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Eating a karmic corpse gives you luck and fate smiles, and removes cursing and dooming. Attacking a karmic being curses and then dooms you. Wearing a ring of Karmic Resistance prevents this from happening when attacking with melee, although the B/U/C status changes, and the ring will eventually break.

Read the guidebook. www.andywlms.com/adom. There is a section on karmic beings.
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Eagle of Fire
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Originally posted by From the guide
Karmic beings will occasionally leave corpses when killed. Eating the corpse of a karmic being will, in order, remove the doomed intrinsic if present, remove the cursed intrinsic if present, grant the Lucky intrinsic if not present and grant the Fate Smiles intrinsic if not present. Remember all or any of these intrinsics can be present simultaneously. Thus a PC that is doomed and Lucky would lose the doomed intrinsic and retain the Lucky intrinsic after eating a karmic corpse. The same is true for a PC that has the cursed and doomed intrinsics - the PC would lose the doomed intrinsic but not the cursed intrinsic and would not gain either the Lucky or Fate Smiles intrinsics.
Seems you are right... I consult this guide everytime I play ADOM, I feel stupid to have overlooked this before... Perhaps it been added and I missed it..? :blink:
I'm on a hot streak... Literally.
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Old 28-01-2005, 12:59 AM   #53

No, it has been there for a long time.
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Old 05-03-2005, 03:40 AM   #54

Hey guys, just vistin, but I LOVE this game for the simple fact that I CANT BEAT IT, i get to LV 11 and die always... how sad.
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Old 16-04-2005, 11:48 PM   #55

Total weight: 6217 stones Carrying capacity: 16275 stones

He: blessed crown of leadership [+2, +7] {Ch+18} [65s]
Ne: blessed necklace of the eye [3s]
Bo: blessed fine leather armor (named) (+2, +0) [+2, +8] (+15 spd) [120s]
Gi: blessed girdle of giant strength [+7, +7] {St+12} [30s]
Cl: blessed cloak of defense [+7, +7] [20s]
RH: blessed Trident of the Red Rooster (+36, 6d12+18) [+12, +12] {Ma+24}
LH: -
RR: blessed ring of the master cat [+0, +5] {Dx+16} (+16 spd) [1s]
LR: blessed ring of regeneration [1s]
Br: blessed bracers of war [+8, +4] {Dx+8} [10s]
Ga: blessed iron gauntlets (named) (-1, +0) [+1, +3] {St+7} [10s]
Bo: blessed seven league boots [+7, +7] [30s]
MW: blessed rusty heavy crossbow of accuracy (+9, +8) [140s]
Mi: bundle of 3 uncursed eternium quarrels (+1, 4d6+8) [3s]
Tl: uncursed pick axe (-2, 1d6+1) [75s]


Total weight: 5559 stones Carrying capacity: 16275 stones

Helmets ('[')
uncursed crown of regeneration [+0, +0] [55s]
uncursed crown of lightning [+0, +1] (+5 spd) [65s]
Armor ('[')
uncursed yellow eternium plate mail (-1, -2) [-1, +12] [240s]
blessed eternium plate mail (-1, -2) [-1, +13] [240s]
uncursed eternium plate mail (-1, -2) [-1, +14] [240s]
uncursed eternium chain mail (+0, -1) [-1, +11] [220s]
uncursed elven chain mail [+0, +5] [10s]
uncursed eternium chain mail (-1, -2) [-3, +11] [220s]
uncursed eternium plate mail (-1, -2) [-1, +13] [240s]
blessed eternium scale mail (-1, -1) [+0, +10] [220s]
Shields ('[')
cursed medium obsidian shield "Protector" [+20, +4] {To+2} [46s]
Gauntlets ('[')
cursed archery gloves (+0, +4) [+3, +0] [6s]
blessed gloves of carrying (+1, +1) [-1, +0] [6s]
Girdles ('[')
uncursed girdle of giant strength [+0, +0] {St+12} [30s]
Boots ('[')
blessed eternium boots [+1, +5] [55s]
Necklaces (''')
uncursed amulet of petrification resistance [3s]
uncursed amulet of the cold heart {Ch-12} [3s]
uncursed pendant of mana {Ma+2} [3s]
heap of 2 uncursed amulets of teleport control [6s]
uncursed rusty amulet of teleport control [3s]
uncursed rusty amulet of luck [8s]
uncursed amulet of balance [3s]
uncursed amulet of protection from constructs [3s]
blessed amulet of health [3s]
uncursed amulet of perseverance {Wi+6} [3s]
One-handed weapons ('(')
blessed whip of slaughtering (-4, 1d30-1) [15s]
heap of 2 uncursed eternium long swords (+0, 2d8+7) [40s]
uncursed dagger of death (+4, 5d5+2) [10s]
blessed dagger of death (+1, 5d5+3) [10s]
cursed eternium long sword (+0, 2d8+7) [20s]
uncursed eternium scimitar (+0, 2d8+9) [19s]
uncursed brutal eternium scimitar (-2, 3d8+8) [19s]
Two-handed weapons ('(')
blessed quicksilver quarterstaff (+9, 5d3+5) [+3, +0] (+20 spd) [20s]
uncursed quicksilver quarterstaff (+6, 5d3+6) [+3, +0] (+20 spd) [20s]
cursed quarterstaff of devastation (-2, 5d10+6) [40s]
Missiles ('/')
bundle of 6 uncursed eternium sling bullets (+7, 3d5) [18s]
bundle of 4 uncursed drakish scurgari of returning (+2, 2d6+2) [40s]
bundle of 5 uncursed mithril quarrels of hunting (+1, 2d6+3) [10s]
bundle of 3 uncursed eternium drakish scurgari (+12, 2d8+10) [15s]
bundle of 3 blessed adamantium arrows (+1, 1d6+4) [3s]
bundle of 3 uncursed eternium arrows (+1, 2d6+8) [3s]
uncursed javelin of death (+9, 6d6+3) [40s]
bundle of 5 uncursed arrows of giant slaying (+4, 1d10+5) [10s]
Tools (']')
uncursed climbing set [180s]
heap of 4 blessed waterproof blankets [40s]
heap of 3 blessed fireproof blankets [30s]
heap of 3 uncursed waterproof blankets [30s]
heap of 5 uncursed fireproof blankets [50s]
uncursed piece of eternium ore [90s]
cursed fireproof blanket [10s]
heap of 15 blessed sis [150s]
heap of 99 uncursed sis [990s]
heap of 10 cursed sis [100s]
Potions ('!')
cursed potion of booze [4s]
heap of 4 uncursed potions of carrot juice [16s]
blessed potion of healing [4s]
uncursed potion of healing [4s]
heap of 2 uncursed potions of booze [8s]
heap of 2 uncursed berzio potions [4s]
heap of 2 uncursed potions of exchange [8s]
cursed berzio potion [2s]
heap of 4 uncursed potions of training [8s]
uncursed potion of boost toughness [2s]
heap of 6 potions of holy water [24s]
uncursed potion of extra healing [2s]
heap of 2 uncursed potions of potential beauty [8s]
uncursed potion of potential charisma [4s]
uncursed potion of potential dexterity [4s]
uncursed potion of potential willpower [4s]
cursed potion of raw mana [2s]
heap of 6 uncursed potions of water [24s]
heap of 3 potions of unholy water [12s]
uncursed potion of potential learning [4s]
blessed potion of potential charisma [4s]
uncursed potion of ultra healing [2s]
blessed potion of insight [2s]
uncursed potion of balance [4s]
Scrolls ('?')
heap of 3 uncursed scrolls of increase melee accuracy [6s]
uncursed scroll of uncursing [2s]
cursed scroll of identify [2s]
blessed scroll of power [2s]
uncursed scroll of teleportation [2s]
uncursed scroll of increase melee damage [2s]
heap of 4 uncursed scrolls of power [8s]
blessed scroll of satiation [2s]
blessed scroll of protection [2s]
blessed scroll of identify [2s]
heap of 5 cursed scrolls of chaos resistance [10s]
uncursed scroll of defense [2s]
Books ('"')
uncursed spellbook of Acid Bolt [100s]
uncursed spellbook of Burning Hands [100s]
uncursed spellbook of Calm Monster [100s]
uncursed spellbook of Cure Light Wounds [100s]
uncursed spellbook of Cure Serious Wounds [100s]
cursed spellbook of Darkness [100s]
cursed spellbook of Destroy Undead [100s]
cursed spellbook of Frost Bolt [100s]
uncursed spellbook of Invisibility [100s]
cursed spellbook of Magic Missile [100s]
uncursed spellbook of Scare Monster [100s]
uncursed spellbook of Slow Monster [100s]
uncursed spellbook of Slow Poison [100s]
uncursed spellbook of Stun Ray [100s]
Food ('%')
blessed fortune cookie [3s]
Gems ('*')
blessed crystal of knowledge [1s]

Weapon Skills

Melee weapon Lvl Hit Dam DV Level Required marks
--------------------- --- --- --- -- ------------- --------------
Unarmed fighting 6 +3 +2 +2 skilled 91
Daggers & knives 15 +20 +12 +5 Grand Mastery
Clubs & hammers 1 +1 +0 +0 basic 20
Maces & flails 1 +1 +0 +0 basic 20
Swords 15 +18 +12 +6 Grand Mastery
Axes 1 +1 +0 +0 basic 20
Whips 1 +1 +0 +1 basic 20
Pole arms 11 +12 +7 +14 Mastery 2271
Twohanded weapons 1 +1 +1 +0 basic 18
Staves 1 +1 +0 +1 basic 20

Missile weapon Lvl Hit Dam Ra Level Required marks
--------------------- --- --- --- -- ------------- --------------
Slings 0 +0 +0 +0 unskilled 7
Bows 2 +4 +3 +0 basic 17
Crossbows 4 +8 +6 +1 skilled 11
Thrown axes & hammers 0 +0 +0 +0 unskilled 7
Thrown daggers 3 +6 +4 +1 basic 32
Thrown rocks & clubs 0 +0 +0 +0 unskilled 7
Thrown spears 3 +6 +4 +1 basic 13
Boomerangs & scurgari 7 +14 +10 +2 skilled 104

Shields Lvl DV Level Required marks
--------------------- --- --- ------------- --------------
Shields 0 +0 unskilled 15

Damage caused with your melee weapons:
Right hand: +244 bonus to hit, 6d12+84 damage

Damage caused with your missile weapons:
Ammunition: 3, base range: 25, +137 bonus to hit, [(4d6)/2]+57 damage


Alertness ................100 (superb) [+1d5]
Archery ..................100 (superb) [+1d3]
Athletics ................100 (superb) [+2d4]
Backstabbing .............100 (superb) [+1d5]
Climbing .................100 (superb) [+2d4]
Courage ..................100 (superb) [+1]
Dodge ....................100 (superb) [+1d5]
Find weakness ............100 (superb) [+1d5]
First aid ................100 (superb) [+1d5]
Food preservation ........100 (superb) [+2d4]
Haggling ................. 60 (good) [+1]
Healing ..................100 (superb) [+1d5]
Herbalism ................100 (superb) [+2d4]
Listening ................100 (superb) [+3d4]
Literacy .................100 (superb) [+1]
Stealth ..................100 (superb) [+2d4]
Survival .................100 (superb) [+2d4]
Swimming .................100 (superb) [+1d3]
Tactics ..................100 (superb) [+1]
Two weapon combat ........100 (superb) [+2d4]
Woodcraft ................100 (superb) [+2d4]


Cure Disease : 226, 8pp (Effectivity: +0)
Knock : 240, 12pp (Effectivity: +0)
Teleportation: 45, 33pp (Effectivity: +8)

His achievements during his adventures:

Corellius, the high elven ranger, quit prematurely.
He scored 16112562 points and advanced to level 50.
He survived for 0 years, 65 days, 23 hours, 30 minutes and 53 seconds
(185051 turns).
1 companion was killed during his adventures.
Corellius visited 136 places.
His strength score was modified by +33 during his career.
His learning score was modified by +44 during his career.
His willpower score was modified by +27 during his career.
His dexterity score was modified by +34 during his career.
His toughness score was modified by +28 during his career.
His charisma score was modified by +31 during his career.
His appearance score was modified by +37 during his career.
His mana score was modified by +28 during his career.
His perception score was modified by +24 during his career.
He was unnaturally aged by 4 years.
He was the champion of the arena.
He brought back joy into the life of a tiny girl.
He defeated the arch enemy of a mighty karmic wyrm.
He adhered to the principles of the Cat Lord and thus rose to great fame.
He stopped the generation of nasty bugs.
He saved Khelavaster from certain death.
He ended his adventuring life on level 4 of some ancient dragon caves.
18898 monsters perished under his attacks.
The following 28 artifacts were generated during his adventure:
the si
the scythe of corruption "Moon Sickle"
the ring of the master cat
the golden gladius "Death's Sting"
the Chaos Orb of Elemental Water
the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air
the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire
the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth
the lead-filled mace "Big Punch"
the rune-covered trident
the elemental gauntlets
the ring of the High Kings
the crown of science
the black torc
the bracers of war
the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana
the black rune-covered dagger "Needle"
the black rune-covered dagger "Sting"
the rune-covered sling "Whirlwind"
the fine leather armor "Nature's Companion"
the staff of the archmagi
the medium obsidian shield "Protector"
the crown of leadership
the iron gauntlets "Ironfist"
the emerald dagger "Serpent's Bite"
the Trident of the Red Rooster
the weird tome
the rune-covered halberd "Wyrmlance"
He possessed the following intrinsics:
He was fire resistant.
He was poison resistant (enhanced through an item).
He was cold resistant.
He was acid resistant.
He was lucky (enhanced through an item).
Fate smiled upon him (enhanced through an item).
He was sleep resistant.
He was petrification resistant.
He was able to teleport.
He was able to control teleportation.
He was stun resistant (enhanced through items).
He was resistant to death rays (enhanced through items).
He was shock resistant.
He was able to see invisible things (gained through items).
He was immune to shock attacks.
He was immune to fire attacks.
He was immune to acidic attacks (gained through an item).
He was immune to ice attacks (gained through an item).
He was able to breathe water (gained through an item).
He was able to resist confusion attacks (gained through items).
He had the following talents: Affinity with Crossbows, Affinity with Daggers
& Knives, Aggressive, Alert, Ambidextrous, Careful, Defensive Fighter,
Dodger, Good Learner, Greased Lightning, Great Learner, Healthy, Long
Stride, Miser, Quick, Stealthy, Treasure Hunter, Very Quick.
He had a final speed score of 236 (final base speed: 205).
He was a messiah of Corellius.
He asked for 13 divine interventions.
He was a holy champion of Order.
He was slightly tainted by Chaos.

The following monsters were vanquished:
7 acid vortices
34 air demons
30 air elementals
12 air grues
12 ancient black dragons
261 ancient blue dragons
1 ancient blue wyrm
1 Ancient Chaos Wyrm
3 ancient karmic dragons
28 ancient minotaurs
53 ancient red dragons
1 Ancient Stone Beast
13 ancient white dragons
17 animated armors
17 ankhegs
36 annihilators
42 annis hags
43 assassins
1 assassin prince
13 balors
88 bandits
1 banshee
45 barbarians
44 barbarian leaders
2 battle bunnies
73 berserkers
21 berserker emperors
37 berserker kings
84 berserker lords
39 berserker princes
41 big dogs
10 black baby dragons
12 black dragons
1 black druid
78 black hurthlings
7 black slayers
10 black unicorns
45 black wizards
16 blink dogs
65 blue baby dragons
43 blue dragons
1 bone golem
11 brown bears
30 brown worms
89 bugbears
12 bulettes
1 bunny master
40 carrion crawlers
38 cave bears
244 cave fishers
73 cave lizards
96 cavemen
1 Chaos Archmage
34 chaos brothers
37 chaos eyes
26 chaos knights
61 chaos lizards
90 chaos mutants
39 chaos plague bearers
46 chaos rats
193 chaos servants
41 chaos sisters
44 chaos spawns
44 chaos spiders
23 chaos vipers
5 chaos warlords
49 chaos warriors
26 chaos wizards
82 claw bugs
51 clay golems
20 cobras
14 cooshoos
44 corpse fiends
30 corruptors
34 crystal statues
37 cutpurses
26 cyclopes
58 dark elven archers
42 dark elven lords
33 dark elven priestesses
29 dark elven princesses
51 dark elven warriors
59 dark elven wizards
81 dark orcs
44 dark sages
37 death oozes
22 diamond golems
471 dire wolves
82 displacer beasts
83 dopplegangers
9 doppleganger kings
46 doppleganger lords
13 Dorn Beasts
1 dwarf
1 dwarven artificer
85 dwarven chaos knights
52 earth elementals
6 emperor liches
1 emperor moloch
58 ettins
42 eyes of destruction
4 fairy dragons
170 fire beetles
27 fire demons
46 fire drakes
43 fire elementals
87 fire giants
9 fire giant kings
6 fire grues
80 fire lizards
19 fire vortices
53 flesh golems
41 floating eyes
95 fomorian giants
68 frost giants
35 frost giant berserkers
10 frost giant jarls
52 gargoyles
41 gelatinous cubes
118 ghosts
42 ghost bats
12 ghost kings
81 ghost lords
250 ghuls
3 giant ant queens
46 giant ant warriors
40 giant ant workers
174 giant bats
3 giant bee queens
103 giant bee warriors
36 giant bee workers
1 giant boar
86 giant centipedes
1 giant eel
35 giant frogs
84 giant lizards
12 giant raccoons
371 giant rats
29 giant rust monsters
29 giant slugs
203 giant spiders
36 gibbering mouthers
108 gnolls
17 gnoll chieftains
204 goblins
51 goblin berserkers
82 goblin chieftains
257 goblin rockthrowers
152 goblin slavemasters
20 gorgons
68 gray oozes
16 gray slayers
1 great black wyrm
6 great blue wyrms
3 great karmic wyrms
3 great red wyrms
1 great water dragon
15 greater air elementals
1 greater balor
1 greater black unicorn
176 greater chaos servants
82 greater claw bugs
12 greater daemons
6 greater earth elementals
31 greater fire elementals
54 greater mimics
47 greater molochs
47 greater mummies
4 greater titans
27 greater water elementals
1 greater white unicorn
43 green blobs
47 green hags
36 green slimes
45 green worms
12 gremlins
45 griffons
49 grizzly bears
96 harpies
80 hell hounds
187 hill giants
46 hill giant chieftains
56 hill orcs
38 hill orc sergeants
92 hippogriffs
97 hobgoblins
11 hobgoblin chiefs
14 hobgoblin leaders
33 homunculi
84 huge bats
39 hydras
30 hyenas
9 ice vortices
42 imps
14 invisible stalkers
11 iron golems
407 jackals
6 jackal demons
36 jackalweres
8 karmic baby dragons
8 karmic dragons
42 karmic lizards
59 killer bugs
16 king cobras
344 kobolds
78 kobold chieftains
33 kobold shamans
264 large bats
28 large dogs
58 large gnolls
47 large jackals
168 large kobolds
97 large orcs
33 large rust monsters
38 large snakes
548 large spiders
50 least daemons
27 lesser daemons
21 leucrottas
19 liches
4 lich kings
67 lightning lizards
9 lightning vortices
14 living walls
162 lizard men
19 magebane eyes
17 magedoom eyes
15 margoyles
50 master assassins
16 master liches
20 master mimics
1 master necromancer
1 Master Summoner
76 master swordsmen
15 master thieves
48 mimics
14 mimic hiveminds
51 minotaurs
16 minotaur lords
1 minotaur mage
1 minotaur mazelord
30 molochs
1 mugger
65 mummies
34 necromancers
48 ochre jellies
154 ogres
8 ogre emperors
25 ogre kings
181 ogre lords
16 ogre magi
295 orcs
12 orc butchers
45 orc chieftains
78 orc scorchers
40 outlaws
61 outlaw leaders
77 owlbears
41 pit vipers
17 pixies
26 pixie archers
31 purple worms
36 quasits
14 quicklings
1 quickling bard
13 quickling kings
15 quickling lords
5 quickling queens
37 rabid dogs
93 raiders
529 rats
81 ratling archers
30 ratling duelists
33 ratling fencers
44 ratling master thieves
86 ratling thieves
45 ratling warlords
88 ratling warriors
7 rattlesnakes
92 red baby dragons
50 red dragons
64 red worms
19 revenants
50 rust monsters
161 shadows
32 shadow centipedes
55 shadow lords
31 shadow trolls
9 shadow wyrms
66 shambling mounds
1 shark
167 silver wolves
4 skeletal kings
86 skeletal warriors
265 skeletons
36 slow shadows
1 Snake from Beyond
90 spectres
50 staring eyes
34 steel golems
36 steel zombies
98 stone giants
27 stone giant lords
50 stone golems
34 stone grues
13 stone oozes
18 stone snakes
47 stone statues
26 swamp hydras
76 swordsmen
322 tarantulas
4 thugs
12 titans
86 trolls
72 troll berserkers
36 troll chiefs
40 troll kings
1 undead chaos dwarven berserker
38 vampires
81 vapor rats
24 vipers
1 wall beast
22 water demons
16 water elementals
19 water grues
40 water snakes
90 wererats
78 werewolves
14 werewolf kings
91 werewolf lords
38 white baby dragons
6 white dragons
58 white worms
124 wights
12 will o'wisps
335 wolves
127 wraiths
136 writhing masses of primal chaos
42 yellow oozes
232 zombies

I hope you like my best character (I think I might be the best one ever made ). It took me more than a year of 4 hour-minimal play per day to achieve this. I have another Lvl 50 PC, but it's not as good as this one.
If you want help with the game, write to stratoeh@hotmail.com , I will help you when possible .


PD: All that equipment that I have on this character (in the bag), is a 1/4 of the total
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A. J. Raffles
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Nice character, Blood, but why did you quit? :blink: Your score would have been much higher if you had just gone on to close the gate. And how on earth did you manage to get him to grand mastery in two melee weapon classes and to mastery in a third in just 65 days? And an archer too...
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I don't know what, exactly, happened, but I quess Blood either wanted that info file and didn't know about []() commands (short/long info files are created from some of those, check ?-keybindings in-game) or finished the game, closed the gate and didn't know he could actually finish the game. After one closes the gate, he can walk around the Drakalor Chain, talk with people etc., and the game doesn't "end" before you walk nort-east of Terinyo and leave the same way you came.

Well done, anyway! I have also played ADOM for 4-ish years, and have finished it only once. I had one other character get to level 50, and one character that would probably have completed the game if Bugs' little buggers hadn't got strong enough to kill him in just one round. I was trying to finish them again and for all, had gotten the last few stuck to a corner and decided to finish them off with my Emerald Dagger instead of Acid Ball, the way that had killed off over 1000 of them.

Janne Joensuu,
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A. J. Raffles
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No, I don't think he can have successfully closed the gate, otherwise the file would read "he quit prematurely (after winning)". On the other hand, Fistanarius is on his kill list, so perhaps he just handled the levers without using a wand of destruction and one of the balors opened the gate again (there are no balors on the kill list). Still, it's a bit odd. Coming so close to winning the game and then not doing it. He could even have tried for an ultra ending... Well, anyway, it certainly looks like a nice character. Good job, Blood.
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Send a message via MSN to Blood

About the closing of the Chaos Gate, I did close it (I wouldn't be so stupid to kill Fistanarius and not do that) but i don't know why it doesn't shows it. Maybe you should read again, because I killed 13 balors (and once I spent a wish on summonig greater molochs for exp , from LVL 29 to 50 in 5 minutes ).Also I can tell I closed the gate because it's been a while (after defeating Fistanarius) that I haven't got any corruption. But I will check anyway.

I made a back up copy before quiting, just to post here and continue my training.

The mastery isn't so hard to achieve (even easier after having completed the game before and knowing how to do it fast ). Let's just say that vaults can help you do this.

Also, you can test the cincilating cave to get items, artifacts and masteries. And exp if you are not 50 yet (wich is quite hard).

As I said in the other post, email me if you have any question.

PD: I will post again showing the final score soon.

Thanks, Blood

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A. J. Raffles
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Oops, you're right. :whistle: I missed that. I also thought it was an archer for some reason, but now I see it's a ranger (which would explain the comparative lack in missile weapon marks). My apologies.
But I'm still amazed at how you managed to finish the game so quickly. I've had several winners, but it always took me bloody ages to finish. Probably because I like wilderness encounters so much. I've never managed an ultra ending yet, though.
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