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Mighty Midget
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Default Older simulator games and multiple joysticks.

Many of the older games support 1 joystick only, or if they support a 2nd unit like pedals or throttle, chances are that support is very model/brand specific (i.e. Thrustmaster) leaving your fancy flight controller setup with pedals and throttle pretty much useless.

I came across this that works with several older titles including X:Tension, Total Air War and Search & Rescue 4, Apache 95 and Hind.

1. Get VJoy v2.x http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/
2. Get UJR http://www.autohotkey.com/board/topi...y/#entry565573

Create a virtual stick in VJoy with number of axis and buttons matching those of the real controller combo. Remember to include the POV hat if you have one. I had to pick 1 hat continuous (4 way didn't work and UJR supports 1 hat only)

Run UJR and configure the virtual controller. (Readme in the download)

Make sure the game uses the virtual stick and not the real ones.

Example of configuration: (VJoy ID 1, X-52 ID 2, Pedals ID 3) (Axis found through trial and error. Your might differ) (VJoy set up with 8 axis and 32 buttons + 1 hat)

Search & Rescue 4:

Virtual Axis, Physical Stick ID, Physical Axis, Comments
1 (X) 2 1 Cyclic x
2 (Y) 2 2 Cyclic y
6 (RZ) 3 4 Rudder pedals
7 (SL0) 2 3 Collective

Under the buttons tab, Auto Configure Stick ID 2.

The Saitek software works perfectly alongside this for programming buttons.

One more example, Total Air War 2.0:

Virtual Axis, Physical Stick ID, Physical Axis, Comments
1 (X) 2 1 Stick x
2 (Y) 2 2 Stick y
3 (Z) 2 3 Throttle
6 (RZ) 3 4 Rudder Pedals
Je Suis Charlie
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