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Old 19-08-2016, 09:49 PM   #21
Thumbs up Obitus is great

Sorry, but you shouldn't review a Game, you didn't really play. And in good old times, games had manuals, that would solve some of your questions (the "bubble" is for reading scrolls)

What makes Obitus so great, is that it mixes different Game genres in an unique way. It relies a lot on out-of-game notes, and has thus a lot of replay value. First you have to make the maps, then beat the game, and finally beat it without maps. If you like to explore mysteries, you like Obitus. One interesting point is also, that the cryptic hints you get from scrolls (read them with the "bubble" btw.) and NPCs are actually helpful. There are several places there you can get stuck, but you are always warned (notable about the keys in Burville castle - hope this wasn't a spoiler). The info about characters is also interesting, because those who are descriped as treasonous or the like give you false hints or useless items. Finding hints, and figuring stuff out like what your very goal is, is very satisfying. All in all a good mix of adventure and action.

There is however one thing that the manual doesn't tell you, and may lead to frustration: The health mechanics.
There are several situations, there your health will slowly drop :
* If it is already low -> so keep your health-bar high. Better eat to soon than too late
* If you are tired -> check your stats by clicking on the health bar, and sleep if necessary
* If you are encumbered by too heavy items -> manage your invetory. Note some plot relevant items are quite heavy..

Note also the big differences between different ports. The Amiga Version has darknes, while the DOS version doesn't have it (for CGA compatiblity) so torches are useless.
There is also a horrible Nintendo version, that has a much different gameplay. Like most Nintendo ports, it is very bad. The puzzles were dumped down for the feebleminded Nintendo user, and random enemies were added, that don't really work in the Obitus engine. If you have the choice leave your hands of the Nintendo Version, and play the MS-DOS version, because it is much better.
Unfortunatly most reviews of Obitus used the Nintendo version, that explains it's bad reputition. But Obitus is really great, if you use a computer for adults.
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