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angry axe
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Knight Team <<<<<cause it has an vowel in it


Weapon: flamberge with a battle axe chained to the hilt
"war has changed. its no longer about nations ideologies or ethnicity, its an endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines. War, and its consumption of life - has become a well oiled machine" - Solid Snake
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okay - I get this now.

My char: Ystin

Knight Force - tougher armour (light - costume fibres are re-inforced against impact and weapons)
Str - 4
Ag - 8
En - 5

Special Power: Speed
Weapon: None / special plates in sleeves, to block blades etc..., and weighted ankle bracelets.
When he takes them off, he is faster and can jump higher and kick harder.

Energy Weapons - armour doesn't protect, but speed means less hits;
Can get distracted easily and has a tendency to forget the objective and ramble off on something else.
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The Fifth Horseman
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Knight Team
AGI 10
Element: Water
Weapon: Staff with an energy weapon built into one end. When not in use, the generator is hidden within the "staff". The other end conceals a small propulsion system (also hidden when not in use) enabling the weapon to be thrown over longer distances.

The staff is collapsible - it can be shortened to the length of a double-handed sword handle or extended to as long as a spear shaft - and the energy blade can be regulated (size vs power)

"God. Can't you people see I'm trying to commit a crime against science and nature here?"
-- Reed Richards
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Default Force From the Dungeon Part 1

Mytiur, the Underwater city under the Floating city of Abandonia HQ:
The teams are summoned to the briefing room.

Briefing Room:
ESGmaster:Alright, I summoned you here because you are likely wondering what's going on.
Saccade:Yeah we were.
ESGmaster:In any case I'd like you to meet Ultiros, the Time Knight, he'll continue the briefing.
TotalAnarchy:You didn't say anything.
ESGmaster:Alright, Ultiros will start the briefing.
Time Knight:Well, I was looking at an unusual file somewhere in the Evil Soldier Army's database.
The Fifth Horseman:What was the file?
Time Knight:"Highly Hostile Alien Spirit" was the title, it's located somewhere in or on Abandona.
El Quia:They got past our defenses? That's the 3rd time this month.
Freddy Kruger walks into the room.
Freddy:Sorry I'm late I was having a great bad dream.
Time Knight:Oh, give El Quia the device.
Freddy hands El Quia a odd wristband.
El Quia:Uh, what is this?
Freddy:A Dream Team Morpher.
Time Knight:Oh speaking of which catch Aarne.
Ultiros throws a Morpher at Aarne.
Aarne:Uh, thanks, I think...
Time Knight:As I was saying, I was looking at this file 1 month ago, I tracked this spirit's location.
Time Knight:Turns out it was under the Floating city, Abandonia HQ.
Angry Axe:Say, isn't that where we're at right now?
ESGmaster:Yes it is.
Time Knight:You can continue the briefing Abandoned Spirit.
The screen that was behind them turns on.
Something that looks like a Guardian Spirit from Master of Magic begins speaking.
Abandoned Spirit:As he was saying, the Evil Soldier Army had attacked me, 2 months earlier than that.
The Fifth Horseman:I was in their database a month ago.
Time Knight:It was under Evil Top Secret files.
The Fifth Horseman:Nobody has entered that area, nobody can figure out the 86-digit passwords they change daily.
Saccade:Not even themselves, that's the reason they're changed daily.
Time Knight:Also considering they codex the actual password, and codex it again 10 or 20 times.
Time Knight:I pretty much downloaded half their database and deleted the other half.
Abandoned Spirit:Here is the Abandoned Chaos morpher.
A morpher materalizes on The Fifth Horseman's wrist.
Then a knight walks into the room.
ESGmaster:Oh meet the Eternal Knight. Oh, and before I forget, here is a morpher we got from a unusual star.
ESGmaster hands TotalAnarchy a morpher
TotalAnarchy:...A star gave this out?
ESGmaster:No, we turned it's energy into that device.
GTX:What about me?
ESGmasteron't you already have one?
GTX looks at his morpher.
GTX:Opps, I forgot.
Eternal Knight:Ah, you two might want these.
The Eternal Knight hands Saccade and Angry Axe a morpher.
Saccade:Hey nice.
ESGmaster:Well as it turns out we are Abandonia's last hope.
Angry Axe:No pressure, right?
Time Knight:We are equipped with only the finest weaponry and armor.
Time Knight:You will have to work as a team if you are to succeed.
El Quia:Just what are these?
Abandoned Spirit:They're wrist morphers.
AS:They're designed to instantly upon activation to put you in a special armor.
AS:By for example, ESGmaster says:"Ninja of Lighting" to activate.
AS:So basicly each says his team name, then of his element.
Time Knight:You better examine the base in better detail, I'll be in the communications room.
AS:I'll be right here if anyone needs me.
Freddy:I'll be in my room.
Eternal Knight:Follow me.

The team follows the Eternal Knight to the Armory.

ESGmaster:Alright, this is where you test out our advanced weaponry.
Saccade:Why is there only 38 Automatics here?
ESGmaster:Because our supplier only had those, it was that or 38 Revolvers.
Angry Axe:So much for the finest weaponry.
ESGmaster:We also got a few Light Skeet Shooters.
Fifth:Ah, yes, the perfection of weapons design.
ESGmaster:Well, The Rebel Alliance did beat the Empire in Star Wars.
El Quia:They weren't that far behind in the weapons tech.
Eternal Knight:I'll be in my room if anybody needs me.
Saccade:C-7s? You'd expect the last line of defense would get a better armory.
ESGmaster:Our supplier was all sold-out on everything else.
GTX:I got the best weapons here don't I?
ESGmaster:Yeah, we also had to get those 22 target revolver's...
El Quiaon't tell me our heavy weapon department is a Mister Gatling's Auto Gun.
ESGmaster:I didn't tell you that.
Saccade:440 Revolver? Who's your supplier? Badarms?
ESGmaster:X-COM Intergalatic arms co.
Fifth:Maybe I shouldn't have placed that order 1 month ago...
Aarne:Please tell me we have some weapon that's good.
Angry Axe:Hey what's in this box labeled: "Emergency Weapons"?
ESGmaster:A 22ll (laser level) Plasma Pistol. Don't have any ammo though.
Aarne:Why buy it if you don't have ammo?
ESGmaster:Well, I made a wrong order.
El Quia:Hey a M1911 AI colt! Oh wait there's no ammo.
Fifthid you buy any ammo.
ESGmaster:Yeah, it's mostly 38, 410, 22, and 5.56mm.
ESGmaster:I messed up the 22ll ammo order and ended up with 32ll ammo.
GTX:Hey, nice Remington 40XB BR Rifles.
Angry Axe:Good, you got ammo for it.
Aarne:Alright let's go to the shooting range.

The team enters the Target Range.

ESGmaster:Alright, best to target practice with the target pistol. In other terms a 22.
ESGmaster:You're up first Fifth.
Fifth:Alright, watch and learn.
ESGmaster:It's set at 100 meters.
Fifth fires 6 shots at the target.
ESGmaster:I'll go next.
ESGmaster fires 6 shots at the target.
ESGmaster:You're next TA.
TotalAnarchy fires 6 shots at the target.
ESGmaster:You're next GTX.
GTX fires 6 shots at the target.
ESGmaster:You're next El Quia, then Saccade, Aarne, finishing up with Angry Axe.
After they finish firing ESGmaster gives the stats.
GTX, made a five in the bullseye
TotalAnarchy, six 5s.
ESGmaster, six 5s.
Fifth, four 5s and two 4s.
Saccade, 3 5s and two 4s.
Angry Axe, six 4s.
Aarne, 5 4s, and 1 3.
El Quia, 5 4s and 1 3.
GTX:Looks like I'm going in the back.
TotalAnarchy:You were in the back before.
ESGmaster:Alright, to the communication room.

The team enters the communication room.

TV:I'll be back.
Aarne:There's a TV here, a TV in the armory and the Target Range, are there TVs in the bathroom stalls or something?
ESGmaster:No that's where we stop putting TVs in.
Fifth:You forgot that there's a stereo in those rooms as well.
Time Knight:I don't have both the stereo and the TV going at the same time.
Ultiros goes back to his moniter.
ESGmaster:This is the most advanced communications systems designed.
Aarne:I bet you can get a station from another dimension here.
Time Knight:How else could we be getting this?
Angry Axe:Hmm... <turns on radio>
Radio:This is Frasier Crane, I'm listening.
Angry Axe:Talk about long range communications... <turns off radio>
ESGmaster:That's about it.
ESGmaster:Continue as you will, I'll be in the Lounge if any one needs me.

ESGmaster leaves the room.

Saccade:I'll be in the Lounge.
El Quia:I'll be here if anyone needs me.
Aarne:I'll be in the Lounge.
GTX:I'll be in the firing range.
Fifth:You got a better than perfect score. What do you need there?
Angry Axe:I'll go the the Target Range as well.
Fifth:I'll be in the Lounge as well.
TotalAnarchy:Same here.

The Lounge:
TV:Rise from your grave.
TV:<punching sounds>
Saccade:we're playing Altered Beast.
TV:<growling sound>
Fifth:Hey, I could have dodged that.
TV:<continued game noise>
ESGmaster:All we have to do now is wait for the first attack.
Fifth:Or more members.
TV:<maniac laughing>
TotalAnarchy:...You were a Werebear on the first stage?
Saccade:Yeah, helps our strategy.
ESGmaster:Yeah we'll be Weredragons on stage 5.
Aarne:Not being to nice to the boss there are we?

Target Range:
GTX is firing a 38 at a bigger target.
Angry Axeon't you ever miss?
The target has a smiley face from bullet holes.
Angry Axe:...

Communications Room:
El Quia:How many stations do you have?
Time Knight:Well, around 500000.
TVie, robot, die.
El Quia:What's the power made of, it has to be huge.
Time Knight:About 5000 tons of Ancient Elerium, plus solar power.
El Quia:How much does it use standardly?
Time Knightepending on the solar power gained, it uses 50-200 tons of the Ancient Elerium.
El Quia:This place has weapons right?
Time Knight:Yeah, in the control room.
Time Knight:Evil Soldier Army, goodbye database.
El Quia:How many days does it take you to find out those Evil Top Secret codes?
Time Knight:They change daily, but they keep them stored in Top Secret area. Stupid huh?
Time Knight:Of course they keep them there in case nobody can figure out the Evil Top Secret codes.

Seven hours later.
The Lounge:
TV:Rise from your grave.
Siren:Alert, Skelebots in Rampage dimension.
Fifth:So much for waiting.
Siren:Alert, Skelebots in Rampage dimension.
TotalAnarchy:We heard.

Target Range:
GTX:Why are you trying to shoot exactly the same as me?
Siren:Alert, Skelebots in Rampage dimension.
Angry Axe:...Skelebots?

Communications Room:
Time Knight:All right, that should be bad news for them, now what are they planning for us?
Siren:Alert, Skelebots in Rampage dimension.
El Quia:Skelebots?
Time Knight:I'll explain in the briefing room.

Briefing Room:
Time Knight:I read Skelebots, Autobots, and Earth Gunmasters in an alternate Rampage dimension.
Fifth:Alternate Rampage dimension?
Time Knight:Won't effect other dimensions.
El Quia:Skelebots?
Saccade:Earth Gunmasters?
Time Knight:Skelebots are bots that look like skeletons, they have swords and Light Skeet Shooters.
Time Knight:Autobots are bots that look like a man in a grey suit with a motorcycle helmet.
Time Knight:Earth Gunmasters are, I don't know yet. He has a Mister Gatling's Auto Gun though.
Aarne:That's not good.
Angry Axe:Hey, he should be missing us till the year 3756.
Time Knight:Go Abandoned Rangers!

Forest Area near City in alternate Rampage dimension:
Earth Gunmaster:Bang bang bang, and another falls to the ground.
The Earth Gunmaster hits the ground.
The team lines up some feet away from him.
Fifth:Prepare to lose Earth Gunmaster!
ESGmaster:It's morphing time!
The team falls to the ground.
E. Gunmaster:Oh no you don't.
The E. Gunmaster waves his finger.
GTX:Knocked to the ground with a Mister Gatling's Auto Gun, we're losing it.
The E. Gunmaster throws 2 axes at the rangers. And missing, badly.
ESGmaster:Just a bit outside.
Dust engulfs the rangers.
Saccade:Oh sheesh, what is this guy?
Time Knight:A Earth Gunmaster I'd guess. He's 6 str, 1 agi, and 10 end.
Time Knight:That, and one of several million I'd guess.
Aarne:Hopefully, no more today.
Saccade:Eat this! LIGHTING CANNON!
The E. Gunmaster shrugs it off.
Angry Axe:It's over! FIRE RUSH!
Angry Axe charges towards the EGM.
Angry Axe teleports at the last second.
EGM:The rest of you should continue his dissappearing act!
Angry Axe appeared right behind him, attacking him.
The EGM falls to the ground, dead.
Autobots appear around them.
Fifth:Now it's morphing time!
Fifth:Ranger of Chaos!
El Quiaream of Shadow!
Aarne:Time of Dark!
ESGmaster:Ninja of Lighting!
Saccade:Knight of Lighting!
Angry Axe:Knight of Fire!
TotalAnarchy:Space of Lighting!
GTX:Space Pirate!
The autobots open fire on the team.
The team hits the ground.
Aarne:Well, atleast we're morphed this time.
El Quia:I'm glad I know what you mean.
Several Autobots fall down.
ESGmaster:Eat this! LIGHTING RUSH!
Several minutes later.
Time Knight:Head to the city, the voice came from there.

The team is in a section of the city.
????:You only come here to die.
Fifth:He's up there!
Fifth points to the top of a nearby building.
????:I am the Dungeon Master.
Angry Axe:This is no dungeon, you will lose.
Time Knight:He only has 1 strength 1 agility and 1 endurence, he must have some trick to pull.
Dungeon Master:INFINITY QUAKE!
Time Knight:That's it.
The ground opens up from under the team.
Saccade:This is <censored>.
ESGmaster:You can say that again.
Saccade:This is <censored>.
Aarne:This will be bad if we die on our first mission.

Will the Rangers survive this encounter with the Dungeon Master?
Uh, that was a "you'll find out next time question"
But still, it's not like they're gonna die in the second episode...Is it?
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Default Force from the Dungeon Part 2:

And now for Part 2.

Somewhere in a underground cave network in a Rampage alternate dimension:
The team is falling.
The team is unmorphed.
ESGmaster:That's not how I expected the mission to go.
Two minutes later.
ESGmaster:I'm gonna try climbing back up.
ESGmaster begins climbing back up.
Fifth:No light. Just how far down are we?
ESGmaster falls to the cavern floor covered in rats.
GTX:Eat laser oversized rodent!
Soon, the rats kill everyone.
The team is falling.
ESGmaster:"Deja Vu, it's me, it's true!"
El Quia:...What?
ESGmaster:One of the characters in Freedom Force says that. Yes, he's a maniac.
Fifth:That way.
After 30 seconds of walking.
ESGmaster:Hmm, I'll just stab that guy in the black robe with a axe.
ESGmaster stabs said guy.
Said guy spins around and grabs his chest, then rips his heart out.
Saccade performs a Gobliiins like scream.
Aarne:Eat this!
Aarne attacks the guy with his plasma blade.
GTX shoots the guy.
El Quia slices him.
Fifth uses his chains on him.
Saccade stabs him with his wrist blades.
Angry Axe attacks him using his flamberge.
TotalAnarchy slices him with his sword.
Several deaths later.
The team is falling.
ESGmaster:Looks like we're in The Last Half of Darkness.
Saccade:Except this time we can't quit if we die to much.
Fifth:That way.
Fifth points in the opposite direction of where they died last.
After 25 seconds of walking.
Aarne: Hey a sword and a torch.
After 5 seconds of walking.
A rat is seen in the room.
Aarne throws his torch at it.
Said rat jumps right at him.
Aarne:Eat steel rat.
Aarne swings the sword at him.
The sword broke.
Angry Axe pulls out a 38 automatic.
Angry Axe:Eat lead rat.
Angry axe fires it at the rat.
50 rounds later.
Angry Axe:...Empty? It hasn't budged.
ESGmaster slices the rat with his sword as it jumps towards Angry Axe.
The sword and the rat are propelled backwards, the sword nearly misses Angry Axe.
Fifth:Bullet-Proof Fur?
El Quia:I bet we'll see crazier things before the month is out.
GTX was hit in the neck with a shovel, breaking both.
TotalAnarchy turns around and sees a maniac.
Said maniac fires at him with a 38 revolver 8 times.
ESGmaster:Oh joy, a maniac with a 38 revolver that has infinite ammo.
Fifth throws his chain at the maniac's neck, breaking it.
Several deaths later.
After falling.
Fifth:That way!
They enter a room with a river running through it.
ESGmaster:<whisper> Quick, hide over here and we'll fire a shot to have him be eated by rats.
After hiding behind the rocks.
The rats propell the maniac towards the water.
The rats turn into ash.
El Quia:I was right, rats turning into ash is crazier than bullet-proof fur.
Angry Axe:Now all we have to do is have a drink with Death, and we'll be perfect psycho material.
After luring the other rat into the river.
The team is now searching the room the rat killed them in.
Aarne:410 shells of pure light.
ESGmaster pulls out a Light Skeet Shooter.
ESGmaster:Time to use our heavy artillery.
Fifth:...That's our heavy artillery?
ESGmaster:It was that or a flare gun, actually I brought that as well.
Time Knight:Rangers, come in.
Fifth:We read you loud and clear.
Time Knight:Ahiy Yuoua Srteo?
Time Knight:Joking.
One minute later.
Death falls to the ground.
Death:<Incredibly loud yell>
Dungeon Master:You're doing well, PREPARE TO DIE!
Saccade:Anybody sensing he's a sore loser?
????:<loud scream>
El Quia:What was that?
Angry Axe:A loud scream?
All of a sudden, two little girls rush the team, killing them.

After the deaths:
Fifth:Prepare for them.
Several seconds later.
The two little girls are just outside the enterance.
ESGmaster:<whisper> Now they're vampires, so hold no punchs.
The team rushes them.
Fifth:Hey we killed them!
Dungeon Master:If you die again you'll return here.
Several minutes later inside a house.
Said maniac attacks Aarne with a shovel.
Aarne dodges and kills said maniac.
Aarne:Now how do we open this door?
ESGmaster:Let me get my lockpick.
ESGmaster starts going through his pockets.
Fifth:Allow me.
Fifth breaks the padlock with his chains.
The team goes into the attic of the building.
Angry Axe goes into another room of the attic.
Angry Axe:Just a coffin in here.
Angry Axe opens said coffin and walks out of the room.
Angry Axe spins around and hits a zombie with his battle axe, knocking him back several feet.
El Quia:Let's finish this! SHADOW BEAM!
The zombie is propelled back several feet, and through a window.
????:<Loud yell>
Two vampire girls jump to the window.
El Quia:So much for finishing this.
The team runs.
As the team goes to the first floor.
The floor breaks from under them.
Aarne:Not again.
The team hits the ground running.
Saccade:Run or be bitten. Not the best situation.
After several rooms.
TotalAnarchy trips on a coffin.
Fifth:Nobody open it.
The coffin opens.
Angry Axe:I didn't touch it.
A gargoyle rises from the coffin.
ESGmaster:Whoa, A vampire gargoyle? Now I've seen everything.
Fifth:Ranger of Chaos!
El Quiaream of Shadow!
The gargoyle attack the team.
GTXistract him.
The morphed members of the team attack the gargoyle.
Aarne:Time of Dark!
ESGmaster:Ninja of Lighting!
Saccade:Knight of Lighting!
Angry Axe:Knight of Fire!
TotalAnarchy:Space of Lighting!
GTX:Space Pirate!
The gargoyle breaks into tiny stones.
TotalAnarchy:That's our alarm telling us to leave this place.
The team continues running for several minutes.
All of a sudden a werewolf grabs ESGmaster and bites him on the shoulder!
Saccade:Eat 38 wolf!
Saccade fires his 38 automatic at the werewolf.
The werewolf stops biting ESGmaster and falls backwards, dead.
ESGmaster:Let's continue, I'm fine.
Several minutes later.
The team comes across two boats.
GTX:Let's sail this thing outa here!
They get on the boat and sail it until they come across a island.
After landing on a island.
Aarne:Say, what's he looking at?
The zombie and two girls are on a boat a mile behind them.
Angry Axe:How did they know how to drive a boat?
ESGmaster:<begins howling>
TotalAnarchy:I'm guessing he isn't okay.
ESGmaster's Morpher:Armor deactivated.
ESGmaster is turning into a werewolf.
The zombie and two girls are now right behind them.

Island, somewhere:
Time Knight:RUN, YOU CAN'T WIN.
Fifth:We can't run, we're trapped.
Time Knight:This looks like the end.
What's left of the team begins moving down the docks.
ESGmaster has fully turned into a werewolf.
ESGmaster is slaughtering said zombie and two girls.
ESGmaster walks down the docks.
Saccade performs a gobliiins like scream.
TotalAnarchy:So much for Abandonia's last hope.
ESGmaster stops a few feet from the team.
Fifth:I guess he's keeping his mind.
ESGmaster:What do you guess? I am keeping my mind.
Dungeon Master:Alright, SURVIVE THIS!
The team looks around.
Aarne:Survive what?
Dungeon Master:Oh, wait he's on vacation.
The team looks around.
Angry Axe:This is actually quite pleasent if you think about it.
Dungeon Master:Hmm, he was killed two weeks ago.
Fifth:We're very busy, call us when you have something.
There is a large explosion in the sky.
ESGmaster:Let's try to escape.
The team goes on the boat.

Island, somewhere else:
The team is all in their ranger forms.
Fifth:Well, atleast we're making progress.
Aarne:Say, that guy looks familiar.
The guy he is refering to is pointing for them to go in the opposite direction.
Time Knight:Oh, and ESGmaster, I've uploaded information on your werewolf armor form.
Fifth:You over there.
Dungeon Master:Nope.
The team is teleported.

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Just... Wow.

If ever there's an RPG contest anywhere, I want to be on your side, ESG


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Default Force from the Dungeon Part 3:

And now for the end of Force from the Dungeon.

Rampage alternate dimension, City:
The team finishs teleporting.
Fifth:Anybody sensing he isn't a happy man?
Aarne:He'll be on vacation.
Suddenly A giant ape, a giant werewolf and a giant lizard all appear.
Aarne:Okay, maybe he isn't on vacation.
ESGmaster:Overpowered, and outsized, Anybody else thinks the odd are against us?
Time Knight:Summoning the Abanzords.
Suddenly, 6 flying ships appear.
The team enters their Abanzords.
GTX:Ship, come to me!
Then GTX's ship appears and GTX enters it.
Aarne:Eat this ape!
Aarne's Abanzord shoots the ape.
Time Knight:Those Abanzords aren't meant for fusion, even if they could, all you'd get is a unidenifiable mass of torsos.
Time Knighton't ask for the rest of the group, that would be impossible to operate with 1-2 people per Abanzord.
Saccade:Then, ABANZORD MODE!
Angry Axe:You only have to press the button...
The flyers transform into their Abanzord mode.
Time Knight:GTX, don't press you Abanzord button, yours isn't finished yet.
GTX:Is anything finished?
Time Knight:No.
El Quia:Sweet dreams wolfie!
El Quia punches the wolf.
The wolf grabs El Quia and throws him into Aarne.
The ape picks up ESGmaster and begins beating his Abanzord.
ESGmaster:Anybody noticing this is a little one sided?
GTX:Yeah, these things are killing us.
GTX fires his laser at the lizard.
The ape throws ESGmaster at Saccade, who has just had his left arm torn off by the wolf.
Saccade:One sided? There is only one side here. We're just squash.
Fifth:Eat this! CHAIN OF CHAOS!
Fifth extents his chain towards the lizard, which then goes to the ape, and then the wolf.
The enemy monsters let out a loud yell.
The wolf tore off Fifth's head.
TotalAnarchy:Hey, I got an idea.
TotalAnarchy:Eat plasma, DM!
TA shots a plasma beam at the Dungeon Master.
Dungeon Master:...pain...
The ape tears off ESGmaster's head and crunches up the rest of the body so it looks like a bat.
Then throws the head into the air and hits it at TotalAnarchy.
Dungeon Master:Atleast your using your heads.
GTX:Thats it.
Time Knight:Uh, I had to take the missiles out, I didn't suspect they would attack so soon.
GTX blasts the Dungeon Master with his laser.
Dungeon Master:Any good tactician knows when to RETREAT! AUTOBOTS!
Autobots appear out of nowhere.
The Dungeon Master runs away.
ESGmaster:I think he means: "Let the enemy take the Autobots, as long as I'm alive nothing else matters."
Time Knight:Uh, you'll still have to fight the giant monsters.
ESGmaster:Any good tactician knows when to RETREAT!
Fifth:Considering they tossed us around when we couldn't scratch them. RETREAT!
The team retreats.

Mytiur, the Underwater city under the Floating city of Abandonia HQ:
The team heads to the briefing room.

Briefing room:
Time Knight:That was a win.
Fifth:We almost got killed.
Abandoned Spirit:The Dungeon Master retreated first.
Fifth:We almost got killed.
Abandoned Spirit:At least your alive to say that.
El Quia:True, but is that what we can expect for the rest of the combat?
Time Knight:I didn't have enough time to finish the Abanzords.
GTX:Okay, I'll help you finish building the Abanzords. (And we better get my ship finished)
TotalAnarchy:You said it was staying at the base.
Time Knight:Uh, I was the one who called it here.
Time Knight:Anyway, I'm getting a few engineers down here to help.
Time Knight:Because this base isn't finished yet, and the Abanzords aren't finished. (The final Abanzords aren't punching bags)
Angry Axe:Uh, we had our heads handed to us. So how long will it take to finish the Abanzords?
Time Knight:Even with the extra help I figure, oh say, a couple of months. (at the least)
Saccade:Abandonia's last hope needs to wait a couple of months because they'd get tossed around without the Abanzords.
El Quia:No, stepped on.
TotalAnarchy:Uh, isn't that a optimistic look on this?
Time Knight:You'd be likely crushed 50 times a day. (maybe 1000)
TotalAnarchy:That's still rather generious.
AS:That's it for today.

Communications Room:
Time Knight:Alright, be sure to send them within the month.
Communications Device:Hey, you picked a bad time, Evil Soldier Army is giving double amounts.
Time Knight:Uh, cancel the order.
CD:Alright. <beep>
Time Knight:I've gone through Aacu's Ultimate Personal to Mad Mac's People.
Time Knight:Have they hired everybody in the universe?
Fifth walks into the room.
Fifth:Any luck since yesterday?
Time Knight:No.
CD:Mad Mbc Personal.
Time Knighto you have spare personal?
Time Knight:Is everyone is hired?
Time Knighto you know anyone who has personal to spare?
Time Knighto you know words other than yes and no?
CD:Yes. Goodbye. <beep>
Time Knight:GTX, hows the work on the Abanzords going?
GTX:I'm still working on the first one.
Time Knight:Okay.
Fifth:I'll handle the hiring, you go help GTX.
Ultiros leaves the room.

Ultiros enters the room.
GTX:You finished?
TK:No, Fifth is handling it. I'll check on him.
Ultiros goes to the CD.
CD:I don't like you.
Fifth:<censored> <beep>
TK:No luck either, huh?
TK:Where you at now?
TK:I'll leave you to your work. <beep>
GTX:Can't we just take a Zord from a power ranger?
TK:That has the same strength as a fusion of all their Megazords.
GTX:Wait, they tossed us around, how can it be so powerful?
TK:When it's finished. We shouldn't borrow their Zords.
GTX:Isn't there any way we can speed it up?

The TV is playing Altered Beast.
TotalAnarchy:We're outnumbered, outclassed, and outteched.
Saccade:Not to mention outpowered.
Aarne:We're gonna die.
Angry Axe:Now's not the time to be thinking happy thoughts.
ESGmaster:That wasn't happy.
Angry Axe:No, they're just gonna torture us till we scream so loud our vocal cords explode.
ESGmaster:Okay, maybe that was happy.
Aarne:I meant me and El Quia.
El Quia:We didn't power up.
ESGmaster:Ah, yes, the curse of dying to to lack of power balls.
El Quia:There's the TV reminding us that we're deader than a dead guy.
ESGmaster:Give me that, I'll show you how a master plays this game.
El Quia:Pun intended?
ESGmaster:Yes, pun intended.
Saccade:Let's crush this guy.

24 hours later.

The members of the team are still in the lounge.
ESGmaster:Hey Aarne, get me something caffinated.
Saccade:Me too.
El Quia:And for the rest of us.
An earthquake starts.
The earthquake stops.
TV:Rise from your grave.

Communications Room:
Fifth:Nobody has spare personal.
TK:<beep> Hey, we can hear you in the hanger.
GTX:Yeah, I think they just called an emergency meeting for an attack on Abandonia HQ.
Fifth:Well, if everything else fails I can always yell.
TK:We'll continue our work.
GTX:If we can. <beep>

TK:What's the damage to the Angry Axe's Abanzord?
GTX:It's intact.
TK:Ugh, goodbye 24 hours hard work.
GTX:8 hours, it's mostly okay. The axe part is crushed.
Siren:All teams please come to the Briefing room.
TK:What could be happening?

Briefing Room:
After the teams enter.
AS:The training room is finished.
El Quia:What's the Training room?
TK:A place where you can train, that doesn't involve breaking the lounge.
Aarne:Hey, that was a mistake.
TK:Anyway, you will now be able to train.
TK:You can always just train there, which will give double training to all attributes.
TK:Or you could train one of your Magics which will also give half of the attribute gain of regular.
TK:And you can learn a new magic, it'll require a teacher of the magic, and it will not give attribute gain.
TK:Anyway, now you'll be able to decide which weapons in the armory you want.
TK:ESGmaster or myself will be buying new weapons every mission.
TK:Alright, but be warned the armory is first come, first serve.
TK:I'll inform you whenever we get the weapons shipped in.
TK:Remember, there are 3 types of training I mentioned earlier.
TK:Sometimes, either I, Freddy Kruger, The Eternal Knight, or the Abandoned Spirit will be able to train you, this results in a x4 multiplier to your training.
TK:However I give a x8 multiplier to Time Magic, Freddy Kruger gives x8 to Dream Magic, EK gives x8 to Steel Magic, and the Abandoned Spirit gives x8 to non-elemental magics (i.e. Time, Shadow, Dark, Light etc.).
TK:Keep in mind however you aren't the only ones training, enemies like the Dungeon Master will be training as well.
TK:Training will give one point of xp to the magic/attribute per hour, higher stats take longer to level up.
TK:Being killed gives one stat point to each attribute.
TK:And actual combat gives high xp points to stats.
TK:We've gotten some new arms in, by the way.
TK:I'm inform you whenever we get someone who could also give you special training.
TK:With this in mind, the Quantum Ranger will be on base in a week's time, I'll inform you when you can train under him.
TK: Debriefings like this will occur every mission, mostly telling you if new arms are in the armory.
TK:FYI, you can only equip kg up to your weight allowance (which is related to your strength).
TK:Faster characters will decrease the reload time by their agility.
TK:We'll get 45 ammo soon, so don't worry.
TK:Lastly, check your stats often.
TK:And about the transformation to a werewolf.
TK:Only one with ninja training can keep his sanity in a were form.
TK:So, only one of the Ninja Force can obtain a were form.
TK:One last thing, level is only increased by combat, Ranger level is only increased by special events.
TK:Because Ranger level is a multiplier don't expect it to level up often.
TK:I currently have the location of all next Ranger level challenges, but I require a full team of rangers.
ESGmaster:And I'll have enemy data up soon.
Aarne:Can we hurry this up? ESGmaster and Saccade are on a Altered Beast killing rampage.
TK:That's all.

We have come to terms.
Next time: The Fifth Horseman Versus The Filth Hoseman, Ready, FIGHT!
TK:We currently have no special ammo.
TK:C=Caliber, W=Weight DAM=Damage RAN=Range ACC=Accuracy SPEED=Firing Speed/Special modes CLIP=Ammo in gun Reload=how much time it takes to reload (10=1 second) Type=Type of gun.
TK:The current armory is:
38 Automaticx50
C:38 W:0.85kg DAM:12 RAN:30 ACC:30 SPEED:7/1 Auto CLIP:50 Reload:5 Type:Auto Pistol
A basic automatic handgun that uses 38 ammo.
Mister Gatling's Auto Gunx4
C:9mm W:8.23kg DAM:6 RAN:100 ACC:5 SPEED:5/0.1 Auto CLIP:5000 Reload:30 Type:Heavy Machine Gun
An over-sized 9mm HMG, that's a bland rip off of a Mini-Gun.
Light Skeet Shooterx8
C:410 W:1.05 DAM:20 RAN:60 SPEED:0.5 CLIP:2 Reload:5 Type:Over/Under Shotgun
A cheap, self-assembly, 410 shotgun.
38 Revolverx12
C:38 W:0.60kg DAM:12 RAN:22 ACC:24 SPEED:12 CLIP:6 Reload:5 Type:Revolver Pistol
Looks like somebody ordered the wrong handgun.
44 Magnumx2 NO AMMO
C:44 W:1.05kg DAM:88 RAN:44 ACC:40 SPEED:12 CLIP:6 Reload:5 Type:Revolver Pistol
An over-sized, over-powered, heavy handgun.
9ll Laser Pistolx1
C:9ll W:1.25kg DAM:20 RAN:185 SPEED:10/4 Auto CLIP:100/500/1000 Reload:5 Type:Laser Pistol
Just a basic laser pistol.
22ll Plasma Pistolx1 NO AMMO
C:22ll W:1.15kg DAM:50 RAN:80 ACC:50 SPEED:10 CLIP:50/100/500 Reload:5 Type:Plasma Pistol
Exterminating time.
C:5.56mm W:3.3kg DAM:30 RAN:30 ACC:30 SPEED:7/1 auto CLIP:30 Reload:5 Type:Assault Rifle
An uneffective assault rifle.
22 Target Revolverx10
C:22 W:0.65kg DAM:10 RAN:18 ACC:28 SPEED:12 CLIP:6 Reload;5 Type:Revolver Pistol
Oh, <censored>. Who put this in the script!?
440 Revolverx9
C:440 W:1.85kg DAM:208 RAN:22 ACC:8 SPEED:12 CLIP:1 Reload:5 Type:Revolver Pistol
Somebody took a 44, enlarged the barrel and a chamber, made an over-sized bullet, and made this thing. Be careful, the cases can hurt your foot badly...
C:9mm W:3.5kg DAM:25 RAN:44 ACC:45 SPEED:7/0.5 auto CLIP:20/25/40 Reload:5 Type:SMG
Exterminating time.
Remington 40XB BR Riflex4
C:222 W:4.8kg DAM:68 RAN:200 ACC:70 SPEED:11 CLIP:1 Reload:5 Type:Rifle
A extra 2 makes all the difference with this gun.
Time Knight Flare Gunx2
C:48 Flare W:0.75kg DAM:122, 5x5 RAN:200 ACC:-15 SPEED:10 CLIP:6 Reload:5 Type:Flare Gun
Still Better than a 38 Automatic.
Colt M1911 AIx12 NO AMMO (ammo in 5 days)
C:45 W:1.1lg DAM:40 RAN:25 ACC:30 SPEED:7 CLIP:7 Reload:5 Type:Semi-Auto Pistol
Now we're talkin'! It's killing time!
MAC-10x8 NO AMMO (ammo in 5 days)
C:45 W:2.5kg DAM:42 RAN:36 ACC:40 SPEED:5/0.33 Auto CLIP:20/30 Type:SMG
Atleast you can hit them now.

ESGmaster:FYI, select your training type, and if you picked a magic training, the type.
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The ape [...] begins beating his Abanzord.
ESGmaster:Ah, yes, the curse of dying from lack of power balls.

Noooo! I lost an arm?!

In that case, I'd like a balance upgrade of having blades installed into the heels of my boots.
So that I can carve bad guys up with axe/downward, hooking and spin kicks.

Who's Ultiros..?


I'd like to take the Uzi (2x25, 1x40 clips), for big bad guys (full auto at close range, Fallout style) and the TimeKnight Flaregun, which is for sniping or full on assault and only used when necessary, since it's pretty powerful.
(could take the even more powerful 440, but the flaregun sounds cooler)
And a new arm

That werewolf is toast

For stats, I'm a bit confused...
I'm lightning, right? so idk who to train with for best stats.
Either way, I'd prefer to spend all my points in increasing basic stats (all three, but more on dex/ag) at this point and save magics for next time. Maybe train with Eternal Knight.
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Ultiros=Time Knight/TK

Uh, Eternal Knight isn't training anybody right now.

TK:I'm inform you whenever we get someone who could also give you special training.

Opps, I meant to say whenever somebody can train.

And your arm will be repaired, don't worry.

Oh, and for the flare gun 5x5 is the explosive radius.

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In my very humble and honest opinion, this thread/RP deserves:

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