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Smile Proofreading is important...

Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post
Hey, LianneJW1912, I checked your magazine. Great work! But it has several factual errors...

- Dune is not WRPG, in any aspect. It have adventuring part, quite standard for anyone familiar with Legend games, and strategy/tactics part for troop management, so it can be viewed as Adventure/Strategy... but no RPG aspect at all.

- Roadwar 2000 was made in 1986, right, but ported by Westwood in 1987. (Also, my bad English prevent me from understanding part about it would be several years before a game was made and released by Westwood. What is this passage mean? That Roadwar is earlier than Dune 2? That Westwood could made this game by itself? Sorry, maybe personal issue.

- Mars Saga is really from Commodore. But all sources I found tells that Apple and DOS ports was the same time, in 1989. Not "Commodore and Apple, then DOS". Also note that both Apple and DOS versions named "Mines of Titan" and redone original game the same way.

- Battle Tech - minor style error: "whilst the game retained most of features...although the game put a large emphasis". Some of this two words is obsolete there, no?

- Circuit's Strike actually is Circuit's Edge (and it correctly named in cut-in at right).

- Dune II really was ported to Amiga in 1993. But only in 1994 for Mega Drive.

- Rome: Total War is far from first in TW series. Shogun: Total War precedes it for 4 years, and Medieval: Total War for two. Rome was third.

- Homeworld. I disagree with description. Having 3D is really what make it aside of other RTSes, but otherwise game is quite typical "harvest and kill". You talk about "Campaign objectives"? Then check objectives of every mission. Kill, harvest, defend, eradicate, repeat.

- Space Hulk. PC-98 version is from 1995.

That's all, I think. Sorry if it was inappropriate.
Greetings, Grandmaster Spectre-man. I do not think making proofread is a bad thing. On the contrary, the information will be more precise and errors can be minimized. While the Grammar Squad could handle possible grammatical errors.


Not to mention that, as Abandonia is well known, presenting incorrect data and information would be inglorious for the site.

I imagine the embarrassment if influential portals specialized in their respective forms of entertainment such as IMDb, Mobygames, BU / MU, ANN presented incorrect data.
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