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I think a free-roaming game does best when you can "re-play" it for good after all the leveling, equipment-gathering, questing; without actually restarting from scratch.
So, we'll see how being Lord of Deadside works here. Long way ahead, but keep it in mind. The point was, replay-value can mean two different things.

Let's take a look on the ~game mechanics, aka. what you collect and how does that effect you:
- you gather equipment to have stronger weapons and to be able to do stuff, as almost all equipment is only weapon as secondary function.
- you gather cadeauxes to gain higher maximum HP (most reviews forget this feature).
- you gather dark souls to rise your "shadow level", what allows you to enter more areas, and expands your maximum mana, and maximum charge of your basic weapon.
- you collect mana separately.
- you collect med-kits and ammo cartidges (yet to see this later for me though).

New secret:
You'll need the Touch-gad. Port to Asylum: Cageways, drop down at the entrance to the left, and go until you reach the first rooms after the lava. Go right, climb up the boxes, jump to the second plank. Go to its middle, and jump on/through the third plank to gain Trippy Mode.
What'd even look good, if they wouldn't shake the screen.

New movie: talk NPC1 after gaining La Soleil

What else could you remember more that this is a 3D game than an UNDERWATER CITY?

New secret: Invisible man mode: in Asylum playground there is a corridor with 5 prison-cells on it. In one of the two empty you gain it.
I don't like Asylum: Playground. It is vast, it is twisted but straightforward (mostly), and the noises are really disturbing. I mean they are literally maddening, so perfect they are. Giggles slipping into screams, squeaking of puppies transformed into drill-screams... It'snot easy to have an effect on me, but these ARE disturbing.

After passing the WHOLE of the Playrooms, except thelast part which demands Marsher Gad (= walk lava) I possess 118 cadeaux, and 41 dark souls. This means porting for more max. life, than going for the enseigne,and THAN passing forward.
Btw, I really dislikes Playrooms, if nothing else for a battlewhere you just emerge from water, and are attacked before being able to climb out by no less than 5 shooters. You have to know some things to understand the problem: if you are hit when in water/climbing rope you'll submerge/fall down. You can not shoot/aim a target form underwater, but the enemy can shoot you, at least for a limited dive. So this is totally ridiculous. Fortunately for when coming back most passes could be turned into circles meaning they have 2 enterances - but this took a LONG time here.
Heck, after completion I'll even try to install my old scanner and scan my own maps just to show you


After collecting what I mentioned there'll be 3 open routes, two leading to lvl 7 doors, which I cannot open yet, so for the first time I'll not cleansweap all possible flicks, but go straight for the Marsher Gads in the Temple of Prophecy.

What first looks very straightforward, than it throws you zounds of rooms and passes, and you'll be glad to barely pass to the Gad (tattoo) and go on backtracking.

New Secret: in the Temple of Prophecy in the "flambeau maze" (pretty evident when you are there) I gained Play as Nettie. Very deep voice this Nettie has

When I collected enough dark souls to be lvl 7 I ported to get the Marteau, and restart the backtrack.
What actually rises a question, and gives some real free-roaming aspect for the moment.

There are still places I can not open lacking the equipment. I wish the "acid pools" would be more distinguishable from "lava pools" on the top of it, as learning the hard way is frustrating (especially when I forget to save, fortunately no lost data until now).

So, the choices come this way:
- I could go for a single dark soul to the Playrooms, but that seems redundant, as right next to it will be another, not to mention a new weapon, but the weapon will require an accumlator, but to gain that I'll first assemble The Eclipse, kill one of the BOSSES... You see my point.
- I could open a new territory and try to go for the last piece of the Eclipse
- I could do some minor backtracking in Asylum: Gateway, but why go there before gaining The Eclypse?
- before you say "than go for that Ecplipse-thingy" I have to consider 1 redundant passages, to walk them for the purpose being there.
- there is again the Asylum: Cageways just for progressing there too for a while (according to the map of the manual that's the way to the final boss after a while)
- there is also the (Asylum Lavaducts, what I heared tended to confuse those who played the game having two identical area (?).
- finally I could go again against the Temple of Prophecy to map it correctly.

Man, I really needed to write all this down, else I'd got lost

So, finished the redundant passage, got The Eclipse, and licked the Swamp (this is where you gain the first shotgun).


- when reloading, many times a bunch of mana-skulls pop up at random location.
- grids can stuck into each other, as for ALL 3D games. Simply jump to solve it.
- the dogs after The Ritual become hostile from neutral. The glitch here is, the aim tends to forget them, and shoot above them, they being low-height critters.
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