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Old 12-08-2013, 07:15 PM   #621

Originally Posted by Jman4117 View Post
Excellent game, but rushed out the door with most of the code reused from the original. From a tactical standpoint its far ahead of X-com, play this one on beginner after beating the original on superhuman. :evil:

Strategy Tips:
P.S. - Be on the look out for the research bugs. Whatever you do, DON'T research a Tasloth Commander, it is not a legal unit and will likely corrupt your save.
Also, here is the list of research bugs, I didnt see it elsewhere and didnt want to read through all 50 pages (12.08.2013) - With following these simple orders, iwas able to get all researches on Superman difficulty within finishing under 35 Alien Submarine missions.

The list is a Quote, but the guy who released it forgot to leave his name in that txt file ... however, i changed it a bit so that german and english users can make good use of it (I hope) - c ya around

English // German
terminology // Terminologie
Deep One // Ungetüm
Gillman // Kiemenmensch

Keep this order of research in ANY CASE! //
Für folgende Sachen diese Reihenfolge auf jeden Fall einhalten:
1. Deep One Corpse // Ungetüm-Leiche
2. Aqua Plastics // Aqua-Kunststoffe
3. Plastic Aqua Armor // Aqua-Plastik-Panzer
4. Ion Beam Accelerator // Ionenbeschleuniger
5. Live Deep One Terrorist // (lebendes!) Ungetüm Terrorist (z.B. mit Thermotaser oder Thermalschockwerfer fangen)

Only AFTER these 5 points research Ion Armor and Magnetic Navigation //
Erst dann nach Belieben Ion Armor und Magnetic Navigation.

Tasoth Commander must not be researched AT ANY CASE!
Sonst noch wichtig: Tasoth Commander darf _AUF KEINEN FALL_ erforscht
werden, sonst kann man den Leviathan nicht kriegen.
Viel Spass damit
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Old 20-02-2014, 07:23 PM   #622
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I've ran into a bug where if you do not have the M.C. contorler and you research the deep one live you od not get the MC disroptor or any M.C. weapons. ok so i gave my self M.C. disruptors by hex editing the save files.

only then i read there is a patch out there that apparently solves all thse known bugs. i think i will try to hunt it down.

there is a really nice wiki about these Xcom series with lots of good info.

i have a quesiton for the more experienced ones - i had this event that Australasia switched to alien side. while the first South china was my fault the Australasia seems to have switched because i didn't destroy one alien infiltration craft. is one craft all it takes for them to flip? the thing is at one point there were about 5 alien vessels all very large while i only had 2 bases. it was difficult to catch them all at once. i've managed to get 4 but one got away.

so my quersiton is there a way to hax the country back to you? it's kind of ridiculous these countries that flipped are actually the most protected ones. the ones with alien colonies and terror sites seem to be fine to support me.besides it's kind of stupid when you have such high score in a month and the country flips sides.
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