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Default 8 Player treasure hunting cover disk/tape

What was the gameplay like?

I've moved this to the top as it's probably the most relevant questions.

This was an old game that I got on either a Spectrum cover tape or an Amiga cover disk.

It was an 8 player hotseat game where the aim was to roam around an island/peninsula/jungle trying to earn riches and then make your way back to a dock/boat before your time limit ran out.

The setting was Caribbean/South America/North Africa maybe.

The mechanic was quite similar to Heroscape in that respect in so far as you had to gamble staying around for longer with the aim of making more money or making sure you got back to your means of escape, however combat was not a part of things.

There may have also been an element of puzzle/planning to it in that I seem to remember that you needed certain items for some locations i.e. a rope to cross over a river with no bridge. (I don't remember a rope and bridge, but it was that kind of thing)

I do think that different modes of transport/means of travel were available to you and that these affected your journey times. I seem to remember people's turns coming around and they'd still be travelling.

Sorry, I know quite a bit of this is vague, but that's a big part of why I can't track the game round; of the people I played it with non remember it based on the description. I'm hoping that the pretty unique gameplay mechanic and the fact that the game was a freebie will stand out to someone.

When did you play the game?
Late 80s or early 90s

What computer did it run on?
Either Spectrum or Amiga

What operating system did the computer run?
Spectrum Code or Amiga OS?

What were the graphics like?
I can't quite remember how many colours, but I do think it was pretty basic.

What was the music like?
I don't especially remember any.

Were there speech?
Definitely not

Which perspective were you given there?
Each screen was a still in the style of the graphics that you'd get with a text based adventure game or a non scrolling monkey Island.
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