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Default Gabriel Knight 2

This is an FMV adventure-game. Not like Dungeon's Lair, which was motion-capture (so now I know what happened to FMV games), but live action stuff.

It is unlike Phantasmagoria 2 way more serious, adult if you like. And the interface is a bit clunky, could have been polished. But it look like ok. But I guess it'll take more time than I have right now, and that it is half-german, without subtitles, doesn't help either.

Also, don't forget to read the manual! it'll save you a bunch of headache, because the interface looks waaay too complex when you turn this on the first time. PLus there is a clue for a unique-mechanic puzzle.
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Default A Night At The Watermill

I dunno what this wanned to be. Point&Click adventure, or visual novel.
Either way, it has 3 possible endings, from which one is unlocked by picking up that makeshift-weapon, another possibly by refusing to pick it up - or you have that and the 3rd unlocked either way.

Anyway, it is waaay to short, even for 4 bucks you get what, 20-30 minutes "gameplay" - actualy maybe 10 min gameplay and 10 min unskippable cutscene.
At best worth 1$, but just why bother.

This thing also eats too much memory for its own good. I mean lagging in this? C'mon!

PS: I did not do it before ditching the trial, but it seems possible to use the sharpened sawmill on the other door, so the game MIGHT have SOME hidden variation I do not know of. But beside this puzzle, it's just... It should be free.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Default Nobody save the world

This is an interresting one, though I wonder when it'll become at least a bit of a challenge.
So you roam around on a fixed map (no procedural generation), in a combat-system very much like Binding Isaac. The gimmick here is, you can change forms during combat, and customize your forms as needed.

The start is kinda interresting, even makes you think a little bit, on the other hand you soon find out things respawn if you leave the area, and death has barely any consequence aside porting to the nearest save-point and respawning some monsters.

The important thing is, you gain XP for the "original form", and FPs (form points) for the various forms. This means you'll get stuck with the rat for quite a chunk of time (until you meet the hammer, which unlocks the cutomisability of your forms).
This is a shame, because eg. in the first star-door-dungeon you are pretty much forced to fight as the rat (only that having the required elemental type for attacking the local monsters).

One of the weaker points of the game is, it is built to use a controller, though they did everything to make the gameplay keyboard -friendly too. But switching between the forms with hotkeys (1, 2, 3 etc.) would have been even more convenient. Not that you want to switch oh-so-much with customization being an option.

Anyway, try to advance with what you can, and here is a hint: you'll need the robot form for a quest available pretty early, teasing you to no end. The quest is to stand a hit from a dude who hits you 100% of your HP - the robot has a passive that circumwents this issue.
Annoying, I know. Especialy that you can't just look up all the attributes of the forms, data is only shown when advancing your form-levels. Argh!

But it's a pretty fun game otherwise. Have high hopes for NewGame+ mode.



size: normal
drawback: it can't have any ability, so don't bother being in this form unless mandatory. It has a base melee attack though until you get another form.

size: small
drawback: its leveling is hindered by story-progression at certain times

size: small
drawback: can only level up by special encounters (nests)

size: normal
advantage: pretty tanky. Harvests mana like no other.
drawback: not really

size: normal
advantage: it's a solid transitional form
drawback: awkward controls and attack-pattern. Not very tanky.

size: normal
advantage: summons stuff
drawback: the summons are constantly loosing HP just by existing, the rabbit is kinda useless, the tiger is at best 33% to spawn
NOTE: its base attack is MELEE, so don't expect your usual wizardry

size: small
advantage: can swim (just walk into the "water"
disadvantage: no dmg, no HP, terrible moves.

size: normal
advantage: basic attack is ranged (costs no mana)
disadvantage: slow and awkward to use
NOTE: at least one dungeon demands ranged damage exclusively, so keep that in mind

size: small
advantage: its basic attack is ranged, and generates mana very quickly So if you can solve swapping between this and the ranger, you have one blasting combo
disadvantage: it requires a passive slot to overcome its slow speed, but otherwise this form is surprisingly good

NOTE: some "form quest" requires BS things, like kill 10+ enemies with 1 attack, or hit one enemy 20 times.
The first can be solved going to the edge of an area, with a group of monsters close, or some monster groups close enough to each other, and hope your manapool will last long enough.
The other type of quest is very annoying a sit obviously limits your progress. Like if you pumped your dmg ASAP at the shop, or thorugh the token-system, or something, I bet you can even softlock the game for you.
NOTE 2: also found an artificial barrier on the Slug-tier, so the Monk, Rogue, Robot and Necromancer as well as the Dragon can not be unlocked until waaay deep in the story. There is SOME story.

size: normal
advantage: can swim (not as fast as the turtle), ranged attacker.
disadvantage: its attacks are clumsy.

Body Builder:
size: normal
advantage: it can hit a bunch of monster in one go
disadvantage: its attack has a bit of a delay on it, plus it is a projectile with immense width, so it can get stuck in narrow corridors, doing nothing. It also refuses to work if stairs are in the way.
This is not a bad build, and if you get it zombie-making, it's hilariously overpowered.

size: normal
advantage: "floats" (poisonus liquid and lava still effects it, so it's totaly swimming)
disadvantage: this thing is a waste of space. It is supposed to be an aura-attacker, but the aura-size is too small, and you need like 3+ enemies at once attacking you at close proximity to enlarge it, while you don't have any kind of defense, no active attack. This aura also does not generate mana either to make other options accessible. As said: a waste of space. It is worse than the turtle, and that's an achievement.

size: normal
advantage: pretty good in combat
disadvantage: it constantly looses HP
You'll have to use this to unlock some of the Advanced Forms, so use it if your HP is high, mana is ok, and only when encountering some mob. Do NOT walk around in it between fights.

NOTE: basicaly (with 1 area on the NW, and the expansion's area) until you collect the 3 Shards, you are locked into the bottom 2 row of the map. This is still enough to "max out" all your available forms, and I did not even ivsit the dungeons without quest! That's somehow awesome.
I mean I upped pretty much everything to rank B, where the last moves are unlocked. Some forms only have 3 moves (so my zombie form is at C). I suspect that some of the forms which do not relate to the afformentioned Advanced Forms can be pushed to whatever level, B was plenty for me, I mean I even B-ed turtle, which is just the worst.
Oh, and the Egg also reaches rank B here! Crap, maybe there is even more, because there are 2 areas on the bottom two rows where no quest sent me, so I just left them for now.
ANOTHER NOTE: there is that horse-racing minigame for the mage guild. I THINK I had 2 races, won the first with Glaop and the "you have 100 speed minimum" passive. The second race I gave the horse the snail's slime which DOUBLES the speed-bonus compared to Gallo, and used Dodge to dash in when in the finish line. Picking up the raddish to boost the mana (via a passive) was also key. I tell you this, because I still not invested token into ANY skills.

size: normal
advantage: not much
disadvantage: pretty lackluster form with a very complicated basic attack.

size: big
advantage: you do a mid-range force-lightning for free, and has an ok-strong summon which even lasts long
disadvantage: because of its size it can have trouble at unexpected places, also a bit slow. For some reason it can also loose HP very rapidly.

size: big
advantage: kinda solid - on paper
disadvantage: it's missile requires enemies staying in range, so it's like useless if the enemy notices you, or an object is in your way. It also tends not to 1HKO enemies etc. The melee attack is nice, but pretty slow. So this form is not optimal if you ask me.

size: big
advantage: floats (it is immun to lava, but not to fire in general. Not sure about poisonous liquids.)
disadvantage: mainly a ranged attacker, though solid in either way. Worthy to unlock.

NOTE: ,uch lower level enemies get the "fear2 condition - AND DON'T EVEN COUNT AS "baddies" ANYMORE!

Because of challenges, you'll want these abilities upgraded to the max:
- Hardened Shell (egg)
- Incubate (egg)
- Hat Trick (mage)
- Slime Slide (slug)
- Fleet Footed (nobody)
- Magic Life (nobody)
- Boo (ghost, 3 was ennough)
- Horse Power (horse, 3 was enough)

NOTE: the Nobody form only requires rank B to max out his skills, while all other forms demand rank S.

For the final thief-initiation use Ghost Form with Fleet Footed passive (maxed), caltrops (1st wave), gallop (2nd wave), holy light + boo (final wave). one Boo lasts through the whole ordeal, so activate it whenever you like.

The mage guild just wants you to do some dungeon-work, nothing special, though once they'll charge you for 3,000 gold.

The fighters include the ranger form too for whatever reason. Either way: Fireball from dragon form will solve the ranger task, and Dragon Form in general also works wonders during the not-form-related quests (especialy the final one).

Whackamelee (Colosseum Challenge)
form: Rogue
passive: sure footed (4), mermaid resolve (any), magic lifeű
actives: pump up (any), flex (any)
strategy: pump back up when your buff drops to 3. Without Sure Footed the whole thing is a gamble, as spinner-enemies will just headspawn you, and interrupt your flex.

Barrel Breaker:
form: ghost
passive: mana shield, quick cooldown, horse power
actives: boo, holy light
strategy: for this to work you need to be hit by the fire-fans (hence mana shield), and gain mana from the barrels (thus horse power). You also need Boo active, so you cann ot spare quick cooldown, so you do not have space for Fleet Footed. So you must write up the patterns. There will be 5 waves, the number of set of barrels are: 4, 5, 6, 4, 5. For the patterns watch a video, but you can start from these notes: up, down, diagonaly up left to right, diagonaly down right to left. Left, right, up, down, center. Complicated. NW corner, SE corner, SW corner, NE corner. a whole circle starting from NE, and finaly the center. It is fairly easy once you know the setup and the patterns.

Power Defense:
form: necromancer
passive: magic life, quick cooldown, zomnomnom
active: necrotic lightning (necro default), arrow of flurry, water spray, rattler turret
strategy: your main damage-source will be the turrets. Use the other abilities to break wards (immunities on monsters). You ARE able to stack turrets at one point if you want to. Always start the level by pulling the lever and putting down a turret right there, then move to the side so you are in the first U-junction. Level up your skills as needed.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Nobody Saves... cont.

Ward Swap Boss
from: killer bee
passives: crit cleric, slug secret, poison tipped
actives: killer sting, pump up, slime slide
strategy: strat with pump up*5 for buff and to break the boss' immunity. Then stick with killer sting. The poison from the passives should take care of dark immunity showing up, if not, that's why I put up slime slide.

silver: dark, light immunity
passives: crit cleric, slug secret, poison tipped
actives: killer sting, slime slide, pump up, water spray
strategy: Start with pump up*5 for more damage. No minion will spawn until you break the first ward. Aftert hat the minions will autohit you, not chance to manouver around. instantly swap in water spray, and start stinging. Because of the autodamage from the minions you'll need to upgrade you Crit Cleric passive for this (or slug's secret, or buy all stat-upgrade from the shop, those MIGHT work too).

passives: same
actives: pump up, killer sting
strategy: for some reason this challenge does not take away you pre-buffs, so pump up five times right before entering. You mana will be refilled instantly, hehe. Then sting it to death. To make this work you have to pump out dmg ultra fast, so you have to pump up your skills and stats. You definitely don ot have everything maxed out, so do whatever you feel comfortable with. Ranking the bee to S would probably pay out the most - so you can max out Sting, which would make the 0.5 sec delay disappear -, but I just didn't want to do that for now.

Dance, Dance
form: ghost
passives: fleet footed, quick cooldown, horsepower (huh?)
actives: rattler turret, barrier coil, arrow of fury, boo
strategy: I suggest upping the skills as much as you can (meaning rank 3-4), and setting the actives to match the direction of the immunities: light on the left, sword on the right. spook is fixed, but it is another fire-and-forget skill, so this won't pose much problem.
The trick is, to keep all your timed spells active. You do NOT "kill" the things coming at you, don't worry, you hit them and that's only whatt he game wants. Now again: KEEP YOUR SPELLS ACITVE. You have some leaway for Boo, but whenever you have half a second, lay down another barrier and turret! The turret is the most tricky, as you need it all the way down, possibly the middle of the road, so it will work for you. And keep an eye that you always shoot to the right with the arrows!
It's far from impossible if you realise you just have to keep renewing your spells (turret, barrier, boo), and just shoot whatever comes from the right. My record is 2 miss, but with some practice probably could go for 0. Warning though, once I had 5, and somehow the game still failed me mission! Maybe I missed when it turned 6, but if it happens to you, don't freak out.

A trick to level up a form: go into the Imppossible Dungeon. The goal is NOT progress within the dungeon, but to fill out your quest-bars.

NOTE: leveling up Nobody's only skill is actualy worthwile, as it generates an immense amount of mana just by breaking pots. 3-4 pots broken will fill up your entire mana-bar.
NOTE: if you need HP-healing, you should switch into Egg Form, because the skill heals number of HPs, but when you switch forms the HP% is transfered. It's a bit tricky, but in the dragon's tower I used this trick mid-battle against the boss there.

the Impossible Dungeon (gaining Dino Form):
don't be like me ton ot notice the Need To Kill counter on the top of the screen. And this build though at times inconvenient (when you fight single monsters to start with), but helluva resilient against big mobs, which is pretty much what Impossible Dungeon is made of (and you encounter mostly nowhere else).
form: turtle
passives: zomnomnom, strongman, crit cleric
actives: to be honest, you'll mostly just spam the basic attack. Add defensive/offensive buff moves if you feel like, and ward-breakers too (water spray for light damage will probably be the first absolutely necessary on the way to Floor 12). Floor 10-11 has sword immunity, so swap in that arrow-spell or whatever. Lvl 12 minions has that brown thing (hammer?) immunity, so the turtle is in its element. The boss don't have any ward on it. Definitely buff yourself to the brim, and bring Holy Light to the arena to hasten the process. This floor COUNTS.

Killer bee:
size: small
advantage: glass cannon, flies (swims)

disadvantage: glass cannon

size: normal
advantage: the turret perk is strong
disadvantage: its attack-speed is horrendous, and doesn't even hit big

size: normal (big?)
advantage: it's pretty mid, but is a dino, so that's a point. It also has pretty thick skin, so in the early NG+ dungeons it is very good.
disadvantage: I don't understand the volution-mechanic, and it is almost entirely melee-orineted.


- only dungeons give stars
- if you dod not complete some quest, or at least definitely the Infinite Dungeon Tier 3 (that dungeon never becomes green by the way), those are carried over. No, they won't give you like any reward
- you are probably arriving at max. character-level anyway, which is 75, so all those "infinite quest2 will be just a nuisance now on.
- you can not access the training-area (Nostradamus Museum)
- you can leave the starting town by swimming/flying around it, and it'll automaticaly give you some quest-completion. Don't mind this, doesn't effect anything.
- every dungeon gets extra, set attributes. These are fixed, so don't try to reroll. It's mostly no-mana, no-healing, or form-locked. And ca. every dungeon will have wards on monsters (in some cases they "regenerate" instantly, you have been warned)
- every dungeon you complete (in the boss-room, not in some related quest) worth 10 star
- the thief guild is supposed to steal your stars. They don't. If go there anway to "rob back" your stars, you are instead gaining 5 extra stars.
- do NOT try to stick to a certain form. Every dungeon will have a form that works there the best, giving you a much easier time. And yes, sometimes this form is THE ZOMBIE.
- always check what the dungeon-gimmicks are. If it says "corpses explode" that also means your own familiars, so beware.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Flight of the Amazon Queen

This is a very easy adventure game - not counting the frustrating parts, like:
- get more bananas! Nothing indicates how many banana you'll need, or will respawn.
- move that metric ton sarcofagus! Because that's realistic...
- and before I forget: the game STRAIGHT OUT LIES about the vacuum-cleaner. The shopkeeper said "it is for special customers", so I got stuck, BECAUSE IT IS NOT. You just need some money for it, not doing the special customer quest, which requires you having the vacuum cleaner.
These are not many, but when I accidently closed my game, they were tireing enough to not play it again. My next task was the white snake, so like very close to the end, but i just couldn't care enough anymore.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Default Fran Bow

Oh, man. If there ever was a horror-game, this is it.
This thing is disturbing as F, so it's not for kids, or the faint of hearts. You wanna know how it is, look up its trailer.
Anyway, it is using kids' logic and adventure-game reality, so keep that in mind, and don't go for ultra-reality, more like free associations and stuff. Then it's kind of easy.
There are of course "hard parts":
- getting the lemon the game breakes its own logic, because previously in Vegtable Land the time-shift was used as a time-travel thingy, but now it somehow transfers a caustation to the past, and that's just not fair
- there's also something we can just call "unusual mechanic". Now you see the time-shift works that you first are in spring, then in summer, then fall, than winter. Turns out this is not entirely true, so if you click fast enough you SKIP seasons. This was not even hinted anywhere.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Default Heroines of Sword and Spells (+ Green Furies DLC)

This is one of those made by RPG MAker things, but darn, I played my share of those back then, I looked up some more on GoG recently, but this has some updated graphic! That wa sone of the reasons I decided to buy this.

The game is also conversation-heavy, but it avoids he typical manga-game-problem where you are just clicking away the stuff. One of the reason this succeeds here is the witty bantering and humour.

There are 4 very different personalities for your party. Oh, and this is not one of those evil games where you have to cosider who to hire, and get alternative endings based on that choice, yadda, yadda, yadda. Your entire party also gets exp, unlike in the evil games where if one of them is knocked out/dead won't. Also the entire party gains exp for the battle, not based on the damage/kills, so again, this is not one of those evil games.
I have to warn you though: YOU CAN GET SOFTLOCKED, so use more than one save, and before you enter an area MAKE AN ARCHIVE SAVE! There will be though battles where you'll simply need consumables, and you can get Fed if you don't can't reload lacking those. One of it is in the Thief Godess' tmeple being attacked by the Earth God's high-priest, and another is the wizard's hut - for this later you might get away with sneaking around, didn't finish that quest yet.

The game is very open world, and encourages exploration. For instance att he beginning when you first try to leave the starting town (there's plenty to do inside by the way, so there's no pressure), you'll face paying taxes for it every time you do so. If you are asking the city hall wassis, you'll get a higher pay option for unlimited pass - which you probably can't afford for spending your money left-and-right. Then again if you are snooping around, you might find another option. It's all up to you.

One slight problem you might feel is, there are no respawning enemies in the game. With the occasional "month of the mimic" event. Also no respawning loot (again with the afformentioned event). So you might want to be cautious with your spending.
Actualy, the main effort you'll do is making every memeber of your crew slightly useful. The priestess will turn so when she gets her curse (lowers enemy defenses) - this happens during the search for a Thief Badge. Note: interactive hotspots are highlighted with sparkles - with the exception of chests! So always look out for chests. And stairs. And traps.

Speaking about traps: your main stats upp when you gain exp, and though the game says you should do the thief-approach, fighting things is a major part of gaining exp, so fight, fight and fight some more! And avoid using consumables. Remember: even if only 1 member of your party survives, you're 100% winner of that fight! On the sidenote, there's also a quest which demands clvl 4. Now leveling up only boosts your stats slightly, so there's also collecting Godess Gifts for the thief to rise her perception-level, which makes you notice traps.

Deactivating traps rises your lockpick level along unlocking doors. You'll be given a range how difficult a trap is, like 20-30. The trap do have an exact difficulty, but be my guest figuring that out. If you are 10 slvl higher than the lock/trap though, your skill won't advance, so you might feel the need to figure out where is what. Don't. Just like with the time-limits these ranges are very generous, you'll have plenty of opportunity to enhance your skill. Leave the obviously too high things for later though, if your skill is like 5 level below the requirement you risk breaking a lockpick, and if it is too high you'll not have the random roll unlocking them. Yes, in that instance there is a random roll.
You also gain abilities around from quests. So leveling up won't help with those. And there is the question of equipment, which are always expensive, so try going with the loot you find.

After the Tief Badge go for the Priestess' (my fav char) quest you gain there, that'll be useful until you gain 2 perception-item for your thief. The thief is by the way is on the level with the warrior when it comes to fighting - if you are using a dagger. So there's that.Cherrish it, because the warrior is a hugh pain, because she'll get the "afraid" condition if you are fighting a rat, facing a very big monster (HP in the thousands), or get hurt to maybe 25% of her HP (I'm eyeballing it, but it seems around 75% HP left). To cure her condition you might try to give her booze (even right before entering the fight) but that makes her berserk, under which condition she can't use her skills. Still, it can come in handy. Another option is to heal her to 100% using a healing potion (or another healing method if you come across such). This is obviously expensive, and if you rmemeber, there's no respawning in this game, so trust your judgement. Most of the time I just let her stand around doing nothing (although worth mentioning she has a skill which makes her more resilient to damage).

Back a bit to finding traps and using perception in general: whenever you find on of the Gifts you might want to run around checking if new loot is available. Yes, this is "annoying backtracking", but up to lvl 14-16 you'll find stuff enough, and at 18 (yeah, this late I did the priestess quest, huh) you'll find some very nifty items, so it isn't too annoying.
Now the wizard... One of her problems is the need of Living Ink. Now you culd BUY those if you are easy on the money, but as I said I wouldn't. Now those are rare unfortunately. And come from obscure sidequests. The other problem is, her target settlement is bloody far away, and using the roads on the worldmap will make you bump into bandit groups, which are loody though, and I'm not sure how long you can avoid them (maybe random, maybe not). So save a lot, and figure out how to get where. Those bandits come in 3-4 member party, with 2,000+ HP when added together, so that's a problem. They also like to heal (500 HP per character, adding at least a thousand more HP to beat off). And the pocket-dimension is big, and I'm afraid the whole thing might close down when we are done there, cutting off all the nifty exp. Which rmeinds me, when you are at the Fighters Guild, trying to apply membership and get down to the cellar/prison - you are better off doing everything right there and then, because there is a skill to gain, and rodents to fight, and though it'll probably unlock when you gain membership (maybe not), that membership is locked behind the wizard's questline.

And to be honest, the wizard is not even the worst mandatory questline to beat. Because the game won't let you out of chapter 1 before doing those. It literaly cuts you off from a map-location. At one point you'll encounter some ghost - I mean it's worse, it's a Hell Denizen. And it heals like crazy. Yu don't have to win there, before whole party kill NPCs will show up and save you. But it gives you an idea what you'll face.Because you'll face more than one of those during the priestess' quest, so you better pump up your stats, abilities and gear like crazy, because I'm pretty confident goblins are NOTHING compared to that!

Starry Cave Guide:
- you can go in and out of the cave as much as you want BUT ingame time is still spent if you leave the area. I have no idea how this works, how much real time you have to clean up the place etc.
- there are spawn-points. During your first visit you shall find an NPC inside the cave who explains it all. Point is, the spawn-points only re-activate at the start of a week, and not when you leave the cave/the area. No idea if a spawn-point reactivates or not is it rotates back to a type of animal you already looted.
- before exploring beyond the first enemy, right after that fight go to the astrologer and buy his spell. It's the best thing for this dungeon, trust me.
- loot does not respawn with the rotation of the weeks. The maximum Perception Level here is 17 they say (at least one less you can have).

- all monster-type has a boss, that drops 1 unite of Star Alloy which can be brought to the dwarf smith at the warrior guild. There are exceptions though, like:
a) mimics. mimics don't have bosses, and do not spawn, and the week can't be bought from the astrologer. Then such week happens, 3 mimic spawns inside the cave.
b) hen. Dunno how this chicken-event works, but I've read you should run through the spawns and such, and only fight the boss. The reward is a special cloak this time.
c) cow, aka. minotaur: this is where you SHOULD kill everything inside, at least so they say, so there'll be a special chest in the NE corner. Will try to confirm. There is a double-boss for this one at the stone gate (the huhn appear there too), who drop a special staff.
This event can NOT be purchased from the alchemist, randomly appears after you deal with the Hen-week. You must defeat the Mother of All Chicken. Do NOT kill little chickens during that, or she'll have a swarm or something, so they said. Rather big battle, every turn the chicken heals itself like 150 HP. Give courage-potion to the warrioress, the effect will be gone for the whole fight. The potion does NOT work if you drink it before the fight.
After defeating the Mother Chicken you MIGHT get a Week of the Cow, and you only get it ONCE in the entire playthrough, so stack up on potions when you go in or something.

IMPORTANT: for the very first quest about alcohol, after getting the sample GO BACK TO THE BASEMENT OF THE BAR. There should be a new hotspot.
The quest has two (three?) alternative endings depending whose reward you wil take. It's best not to rob the robber, but turn to the owner, and then to the authorities. But it's p to you, really.

There is a 5,000 HP ogre/troll in one map. Pretty inconsequential, it's just for braggging rights to fight it. To win there you want Enfeeblement, [Godess] Curse rotated by the priestess, Fireball (to lower resistance and that first fire-spell, and the warriior get a Potion of Courage. Accumlate your TP until the priestess manages to set up 2 resistence-lowering debuff.

So, this is how Cow Week works:
1) request the Week of the Hen
2) defeat the Mother Chicken
3) wait until Cow Week triggers, and re-enter the star-maze
4) activate all seashell. They'll do nothing beside a visual effect
5) go to the stone portal and enter the Secret Cow Level, where will be many non-hostile cows
6) go to the NE corner where two minotaur (doble boss) are guarding a chest.
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