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Old 23-06-2006, 04:07 PM   #11
Trollmaster General
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i cracked my head 6 times untill the age of 10...so i can't remember that much...but i still got signs left and recently(yesterday) i broke a bone on my left hand..a metacarpo-phalangeal joint ...now it's better...andit's healing fast..i know it i got lucky cause the hospital is right across the street
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Old 23-06-2006, 05:05 PM   #12
Autonomous human
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I broke many small bones of my left wrist when I was a kid, just tripped at home, quite pathetic. Years later during a gym class, performing a somersault I broke my right meniscus --knee joint. That's not a bone but it's meaner, because a bone can recover altogether. I could walk properly after some weeks or months, I can't remember, but then some years later while playing tennis my knee blocked again and I had to get surgery.
Life starts every day anew. Prospects not so good.
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Old 23-06-2006, 09:05 PM   #13
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I broke my leg (No one knows which one anymore) when I was 2. My first attempt at traversing the stairs singlehandedly ^^

I also nearly had the end of my 4th finger of my left hand cut off when someone closed (or opened) a door while my finger was in the space on the hinge side. It missed everything and is fully healed now, but it has a wonderful scar and you can see where the sever was.
I liked the old forum.. =/
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Old 23-06-2006, 09:40 PM   #14
Abandonia Homie
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Never broke anything. Hard to break bones playing nintendo.
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Old 23-06-2006, 10:48 PM   #15
Home Sweet Abandonia

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I split my head open three times, but nothing else
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Old 23-06-2006, 11:34 PM   #16
Abandonia nerd

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Never broke anything, but i did damage my knee pretty bad in February (i think it was), during wrestling practice in school.
We had a two-minute sparr, and i was looking at my partner, obviously, when i heard him shout "look out". He was too late though: two really fat dudes landed on my right leg which was in the back (they were both around 230 lbs ~ 115 kilos). I heard a snap, stood on my knee with left leg, waiting for them to get up. I was sure i damaged it, but i could stand up. Except there was this nasty "hollow" feeling inside the knee, like there is air. When the coach asked i said it was ok, and so on.
Once i got home, the pain started. It didn't hurt as much when i was walking, but instead, when i sat down. Luckily my mother knows how to treat that sort of thing, so she gave me this special gel, thing that you wrap around it, etc.
After that it hurt for around one month, now its completely fine.
Never visited a doctor for it too...
PS: wow its a long post, at least has some juicy details...
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Old 24-06-2006, 01:17 AM   #17
Don Andy
Game Wizzard

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Never broken a thing in my life, gladly.

I think the worst injury I ever had was in the kindergarten. I jumped down from structure (like 2-3 meters) just the moment my brother was walking down there. I don't know how I managed to do it, but I hit the top of his head with my incisors. Never found them in the sand. Well, I never knew I could lose that much blood through my mouth.

Yeah, that's the worst injury I ever got as sissy as this may sound, but I tend to stay away from things that hurt, I can't stand pain, I think I'm a bit oversensitive there.

Just got a scars here and there after that, but mainly through stupidity.

And I think I didn't see a doctor since I was like 9 or something like that. Only sometimes for vaccination.

If something is hurting for some unknown reason I usually just wait till it goes away.
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Old 24-06-2006, 03:41 AM   #18
Home Sweet Abandonia

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I usually just wait things out as well, but this was quite the painful, and we managed to get a prescription for panadene forte so that was good.

Anyway the docter doesn't think there is anything to be worried about after he looked at the x-rays, they'll be sent off to be reported and looked at in more detail but I should be right, it's not so painful anymore and I got a lot more movement, so now I can just wait it out.

Anyway most serious thing I've ever had was an abscess on my back due to a cellulitis infection, I was allergeic to the antibiotics for cellulitis so it just got worse and worse, I didn't sleep for a few days in a row, then I had to have it surgically removed.

Quite a lot of you seem to have cracked your head... odd.
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Old 24-06-2006, 04:04 AM   #19
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I've broken a ton of bones, but that's just from living in rural areas, you'll always break something there :P
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Old 24-06-2006, 09:04 AM   #20
Home Sweet Abandonia
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I've a broken tooth, due to i was hitted by a wooden staff during a martial art training... does it count?
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