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Default Immortality Protocol Cy-Fox 01

This is a story based on collisions. Whether these collisions are a result of random chance or by design are up to your speculation. The major collision here is that between two races: humanity (us) and Mobians. Mobians, of the planet Mobius are a race of people much like us, but with physical characteristics similar to animals on Earth. As such, they are individually referred to by their Earth parallels.

In order to understand the events that you are about to read about, one must understand the early collisions. The first collision of human and Mobian destinies occurred in the early 1940s. At that time, the Mobians were organized under the rule of an absolute monarchy known as the Kingdom of Acorn. The 1940s was part of an era akin to our Industrial Revolution in the 1800s. The Kingdom of Acorn's sovereign of the time sought to uncover artifacts to add to the family vault. Explorers discovered a floating landmass that had no scientifically explainable form of propulsion, leading to the Mobian study of flight. Soon, airships much like our ill-fated Hindenburg came about and carried the explorers up onto the landmass, dubbed Angel Island.

The answer to Angel Island's ability to float was then made plain. A massive source of energy resembling that of a diamond, created ethereal forces that allowed it to float. Smaller versions of it were arranged around it. The large diamond, named the Master Emerald, proved to be too large to extract. So the sovereign had to settle for the smaller emeralds, in which there were twelve in all. But when the seventh was removed, a reaction occurred between them and the Master Emerald. The smaller emeralds disappeared into a rift and the remaining five became inert. Ethereal storms on the island forced the explorers to abandon their work and continued to rage since the seven emeralds, now dubbed Chaos Emeralds, were removed.

The seven Chaos Emeralds had shifted in time and space. They ended up in a decaying orbit of Earth in 1947 and fell down near the now famous town of Roswell, New Mexico. The Emeralds created random projections in Earth's atmosphere, leading to many UFO sightings. When they were discovered to be the source, they were seized by the United States Air Force and placed in containment at a base known as Area 51 for study.

Unfortunately, humanity had the same chance of understanding them as the Mobians did, even with their virtual 70-year advantage in technology. It wouldn't be until the early 21st century that the mystery would begin to be unraveled.

While humanity was gearing up for the largest scientific coup since splitting the atom, the Mobians were meanwhile gearing up for war. Dissent had formed among the Kingdom as a significant portion of its subjects tired of the House of Acorn's absolute rule. Venturing west into unexplored territory, the disillusioned began to peacefully establish themselves, making it clear that they only had their quarrel with the monarchy and not its people. But the Kingdom refused to recognize their western brethren as an independent nation. A police action was declared and the Royal Army was mobilized. Thus began the Revolution of 1985.

Mobian technology had advanced to that of the level of a World War I major power. But the tactics used by the Western Revolutionaries could have been taken out of George Washington's coat pockets. Using guerillas tactics, and gaining more and more immigrants from the east, the Westerns held on long enough to make the Kingdom war-weary, forcing them to withdraw and recognize the Westerns' independence in 1992. Thus the Republic of Mobius was born.

Since then, both nations were starting to make headway in their scientific pursuits. The early 21st century brought about the unlocking of two crucial technologies. By then, the United States government had finished an exhaustive 63 year study of the Chaos Emeralds with little progress and many theories proven wrong. With that, they leased the emeralds to the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN.

Combining the emeralds with their recently completed Large Hadron Collider, a massive particle accelerator, CERN was able to create a wormhole, a tunnel that provides a path between two faraway points. A wormhole requires a massive amount of energy to be maintained, too massive to where it could be generated from any terrestrial source. With that established, it was determined that the Chaos Emeralds tapped into a source of energy that was virtually infinite.

Fearing a cataclysmic event, CERN shut down the Large Hadron Collider and put out a false story in regards to an electrical fault and a liquid helium leak in order to keep the public at ease. The true results of their work were submitted to the United Nations, leading into massive government investments in space exploration, which ironically were going to be put through cuts for austerity. The primary objective was to construct a space based particle accelerator, centered around the Large Hadron Collider's principle design, creating a stable wormhole and sending an exploration fleet through it by the 22nd century.

While humanity was on the road to exploring new worlds, the Mobians however were on the road to destroying theirs. Both the Kingdom of Acorn and the Republic of Mobius had discovered nuclear fission sometime in the early 21st century. The Republic geared their research towards civil usage, while the Kingdom geared theirs towards military applications. The Kingdom's monarch, the first that history can accurately identify, King Frederick Acorn, began to consider using nuclear technology as a stick to threaten the Republic with in order to bring them back under the Kingdom's sphere of influence. A cold war began, as the Royal Secret Service and the various intelligence agencies of the Republic attempted to protect and steal valuable secrets from each other. The intelligence duel would end sometime in the 2060s as King Frederick decided that he had sufficient means to pursue his ambitions.

Failing to threaten his Western counterpart, who assured Frederick that any nuclear deployment against the Republic would be met with a doubly proportionate second strike, Frederick began to ready and deploy his forces. Then came the second collision between Earth and Mobius.

Propelled by the new possibilities that awaited them, the nations of Earth worked together and ended up completing the second particle accelerator and their expeditionary fleet 31 years ahead of schedule. With the Chaos Emeralds in place, the accelerator was activated and a gateway to what would later be determined as the Mobia star system was created. With the path set before them, the expeditionary fleet crossed through the wormhole and sighted Mobius. A passive study of the planet was conducted with remote probes, leading to the discovery of the Mobians. Permanent reconnaissance satellites were then assembled allowing Kingdom and Republic signals to be taken apart by computer. When the military buildup and nuclear implements of both nations were found, the fleet's commanders were placed in a dilemma. Was it their place to intervene, or was it their place to simply observe?

An emergency session of the UN Security Council was called and the ethical dilemma was methodically taken apart and debated. Humanity's superpowers as a majority, having seen two World Wars and nearly a nuclear war of its own, agreed that they had to intervene. The military ships maneuvered to place themselves in position for bombardment of military installations and forces of both sides. The Mobians' communications satellites and ground communication stations were hijacked. On that fateful day: July 20, 2069, United States Air Force Colonel Franklin Robotnik addressed the planet, demanding an unconditional cease fire and meeting with both sides' political and military leaders.

The Republic's Prime Minister and King Frederick were brought before Colonel Robotnik and a teleconference of the UN Security Council by American, British and German commandos. Both sides were given a chance to discuss the conflict that the fleet was observing. King Frederick attempted to persuade the humans to assist in bringing the 'rogue' Republic back under Kingdom control. The Security Council was disgusted and decided to give the Republic their support. King Frederick was sent away in disgrace, after a private meeting with Colonel Robotnik. According to one historical account, from the tirade of yelling and profanity that occurred, the observer was convinced that the spirit of General George S. Patton had briefly possessed the Colonel.

Peace was enforced on Mobius since then, with the disarmament of the Kingdom by human forces. The Republic enjoyed a golden age with a massive influx of human technology, education and culture. An attempt to insulate the Kingdom from the tidal wave human cultural influence failed. It became a personal embarrassment for King Frederick when his young son Maximilian declared Colonel Robotnik as his new hero. Frederick was considered a lame duck since then until his death in 2085. When Maximilian (who preferred to be known simply as Max) became King, he was determined to wash away his father's illustrious legacy. He reorganized the military into that of a strictly defensive force, much like that of the Japanese Self Defense Forces, and began a series of progressive reforms, establishing the framework for a constitutional monarchy. He opened the borders to the West and to the humans.

Seeing Max's overtures for genuine peace and progress, the Republic and the UN decided to lift most of their enforcement measures, starting to invest their wealth and technology into the Kingdom. With a healthy peace established, Max turned his attention towards a family, marrying an aristocrat’s daughter, who became known as Queen Alicia and would have two children, the first being a son, Crown Prince Elias and a daughter, Princess Sally.

Now it is the year 2109. While the grand story of the past comes to a close, a new one stands to be written. As before, the destinies of Human and Mobian will collide.

And now, that story begins.
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Will the story begin finally?
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