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Old 22-03-2007, 08:12 AM   #1
"I" in the Team
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I finally decided to do a thing that I always wanted to do: A real roleplaying night.

My plan is to group up with my former friends from highschool. Since theyre all very different and colourful guys (One is a annoying smart-behind, one is l33th speaking nazi-wannabe and one is strong, slow and huge as Andre the Giant (not really, but he's big)) were going to play a RPG for two days.

Rules: Mixed up. I dont usually learn the whole rules, I just take the best parts and clue them together with my own rules. The game consentrates more on adventuring, encouters and trying things rather than fighting.

Theme: I always use too much stuff, but its fun: the theme is a mixture of Cyberpunk and Fantasy. I also add lots of humorous stuff, like the Guild of bums and temple of the nazis.

Characters: I was thinking about this in morning and I came up with great idea's.

The l33th guy's (who, BTW, is just like SBC-David) character is a bum, who was raised by the bums. He doesnt know about his biologigal parents, but he doesnt care. He can barely write or read, but he still speaks the native tongue (english) and he has also mastered the mysterious language of the l33t.

The smart-behind's character is a smart (and annoying) priest, who came from the upper-class family. He worships Gapp, the great god of oil. However, his parents dont worship Gapp, so they threw him out of their mansion and cut all connections with him.

Big guy will get a simple, but strong fighter, who has a huge "FF7-Cloud-style" sword. He lost his mother in birth and his father, who was a blacksmith, was killed by gangster. His last gift to this fighter was the sword. When he found out about the murderers, he killed them and he got away from it since the sword didnt had any fingerprints (its magic!).

They all live in 5th floor of a cheap, public apartment. They live together as room-mates and theyre all long-time friends. They dont have a steady job (altought the priest does priest-jobs), but they do lots of freelance work.

Their appartment has only the necessary stuff: three beds, bookshelf, microwaveoven, refridgerator, black & White TV, two tables: one small, one bigger, a cough and armchair. If they would loot their money, they would have 113 dollars.

However, at the beginning, the priest will get a visa-card.

The world: The city, where they live, is a huge place surrounded by walls. Anyone who tries to escape the city will be shot to death. Outside the city there is a huge forest, filled with dangerous mutated creatures and banished criminals.

The city itself is filled with people, both good and bad, business place's, tall business-towers, hideouts, bars, strip-clubs and stuff like that.

Goal: To find a grand adventure and survive from it.

Does anyone have any comments/tips/info to share?
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Old 22-03-2007, 08:52 AM   #2
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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(TheChosen @ Mar 22 2007, 10:12 AM) [snapback]284517[/snapback]</div>
Does anyone have any comments/tips/info to share?
OK, I'd add a few things...

The Sewers man, they're the route to escape out of the city, but filled with some very harmful creatures but if you're there long enough you'll start loosing your health, because of the toxic waste.

And you shouldn't forget a wrestling ring somewhere ni the city center. It should be a place where an open competition would be taking place (everybody who'd get there could become a challenger and there would be great prises that would help you along).

Oh and a question... Where do you live? I wanna join in!!!
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Old 24-03-2007, 01:46 PM   #3
Abandonia nerd

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Aother stealthy approach, Try bribing the guards at the south gate (assuming there are guards and a south gate) but you'll need a high charisma score in order to succeed... (so the sword wielding brute should fail... leave this to either the smart-behind or the l337ist so the guards would get annoyed and let you pass or bedazzled by the sheer amount of coded talk and accept the money/goods)

As for getting through the forest, assuming that you have a balanced party, make sure the warrior (tank) goes first. have the rogue/archer type (most likely you) follow as a distant second (to make sure mr. ogre doesn't fall into a pit trap or something) the priest and l337 should follow the rest.

Should you encounter any huge mutants / creatures, have your warrior toss the microwave (which you assumingly took with you as it takes up less inventory space than a tv) onto the mutants head. Microwave should go over the mutants head (eg. glass window broke.) and have your l33tist use/cast repair and/or your priest cast/use heal unliving so the glass in the window will repair itself, effectively cutting off the mutants head...

After that, i have no clue what to do because first of all i don't know which ruleset you use and/or what the ultimate goal is, and second the above mentioned tips wouldn't work in the first place if your bribe / escape fails...

Anyway, i hope it helped (if any)
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Old 25-03-2007, 01:30 PM   #4
Never Compromise

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Idea: Include a town part that is bad. Really bad. So bad actually, that the authorities don't even try to maintain peace there, they just make sure that no-one gets out. And, they might actually throw the criminals there for their amusement.
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Old 08-04-2007, 11:05 AM   #5
"I" in the Team
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Okay. We played yesterday and it was really fun. Those three guys were great players and their actions were funny. Here's what happened:

First, there were three adventurers: Markku the Warrior, Olli Hokkanen the hobo and Tirpiza the druid. Since Tirpiza had skills of herbalism, they decided to go to flower shop to buy some stuff.

However, they werent heroes. Tirpiza stole the cash and flower pots while Olli was lying on the clerk and blaimed him for not serving the customers. Markku was guarding the doorway.

After this, they all went out and met two police officers. Tirpiza used sleeping spell and put them in sleep while Olli emptyied his Vodka bottle on their mouth and took their AK 47 guns.

Tirpiza then shouted for police, who came and asked what is wrong? Tirpiza complained that these two police officers where drunk on their duty. Because their breath smelled like vodka, they were loaded in the police car. The flower shop clerk was too shocked to say anything, so he was taken to the police station too.

Meanwhile, Markku leaved the party. He went to the store's and bought two speakers, LP player and record full of nazi-music. He later decided to check the city wall for cracks and stuff like that.

Tirpiza decided to become a professional criminal. He stole some dirt from the city park, broke in the closed flower shop and started to grew marihuana. He then when to the other shop, broke in the back, killed the shop clerk and found a phone. He phoned to the police station and asked phonenumbers of mafia-bosse's and drug dealers. Later he phoned to one of the dealers and told that he had some quality marihuana for sale.

Olli was on a rampage. He killed a business man, took his suit and hid one of his AK rifles in a fridge. He got into trouble with some skinheads, who tried to kill him. He later allied with two other hobos to attack and loot a local alcohol-shop.

Markku shoot a shop window and killed one of its customers. All this for a beer.

Tirpiza met the drugdealers. However, they werent happy to meet him, cause someone stole Tirpiza's drugs. At the end of the game, these guys killed him because he lied to them too much.

Markku and Olli were also killed. They later teamed up in a park, drank some Vodka and decided to go to strip club. However, it was closed and they decided to go rampage. They killed one police officer and started to make molotov coctails out of vodka's. Markku was killed in a gunfight and Olli was killed in a police station; two mafia goon's interrigated him and asked for some money, however, Olli didnt understand what they talked about, so they killed him. They interrigated him because Tirpiza told that he had lots of money.

That was all. It was quick, two hour fun blast, with lots of funny ideas like: Im going to make a smoke bomb out of my cubicle hair!

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Old 08-04-2007, 10:41 PM   #6
Alley Cat
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Mmm, quite short for a campaign.

But I'm sure that if it was funny, you'll soon be playing again.
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