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Default Looking for a game about chips and cannons

Hey everyone, first post on this site.

I am asking for help tracking down a really old game that I used to play as a kid. Iíll include all details I remember about this game now.

In the game, you played as this little white creature, I canít remember the details of it. You had to traverse a 2D map that consisted of multiple levels. In these levels there were I think clouds you stood on, and there were cannons to launch you around. The goal of each level was to reach a puzzle piece (I think). You were also able to shoot, I think, chocolate chips at things to manipulate the level to help the little creature reach the goal.

I remember downloading the game off of a site that allowed to me to so for free, just there was a timer on how long I got to play the game at once, 30 minutes was the max playtime maybe.

I was probably around 5 when I was playing this, so around 2007 ish.

I was playing this on windows XP

If anyone has any clue what this game could be, please let me know. I just want to see this game again.
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Time and restrictions suggests classic (now) shareware scheme, so try to look up any of the shareware distributors of this time. Reflexive Arcade was the biggest (but defunct already), Big Fish and Alawar are less (but alive, so you can browse them even now).

I can browse my own full Reflexive collection at home when I'll have the time, but it will be not now.
I tried to check this, then realized that most platform games are matching the pattern. Ouch. Cannon is only noticeable element - but was it cannon really? Not spring, for example, not fan, not anything? Anyway, I hardly can install 1000+ games, and screenshots gives only so much info. Sorry.

Repeat: check Big Fish and Alawar - while checking first hundred games, I noticed numerous matches with this sites.

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