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Old 19-01-2013, 06:00 AM   #161

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This is a small update to prior overview of ton-profits per route/product. This time also the ton profits for special assignments are included (tea to London, wool to Los Angeles). Their ton profits are marked with (a).

- For Los Angeles, the premium of special assignment is neglible if compared to the special price.
- For London, this premium is immense (+122% when starting from Bombay).

Conclusion, being the first to ship to London each year is a must.
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Old 01-06-2013, 05:37 PM   #162
Cool routine start-up in 1869

There is somwhere my post made few years ago. For those who want to make BIG cash in 1869 game, folow this:

1. Start game in London
2. Order a 600 ton Iron Ship. Pay advance.
3. Just before its finished, take a maximum loan.
4. Pay for ship.
5. Hire cre "dig in (3rd best)". Put all money on ship. Set captain orders "Hard" and add Bonus.
6. Go to Le Havre - buy max wine you can.
7. Set sail to Melbourne - save game.

8. Sell all wine in Melbourne. Give rest to your crew cor 2-4 days. Buy max textilies.
9. Set sail to Rangoon.
10. Sell Textilies. Buy India Rubber.
11. Return to Melbourne.
12. Repeat that route twice.
13. In Melbourne buy max textilies and set sail to Bombay (it should be march-april by now).
14. Sell textilies, buy Tea.
15. Go to London.

Now - give back your credit, put some money for taxes into warehouse, repair ship and set sail to repeat that route.

16. After max 1.5 year of trading this way, you should have around 35000 cash - enough to buy another ship of same clas.

17. While you repeat that proffitable route, open branch in Melbourne (to store Coal and Wine over there).
18. One ship will be to colect money from Melbourne and trade Wine>Textilies>Tea over Melbourne>Bombay?London - other you should use in Asia to trade Textlies/Machines (sometimes silk).

My new record is 282000 in cash with two 1600 steamships. I Will try to pull this up a bit, since I made new routes with big paypayoff a bit two late and I have lost few times whole cargo. Still, being close to 300k at end of 1879 is good score imho!
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Old 05-06-2013, 09:48 AM   #163

so, few days later I finished game with new record: Company worth at end of 1879 was - 429.000,00$!

I read here on forums (or somewhere else, I dont recall) that one dude made over 615k - I truly must say that he DID hell of a job, because reaching that ammount of earnings is insane!

Here are some tips:

Crew members of class 3rd (Really Dig in...) are best option time/money wise.

Tip2: Dont use wood ships - they are much more expensive then iron huulled one.

Tip3: Establish branch in Bombay and iN Melbourne - it will come in handy when doing big bussines and especially in Bombay after 1869, when you can transfer money for taxes from other ships.

Tip4: Use 4-5 ships (those 600 toners): 1 to trade Textilies/Ivory/Rare Wood betwean Europe and Africa. 2nd to trade Textilies/India Rubber/Rarewood betwean Singapore and Melbourne/Sidney. 3rd to trade wool/sugar betwean Sidney/Los Angeles (and back with Textilies/Tools to Shanghai or Macao. 4th to trade silk/textilies betwean Los Angeles and Macao. 5th to occasionaly trade tea from Bombay to Europe and Wine back to Melbourne - this ship should be also to collect earnings from melbourne (other ships) to homeland. (if you start in London).

Tip5: Sell ship if its getting older then 8 years. Repair old ships in Shanghai/Bombay - its way more cheaper then other shipyards.

Tip6: If you plan to use 1600toner (steam one) be sure to trade tea/wool and Tools/textilies/machines - that route is best revenue in short time - route Europe-Bombay and close cities.

Tip7: 2000toner is best and astest ship, yet it costs require you to pay big attention for planning route. Best one (and I mean it!) is to load it full of textiles and go by several cities in Asia and go back with India Rubber, Spicies, Rare Wood, Saltpetre to Hamburg - one route that lasts around 3 months is more then 12k pure income!

Tip8: Give your crew always rest as much as they need - it has big influance for speed of your boat.

Tip9: After every war in region, there is BIG demmand for goods!

Tip10: Is you fail to sell goods that had limited lifespan (i.e: Wool, Sugar, Tea) and there is no hope to transport it to sell in other city, just sell it wits small loss!

Tip11: More ships you have and more goods you trade, it require that you plan wisely you goods routes - dont double trade (unless its tea!) with same goods in short time (i.e: 2 ships to same port). Its very good chance you wont sell second load!
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Old 13-06-2013, 02:27 PM   #164
Lightbulb Few more info

Its me again. I made some tests regarding speed of boats, because I'have noticed that my new build steel clipper (1500 tons) is somewhat slow.

I made run with 6 ships from London to Rio..., using all steel hulled ships: 600t, 1500t, 1600 steamer, 1900 clipper (that beauty from Liverpool!), 2000 steam ship from Savannah (smooth one, dang!) and another 600 toner for comparasion. Ships were at 91%, crew was rested, ect - dry run with no cargo.

Test 1: London to Rio DeJaneiro

All ships were at destination within same time. Exactly same time. I was bit disappointed, because I am sure there is simulation of ships... So I have made second test.

Test: Rio DeJaneiro to London.

Ships were a bit used (around 88-89%), crew rested.
Now, finally I got something.

1st: 1600-tonner - 38 days.
2nd: 2000-tonner - 39 days
3rd: 1900-Schooner - 45 days
4th: 1500-Clipper - 49 days
5th: 600-tonners - 54 days.

I gave my crews rest for several days and send all to another test. Ships were not repaired in any means.

Test 3: London to Bombay.

This test was important due Suez canal - as we know, steam ships were over the top compared to sail ships because bad winds in Red Sea and canal itself. I was wondering how it has impact in 1869 game:

1st: 1600-toner 40 days
2nd: 2000-toner 42 days
3rd: 1900 Schooner 50 days
4th: 1500 Clipper 53 days
5th: 600-Tonner 60 days

Test 4: Bombay to Macao

As ships were at 84% avarge condition, I made one last test using them on route to West Coast of United States.

1th: 1600-toner: 40 days
2nd: 2000-toner: 41 days
3rd: 1900-schooner: 44 days
4th: 1500 clipper: 47 days
5th: 600 toner: 53 days.


Conclusion 1: It seems, if all ships are "new" and in perfect condition, they sail with same speed. But when they get used a bit, it has huge impact on their top speed. If on every route you lose 20-30 days, it means each year you do 2-3 routes less, thus you gain less profit.

Conclusion 2: Suez canal is very bad for sail ships. Steamers are twice faster! You can lose over 40-50 days in both ways using sail ship instead of steamer!

Conclusion 3: Crew experience has impact on sail speed in few ways. As I was using "Dig in..." class ones for steamers and "Experienced ones" for schooner and clipper, I have noticed that 1600 toner was faster then 2000 by 1 day because its crew was more experienced. Yet it has less affection on steam ships (experience) then it has to do with sail ships.
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Old 13-06-2013, 03:06 PM   #165
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You should write an unofficial guide

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Old 22-07-2013, 05:36 PM   #166
Default Bonus

Hi there!

Does anyone know anything how bonus works? It's obvious that it is a means of motivating crew to sail faster. But how much money is gives as bonus? When? How frequently?

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Old 23-07-2013, 01:57 PM   #167

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Old 04-02-2014, 08:03 PM   #168
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Originally Posted by /Steven/ View Post
Simply, don't pay your crew too much...
Ahhhh, the art of exploitation.


I'm playing the game without rush. In my first game of 5 years, I managed to only stay in the business. I'm starting my second try of 10 years.

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Old 22-02-2014, 12:29 PM   #169
Default Endless game

Hi, it´s nice to meet peope who also enjoys this great game.

I have a problem, or so does it seem. The game simply doesn´t end. I am in 1881 and the company name doesn´t appear in the best companies table, the game simply continues. It´s worth said that this is my record game with + 300.000 $ (with some cheating, smuggling in the Crimean War, avoiding blockades by saving and repeating and so, it must be said, but I am going to play fairly), maybe there´s some relationship. Is it normal?
Thanks in advance.

For tips, here are my two cents:
1. The 600-ton brig has been the backbone of my fleet, covering most routes. These are routes that can be repeated again and again with this ship (given its limited pace and volume).

1.1. In the Atlantic, Buy Wine in Le Havre, Textiles in Amsterdam and Machines in London, go to Cape Town, sell all and buy Coal and Sugar, and sell them in Le Havre and Amsterdam, respectively, and buy Wine and Textiles in the process. Then go to London, buy Machines, and repeat the route.

1.2.Buy Machines in London, go to Barcelona, sell part of them, buy Tools, and go to Rio de Janeiro, sell all and buy either Cocoa, and sell it in Amsterdam, or go to Havana and buy Sugar, that you can sell in Amsterdam, but also in Lisbon, or even in Odessa (I prefer that, since Amsterdam receives Sugar from another line).

1.3. In Asia, buy Textiles in Melbourne, sell them in Rangoon and Singapore, and buy Rare Wood and Indian Rubber there, that you will sell in Sidney and Melbourne respectively. It´s important to border Australia in clock-direction, since the streams favour that.

1.4. Best route by far, Silk from Macao to Los Angeles and Textiles from Los Angeles to Macao.

1.5. You can combine that with Coal from Shangai to San Francisco, and buy Machines and Tools in San Francisco to bring them to chinese ports.

1.6. In Africa, the Ivory from Accra, combined with smaller quantities of Rare Wood if you can´t complete the cargo due to Ivory´s expensiveness, makes a good bussiness too.

These routes provide modests but steady sources of income. They may be useful, specially at the beginning of the game.

2. The black and red steamship is a good ship too. Use it in Atlantic voyages between Europe and North America, or going along America.

3. For bigger ships, I like the 1500-ton Steel-hulled Clipper, which I use to make bussines in the Pacific, reverse clock-direction. Wool and Sugar from Sidney to North American Pacific ports, Machines, Tools and Textiles from there to Asia, and products from there to Australia.
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Old 04-03-2015, 12:41 AM   #170
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Default This is a bug or what?

Hi, I want to ask, if anyone know if this is a bug or please explain me what happens here...

I understand that I can pay the taxes, but the game says otherwise and I'll go into bankrupt.

Tax Due Screen:

Money I've got:

What's wrong?
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