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Old 17-06-2017, 09:25 AM   #1

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Default [Bugamn] Moonbase Commander

I'm trying to remember a game I played over the LAN with some friends. It was a turn-based 4X type of game where each player had a time limit to use their limited number of actions. I recall my friend bought the license so it was shareware.

The mechanics I remember are:
- Each player starts with a power source
- Need to build other units and connect them to a power source
- The distance is very important, but you didn't directly place units. You sort of "launched" them somehow
- Can set up spherical shields
- One of the weapons was a nuclear bomb

It was played on terrain, but I thought it was space-themed. The graphics were abstract and not photo-realistic.

I think the game was played on a triangle grid, but it could have also been diamond grid, square grid, or hexes. I think it was completely flat, but there might have been some basic height fields.

When did you play the game?
- early 2000s, but game already seemed kind of "old" by then

What computer did it run on?
- IBM and compatibles

What operating system did the computer run?
- Windows
- could have been a DOS game that ran in Windows

What were the graphics like?
- at least 256 color
- VGA, SVGA, SXGA? Don't remember exactly
- 2D
- Abstract art

What was the music like?
- not PC Beeper

Were there speech?
- not that I remember

What was the gameplay like?
- 4X TBS

Which perspective were you given there?
- Top-down, Third Person, isometric pseudo-3D (2.5D)

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Old 17-06-2017, 11:10 PM   #2
Abandonia nerd

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Would it be Moonbase Commander, or at least seem similar? I think this game also involves lauching buldings.
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Old 18-06-2017, 12:41 AM   #3

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Oooh! That's it!

The name instantly rang a bell, but I don't know if I would have recognized it from the screen shots~ much different than I remembered it...
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