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Default Twillight's playings

Yep, the big, ugly, infamous game.

I'm going Postal: playing this gem on Mazochist difficulty!

lvl1 had 2 hard points: getting out of my own garden was almost impossible. Then where the street sturned stood 3 guy with missle-launcher!

lvl2 was hard 'cause it had no supplies, and had to use the shotgun a lot (at close distance it is a must on this difficulty). So it was best going as soon as the requirement was reached. Also good idea to learn to use grenades/molotov coctail.

lvl3 was easiest to go from up to down. Reached 100%. Good to know that the game carries over your weapons/ammo, your armor, and lastly your health if it is above 100%. If your health is below 100, it'll be rised to 100.

lvl4: run in at the beggining to the fenced area, then when things calm down a little start to clean the map from the upper right corner to the lower left.

lvl5: try to rely on holes where the opponents can't pass. This outsmarts the AI.

lvl6: the place is tight, so try to outmanouver the enemy. The requirement is also 95%+.

lvl7: you must outrange the others. Try to use barrels, if one blows up it tosses away others (gives range).

Not sure if it is lvl8 or 9, but The Train is a bloody hard level, 'cause many enemy uses fire against you. And fire burns... The only advice I can give is: try to alway be behind cover, see what you're shooting at, and try to abose gellered shots (there is no time limit, and the ammo in SMG is unlimited, and the ARE dangerous).

The Construction Site: an nterresting level where the movement is limited, but the shooting isn't.
Seems for Mazochist diff. 100 health is the maximum, and I'm getting better as this was like the 3rd lvl where I ended with more then 10 armor.

In "The Getto" I found the last weaponry (auto shotgun).

Finaly finished! The Military Base, the last level is much easier if you played it before, as you'll know: if there is a door, throw a molotov coctail at it then go near - the enemy comes out and gets fried!
Also note: if you see or even suspect a napalmer, use a homing missile!
And at the beggining use rocket for fast clearing the initial enemies.

That's all folks!
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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