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Old 07-08-2010, 03:59 PM   #1
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Default Win 7 64 Windows XP mode / VPC [Basic howto]

If you're on Win7 64 you already know that you can forget running 16 bits ol'windows software on it.
Solution is to install Windows XP mode and Virtual PC for Win7 64.
The program is to download directly from Microsoft, freeware.

First you need to download Windows XP mode and VPC for Win7 64:
(click on pics to enlarge)

Notice: you will need to validate your Win 7 to be allowed to download/install the software.

Install the stuff....

Remark: you need Windows XP mode nd VPC.

Run Windows XP mode ....

Some setup screens (you only get those at first run..)

Seen this one before ....

...and this, this gonna take a while, time for a coffee break....

Basic install with 512MB, you can adjust memory settings, highly recommended, some 1-2GB RAM won't hurt (if your host can take it).

That's a nice addition , it's now finally possible to attach an USB key/drive in your Windows XP mode

High time to run something ...

Oh yeah, a little bit sluggish, but it runs

(BTW, you'll need a pretty high end host PC to get Unreal running in Windows XP mode, just saying, but most ol'16 bit games/software will run fine in software modus).

When installing Windows XP mode you also have Virtual PC installed.
Let's try some stuffs:




And this is just for fun you're better off with dosbox .....

[Edit 10-12-2011]
It's been a while now, had time to test a lot of things with XP mode under Win7.
Have to say it's a great soft to run old applications or use old printers that refuse to run-work in Win7, but for gaming it's a let down. Not that surprising, after all it was never meant as gaming platform.

For gaming purposes I advise VPC2007(sp1) with W98SE or XP, not XP mode.

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Old 08-08-2010, 04:46 AM   #2
Abandonia nerd

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It also works using Vmware player. VMware player will auto detect & setup Xp mode automatically after you tell Vmware where you downloaded/copied the Xpmode folder to.
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Old 29-06-2011, 03:01 AM   #3

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Default Home Premium Users

So, I went to the microsoft website to try and download said software, and it tells me that I'm not eligible. Does that mean that it won't RUN on my computer? Or does that just mean that Microsoft are the greedy jerks I think they are and won't give it to me for free like they would if I shelled out an additional couple-hundred dollars to upgrade my perfectly fine OS to an even bigger beast?
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Old 29-06-2011, 06:32 AM   #4
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You get what you paid for.
If you ain't happy with it contact MS and bitch there.

Of course, you could also simply down and install VPC2007 and install W98Se or XP in it. That works on a 'home' license
Even if you get a warning, simply ignore it.

And if you don't like MS, don't buy windows, enough alternatives, even free ones.

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Old 30-06-2011, 03:16 AM   #5
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This is the link for Windows versions previous to 7:


As Dosraider said, if you have a Home edition of Windows you may see a disclaimer about not being supported, but discard it and the program works all the same.

I'm quite mad at MSFT because what they've done to us Vista license holders. Windows 7 has only very minor changes (its internal version number is 6.1.x instead of 7.x), it could have been a SP for Vista, but they decided to declare a new version as a publicity stunt, because Vista was hugely unpopular for no reason. All that is OK, but now not only are we barred from the GUI improvements in 7, we're also left in the dark with the new virtualization tools, and we have to make do with the legacy ones. It would have been no effort on their part to make the same program available for other versions, at least Vista which has the exact same architecture. Not doing so is their best excuse for 7 being a whole new version, and yet an outrageous insult to the people who put their money on Vista, which is their product that they sold to us, but they've spurned it.
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Talking Yes, XP mode is great!!

Hi, dear mates,

Yes, I want to confirm the words about the wonderful XP mode option ... For me, the game Dungeon Siege could not start because I use Windows 7 Pro. But I installed XP mode and the game started .. Hooray!
Thank you.

OFF, sry,
But I noticed something strange. The game uses Russian because I prefer it to English. However, the text is in English, and some characters use or Russian or English. Settings lack the option to choose ... Strange!

.. Many years ago I bought a wonderful scanner ... But raising the OS it turned out that this printer had a driver supported only by XP. And I was forced to throw it away. But it had a huge scanning surface that today's scanners don't have. So pathetic ...

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