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Old 26-06-2009, 04:13 PM   #1
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Join Date: Mar 2005
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Welcome to the Big Bag of Booty Contest, in honour of 10 years Abandonia and the imminent release of the new episodic series Tales of Monkey Island.


The first prize is the FIRST SEASON OF 'TALES OF MONKEY ISLAND'! The winner will receive a Telltale account which will have the Tales of Monkey Island pre-order pack.

But not only first place will get rewarded: 2nd to 5th place will each get a pack of 3 games (games can be picked from a list).

But that's not all: from those who participate - regardless of the amount of correct answers - two people will be randomly picked to each receive a game as well! So be sure to join!




(ALL multiple choice questions only have ONE answer)

1.1. How did Lucas Arts come up with the name Guybrush (Threepwood), the main character in Monkey Island?
a) The initial idea was to give him a moustache which they nicknamed his "man brush" or "guy brush" but the idea was dropped because moustaches were no longer popular to have at the end of the 80's.
b) Before deciding on a name, they simply called him 'guy' and after saving the 'guy' sprite in the graphics program, it got as extension .brush making the file read 'guy.brush'.
c) They named him after a running joke about a hair brush for men with tons of hair.
d) While painting the cover for the game, Steve Purcell referred to the brush with the paint for Guybrush as the "guy brush".

1.2. Early CD games often had room for a CD track instead of MIDI music. Which of the following games did not have CD audio music/sound? (ambient audio track counts as well)
Warcraft II
Little Big Adventure
c) Quake
d) Command & Conquer
e) Tomb Raider

1.3. FMV games had the oddest 'stars' at times but one actor got the main role in a big budget Sierra game despite the fact that his only previous 'big' role was playing a bartender in the sitcom Frasier. Which Sierra game was this?
a) Lode Runner
b) Privateer 2
c) Phantasmagoria
d) Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle of Flesh
e) Gabriel Knight 2

1.4. Since we're talking about actors: which well known actor was the voice of the mayor in Fallout:
a) Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver)
b) Tom Selleck (Magnum PI)
c) Dirk Benedict (Face - the A-Team)
d) Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard - Star Trek TNG)

1.5. Richard Garriott had a habit of naming characters in his games after a nickname he got in school but what was this nickname?
a) The Avatar
b) Garriotts of Fire
c) Akalabeth
d) Lord British
e) Mondain

1.6. Stan has had many professions in Monkey Island, but which profession hasn't he had yet?
a) Seller of Time Shares
b) Seller of fine leather jackets
c) Manager of restaurant supplies
d) Used Boat Salesman
e) Used Coffin Salesman

1.7 Which of the following games had to change its name to just its acronym (the first letter of each word in the full name) to lower its age rating?
a) K.K.N.D.
b) M.D.K.
c) M.A.X.
d) B.A.T.
e) M.U.D.S.

1.8. Which game lets you expand your territory by building guard huts?
a) Utopia
b) The Settlers
c) Warcraft
d) Ascendancy
e) Dune 2
f) Populous

1.9 Apogee published a ton of entertaining platform games in the early 90's. Which of the following had as goal to save captured women (and some men) from zombies?
a) Duke Nukem
b) Hocus Pocus
c) Crystal Caves
d) Duke Nukem II
e) Alien Carnage

1.10. Street Fighter 2 on PC was a disaster. The reason for this was that the terrible AI and unbalanced combat. Which game character was notorious for letting you complete the entire game by repeating just one basic move? (NOT a combo!)
a) E. Honda
b) Blanka
c) Ryu
d) Guile
e) Dhalsim

1.11. Command & Conquer Red Alert had a rather captivating song being played during its intro. What was it called?
a) Victory March
b) The Red March
c) March of the Dead
d) Hell March
e) March of the Damned

1.12. In Earthworm Jim 1, you have to drop a fridge to launch an animal into the air. Which animal?
a) A cow
b) A pig
c) A goat
d) A crow
e) A sheep

1.13. Electro Man, an old shareware platform game, used a rather blatant rip off of a famous robot design. Which robot?
a) Robocop
b) C-3P0
c) Terminator
d) Cylon
e) Optimus Prime

1.14. Remakes are rather popular these days it seems but which of the following games did not receive an official remake for PC? (clue: some are just sequels, not remakes + only official remakes count)
a) Alone In The Dark
b) Doom
c) Mean Streets
d) Settlers 2

1.15 Strategy games were very popular in the early 90's. Which of the following games did NOT get a sequel? (tip: some sequels did not share the name of the first game)

a) Star Control
b) K240
c) Master of Magic
d) Theme Park
e) Constructor


We shuffled the letters of each game and came up with the following anagrams:
(rearrange the letters to find the name of the game)

2.1 Softhearted Iris (4 words, First Person Shooter) (Correction: *** There is one S too many! *** Sorry for the mistake)
2.2 Cocain Shimmer (2 words, Racing Game)
2.3 Laden Floors (3 words, Role Playing Game)
2.4 Glared Flag (1 word, Role Playing Game)
2.5 Crewman Doming (2 words, Simulation game)
2.6 Godfather Taunt (3 words, action game)
2.7 Practice Mag (2 words, action/strategy game)
2.8 I Regret Thefts (2 words, fighting game)
2.9 Epic Apron Fires (3 words, platform game)
2.10 Her One Data Link (4 words, action adventure game)

Do you have attention for detail and a good memory? Well you'll need it for the next few questions!

3.1 In Beneath A Steel Sky, when Joey receives his new shell, he says what?

3.2 In Screamer, you could get a secret car by applying a cheat - a car that easily beat all other cars. What was this car called?
a) The Cougar
b) The Mantis
c) The Rocket
d) The Cannon Ball
e) The Bullet

3.3 In Micro Machines, you had an incredibly fun head-to-head mode but how did it work? You had to ...
a) ... damage your opponent by pushing him into objects to score a point
b) ... finish all laps first to win the match
c) ... push your opponent off the table to win a point
d) ... drive one screen ahead of your opponent to win a point
e) ... collect time bonuses before your opponent did and the first one to run out of time lost the match

3.4 In Ultima VIII, you could find exploding books. How were these books called?
a) Killer jokes
b) Black bible
c) Pandora's Book
d) A guide to infinite wealth
e) The life of a trixter

3.5 In System Shock, SHODAN, the station's AI, became corrupted and tried to destroy mankind but how did she become corrupted?
a) the VP of TriOptimum, Edward Diego, hacked her and damaged her core in doing so
b) it happened by accident after an upgrade which they asked you to perform
c) you removed her ethical restrictions
d) she became sentient on her own
e) she became sentient after an electrical storm

3.6 In Duke Nukem 3D there's an erotic book store at the start of the second map. What was it called?
a) Sinful Videos & Books
b) Forbidden Videos & Books
c) XXX Videos & Books
d) Deviant Videos & Books
e) Red Light Videos & Books

3.7 In Space Quest IV, you could visit a store that had some funny games on sale. Which of the following was NOT on sale?
a) Sim Sim
b) Boom
It Came For Dessert
d) Porkenstein 3D
Cluck Egger

3.8 Battle Isle 2 had a tactic where you could surround the enemy which would let you deal more damage. How was this tactic called (i.e. how did the manual call it)?
a) encapsulating
b) trapping
c) ensnaring
d) cornering
e) hemming

3.9 Which of the following games did not take place on a post apocalyptic planet earth?
a) Fallout
b) Dark Sun Wake of the Ravager
c) Bad Blood
d) Wasteland
e) Burntime

3.10 Broken Sword Director's Cut, a re-release for the Wii and Nintendo DS, had help from Dave Gibbons but which game did Dave Gibbons contribute to before?
a) Lure of the Temptress
b) In Cold Blood
c) Innocent Until Caught
d) Hopkins FBI
e) Beneath A Steel Sky

No guessing here, sorry .

4.1 Which notorious artist was hired to design the race pods in CyberRace?
4.2 Which Bullfrog game got canceled despite receiving a lot of media attention including a developer's diary in PC Gamer UK magazine?
4.3 Sid & Al's Incredible Toons was a game that branched off from a famous puzzle series. Which one?
4.4 Which top-down adventure game set in a bleak future "shocked" gamers by showing two people having full-on pixel sex?
Which moderately famous actor do Command & Conquer 3 and Splinter Cell have in common?
4.6 What was the liquid that made ghosts dissolve in Secret of Monkey Island?
4.7 Doom had one weapon with a rather amusing name which, for the sake of younger gamers, was shortened to a mere 3 letters. What's its full name? (and I don't want the movie name ).
4.8 Which sports game contained, among others, the following games: halfpipe, BMX and surfing.
4.9 Guybrush received a necklace that made him invisible. What was that necklace made out of?
4.10 Commander Keen was the Mario for PC for many years but in which game AND which map of that game did Commander Keen make a rather "shocking" reappearance? (I need the game & number of the map, boys & girls)

I need the actual character name, NOT the name of the game. Also, the correct name!

5.1 baseball bat, jungle, fake breasts, airplane
furry, psychotic, grinning
5.3 private detective, haunted mansion
5.4 blue eyes, sand, mental powers
5.5 chupa chups, green
5.6 balding, loser, white suit
5.7 white, red gloves, fantastic
5.8 lantern, monkey, sword, apples
5.9 undead, voodoo, beard
5.10 doctor, castle, island

Same as before but I want the name of the game now. (game series are accepted - so Mortal Kombat instead of Mortal Kombat 3 is allowed)

6.1 two suns - cloning
6.2 007 - fish - cold - toys
6.3 carrots - fast - Christmas - turtle
island, mercs, medicinal trees
6.5 Boyle - cars - TV
6.6 Mars - flesh - Hell
6.7 pink slips - tweaking - drag race - 60's
6.8 umbrella - traps - *splat*

6.9 vampire - New York - future
6.10 aliens - ocean - barracuda

Decrypt the titles below to find the name of a game. Example: "Beneath a Lethal White Orb" could be a cryptogram for "Under A Killing Moon".

7.1 A different planet
7.2 Procreation of extraterrestrials
7.3 Almost midnight but still a while to go
7.4 Stiff guy takes a boat trip
7.5 Guarded tour in the early morning
7.6 Oddly behaving tires
7.7 they're not sisters and they're feel a little down
Communist noble
7.9 Plastic girl had a sex change and became an environmentalist
7.10 unpleasant dream in a tree lane


Because the main prize is Tales of Monkey Island, the last 5 questions will involve ... monkeys. Oh yes, lots and lots of moneys.

9.1 In which game does a street peddler try to sell a monkey?
9.2 Which games has a gorilla dressed up as a dinosaur?
9.3 Which game had as bonus mission a monkey evading flower pots?
9.4 In which game did you hypnotize a monkey using a banana?
9.5 In which fighting game do you travel back to the prehistory only to beat up a big ape moments later?


To avoid ending with two or more people with the same amount of correct answers, a random question will follow. The person closest to the correct number will win.

Random Question: What will the average amount of correctly answered questions be? (excluding this one)? (so: add all the correct answers together and divide by the amount of people who entered the contest). There are 100 questions in total.



1. The contest will run for 10 days. ANSWERS MUST BE GIVEN BEFORE SUNDAY 5TH OF JULY.

Send your answers to red_avatar in a private message. The title of your message MUST be " Big Bag of Booty - YOURFORUMNAME". Example "Big Bag of Booty - red_avatar".
3. We only accept one entry per person - no alt accounts are allowed (
we can check IPs)

No corrections are possible and all answers need to be sent together in one message so be sure you're happy with all your answers before sending them.

. The answers must be given in the following way:

1.1 a
1.2 b
2.1 answer1
2.2 answer 2

6. No administrators are allowed to join but the remaining staff is free to do so. Staff will not be given ANY advantages and have to follow all the rules with no exception.

7. No answers of hints/tips may be given in this topic or anywhere else on the forum or chatbox! Passing on answers, even in private messages, is not allowed. Breaking this rule may get you banned so please respect it.

8. Any questions about the contest itself (rules, prizes, etc.) need to be sent to red_avatar in PM (private message).

9. If you disagree with a question or any of its answers (for example, you believe none of the possible answers are correct or several are), send red_avatar a PM.

10. Spelling mistakes will not be counted as a wrong answer.

11. Final but most important rule: the admins have the final say.

Last edited by red_avatar; 27-06-2009 at 06:33 PM.
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Old 26-06-2009, 05:05 PM   #2
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Before I forget, here's the games you can pick from if you're one of the 4 runners up or one of the two random picks:

Little Big Adventure
Realms of the Haunting
In Cold Blood
Diablo (2x)
Doom 3
Boiling Point
Morrowind (2x)
Battle Isle Incubation
Broken Sword
Broken Sword Smoking Mirror
Command & Conquer
Star Trek: Birth Of The Federation
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Warcraft 1 Orcs & Humans
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
Dark Forces
The Dig
Starcraft + Broodwars
The Riddle of Master Lu
Neverwinter Nights
Civilization III
Vampires the Masquerade Bloodlines
Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
Myst V: End of Ages
Heroes of Might & Magic IV
Chronicles of Riddick: Butcher's Bay
Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War
Gothic II
Runaway 2
Hitman Contacts

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Old 26-06-2009, 05:18 PM   #3

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Excellent quiz Red!!!

Happy googling everyone!
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Old 26-06-2009, 05:49 PM   #4
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Good luck guys :thumbs:
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Old 26-06-2009, 06:23 PM   #5
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Morrowind? Stalker? YAY! hmm should i enter or not..
Kugarfang: o hai guiz im trying to find this techno song from the radio and it goes like this:

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Old 27-06-2009, 01:46 AM   #6
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Smile Good luck to whom wish to enter and win the cool game!

Hmmm... I looked up on the info on new Monkey Island game. and It's don't have mac so I decided not to enter. I'm sorry. Bad news for Mac user!!

:thumbs:I wish all the luck y'all need. I'm going to have fun try to answer these without having to enter it. Can I do it for fun? I don't think I answer correctly cuz I never seen these questions before so I don't know these answers to these questions. So I'm going to try.

Have fun and Good Luck!!!

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You could always join for one of the other prizes .

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Old 27-06-2009, 03:49 AM   #8

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Dark Forces is an excellent choice, for any of you runners-up...
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Old 27-06-2009, 10:31 AM   #9
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Great job red!
Bye-Bye boredom,hello google!
I no longer haunt these realms.
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Old 27-06-2009, 10:49 AM   #10
_r.u.s.s. changed it :'(
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The anagrams are effing hard.
"The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it."

-Terry Pratchett
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