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Default [Smiling Spectre] Starblade

I played this game ca. 18 years ago. I think it was EGA.

The first thing which comes to my mind was the "copy protection". trial and error and you were able to play

As the title says it was some kind of space action-adventure. You play some alien character. An bipedal walking and ugly one

The game starts on your(?) spaceship.

The atmosphere of this game was pretty dark and H.R. Giger-like. The perspective was like in most "normal" adventures. But I never found out what the goal of this game was about.

So you start on this spaceship and were able to go to 3 or perhaps 4 different rooms. But the most important one was the main room where you started. You were able to somehow choose planets from some console(?) where you could fly to and disembark.

The graphics on the different planets were interesting. I remember a jungle world. The planets were quite different looking from each others. And on those planets where you were exploring the area - randomly from screen to screen different enemies occured. I think you had to shoot them with some kind of Blaster.
But iirc this didn't happen that often. Sometimes you didn't have to shoot on a planet as there were no enemies but on another one were lots of enemies and it was really tough to survive.

I think it maybe was about to find some kind of artifacts or technological components or something like that.

The name of the game was unusual, too. Perhaps starting with a B, P or S. also not sure about that :/ but I know it was a different name then most of the games have.

I know this description is vague but I somehow liked the atmosphere of this game. You had to find out everything by your own which made it pretty tough.

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Check Starblade?
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w00t, I think it is it looks a bit different then I've imagined, but I really think it is. Thx a lot mate
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