'll have to carry a body!
SW: talk with Tamoko and rescue the Duke (-> S). Carrying out the body is not that simple though. First, when you enter all guard and whatnot will start casting spells, so prevent that with a fireball (wands, wands, wands!). Next run to the upper floor where make everyone following sleep. If a single opponent still comes you must decide what to do - hopefully will be Near Death, so you can risk activating offensive spin and win w/o armour (also helps to kill the sleepers). Finally there's the medic/doppelganger. Initiate the fight, than just paralyse it. Heck, I have so many wand of paralysation I feel awesome.
NE: to kill the two assassin in the Undercellar first lure the speaker away - then paralyze him. Even then hitting him will be hard, so cast Offensive Spin. For the caster get close until she terminates her invisibility, then cast aganzanar's scorcher from wand of fire. That prevents her castings, and won't accidentally damage innocents, like the local Ilmather-temple's priest, who won't heal you if you visit him, just lets you avoid to pay the 20 gold onetime fee for the Undercellar. There you go: a real priest. Healers are medics in hospital. Priests are
do not read this

The Dukal Palace...
First, you are NOT ALLOWED to cast Olulike's Resilient Sphere on the dukes. Because reasons. I mean then everyone would turn hostile, thus you'll be f*ed.
Second: preparation. Summoning 5 monsters definitely sounds a solid idea. Then cast every single spell you can come up with. I casted Improved Invisibility, Mirror Image, Blur and Protection from Evil. I was still clvl 11. Save now (to prevent frustration of recast), and cast Offensive Spin.
Third: attack. The question is - with what? I found the most cheesy way here shooting arrow of dispel to any ganger who looks blurry (removes their haste, and anything else they have giving you time), and whenever timing allows use Wand of Paralyzation. Those charges only work occasionally, but are awesome.
Now, I'm not sure about the winning condition for the fight. I though both dukes must stay alive, but last time Belt, the male one died for me, the female still acted like both being alive (or just used royal plural?). Whatever.

The final branch outside the final fight is almost pathetic. You can unload on 'em anything you want: extra cloudkill scroll, fireball charges, or whatever.

The final fight is much more problematic.
As Boot of Speed no longer stacks with Oil of Speed keeping distance from Sharevok is a nuisance. His goonies are also problematic for only appearing when you see Sharevok EVERY SINGLE RELOAD. They also get the y spells kicked in every single reload.
Finaly that stupid mage who's so behind is ridiculously impossible to lure out to only have to deal with Sharevok himself.

The archer-dude on the left of the screen is voulnerable to saving throws, so you can paralyze him then kill with piercing arrows.
The assassin/stealthing Tazok will hit you no matter what, but is slow. He has bloody high saves, so just use arrows.
The mage likes to cast charm (= instant game over because of bad design, and BG2 engine instead of BG1 engine).

To deal with the mage you need the Ring of Invisibility! Let Sharevok notice you and run to the faraway corner where activate the ring. Go back to the throne, and blast there a fireball or something so Angelo(?) will start acting. Shoot him with arrows while pressuring with Aganzanar's Scorcher, and he's toast! YEAH%

Sarevok himself:
ONE thing DO work against him:
Step 1: you might as well remove your armor in case you have some damage-spells (lightning) just in case
Step 2: quaff a potion of resistance for fire + potion of absorption in case someone activates a trap. Traps are inconsistent and do not deatcivate by stepping on 'em. Bah.
Step 3: I long carried a Potion of Power, but a replacement can be bought at certain shops. Drink it.
Step 4: you were able to find and/or buy Wands of Monster Summoning. Summon some monsters. Monster summoning rule: if you have 1 melee monster left summon a new doze of monsters. If you have 2 ranged monster (hobgoblins) left, summon new monsters. Otherwise wait.
Step 5: attack Sarevok with Piercing Arrows.

I needed 12 charges of summoning to win. The wands I had had 8 and 5 charges originally (never used this kind of wand until now in this adventure)

Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Baldur's Gate Trilogy Solo Bard, BG2, Part 1

Bard SUX. Again. It is true bard develops hard to hit, especially if you're Blade subclass, but it can't hit squat. That smoke mephit at the first corridor almost killed me, I needed all 3 offensive spin, the +1 ench dagger used prophicient.
So I think that "blade is cool with dual wield" is just freakin' theorycrafting not working in the actual world (at least not without party).
Well, that's 3 proficiencies to spend elsewhere...

To be said, bard isn't terrible. Challenging, yes, but not undoable. All hardcore people looking for what is traditionally THEY name "challenge" bard is the way to play BG1 (BG2/ToB not yet played).

Heck, I'm thinking about freeing Jaheira for the romance. I'd just sleep/stand around endlessly to get that stupid Harper's Pin. We'll see.

Don't forget that bard can steal. This makes choosing a familiar easier (anyone ever used a familiar, or just summoned to take precious backpack-space?), and actually provides INFINITE MONEY once you're out of Irenicus' Dungeon - because of the shopkeeper on the east who buys stolen items - and allows you to steal from her/him.


As you can't hit the blinding-mephits (dusk, steam, whatever), and the rest are hard to hit too (goblins are goblins of course), it is preferable to only fight goblins in armor, and memorize direct damage spells instead of useless buffs.
Also start using scrolls you find.
Do not fight the golems (no entry to the wife's bedroom), leave the cambion alone.

Imported items:
- even as I weared Mail of the Dead, there's nothing under Weidu here. Fok it, I'll manually add. It isn't that big of an issue, but c'mon! (I still can't register to the weidu forum, or contact the developers in any way)
- I had both Claw of Kazgaroth and Helm of Balduran on me in BG1 areas. Here there were both items in the closet. To avoid cheating I left behind the Claw.
- again that stupid Sword of Chaos, although I made doubly sure I only have that weapon. Oh well, manual import then.

I lvled up at the djin,, and invested the prof-point into quarterstaves. Those'll be my blunt weapons against clay golems if I must, and that category has some useful (aka. lategame still), AND early access items, unlike maces (they are good mid-game weapons, but nah), or flail (a proper warrior can have good use of Flail of Ages, but not anyone else). Clubs would be an alternative as they're good early-BG2 items dealing acid damage to trolls and stuff, but they are lame at ToB and can't buy at every corner anyway.

The mephit portal room is tricky. What I did was cast a fireball to get rid of the mephits at the door, but staying outside the view of the portals, so no replacement arrives. Summoned some creatures in the middle as meatshield, then I started shooting from (short)bows the portals until they fell using offensive spin as buff. Unfortunate that bard can't use composite bows (of the goblins), and there's no plain longbow anywhere in the dungeon.


After getting out of the dungeon sleep until it is night, get money (ca. 50K) by selling/stealing/selling, buy all available spells which you don't have but can memorize (and any mislead, simularcum, project image etc.), Aeger's Hide (will have to do until we reach lvl 20, where we'll choose Use Any Item and thus reach the Promised Land of That Guy Who Saw It), Staff of Rhynn, longbow +2, Vhailors Helm, whatnot. Watch out to NOT have 15K gold until we're done with certain quests, especially as Jaheira is around.
Keep note that you MUST buy Wizard Licence, again 'cause Jaheira - friends incoming.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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