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Old 14-11-2011, 11:16 AM   #11
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Total Anarchy: Brothers and sisters, I come with a message. A message that will change your lives forever. GOG sucks! the lied to you. They told you their games have no DRM, but if you look closely in the game files, you will see it - the Eye. It watches you always; then proceeds into organisingg your porn stash; it changes your pics' titles to pokemon names etc. On the other hand Origin said they have always-online DRM. But guess what? There is no such thing! You can use Origin in the desert, in the tropical forest, everywhere!

Hunvagy: Right, who stole TA's pills?

Total Anarchy: Lulu told me to put some heart. So I ripped it off from my chest and taped it onto the screen
I have vestigial adventure elements
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Old 17-11-2011, 10:10 AM   #12
Il Lupone
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Originally Posted by Lulu_Jane View Post
That would have been pruned a long long time ago.

Actually the fantastic thing was that all witnesses were unable to work. Either because of laughter or because of pictures in the mind.
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Old 19-12-2011, 12:38 PM   #13
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Total Anarchy: anyone watched the new Tintin movie?
Darthhelmet86: Nope.
GTX2GvO: Nope.
Total Anarchy: Kim Jong Il II did

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Old 11-02-2012, 04:21 PM   #14
Surviving the Dark Age
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Tracker: AGS is fine, once tried to work in it but gave it up
Mighty Midget: I scrapped all plans of getting into game making when I saw my bro couldn't make one by typing "make a cool game" into the c64
Frodo: LOL
Tracker: lol
Tracker: you were like "well, I'm close enough"
Mighty Midget: ok so he was around 8 at the time but for that reason alone I think it was crap the computer couldn't do that for him, dissappointing an 8 y.o.... what's the world coming to
Frodo: It's terrible... just terrible
Mighty Midget: yes, those c64's, oh so elitist
Don't think about the probabilities. The smallest chance can take us a long way forward. It's not like we have anything else to lose.
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Old 17-02-2012, 11:18 AM   #15
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[17-02, 13:08] TotalAnarchy Your mom jokes are allowed here
[17-02, 13:09] Mighty Midget not your mom jokes, this sb is for small talk only
I have vestigial adventure elements
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Old 29-03-2012, 07:07 PM   #16
Surviving the Dark Age
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Tomekk: Hmm... Men of Gondor or Mordor...
TheChosen: Gondor rhymes with condom.
Tomekk: Tolkien is probably rolling in his grave right now, Chosen
TheChosen: "Condom? Where was condom when the Westfold fell!? Where was condom when our enemies closed in around us!?"
Tomekk: "There will come a day when the courage of men will fall and they will be forced to use condoms... but today, is not that day!"
Halindir: Denethor: "The rule of Condom is mine! And no other's!
Don't think about the probabilities. The smallest chance can take us a long way forward. It's not like we have anything else to lose.
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If All Else Fails, Play Dead
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From around here.

arete Heh, someday. Someday we'll all sit around a fire together. And we'll have had all the conversations already and we'll be like, Sooo...

Mighty Midget no, every time anyone has anything to say, the rest will say "link?"
Mighty Midget and conversations coming to a halt when an outside voice says "no hotlinking"
Mighty Midget and I will still be "sorry guys, my ears are lagging, where are we?" ^^

TheChosen We'd have no Youtube. People would have to re-enact the scenes and songs were talking about.

Mighty Midget oh god.... rickrolling just won't work anymore will it
Mighty Midget and "whoah whoah you told us already, a 100 times, in the last 5 minutes" "hey it's a meme, it's how memes work" "ah I see, cool! Let me try too!"

TheChosen "Hey Tomekk, how did that Mötorhead song go again?" "Okay, something like....Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!" "*groan* I've been Rick-rolled!"

Mighty Midget hah

TheChosen And what about gaming? We'd have to use sticks and pinecones so we could play pretend-deathmatch in the woods.

TheChosen Or something turn based? *walk walk* "Okay, Im outta action points! Who's turn is it?" "Its mine!" "No wait, I spotted you, I'll try to shoot!" "Okay" "Uuuh....how many action points did I have?".

Mighty Midget sounds like a hit

TheChosen "Can we use burst fire?" "GET ON WITH IT! Im tired of just standing around" "Has anyone seen Fifth?"

Mighty Midget if we can have glitches in there too I'd be playing like mad just to see people getting stuck in the walls

arete Chosen, it would be party time. Get up and dance

Mighty Midget no TC you're not supposed to walk through thin air, it's a glitch


TheChosen "I cant hear anything. Why are my ears ringing?" "Did you set up soundcard correctly?"

Mighty Midget \o/ now we're talking

GTX2GvO Why are you guys all colored to odd? Did I get the right Video drivers?

Mighty Midget "the graphics are all garbled" "how many drinks did you have?"

Mighty Midget double vision: True 3D WOOHOO

GTX2GvO Grab a Vodka Driver for your Video!

Mighty Midget hahaha
Mighty Midget NVodka TNT3


arete Everyone SHUT UP or lulu's gonna snipe us all and we'll DIE HERE IN THE WOODS!!!
arete Anyway, fifth's just really, really well camouflaged... Drat, now I can't find him myself...
arete And then someone would put their foot in the river and drop dead for no reason X33


TheChosen And after that, we'd play adventure game. One would be the main guy, rest side characters. Then we'd come up with the most devious puzzles and just have to stand around whole day while the one guy runs around the woods touching everything with every loose item he finds.

arete Eep, lightning's really close nao.

Mighty Midget hah "guys I can't figure it out" "have you taken everything that wasn't welded to the background?" "yes" "have you tried all combos?" "well I haven't combined the rhino and the umbrella" "..."

"You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you..."

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Old 02-06-2012, 02:17 PM   #18
"I" in the Team
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Mighty Midget: someone should make an anti disaster movie. As bliss as bliss can be, everyone getting along, nothing bad happens, everything runs on rails and everything is bright. And the most miserable ending ever
TotalAnarchy: It's called a porn movie MM

Also, DarthHelmet86 said:
Play Colonization and make a new world. Make it a better place...filled with TA.

So I made this:

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Old 02-08-2012, 08:18 PM   #19
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Default Crazy TC is crazy! :D

[02-08, 20:46] TheChosen Game just gave me an opportunity to marry my son to my great grandfathers daughter.
[02-08, 20:47] Tracker To your aunt?
[02-08, 20:49] TheChosen Yes. Maybe? Is that it?
[02-08, 20:50] TheChosen In any case, more inbred kids in the family tree!
[02-08, 20:50] twillight no. aunt is your parent's sister.
[02-08, 20:51] Tracker Then what do you call your grandparents' siblings?
[02-08, 20:52] twillight second grade aunt if we want to make a term. But it sounds awful: marrying to your own grandmother (although much less inbred way)
[02-08, 20:53] TheChosen Great-grandparent. He got the daughter in his 60's
[02-08, 21:07] TheChosen Aw, she refuses. Guess she has more common sense than I do.
[02-08, 21:09] Tracker lol
[02-08, 21:10] TheChosen I did found an alternative: My great grandfathers brothers sons daughter.

Reverend Preacherbot: Wretched sinner unit! The path to Robot Heaven lies here, in the Good Book 3.0.
Bender: Hey. Do I preach at you when you're lying stoned in the gutter? No!
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Old 25-08-2012, 08:21 PM   #20
Home Sweet Abandonia
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25-08, 19:52 TheChosen Everyone is here then....it is time I reveal the murderer
25-08, 19:53 Tracker Is he among us, inspector?
25-08, 19:53 Fortinbras hehehe
25-08, 19:54 Fortinbras inspector Gluedo ^^
25-08, 19:54 TheChosen Quite so Commissioner. The murdered thought he had made a perfect murder and left no evidence behind.
25-08, 19:54 TheChosen Or so we thought. The piece of string we found? That is the murder weapon.
25-08, 19:55 Fortinbras a spool of blue thread?
25-08, 19:55 Tracker The murdered? Is it an elaborate suicide with no murder suspect found?
25-08, 19:55 TheChosen Murderer, commissioner. I apologize my accent.
25-08, 19:56 Fortinbras maybe its a murder-suicide?
25-08, 19:56 Tracker No problem, though it could have made the case more... complicated.
25-08, 19:56 GTX2GvO So. ehm.. Who was the victim again?
25-08, 19:56 Fortinbras some prostitue of east london
25-08, 19:56 Fortinbras prostitute*
25-08, 19:56 TheChosen Anyway, the victim dozed off in his office. The murderer set up the spool so that he could strangle him just by pulling the string from the other side of the locked door.
25-08, 19:57 Fortinbras his?
25-08, 19:57 GTX2GvO So it was a male east London prostitute?
25-08, 19:57 TheChosen Then, he just pulled it all out of the room and trashed it. We thought it was junk, but in reality, its the murder wapon.
25-08, 19:57 Fortinbras was it a gigolo then?
25-08, 19:57 TheChosen Whoever said it was a prostitute?
25-08, 19:57 Fortinbras I did
25-08, 19:58 GTX2GvO OK. Then again. Who was the victim?
25-08, 19:58 TheChosen You are correct. The wealthy businessman was actually a Gigolo. He lived a double live. A live someone knew.
25-08, 19:58 Fortinbras and they hated him for it
25-08, 19:59 Tracker By the Lord, Inspector, if the details reach the papers we might face severe consequences.
25-08, 19:59 Fortinbras stop the press!
25-08, 19:59 TheChosen Yes indeed, Mr Fortinbras. How much did he blackmail you so that he wouldn't reveal that you regularly visit these male prostitutes?
25-08, 19:59 GTX2GvO Well. I've never been in London. Let alone east london. And I don't give a damn what kind of work or double live someone has.
25-08, 20:00 Tracker Any reasons to believe the victim was linked in any way to famous townsfolk?
25-08, 20:00 Fortinbras trying to wash our hands are we? xD
25-08, 20:01 Fortinbras when did the murder occur?
25-08, 20:01 GTX2GvO How could I kill someone if I never was in the neighborhood?
25-08, 20:01 Tracker Mr. GTX, your alibi is rather questionable.
25-08, 20:01 Fortinbras you SAY you never were in the neighbourhood,,
25-08, 20:01 TheChosen Mr Fortinbras, two weeks ago you visited him and he realized who you are. He threatened to reveal that you're a regular visitor unless you'd pay him a hefty sum of money. To cover him up, you murdered him.
25-08, 20:01 Tracker Could you name anyone who might reassure it?
25-08, 20:02 Fortinbras I don't like the turn this story has taken
25-08, 20:03 Tracker Neither we do, Mr. Fortinbras, but we suspect the murderer is still among us, and we're sure he's on the loose.
25-08, 20:03 Fortinbras yes, I have been in London, but taht was back in 1997
25-08, 20:03 GTX2GvO I have been acting up a "Taxi Driver" for family members lately.
25-08, 20:04 TheChosen I have it all here* Flips over a photo* This photograph was taken by the victims unknown accomplice. Probably a lover or a boss. It shows him meeting up with Mr Fortinbras on that fateful night.
25-08, 20:04 Fortinbras Dr. Phillips has the technical skill to disembowel a corpse
25-08, 20:04 TheChosen We know the murder method so we can rule out the suicide and we have a motive.
25-08, 20:05 TheChosen Take him away commissioner.
25-08, 20:05 Tracker Mr. GTX, Inspector TC will later record the details of said family members, you're not accused of the murder, therefor free to leave the scene of crime if you wish to do so.
25-08, 20:06 GTX2GvO *Looks around* WAIT! This is a crime scene? How the hell did I end up HERE!?
25-08, 20:06 TheChosen I wouldn't rule that out entirely commissioner. We still dont know who the victims accomplice is. They both are guilty of prostitution and blackmail.
25-08, 20:06 GTX2GvO
25-08, 20:07 GTX2GvO Where IS here anyway?
25-08, 20:07 Tracker Mr. Fortinbras, in the name of Law, I hereby arrest you for supposedly murdering the victim we can not name, Inspector TC will enlighten you about your rights. *handcuffs Mr. Fortinbras* Lead him away.
25-08, 20:07 TheChosen *takes out a cue card* "You have no rights"
25-08, 20:07 Fortinbras supposedly? on what grounds?
25-08, 20:08 Fortinbras here's a funny joke: if you play jack the ripper in dosbox , you have a jack-in-the-box xD
25-08, 20:09 TheChosen On the grounds of "Im a well known genius and I have to keep my perfect record on solving crimes"
25-08, 20:09 Fortinbras you know those toys when a troll pops u from a box
25-08, 20:09 Fortinbras hehe
25-08, 20:09 Tracker Actually, Inspector, we might want to let Mr. GTX... breath some fresh air outside... so we'll be able to follow him.
25-08, 20:09 Tracker @Fortinbras: You see'd I'd be terrified if Jack came out of the box.
25-08, 20:10 Fortinbras yes, especially since he been dead for about 100 years
25-08, 20:10 GTX2GvO Are you sure you want to follow me? I have no clue where here is and If I go anywhere. I well. Might even end up in Albuquerque or worse. HONG KONG!
25-08, 20:11 GTX2GvO Or well. Anywhere.
25-08, 20:11 Fortinbras Tracker, why don't u track Dr. Phillips?
25-08, 20:11 Fortinbras he doesn't seem to have any scrouples
25-08, 20:12 Fortinbras the dark side of the moon?
25-08, 20:12 GTX2GvO I wouldn't be surprised if I end up there.
25-08, 20:12 TheChosen Say, since you were the blackmail victim, perhaps you could name the victims accomplice so we can close this case?
25-08, 20:13 Fortinbras I suspect Dr. Phillips as an accomplice
25-08, 20:13 GTX2GvO Maybe it's that Dr. Phillips he is constantly mentioning.
25-08, 20:13 GTX2GvO See.
25-08, 20:13 Fortinbras point GTX !
25-08, 20:14 TheChosen Aha! I knew it was GTX all along! Take him away Commissioner!
25-08, 20:14 Fortinbras lol
25-08, 20:14 GTX2GvO What?
25-08, 20:14 Fortinbras I'm still not convinced GTX is the guilty one
25-08, 20:14 Tracker By the Lord!
25-08, 20:15 TheChosen It all makes sense. He had a clear head then all of sudden he started pretending he has no idea whats going on.
25-08, 20:15 Tracker In the name of the Law, I hereby arrest you, Mr. GTX for supposedly murdering the victim we can not name, Inspector TC will enlighten you about your rights. *looks at TC* Inspector?
25-08, 20:15 Fortinbras now, what's makes sense is that the one first stating that the murderer is among us, is the murderer! :O
25-08, 20:15 TheChosen No no, he was the murder victims blackmail accomplice
25-08, 20:16 GTX2GvO And why would I blackmail anyone?
25-08, 20:16 TheChosen You tell me, blackmailer.
25-08, 20:16 Fortinbras to avoid whitewashing xD
25-08, 20:17 TheChosen Anyway, *takes out the cue card again* "You have no rights". You two can settle this thing in jail while waiting for the trial.
25-08, 20:17 TheChosen Now commissioner, how about we go have a pint or two?
25-08, 20:17 GTX2GvO YOU are the so called Genius inspector. *Points TC on the chest* So YOU tell me.
25-08, 20:17 Fortinbras TheChosen should arrest himself
25-08, 20:17 Tracker My bad, Inspector, they'll sort out that mess at the court.
25-08, 20:18 GTX2GvO Which court? And WHERE the hell are we?!
25-08, 20:18 Tracker Mr. TC, I belive we shall consume our well deserved drinks. To the pub! *points at exit*
25-08, 20:19 TheChosen Why dont we roleplay like this more often?
25-08, 20:19 Fortinbras all night long I here him cry so loud, calling out that he's been framed, any day now, any day now, I shall be released..
25-08, 20:19 GTX2GvO Ahem. So. You two go to the pup while leaving us here? Without any handcuffs or anything?
25-08, 20:19 Tracker I've already handcuffed you, GTX.
25-08, 20:20 Fortinbras couldn't help me be ashamed, living in a land, where justice is a game...
25-08, 20:20 Tracker @TC: No idea, but this turned out to be great all of a sudden.
25-08, 20:20 GTX2GvO *Looks at hands* Nope. You cuffed someone else. My hands are free.
25-08, 20:20 Fortinbras here comes the story of the hurricane..
25-08, 20:20 TheChosen Oh look, that suspect is trying to escape *takes out a revolver*
25-08, 20:20 Tracker @Fortinbras: What are you quoting?
25-08, 20:21 Fortinbras Bob Dylan songs xD
25-08, 20:21 Tracker Halt! In the name of the Law! Stop or I'll shoot!
25-08, 20:21 Tracker *draws out gun*
25-08, 20:21 GTX2GvO I haven't moved anywhere.
25-08, 20:21 GTX2GvO *Sits down*
25-08, 20:21 TheChosen He's resisting the arrest!
25-08, 20:21 GTX2GvO
25-08, 20:22 Tracker @Fortinbras: Nice, Dylan! He was cool. But Hendrix was better.
25-08, 20:22 Tracker By the Lord, he has a weapon!
25-08, 20:22 GTX2GvO Who has a weapon?
25-08, 20:22 TheChosen *Bang bang bang*
25-08, 20:22 Tracker Freeze! Drop the weapon or I'll shoot! Inspector, call in for reinforcements!
25-08, 20:22 Tracker TC sure does.
25-08, 20:22 Fortinbras the man the authorities came to blame, for something that he never done, but one time he could have been the champion of the world..
25-08, 20:23 TheChosen You all saw him. He first resisted violently, then he pulled out a weapon and then he tried to attack us. Self-defense.
25-08, 20:23 Fortinbras but it's by and by I'll slip my chains and to the bush I'll go, and I'll join the brave bush rangers there, Jack Donahue and co.
25-08, 20:24 TheChosen Right, Mr. Fortinbras?
25-08, 20:24 GTX2GvO Seen who? Who did you shoot?
25-08, 20:24 TheChosen You. Now quiet, you're supposed to be dead.
25-08, 20:24 GTX2GvO
25-08, 20:24 Fortinbras wait a minute boys, this one's not dead!
25-08, 20:25 Tracker He still talks! May the Lord have mercy on this forsaken world! The zombies came back here!
25-08, 20:25 Fortinbras so they took him to the informary
25-08, 20:25 GTX2GvO Oh well. *Lies down on the floor with arms under the head*.
25-08, 20:25 GTX2GvO
25-08, 20:25 Fortinbras and thouh this man could hardly see, they told him he could EYE-dientify the guilty meeeeeeen
25-08, 20:26 Fortinbras the person looks up from his one dying eye, what are you bringing him in for , he aint the guy!!
25-08, 20:26 TheChosen I am shocked by this turn of events. How could this get anymore worse?
25-08, 20:26 Tracker We even have a badass soundtrack.
25-08, 20:26 Fortinbras saying*Æ
25-08, 20:27 Tracker *lightning strikes Mr. Fortinbras three times*
25-08, 20:27 Tracker Like this, Inspector?
25-08, 20:27 Fortinbras worse? how could it possibly be worse?? Jehovah, jehovah, jehova!!
25-08, 20:27 Fortinbras (From life of brian - movie)
25-08, 20:27 Tracker lol
25-08, 20:27 Tracker Must rewatch it.
25-08, 20:27 TheChosen You call that bad? Both criminals are death! Saves us from paperwork and tax dollars.
25-08, 20:28 Tracker But the coroner...!
25-08, 20:28 Fortinbras but what will history say about you??! :O
25-08, 20:28 GTX2GvO Eh. Dead? This floor might be cold. But. Dead?
25-08, 20:28 Tracker He's alive! *shoots*
25-08, 20:28 TheChosen *Shoots GTX several times*
25-08, 20:29 Tracker @TC: ^5
25-08, 20:29 Fortinbras these memories will come back to haunt you, they'll haunt you till you die
25-08, 20:29 Tracker Haunt us, we dare you.
25-08, 20:29 GTX2GvO How about using actual bullets instead of blanks. BOTH OF YOU.
25-08, 20:29 Tracker Ah, yes, fortunately I had a sawn-off shotgun somewhere in my raincoat...
25-08, 20:29 TheChosen *sigh* Fine, looks like we have to take this guy back to the precinct and lock him up.
25-08, 20:30 Fortinbras what criminals are dead?
25-08, 20:30 TheChosen You, I guess. Are you dead?
25-08, 20:30 Tracker You, Mr., you're the criminal!
25-08, 20:30 GTX2GvO You mean This Shotgun?
25-08, 20:30 Fortinbras I ain't no criminal and my crime it is noen
25-08, 20:30 TheChosen This inspector says otherwise and so says those history books
25-08, 20:30 Fortinbras how did I die if I may ask=
25-08, 20:30 GTX2GvO You dropped it back over there.
25-08, 20:31 Fortinbras ¨dead men don't talk :P
25-08, 20:31 TheChosen I thought that lightning killed you
25-08, 20:31 TheChosen ...oh my god. They're both zombies.
25-08, 20:31 Fortinbras no, it just struck the courthouse out of shape
25-08, 20:31 Fortinbras and when everbody knelt to pray, the drifter did escape
25-08, 20:32 GTX2GvO May I say we are still inside this ehm. I think it's a building of some sorts.
25-08, 20:32 Fortinbras cyberspace
25-08, 20:32 Fortinbras or maybe YOU are trapped in hyperspace
25-08, 20:32 TheChosen We are in the mansion of this rich English businessman who's also a gigolo.
25-08, 20:32 Tracker You're the most skeptic zombie I've seen to date, Mr. GTX.
25-08, 20:32 Fortinbras but close or in London right?
25-08, 20:33 Tracker East London, actually.
25-08, 20:33 TheChosen Yes, somewhere in London.
25-08, 20:33 Fortinbras hehem, very thinking philosophical zombie
25-08, 20:33 GTX2GvO I'm NOT dead. You guys have been using Damn Blanks! Even this damn shotgun has blanks.
25-08, 20:33 Fortinbras he must have eaten some smart guy's brain
25-08, 20:33 GTX2GvO *Empties shotgun @ the wall*
25-08, 20:34 TheChosen Commissioner, I suggest we administer a beating on him.
25-08, 20:34 GTX2GvO I'm still holding a shotgun.
25-08, 20:34 Fortinbras beating will only angry the zombie further
25-08, 20:34 Tracker I agree, Inspector.
25-08, 20:34 Fortinbras ¨who knows when he comes for your brain
25-08, 20:34 TheChosen Are you an expert on the undead, Mr Fortinbras?
25-08, 20:34 Tracker May I point out you claim it's empty, Mr., well, Zombie?
25-08, 20:35 TheChosen Perhaps you could offer a solution?
25-08, 20:35 Fortinbras yes undead mage lvl 85 in wow
25-08, 20:35 Fortinbras actually
25-08, 20:35 GTX2GvO I can still use it to beat the crud out of you.
25-08, 20:35 Fortinbras but I'm nothing compared to Dr. Phillips
25-08, 20:35 TheChosen Dr. Phillips aint here right now.
25-08, 20:36 Fortinbras damn, I hate when they leave before I have interrogated them
25-08, 20:36 Fortinbras and then I have to run all over east london to find them again
25-08, 20:37 TheChosen We have plenty of time for that later. Now, kill that zombie.
25-08, 20:37 Fortinbras I didn't bring my zombie-killing ray gun
25-08, 20:37 GTX2GvO *Sound of a door closing*
25-08, 20:38 Fortinbras :O
25-08, 20:38 GTX2GvO
25-08, 20:38 TheChosen I believe the victims undead accomplice has escaped
25-08, 20:39 GTX2GvO I'm off to that weapon store on the other side of the street. Maybe they have shotgun rounds for this thing.
25-08, 20:39 TheChosen So now there's a lone zombie wandering around the streets of London
25-08, 20:39 Fortinbras the VICTIM had an accomlice too? :O
25-08, 20:39 Fortinbras well, that's not the 1st time in the history of London
25-08, 20:40 TheChosen Oh what the hell, I say we take Fontinbras to cell, call it a day and go zombie hunting tomorrow.
25-08, 20:40 Fortinbras TheChosen; just 1 question for you: who told you the info that the killer was among us!!!! if I may ask=?!
25-08, 20:40 Tracker Well, I firmly believe we have a bottle of scotch to track down at the pub, Mr. TC.
25-08, 20:40 Fortinbras Tracker u sound like an alcoholic
25-08, 20:41 Fortinbras maybe u been mixing the medicine lately
25-08, 20:41 TheChosen A Master detective never reveals his tricks Mr Fortinbras.
25-08, 20:41 Tracker There's no reason to discuss my personal life, Mr. Fortinbras.
25-08, 20:41 Fortinbras sounds highly suspicious to me
25-08, 20:41 Tracker Our sources of information are classified.
25-08, 20:42 TheChosen Yet you're the one who's cuffed right now
25-08, 20:42 Fortinbras I change them round, they all are hating, oh oh oh, but I like rotating, any team would do..
25-08, 20:42 TheChosen Take him away boys! Now, how about that drink....
25-08, 20:42 Fortinbras there's too much corruption around here
25-08, 20:42 Tracker Lead the way.
25-08, 20:43 GTX2GvO Now That weapon store is a real downer. They ONLY sell blanks. ALL over damn brittain! Apparently it's the new policy.
25-08, 20:43 Fortinbras so easy winning, when you're team is blue..
25-08, 20:43 Fortinbras ypur
25-08, 20:43 Fortinbras your*
25-08, 20:43 TheChosen Good, that means you cant avenge us, so we can end this scene
25-08, 20:44 Fortinbras this movie had the potential to be so much better
25-08, 20:44 GTX2GvO I STILL have the shotgun. And they gave me this Baseball bat AND stungun. THEY DO work.
25-08, 20:44 GTX2GvO Ahem. "Gave"
25-08, 20:44 TheChosen Maybe if it were scripted and not improvised.
25-08, 20:44 Tracker Yep.
25-08, 20:45 Tracker Well, we had a cliffhanger at least, with GTX preparing to avenge the inspection.
25-08, 20:45 Fortinbras hehe
25-08, 20:45 GTX2GvO Tazes Fortinbras with the stungun.
25-08, 20:45 GTX2GvO Now drag that around.
25-08, 20:46 Fortinbras what do you hope to achieve with that?
25-08, 20:46 GTX2GvO You slow them down.
25-08, 20:46 Fortinbras it doesn't strengthen ur case
25-08, 20:46 GTX2GvO YOU lured me into this!
25-08, 20:46 Fortinbras they don't care about me, i'm just ani innocent the had to frame to keep up statistics
25-08, 20:47 Fortinbras they*
25-08, 20:47 TheChosen Ah, you ARE keeping up with the plot after all!
25-08, 20:47 Fortinbras I have ALWAYS been here
25-08, 20:47 Tracker I object to that statement, Mr. Fortinbras.
25-08, 20:48 Tracker Always? What about last night? The night of the murder?
25-08, 20:48 Fortinbras I object to your objection
25-08, 20:48 TheChosen I object! That was unobjectable.
25-08, 20:48 Fortinbras overruled!
25-08, 20:48 GTX2GvO I was Playing Saints Row: The third Last night.
25-08, 20:49 Fortinbras don't digress now :P
25-08, 20:49 TheChosen How did we go back to that murder again?
25-08, 20:49 Tracker Dunno.
25-08, 20:49 Fortinbras we need a recap of the story so far
25-08, 20:50 TheChosen How about we take a break, continue later and one of us could copy-post this on the "Best of Chatbox" thread?
25-08, 20:51 GTX2GvO Ehm. TC and Tracker are accusing us of murder and blackmailing, been shooting blanks all the time. We are on the streets at least for now. And I have Trackes sawed off shotgun AND a baseball bat to beat people with.
25-08, 20:51 Fortinbras aha so you can tamper with the evidence you mean
25-08, 20:51 Fortinbras that's just half the story GTX
25-08, 20:51 Tracker So Inspector TC claimed he has found evidence proving that the victim died due to murder, and the person committing the crime is still among us. Further investigation revealed two murder suspects, namely Mr. Fortinbras and Mr. GTX, whose alibi was rather questionable. They resisted arrest and Mr. TC and I had to take action and prevent the suspects from harming two officers.
25-08, 20:52 Fortinbras is Mr. Fortinbras cuffed and confined to his cell yet?
25-08, 20:52 GTX2GvO I'm holding a baseball bat while standing next to you. What harm are you in?
25-08, 20:52 TheChosen No no no. Mr Fortinbras was the murderer, while GTX was the accomplice of the murder victim. Accomplice in blackmailing of Fortinbras.
25-08, 20:53 Fortinbras thats what the corrupt inspector want it to be like
25-08, 20:53 GTX2GvO OK. Then WHO was the damn victim then!?
25-08, 20:53 Fortinbras a male gigolo xD
25-08, 20:53 Fortinbras from East London
25-08, 20:53 GTX2GvO I don't know any male gigolo's!
25-08, 20:53 TheChosen The rich businessman who moonlighted as gigolo.
25-08, 20:54 Fortinbras the plot thickens ^^
25-08, 20:54 GTX2GvO Does the businessman have a name Inspector?
25-08, 20:54 TheChosen Okay, we'll call him Mundy
25-08, 20:55 TheChosen I wanted to say TotalAnarchy, but Im not sure If he'd appreciate being called as dead gigolo.
25-08, 20:55 Fortinbras one thing annoys me more than anything else, why have TheChosen and Tracker been so busy with me and GTX, while they haven't lifted a finger to find Dr. Phillips ! >
25-08, 20:55 Tracker He's real identity is classified by higher command.
25-08, 20:55 GTX2GvO Hmm. Mundy.
25-08, 20:56 Tracker Dr. Philips is currently unavailable.
25-08, 20:56 GTX2GvO You sure he's dead?
25-08, 20:56 Fortinbras don't you get that Dr. Phillips is jack the ripper, or in this case the ghost of jack the ripper, since the victin died 2 weeks ago
25-08, 20:56 Fortinbras victim*
25-08, 20:57 Fortinbras how do I know=? as said I'm an expert on the undead
25-08, 20:57 Fortinbras
25-08, 20:57 Fortinbras oh wait, Dr. Phillips was the murderers accomplice
25-08, 20:58 Fortinbras but that's still as bad :P
25-08, 20:58 TheChosen Now Im confused by this turn of events
25-08, 20:58 GTX2GvO This Mundy guy. You guys SURE he's dead?
25-08, 20:59 Fortinbras you won't be , after next episode of... whatever this is called :P
25-08, 20:59 TheChosen Abandonia Mystery Theater
25-08, 20:59 TheChosen Can we end this now?
25-08, 20:59 Fortinbras the only thing that is not completey certain is who the killer is
25-08, 20:59 Fortinbras younstarted it, u end it
25-08, 20:59 Fortinbras you started*
25-08, 20:59 TheChosen Okay, good. SCENE.
25-08, 21:00 Fortinbras *phew*
25-08, 21:00 Tracker *sigh*
25-08, 21:00 Fortinbras that was a demanding scene
25-08, 21:00 Tracker Yeah, and long.
25-08, 21:00 Fortinbras tracke is disapponted lol
25-08, 21:00 Fortinbras Tracker*
25-08, 21:01 GTX2GvO Alright. Where's my damn AGENT. PAUL! Get your ass over here! And where is my SODA!
25-08, 21:01 TheChosen Good job everyone. Next time we'll have the trial of Mr Fortinbras, which I'll assume will be full of twists and turns.
25-08, 21:02 GTX2GvO Oh great. That's another agent running for the hills.
25-08, 21:02 Tracker I like court sessions more than anything.

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