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Download: Alpha V. 01 Here
Download: Alpha V. 02 Here

For those having the problem with the CNCS 32 Dll. or whatever, here's a url...

Store it in the same directory as the game.

After returning from my surgery, I'm busy making a small game named Evil's Playground. It centers around you being a deity feeding and taking care of a monster while casting spells and ensnaring food.

Right now the demo is nearly complete and I'll be releasing it soon.

It's not anything amazing or big, but I do enjoy making it .

I'll post a few screenshots, here are some features the demo will have. (Very small demo)

Demo Features -
1. Feed your creature till it evolves to level 2, then wreak havok with it's new form.
2. Use fireballs to massacre the country-side.
3. Ensnare rabbits and people to feed them to your beast.
4. Feed your stronger monster coal and embers to give it a fireball ability.
5. Experiment with many spells.
6. Destroy a human encampment.
7. Read the instructions .
8. Music from Hexen
9. Maintain your evil force to cast spells, do this by destroying as much as possible, or wait for it to regenerate.

So far that's the low down, if anyone is interested I'll probably be releasing the demo a day from now, or maybe today.

P.S. If you can't see the screens, alert me.

Coming Soon. Alpha V. 02
Once I upload this, it'll be a completely new EXE, delete the older version, and keep this one.

Bug Fixes
-The cursor no longer goes behind objects
-Spawning creatures/items aren't off trajectory anymore
-The creature's collision detection is now properly trained
-Some counters and scores have been moved to keep from glitching up graphic-wise
-Coal now appears properly

-Humans have been added
-Rabbits spawn more often
-Coal can be picked up sometimes without teleport
-Trees and bushes spawn more often
-Bushes are always in front of trees
-1 new spell
-Blaze spell graphic changed for the better

Shot 1: Just a ingame shot.

Shot 2: This is the main menu...

Shot 3: Using fireball on a tree :Brain:

More to come...

P.P.S. Despite the screenshots, your monster does move down there, he just for some reason got in the same spot each time.

Update: Food process uploaded.
Update: Skeleton spell uploaded.
Update: First human created.
Update: New spell -Dark Tower
Update: Humans now attack skeletons.


U is the universal "use" key, if you look at the spell icons in the "Power" bar, you will see each of them have a letter, Blaze has B, Teleport has T, and so on. If you bring your cursor over the icons they will give you extra info on the spells.

R is the "cancel" key, if you have a spell selected, press R to revert your cursor to normal, or destroy a skeleton you are controlling.

To cast a spell, press the hotkey, example - Press F for fireball, you cursor should change, now put the cursor where you want to shoot the fireball, over a tree for example, now press U.
Get it? F selects fireball, U casts it!

To use Skeleton, press S to select the spell, bring your cursor over the corpse of a dead human, press U, he should ressurect as a skeleton.
Now press the arrow keys to move the skeleton, and space bar to attack.
If any other spell is cast or you press the release button, he is destroyed.

To teleport items, bring your cursor over a rabbit or coal, then press T to select the spell, press U over the rabbit or coal and it will appear in your "Food/Hunger" bar, now bring your cursor over the food and/or coal and press U, it will appear in your creature's lair, bring your cursor over the rabbit/coal to attract your creature towards it.

To use blaze, press B to select it, then press U anywhere, creatures will be blown away.

Now, for the most confusing spell, to use Dark Tower, set a patch of grass on fire (the green stuff that waves back and forth) to do this shoot a fireball at it, now, press D, put your cursor over the coals, and press U, a tower will come out of the ashes and it will shoot lightning periodicly, no need for you to do anything else.

Those are the basics of the control mechanics.
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