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Game Wizzard

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Quake by Id Software

Where should I start? Perhaps at the memories of joyful gameplay, maybe the astounding sound, quite possibly the tight controls...but it doesn't matter where I start. This is Quake.

Taking the world by storm in the 1990s, it pushed the boundaries of graphical power with it's fully-3D rendered environments and gorgeous special effects. It was so powerful at that point, as a matter of fact, that it forced many people to upgrade to the then-cutting edge Pentium processor.

But does it still hold up to that hype today? Does it really offer a satisfying game experience? The answer to that question, my friend is "yes".

Quake's first noticable paramount is it's level design, consisting of varying terrain including underwater and low-gravity areas, it's very mapping will provoke spells of delusion and joy. You see, it throws out the age-old straightforward levels and throws in quite cunning displays of traps, backtracking, and other...surprises.

True, if you compare it to today's must-haves, it's "find the key" objectives may seem old hat, but delve deeper. That is all you have to do to realise that this is a one-of-a-kind game.

As I said before, the soundtrack is really something to be admired, with ambience and tension so thick, it will leave the average player on the edge of their seat with eyes hurriedly darting back and forth just trying to stay alive. Quake will try to give you hints, that is, if there is a Grunt (the lowest-rung on the ladder basic enemy) around a corner, you'll be able to hear his signature rasping "Grr-rr-rrr".

Quake also provides a quite creative cast of characters meant to soon become your shotgun-fodder. With enemies ranging from the basic Grunts to the absolutely terrifying Shamblers, keeping the right weapon on hand at all times is an absolute must. And speaking of weaponry, it dishes out a welcome array of firepower for you to get your grimy hands on:

The weapons are, in numeric order, as follows:

-12-gauge shotgun (the default [!] weapon)
-Double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun
-Super nailgun (known to his friends as the Perforator...and you will find out why)
-Grenade launcher (for those tight corners)
-Rocket launcher (for when a grenade just absolutely has to be there on time)
-Mr. Thunderbolt (you can read, yes? Well, that's just what this weapons is: a thunderbolt)

As you can guess, the Thunderbolt is acquired last and ammunition is quite difficult to come by, but when a Vore is angrily screeching at you from 10 feet away, you'll be glad you've saved your Cells.

I'm sorry if it seems as if you don't get a specific idea about Quake and that is because of this: I, as a human being, cannot fully describe it...it is far too beyond me to even try. But I am willing to let you see for yourself!

Yes, for a short download, you will receive the demo for the greatest computer game ever made.

The shareware version can be found at this address: Id Software's Quake

If you have any problems running the demo, please don't give the Abandonia administrators a headache, save them the trouble and try asking me. I don't know as much as they do, but they do enough already.

Again, this is Not the full version so please refrain from asking why you can only play the first episode. When you realise the full potential of this wonderful entity we call Quake, please purchase it at this address: Buy Quake

A View of Gaming Paradise

Note: if you do, by any chance, find this...don't go into the portal. Just don't.

Because this will probably happen to you

Feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, or additions. Every little bit helps !

I did it for the lulz!
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