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Old 22-10-2008, 10:59 AM   #121
Master of Orion
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: The Caves, Antique and Barbuda
Posts: 870
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*At the shooting range*

GTX2GvO: So about that rifle...

TheChosen: Don't worry I can handle it. *Starts messing around with the rifle*


*Spots a huge, modified Minigun*

TheChosen: Wow!!!! What the hell is this?

GTX2GvO: Someone sure knows how to modify an AutoCannon...

TheChosen: Is anyone around? I want to try it. :nuts:

GTX2GvO: I've got a bad feeling about this...

*TC takes the minigun and starts "discovering" it's functions*

TheChosen: Interesting, I wonder who made this?

GTX2GvO: Don't know....
*TC starts switching everything on the gun*
Maybe you should just fire my rifle and don't mess around with that.

TheChosen: Why? :bleh:

*TheChosen pulls the trigger...And the AutoCannon starts firing...and the gun eventually falls out of TCs hand.*

GTX2GvO: TC....what have you just done?

TheChosen: Maybe I should just put it back where it was...

*Few minutes later, Tomekk comes in the shooting range with a can of soda, and goes to pick-up his gun.*

Tomekk: Hey guys.

GTX2GvO: Hi Tom.

TheChosen:*scared voice* Uhm...Hi......My name's TheChosen, but....you can just call me TC.

Tomekk: Nice to meet you. *Burp*

*Tomekk checks his gun and...*

Tomekk: Ohh no, who touched Sasha?

TC:Your gun has a name?! People give names to everything these days...

*Tomekk starts checking the gun, and see all the bullets.*




Tomekk: YOU DID WHAT?! *Grabs TC by the neck*

GTX2GvO: Hey, clam down.

Tomekk:*Throws TC away and walks toward the Cargo-bay* You'll still have to pay for the bullets.

*Tomekk walks into the cargo-bay, looking for some extra-bullets.*

Bob: Help?

Tomekk: What the hell are you doing up there?

Bob: Arete's tiger chased me up here...


Bob: Yes...

Tomekk: Ohh well, I guess i'll help you get down... *Kicks the boxes.*

*Bob jumps off, but remains unscratched.*

Tomekk: Was that so hard?

Bob: Yes...
"I want to be able to tell some poor girl i am going to feed off of, that she will see me in her dreams as a dinosaur" - DarthHelmet86

"that's what all jrpgs are about

0: intro
1: talk talk cry talk talk graphics talk talk,
2: boring jrpg generic turn based combat
3: walk map
4: goto 1 12390482309 times
5: outro"
- _r.u.s.s.
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Old 05-11-2008, 06:08 PM   #122
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Phoenix, United States
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Fortis: You know what we need?

Paco: Bigger guns?
Terves: Better sound dampeners in the base…
Bob: A cage for Arete’s tiger.

Fortis: Yeah, all of those, but that wasn’t what I was thinking of.

Paco: What then?

Fortis: We could use better PR.

Paco: Public Relations? What made you think of that?

TervesL That recent riot might have something to do with it.

Paco: Okay, next question. Why do you care in particular?

Fortis: I’m just getting annoyed at the image the media keeps painting us in. We’re portrayed, at best, as incompetent and bumbling, while traitors like that Cult of Sirius are seen as victims.

Terves: That does get irritating.

Fortis: We need to show those people we’re the ones standing in between them and whatever the aliens have planned for us.

Bob: But what exactly do the aliens have planned for us?

Fortis: Don’t know exactly, but that doesn’t matter. We can make up something. Assimilation, slavery, extermination, stealing children’s candy, the works. It’s not like the aliens can defend themselves here.

Paco: What good will this do us?

Fortis: Heh, when the aliens come calling, the people will practically beg us to come in and start blowing crap up.

Paco: I can get behind that.

Fortis: They’ll call us heroes when we accidentally level a city block in pursuit of those freaks.

Terves: That might be a good idea, you know. You should start that later.

Fortis: Later? Why not now?

Terves: Cause you’re about to have other concerns in just a second.

Fortis: Wha…oh !@#$%.

Arete: *Bursts into the room* YOU! Care to explain this!? *Arete turns on the news, showing a recording of her tiger jumping among the rioters.*

Terves: Fortis.
Paco: Fortis.
Bob: Fortis.

Fortis: Uh…bye!*Bolts for the door and dashes out of the room*

Arete: Oh no you don’t! *Pursues Fortis with a machete.*

Terves: Well, we could record our next mission, and play the good bits for them.

Bob: Maybe tours of the base would help.

Paco: We should convince GTX to give the biggest detractors a ride in his ship.

Arete: I’ll teach you to mess with my tiger! Get back here!
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Old 05-11-2008, 08:34 PM   #123
Vodka-Induced Entertainment
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Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Posts: 1,044

*Sounds of slashing on walls*

*Fortis runs down hallway screaming, AlumiuN ducks out of the way*

AlumiuN: What the?

*Arete runs after Fortis wielding a machete*

AlumiuN: JESUS! *throws self against wall to avoid slicing and trips Arete in the process, knife embeds itself in floor*

Arete: *muffled* Motfff fffckffg Fortff...

AlumiuN: I think the knife may have been a bit much, Arete.

Fortis: *whimper*

Arete: *gets up and pulls machete from wall* Did you see what he did? DID YOU!?

AlumiuN: Yes, I did. And you should be pleased. Your tiger got a special snack, and we got rid of the damn rioters.

Arete: *mumblemumblemumble*

*AlumiuN walks off looking smug*

*Arete walks off looking defeated*

*Fortis crawls off looking scared out of his mind*

Lies are for those who cannot handle the truth, but truth is for those who cannot handle the lies.
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Old 06-11-2008, 07:38 AM   #124
The (Web)Space Pirate
GTX2GvO's Avatar

Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Schijndel, Netherlands
Posts: 864

*While exiting the shooting Range*

GTX2GvO: You don't say a word about it. Right..?
TheChosen: Indeed. That's one mess I'd rather NOT want to clean up..

*Behind TC and GTX in the shooting range a large metal blast door is closed*

GTX2GvO: But if you hadn't fumbled with my rifle it wouldn't have been Both in Wide spread AND max blast setting..
TheChosen: Well.. YOU shot!
TheChosen: Will anyone notice we flooded the shooting range?

GTX2GvO: We Caused a Major Water pipe to burst! Hell Yes they find out!
TheChosen: Crap.

Fortis: *Gasp* Hi there guy's *Gasp*
TheChosen: What Happened to you??
GTX2GvO: Arete tried to cut him to pieces, cause he used her tiger on that mob.
Fortis And TheChosen: What?! How do You know?! You're no psychic!?

*GTX2GvO points to the machete cuts in the walls*

GTX2GvO: Only arete owns a machete.
TheChosen: ohh.. Right.
Fortis: Hmm.. I don't know.. You were rather quick with that answer..

GTX2GvO: Whatever. Got anything Else you want to tell us?
Fortis: Well Actually.. We need better PR for the team.
Fortis: Cause this mob and that Alien incident is making us look like fools.
Fortis: anything else might just cause even more troubles.

TheChosen: Anything?! :worried:
Fortis: ...... Oh! My! You two just flooded the shooting Range!
GTX2GvO: Shhhht!.. Not so load..

GTX2GvO: Anyway. I think I know someone who can help us in this PR issue.
TheChosen: And of course you know someone who can help.. You Always do!
TheChosen: How do you do that?

GTX2GvO: TC.. It surprises me that YOU don't have as many connections as I do..
TheChosen: That's because I've been trying to stay out of the hands of the law all that time..
GTX2GvO: I see..

GTX2GvO: Oh. Fortis..
Fortis: Yes?
GTX2GvO: Don't you even DARE to tell anyone about the shooting range.
Fortis: Or else... ?
GTX2GvO: You Already know the Or Else. Get it.
Fortis: *Gulp* I see..

*GTX And TC quickly go to the cafeteria, while Fortis hurries to his own room to lock himself in so that arete can't reach him and also thinking about that terrible thing GTX might do to him*
Greetings from GTX2GvO.

Member of The Victorious People's Shoutbox Liberation Army.
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Old 06-11-2008, 08:10 AM   #125
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Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Maryland, United States
Posts: 357

*While wandering around, Ian bumps into the tiger*

Ian: (terrified) What do I do now?

*Ian searches for the special whistle*
*arete's tiger rubs his fur on Ian, and Ian feels relieved*

Ian: I must be a tiger magnet.
Arete: Hey Iany! I see you've met my tiger.
Ian: The tiger actually likes me.
Arete: I suppose so.
Ian: Pets always remind me of my deceased pet beagle. He was awesome!

*Ian pets the tiger some more, then leaves*

GTX2GvO: Hey Ian!
Ian: What?
GTX2GvO: Can you clean the mess on the shooting range?
Ian: Sure. Whatever...

*Ian grabs a mop and starts cleaning*

*After 5-10 minutes*

Ian: Done.
GTX2GvO: Lemme see... OH MY GOODNESS! It's cleaner than before!
TheChosen: I can see myself in those floors
Ian: Wasn't really that hard.
GTX2GvO: How about the waterpipe?
Ian: Fixed it, made it sturdier than before.
GTX2GvO: *sigh of relief* And I thought we were gonna be in serious trouble.
Ian: Don't worry about that now.

*GTX buys Ian a beer at the cafeteria*
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Old 06-11-2008, 10:26 AM   #126
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Location: Maryland, United States
Posts: 357

Oh wha.

I think it's time for a change.

I've decided to remove my machinegun, trade it for 2 plasma pistols and stow my powersword in the backpack.

And maybe change my Megapol Armor into a full suit of Marsec. For lighter weight and mobility (I think?)
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Old 06-11-2008, 02:13 PM   #127
Never Compromise

Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Varkaus, Finland
Posts: 100


Janitor: "Oh hey, Major, thought I'd tell you that the hybrid made another complaint and dropped it in the complaint box."

Major: "I thought I ordered you to remove that box."

Janitor: " I did. Today, another one was found on your offices door..."

Major: "And...?"

Janitor: "...he left a note that says "If this box is removed, complaints will thereafter be transferred directly into the Major's head."

Major: "Do you think he was serious?"

Janitor: "I think so."

Major:*Sigh* "Does this guy have a problem or something?"

Janitor: "Well, given that he is leaving complaints, I'd say so."

Major: "Shut up."

Janitor: "Yes sir."

Major opens the complaint box, takes the complaint, enters his office and starts to read it.

While your base has stopped producing what I like to call "Hellishly abyssal infernal loud music", the sounds that I continue to hear still distract me from doing my job to the fullest.

For example, today a hellish racket was heard from the firing range. Mind you, my room is exactly on the other side, so normally I wouldn't complain about the sound, bu today the sound literally sounded like the wall was collapsing. After that, I couldn't get any water to my quarters for some time. While this was fixed quite quickly, and I commend you for that, my water seems to be in poor quality: it seems to have some odd powder or sorts in it. The other quarters seem to share the same problem, but for some reason, they don't seem to care about it.
Nevertheless, my requests are as follows. Please soundproof my room, and fix the water problem.

Signed, Tervez.
It was Kovacs who said "Mother" then, muffled under latex.
It was Kovacs who closed his eyes.
It was Rorschach who opened them again.
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Old 11-11-2008, 05:19 PM   #128
Unconventional member
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Capo: We are still alive ?
Paco: I dont fucking know! :mad:
GTX2GvO: Where the hell is my spaceship??:ranting:
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Old 12-11-2008, 05:24 AM   #129
Super Freak
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Dr. Eyuil Sratas Gpwak
Ninja (Uses Plasma-sword or Law-Pistols weapons.)
Has a lot of Psi and Speed

Bio:A ninja who worked for S.E.L.F. and Mutant Alliance, and has a T.V. station, and is a collecter of pre-first-alien-invasion firearms, has a collection of Japanese swords, sells many old T.V. shows since 2062, and is a psychiatrist.

Behavior: Sarcastic and easy-going unless something bad happens, and watches old 60s-90s T.V. Often quotes the same shows, and gets highly upset over insult to androids or hybrids, and complants if he can get into someone's mind easily, and talks about whats on their mind, literally.

Last edited by esgmaster; 12-11-2008 at 05:31 PM. Reason: Forgot some stuff.
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Old 12-11-2008, 08:34 AM   #130
The (Web)Space Pirate
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*Equipment bay.. GTX2GvO Stares @ the empty spot where he expected to see his space ship*

GTX2GvO: Where the hell is my spaceship!!

*TheChosen walks in the Equipment bay*

TheChosen: Where did your ship go to?
GTX2GvO: If I find out someone took it. Then that person will DIE!! :mad:
TheChosen: Maybe the major knows what happened.

*And thus GTX and TC go to the Majors office*

GTX2GvO: Major! Do you know where my Ship is?
Major Damage: Your Ship?? Let me think...

Major: Ah.. Yes. Heard it say something about a rendezvous in the Canobean System.
GTX2GvO: Canobean?? !! When did it leave?
Major: Think just a few hours ago..
Major: What is that rendezvous actually about?

GTX2GvO: Well.. just before I applied here I sent my biggest Transporter ship on a transport task quite a distant away.
GTX2GvO: But due to that distance it's jumpdrive could only lock on a very limited amount of coordinates when it would return back.
GTX2GvO: The Canobean system is the closest and safest system.
GTX2GvO: From there it would need a nav-update to get to it's home base.
GTX2GvO: Which means Kendaru has to visit him and upload the data.

TheChosen: What if your Transport ship isn't in that system?
GTX2GvO: All my ships have ELCS. So Kendaru probably got a message of arrival or near arrival before he embarked.
TheChosen: ELCS??
GTX2GvO: *sigh* Extended Long-range Communication System.
TheChosen: So when will your ship be back?
GTX2GvO: Depends on the communications between the ships.
GTX2GvO: Maybe he'll be back in a week OR he will only return to pick me up after we defeated the aliens.

Major: Why don't you call the Captain of that transporter?
GTX2GvO: Captain?? :weird: I'll ask you a question..
GTX2GvO: Did Kendaru leave with a pilot?
Major: No..
GTX2GvO: So. Do you think my transporter needs a Pilot?
TheChosen: It went on a long distant mission on AUTOPILOT!?!?
GTX2GvO: Why not? The base it had to go to is fully automated itself..
GTX2GvO: It's even forbidden to exit your ship while cargo procedures are in place.
GTX2GvO: And since those procedures take a week or two.. *sigh*
GTX2GvO: Let's just say that that base advises the use of ships like the ones I own.

TheChosen: So. When will you know whether or not your ship will return?
GTX2GvO: In a day or two. When the Transporter is fully unloaded again.
Major: And how are you going to hear that?

*GTX2GvO pulls a device out of his pocket*

GTX2GvO: I got an ELC-Pad right here.
GTX2GvO: Although this thing is usually referred as a Com-Pad.
GTX2GvO: It's probably that I will only get a text message.

TheChosen: But where are you going to leave your Gun and Rifle then?
GTX2GvO: I have a weapon container in my room. I'll put it there.
Major: Ahem.. Weapons aren't allowed in.....
GTX2GvO: Better in MY room then where anyone could use them..
Major: Oh.. I see.

*GTX2GvO leaves the major's office and goes to his room to put away his personal weapons*

Major: And. Do you have anything to say??
TheChosen: eeehhmm...

Greetings from GTX2GvO.

Member of The Victorious People's Shoutbox Liberation Army.
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