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Old 06-02-2005, 04:45 AM   #21
Game freak

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1. There is a bug that makes the Sonic Tanks shoot further/shorter depending on game speed. Set speed to max to increase range.

2. Use a thopter to scout the enemy base.

1. Brute force, nuff said :P

1. Scout with Raiders and thopters.

2. Use Deviators when fighting Harkonen to kill Devastators easily.

3. Build a Spaceport and import Rocket Tanks. You can't build them and at times they are cheaper from the guild than it would be building them anyhow.

General Strategy:
1. The enemy actually has unlimited spice. Stop them from taking spice off of the map so you can have large amounts for yourself.

2. Rocket turrents are the best defense

3. The enemy ALWAYS comes the same way, defend along this path.

4. Use the Spaceport to buy units at lower prices than building. It also allows you to exceed 50 units.

5. The infantry units are next useless. Troopers on a rock perhaps...but otherwise useless

6. Harvesters have heavy armor and can run down infantry...

7. Build your repair facility in the middle of your base. This causes units to be carried back to the front instead of being put out beside the building after repairs.
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Old 06-02-2005, 06:29 AM   #22

Well back then ( its damn.... 7-8 years ago??? ) i used pretty much the same strategie to win early games ( against mostly any one ) with 3 tactics:

Defense: This parti is pretty easy... early game always build you a small force of units to be able to defend yourself against the early attack ( mostly a gang of 7-8 quad for the 3-4 mission is enough ) then when you find out from where the enemy come, 6-7 turrets are more than enough to block them ( dont forget to put tanks in front of them asap to be able to kill off rocket launcher, computer always seem to be off range :P )
Normal turret until you can get rocket turret... no need to build normal afterward, rocket turret do the stuff :P

Scouting: This part is darn easy, in EVERY game just make a group of 4-5 quad.. then you use the move command and send your unit at the far end of the map ( radar is the very first thing you acquire EACH game.... very important ) then when you found your enemy just scout for spice and wipeout the harverster if possible ( you probably wont be able to kill him... but that keep the computer occupied after all :P )

Punching army: Here i will be pretty straight, as long you cant get palace you always make a big chunk of army to attack the enemy ( when i mean bigh i mean 20-30 siege tanks + 10 rocket launcher) You will tell me that it need alot of money.... well get yourself alot easy... To be able to acquire alot of money you need spice and to get spice you need harverster. The best way to get alot is well.... build alot of harverster! just get yourself 4 refinery early game ( i mean rreealll early :P ) then build up another 4 harverster ( when you can of course... ) what will happen? well since you got 2 harverster per refinery you get twice the result! then to be able to get a large army there is 2 technique: Get at least 4 building to get that unit for each type of units, then mass produce... best way to get a large army easly. Then when you get the chance just get a starport, you get build up an army very fast without needing a large amount of space to get your building ( and to protect at the same time :P ) Also ordering harverster and carrier is your very first though when getting your starport... best way to get money and dont be afraid to overkill :P

Here is a little list of what i did and what i didnt with each of them, use type of units im not saying, but i just found them useless :P

Harkonnen: Well its mostly the only group i do mostly everything from beginning to end until palace come in. Early trooper are good to attack enemy ( even if they are darn slow!! ) and devastator is your favorite friend ( mostly when you can get 10 of them in your opponent base :P )

Atreides: Same as harkonnen but couple of things i completly didnt used: Sonic tank , the flying attack unit ( can't remember the name! ) and infantry units why? mostly because sonic tank are only usefull when you only build them.... their sonic attack destroy everything except each other, and with their incapacity to kill rocket turret due to their small armor and relativly short range i never used them except once with a group of 25... 3 survived
For the flyer, they are easly taken down, the only tactic i could use to kill them was to make a group of them, but since they cost toooo much i just prefered my siege and rocket launcher :P And for the troop: Weak, slow , unusable. Only in the 2 first mission i used them because i dont have a choice, else then that i dont even bother to upgrade them.

Ordos: Well for them its all good except the flyer again and the troop also. But here is a little secret and im sure no one ever tryed it. Ill just tell you what is your best weapon when facing more than 1 opponent: Deviator, why you tell me? Well the real firepower in the deviator is not to use is own unit against him... but against is ally!!!!
Why? because when you take over an ennemy unit you can turn it against is own ally!! Ill explain: Lets say your facing atreides and harkonnen and you take control of a harkonnen devastator, what you do? Well make him attack an atreides structure ( palace and construction yard 1st ) As long the target is not destroyed ( building OR unit ) it will attack it!!! The best way to do that is to put deviator infront of your turret, wait to be wittin range, take over the unit and send it back against is ally, even if the effect wear off the unit will still attack! Pretty nice here :P
Also saboteur also work against both units and building.

For the palace well ill just explain the way i did to win with each of them!

Harkonnen: For the last mission of house harkonnen your best bet is to punch up with alot of palace ( and when i mean alot i mean ALOT like 8-9 ) then you only target the construction yard of the enemy ( buy scouting with quad as i said earlier ) then you target them... why not the enemy palace instead first? Because when the computer loose is construction yard there is NO way he can get another one , hes to dumb to get another one, then you just need to destroy the sardaukar palace and you can destroy the enemy... dont forget that palace doest require money to repair ( im not certain but if memory serve me right... ) and they destroy your enemy... how not get destroy? go see top and also watch at the bottom of this whole post :P

Atreides: Well best thing i could do was to make a similar approach to the harkonnen, palace. Sometime the computer wont be able to detect some fremen as long they dont attack any enemy unit, if you got 15 squad of 4 sometime 1-2 even maybe 3 will get trough and most of the time they target got enemy target... you can also harrass your enemy with siege tank and rocket launcher but that mostly it..

Ordos: Well as explained earlier just make a couple of deviator and use them to take over enemy units to turn them against each other. Im mostly getting 2-3 saboteur to kill enemy harverster. With repair they need to put to keep up with attacked building and their need to always rebuild their harverster take them down pretty fast :P

Thats it folk.. now that i found this website.. time to play!! :P
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Old 24-02-2005, 08:38 AM   #23

For everyone who has problems with the sound in this game, download and install VDMSound here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vdmsound/ after having installed it, find Dune2.exe in windows explorer, right mouse click on it and select "run with VDMSound". You will now hear all the sounds and music and it never hangs.
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Old 01-03-2005, 01:39 PM   #24

Join Date: Mar 2005
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One of the best RTSs of all time
One thing that i noticed from playing D2 is that the computer always have some kind of "guards" units around their base that will return to their original position after they finished their "job" (as in destroying my scout trike ). So, i'll just kill off the guards, and after the guards have all been destroyed, the base is virtually "unguarded".. except when the AI is producing units.

First thing to destroy is the construction yard, then the factories (heavy 1st, light later), then the starport & barracks. Anything else is not a threat. The AI never build a new construction yard or even buy an MCV from the starport (i don't think the AI uses the starport as well).

Ok, as for the favourite house, i liked the atreides best. Their sonic tanks rocks !
And i can use the sonic tanks to destroy rocket turrets. Sonics actually have the same range of fire with rocket tanks. And it's odd that AI never repair their turrets if attacked by sonic tanks, but repairs it when it's hit by rocket tanks

Anyway.. this site's k:
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Old 01-03-2005, 03:10 PM   #25
Game Wizzard
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some lovely links to different little things that goes super dune and a little more.

Dune 2 editor

Dune 2: The building of an empire

Shai-Hulud! - Super Dune 2

NAHOO || Dune II || Downloads

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Old 02-03-2005, 10:46 PM   #26
Ivo Santos (mcsa2001@mail.dk)

Dune 2 is my favorite game, the sound may be terrible, but thats ok.
Dune 2 runs fine on Win 2000 without sound, never tried on XP/2003.

I have completed the game several times Atreides, Ordos, Harkonnen.

Strategy / Tips

Always go for the best units, cause their will do the trick, using triks or the like to scout the map is usualy a good idea, never attack or near the enemy before your are ready.

I always start by destroying, or taking over the construction yard, this can sometimes be useful.
The next step I use is to destroy the Spice refinerys, so the enemy can't collect what belongs to you.

Next step is to destroy the enemy from one side to another, sometimes it is a good idea to destroy the turrets first, then the buikdings after.

I have notice that when you destroy a building, then let's say you destroy a heavy factory, the enemy seems to get 600 credits extra, which is the same as what the building costs, barracks 300, and so on.

I usualy first build a new base near the enemy, by using a mobile construction vehicle, the new base must contain a powerplant, turrets, perhaps a heavy factory, but ALWAYS A REPAIR FACILITY when posible, so the units can by repaired, actualy it saves units, because, they don't need to be tranported to the main base to be repaired. Use this to your advantage.

Atreides good because of their Sonic Tank.
Ordos Sucks.. (incorect!)
Harkonnen Cool, because of their Missiles, and the Devastator.

Tips on Ordos:

To explore the map use raiders, because they are fast, well after scanario 5, or 6 the raider is not strong enough when scouting near the enemy. instead use deviator, or buy Rocket Launcher, their advantage is that their have a long visible distance, and move relativly fast, the only problem is that they tend to be eaten by worms, remember that.

Don't destroy the heavy Factory, instead take them, and use them to you advantage, you may have to upgrade, so that you can produce Siege Tanks.
In scenario 6 you get two Siege Tanks, and thats all, if my memory is ok.
gard them with you life, their must not be eaten by worms, they must not by destroyed by the enemy, until you take one of their Heavy Factories.

To win the first 4 or five scenarions, first build not one but two or three Spice Refineries, so you can harvest more spice than the enemy, build as many as it is posiible of the best units, and attack. remeber to destroy the enemy harvester.

some hate or don't think that the saboteur, can be used for nothing, well i use this unit two destroy inportant building, they tend too blow up or someting like that if ypu are not carefull, so always move them at a relative short distance at a time, and remember to keep track where their are.

About Me:
My favorite unit: The Devastator, wonder if the states are developing one of these, they developed the nucklear submarine so why not, after that The Siege Tank.

Also I like the humor in the game, have you tried to read some of the text.
Here's what the Harkonnen's say about the Ordos Raider Trike:

This is a pitful little machine
For some reasons the ordos believe that this overblown
Trike can out maneuver and out fire our Quads.


They should have writen:
"This is a pitful little machine
For some reasons the ordos believe that this overblown
Trike can out maneuver and out fire our Devastators"

The last scanario can only be win by either Siege Tanks or Devastator's.
forget all other non Heavy Factory units, except palace units

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Old 06-03-2005, 01:05 AM   #27
Eagle of Fire
Friendly Fire
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The Ordos trike goes really faster on open terrain than any other quad but are really badly armored and thus have less HP to reflect this.

If any of you actually tryied to create a team of 6-8 Ordos trike and then raid the ennemy Harversters then you would understand the power it represent. It's much like playing C&C and creating a missile trike squad to harass/destroy ennemy Harvesters before they can bring units to defend them. Cost them a lot of money and time trying to save their Harversters. If they bring forces to defend their Harvesters then they split their force and are easier to attack. If the base is attacked first they usually take the units defending the Harvesters to withdraw back to base and you can still attack the Harvesters again, dealing a hard blow both in their base and in their cash account.

Of course most of this is viable only in multiplayer, but I guess you get the idea.
I'm on a hot streak... Literally.
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Old 12-03-2005, 08:07 AM   #28
Game freak
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Originally posted by Dream@May 27 2004, 04:11 PM
If you seriously beat up a building until it's "health" is in red you can send then inside any troop you want to and building will be yours!
This doesn't works with barracks, WOR or palaces though.

Anyway... until now, I've always run this game with VDMSound to get the MIDI working in XP... that is, until I found out there's a beta patch for the Dune 2 setup that allows you to use separate devices for sound effects and music.
It can be downloaded here:

It turned out that with music put on "Sound Canvas." while leaving the rest on Sound blaster, all sound works perfectly on XP.
(One of the other options, "MT-32 / LAPC-1" also worked, but the music quality was far worse and rather buggy.)

btw... the Ordos brainwash, which indeed times out after a while, can be 'abused' by selecting the unit, clicking on the Attack command, then waiting until it returns to its own side and then clicking on an enemy structure to actually give the command. The unit will think it received the order from its own side, and will destroy whatever you targeted
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Old 01-07-2005, 01:08 PM   #29

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Send out a Trike or any light vechile find the enemy harvester, as soon as you find the harvest site send a Trooper to the site. Attack the harvester with your trooper, the harvester will then follow your trooper, move your trooper to the nearest rocky area and stop. The enemy harvester will crush your trooper but for the rest of the mission it will not move.

Make sure this happens on a rocky area, if you do this on the sand a sandworm will swallow the harvester and the enemy will receive a new harvester.

Hope this helps
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Old 20-09-2005, 11:04 PM   #30

in the last mission it is wise to build at least 4 harvesters and : to scout all area, to build, with mcv, small groups of rocket turrets near enemy bases to disable enemy units from attacking your main base. primary targets of nukes are heavy vehicle factory and starport so isolate them, build far away from construction yard. it is good to have a one mcv ready to rebuild construction yard.
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