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Old 07-06-2019, 09:43 PM   #441
Home Sweet Abandonia
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Default Pokemon Black and White 1-2s

No, I'm not done with platinum. But looked up some reviews as I do make progress. Just to get a second opinion.

Based on the reviewshere is how to chpoose which version:
- white 1-2 has tripple combats (3 mon fights simultanously). This sounds ridiculous, completly destorying the concept of type advantage, and gives you to the mercy of the AI.

- black 1-2 has rotation combat. It's the same problem as with white, because your mons randomly facing the enemy. Ye,sure, fokin' "great" idea. Maybe this appeals to competitive players if they don't exist just on paper... But everyone else will foked in the arse I say.
- the usual version-differences are there, and I couldn't give less fok
- actualy, there is the issue of friggin version-unique mons. White just has more appealing designs.
- also, if I remember correctly, White wasd the anime-compatible movie too.
- B/W 2 has a shitton of old gen mons. I could give less fok of those at this point. Give the people the old mons LATE in these games (if we can call them that), so they don't actualy use them, k?
- the map. B/W are linearin design - 1/2 is even worse.
- 2s give free legendaries to your hands and crap, suggesting to me it makes not just the passage linear, but unify the used units (why would you throw away your legendary ber monsters?)

So if I'd ever touch one, that'd be white.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Old 09-06-2019, 09:05 PM   #442
Home Sweet Abandonia
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Default Pokemon Platinum #2 - beautiful madness

There is this part with Giratina. That's the local Satan if you care. In the anime the whole mon was meaningless crap, in the game it is pretty ingenious backstory.
But the part to get there ... Look, it is realy beautiful. Seriously. If you only had to pass it, in a "straight" line, it would have been a fond memory.
But nah, Nintendo created a giant puzzle out of this gigantic, monstrous 3D structure. Just what were they thinking?? "Pokemon games are for young kids" my arse! I'd do ZakMcKraken TWICE than this!


I'll be honest. I don't care, and will never care for the post-game content for these products.
The issue here is, the Pokemon League in here IS POST GAME CONTENT. Once you deal with Giratina (I managed to oneshot it w/o a critical for thefirst time, lol, second time used a lvl 15 beaver to catch it, double lol) the game give you the champion-celebration, and says "by the way you can still do crap). But i don't wanna. there's an entire Gym even I didn't visit, the road to Pal Park, trying to swim to the post-game islands - and I don't wanna. Because they feel, look, smell like post-game content.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Old 10-06-2019, 12:49 PM   #443
Home Sweet Abandonia
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Default Pokemon White #1

With the disappointment Platinum caused (from marketing viewpoint making the Elites semi-post-endgame is a good clickbait move to make people play the definitely-post-endgame content), I might give this a try.

Thought I'll this time choose whatever looks cool. Well, every time I checked those (digimmon-dragon, trash-heap pokemon, fetus-pokemon, robot "pokemon", 'I am cool" bug pokemon, modron) it wiki said: You Suck, Try Again.

Also turned out, White has some extra forest with previous gen mons, while Black has the more appealing more trainer fights. Well, fok this, I'll grind in the grass if I have to,but I'll stick with white,because... Well, I better not finish that sentence. Btw, PC stands for Pokemon Center, k?

Let's see... Filter out event mons, version exclusives, trade evolutions, the flying polarbear, post game mons, cartridge-specials, osawoth, possibly scraggy...
They also told smugleaf is shit, and oshawot is just coloured shit, so I'm considering dumping my starter here, because I didn't do that until now. And if I released a mon in Platinum, I can do this here!

Hm, maybe the fantasy about not catching a single pkemon, onlyworking with the starter, and gift pokemons, and forced legendaries? Looking at Larvesta: gained: late, at lvl 1. Evolves: lvl 59 (your max lvl is usualy lvl 50 w/o grinding). So no.
I keep bumping into walls...
Ah, also have to exclude any Feebas-like pokemon (only appears at1%, on Tuesday, if you stand on your head, with your tongue out, your hair painted green).

Wait. Gift pokemons? What are THOSE?
Nah, never mind them. Not enough, partialy post-game content (or unusaly incredibly weak).

Lastly for now: most even semi-interresting mons marked are "comes late", so...


They made things related to real life SEASONS. That's out of this world.
The EXP-system looks seriously nerfed. Ok, new mons cancatch up, but what's with my high lvl mons?

We'll see how it works out, but I planned this team: archeopterix, darumaka (this is some asian demon-thing), a flying mole, some dog which I could live without, but I needed SOMETHING to work with, some worm which evolves into an even bigger worm, and the ice-cone mon because it looks stupid enough. For the game the designseems fitting, for anything else not. It looks pretty weak btw, but why should I care?

Seems there are no running shoes, and the vibrating elements rly make me nauseous. We'll see ifI can tolerate that.
UPDATE: there are running shoes, only come a town later. Btw, these towns are boring, nothing is in them. And you're heavily fistcuffed to only advance as the programmers allowed you with very artificial boundries...

Either way, I stored my starter after finding a good dog-mon which never sleeps and has impish nature wich only hurts its totaly unused stat (special attack), so while not optimal, I said ok, let's go pikachu - ye, like I'd do such thing.

So, in the 2nd Gym things are though. The Leader's first mon is already evolved (I keep mine from it, going for Gige Impact for the luls), and the 2nd hits 100+ with each hit, 210 in the first round, and it is fast meaning it moves first... Unless you're even more overlevelled than me.
I have a lvl 17 flying mole and a lvl 24 puppy at this point, as well the free monkey (darn, I should have started with Smugleaf, so I'd have the Blue Monkey, which is an excellent HM-slave!),which was also needed to faint during the Gym Leader. Ye, my startegy isn't very nice to my mons, giving some credit to Team Plasma, Pokemon's PETA. Of course ca. allgames starts with "don't go into the grass or you'll be shredded to bits by pokemon", so ye, very much like PETA this organisation.
Oh btw, if you want to Grind With A Purpose, hunt for the 5% fighter-mon.

Seems one of the creators had in mind to encourage the player to use recoil damage moves, slow mons, and low% hits. The other made every damage HURT, so things didn't work out in the new direction - stick to the Old Reliable.

After puppy and mole (this needs lvl15 for Metal Claw to have a half-decent attack) got myself a poisonous worm with poison on touch attribute. That's funky. And it's not half bad form the point it gets poison tail.

That bridge though, and the following city... Darn, that was creative. I'd welcome such things in my games on PC.

The game is VERY easy, and feels small, the progress only being slowed down a lot by advancing little and the need to crawlback for healing. Seriously, first you get TWO starters, AND you are strongly encouraged to capture at least 1 mor mon, so you have 2 mon to be sacrificed in the gym like I did. Or you can pick up the strongly suggested fighting types in the vicinity.
The first gym is based on your capturing that mentioned extra mon, because it is type-opposite gym compared your starter, but they are punny otherwise.
The 3rd gym is a bug gym with a bug-filled forest right before it. I dun wanna brag or something,because I did not plan it that way, but if you catch the poisonous worm, you'll be pretty much invincible at lvl 20 (capture is lvl15 or so). So the tools necessary are given to you on a silver plate!
And yes, I checked: the next gym is electric, and the thin selection of mons contain like 3-4 gorund type to make you immun against them. You get your ca. single fire type in the game (there's too a starter, a crappy elemental monkey, a not-third-phase-mole crap, and some ghost coming very late), but it won't be able to hit nuttin' until lvl 35 (comes at lvl 18), so put the Exp-share on it, and move forward. Oh, and don't take the Zen Mode variant, because those are crappy. You had to either halve you HP for the game with it, whatis a BAD idea, or do a physical/special mixed attacker, but with only 4 move, and the stats being exclusive to the forms, it just sounds cery hindering.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Old 13-06-2019, 09:54 AM   #444
Home Sweet Abandonia
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Default Pokemon White #2

I wondered what should be the mascot of the franchise based on what is appearing constantly in every game?

First, as in gen1 games later generations did not exist, any further candidate got eliminated.

Second, I eliminated all version-exclusives.
Third checked a Very Common Pokemon: Magikarp. It appears naturaly in every single major core game, so if a mon appears inany generation only by trading in from previous generation games, or a distribution-event, it is eliminated.

This still left a surprising amount of mons:
- jigglypuff, wigglytuff
- zubat, golbat
- horsea, seadra
- goldeen, seaking
- magikarp, gyarados
It is weird all of these are 2 step mons, but it is nice not all of them are water mons.
Now howto go further.
Well, aside the Major Core Games, bulbapedia lists other core games for whatever reason.
magikarp/gyarados does not appear in Colosseum and . Let's see how the others do.
goldeen does the same.
horsea ditto.
zubat appears in !

Thus, we have a winner. Who need pikachu when u have zubat?


I LOVE the Gym in Driftveil. What a showoff! Easy but effective puzzle! That's how it should be.

Thereare some weird monster-level issues, but overal this part is good. But changing the clock to winter, which according to Nintendo/Japan lasts October-December, just to get a table of chocolate, which must not be consumed but instead used to revive some special pokemon half a country away... Now that's Sierra level bullshit. I'm not sure if this is a curse-phrase or a compliment though.


Let's make a quick rundown on the series:
- gen1 was a very ambitious puzzle-game with a very strong collector-aspect. It was totaly buggy, but whatever.
- gen2 was a glorified expansion-pack. Mechanicaly it is the most obvious and clear game, as you literaly only have to tick the type-chart, and you're good to go. The "catch'em all" aspect was barely present.
- gen3 was a reboot. But despite being reboot, and its own problems (missing types, whatever), it was at least bug-free.
- gen4 was riddled with HM-hoarding, difficulty-issues, the pacing was horrible, the puzzles overcomplicated, but I can see an audience for such thing.
- gen5 is... Well, it creates continuity with the gen 1-2 games, so that's a plus. Has some very interresting design-choices visualy. The puzzles are mostly simple, unfortunately the backtracking almost disappeared. And to be honest, it looks bringing a 6 crew is needles, slows down the gameplay to frustration-level, and the choice of mons is a "bit" lackluster. But it seems going with only 1 mon is totaly dinamic experience. I started this as side-project, just to spice up the monotony, but I totaly abandoned my original crew (still have the savefile of course). The game, playing this way, feels ... small in some aspect. The catch-em-allaspect is totaly for the hardcores only, and even the teambuilding seems to disappear... Strange evolution of the franchise.


It seems there's a Location Randomizer concerning items and trainers, so that gives the feel of exploration even if you have a premade map - which you obviously can't follow to the letter because of that. As a side-effect you'll have to make a mon learn Flash for exactly 1 (optional) location.
The HMs are a problem in this game though, given what you must learn to get everything, and in what distribution the mons can learn. Because in many instances you need a separate mon just to learn one friggin HM.
These are the useful HMs:
- cut (a lot of optional items, and a part of the story, probably mandatory)

- fly (fast travel, you want this as you can now just fly to the League if you visited it!)
- surf (an optional double-area, another optional area, and some other minor things)
- strength (some optional items, creating shortcuts, maybe mandatory?)
- dive (post game thing, no idea if it leads to anything interresting)
- dig (very convenient to leave some dungeons)
- flash (makes an optional area realistic to discover)
- waterfall (in Lostlorn Forest you can get 1 Rare Candy with it, and that's it before post-game, where it has 2 other location to use)

You know, by this I thought I compound how you should HM-slave. But that's a wee bit problematic, because if we exclude version exclusives, starters and starter based mons, as well as other choice-exclusive thing (eg. fossil mons), and we take account of accessibility, we end up with Basculin as our Waterfall-user, whatis stupid, because to get it you already must know surf... And you probably want to use Cut earlier, but whatever I think. At least it can (also) learn Dive.
But it goes well with Watchog, total early mon, which can do Cut, Strength, and Flash.
What we still need is a Surfer, which hopefully can also Fly. The perfect candidate is Ducklett. It's easy to get, there's no other mon appearing at its location which location is inevitable, and I think it comes at the right time.

The Elite Four here is very pathetic. No overlevelled pokemon (lvl 50-55-60), and they don't even have sixpacks!

Oh: White is the definite version as W2/B2 are just glorified expansions, and Black has some pathetic battle for this final fight with only 1 mon. That's stupid. Make the full battle against 6! On top of it, that Zoroark is a funny surprise.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Old 15-06-2019, 06:06 PM   #445
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Default Pokemon theories

Meh. I totaly steamrolled that gen 5 game, now what's next. I even did the majority of single player postgame, because the first bit contained a sentence telling "hey, this is the 2nd Sage (the Evil Team's leader) of the 7, let's go further and gotta catch 'em all!"
Of course this turned out bullshit, and with like 3-4 places still to go to (all had the same lvl enemies), and some stupid extra fights-per-day (rematching the Elite Four and crap, not much stronger by the way) I stopped. Still got to lvl 90.

But u know, there was a Weird Moment in the game. The story is basicaly thatyour Mom kicks you out to see the world and choose a profession, u know,medieval style, even make the local Professor (u know, like in Dr. Strangelove) give u a biological weapon, which works by cybernetic implants (hidden machines, technica lmachines) and shit.
Then u come across these PETA-advocates, who secretly want to Take Over The World, and this case intervines with your Journey. Here comes the Weird Part.
When you save the world, and beat the Champion, which'd make you the regional champion, but take notice it never does FOR THE PLAYER in the games, so you go home, and you have Double Mom Syndrome? Nah, that Other Mom is some interpol-agent. Oh, and your mom's name is actualy Mom. Ye, sure.
Then you get kicked out of the house to collectdata of all the possible biological weapons in the friggin1 world, or something, never to return I assume they assume.

Well, I say, this Weird Moment has connection to an other Weird Moment in Emerald (and its proto-version). That game starts with a truck bringing out furniture to where your character supposedly just moved. Ye, because kids are transported amongst the luggage. Sure, you got transported - FROM THE ANDROID FACTORY.

This is the point where the anime and the games intertwine. Remeber Ash Ketchup? We know the Pokeversum has some highly advanced tehcnology. They have cloning machines, matrix simulators, mechas... Yes, they have matrix. That was in the anime about Porygon, and in another instance a guy built a Mirage Machine or shit. Also, in the games when you get to the poke-centers the method of healing your biological weapons is not by medicine, but by RESTING. Nurse Joy can make them an 8 hour sleep IN SECONDS. Obviously matrix.
On cloning, we know clones age. Because we see the Nurse Joys growing up.
But what about the robots? Ye, robots don't age. That's why Ash Ketcham never ages.
And that's why Red never talks. But this is an interresting topic, because we know, Red is "silent", while later protagonists DO SPEAK. The protagonists' ability to speak is advancing within the franchise. Obviously by upgrades on the technology.

From this point such things like when in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum the same inetrpolice mentioned above do squat, and even send the protagonist to what'd definitely be his job, including taking MORTAL DANGER understandable: the protagonist is not a child, but a highly advanced android. A terminator. Becaue the Pokemon War, mentioned in Red by the Electric Gym Leader never ended, only went to a Cold War.
This War is led by the actual governmental figures - the Professors. that's why we never actualy see any government, because they hide themselves in plain sight. They work together when they must, but their prime goal is actualy World Domination. The anime prefectly depicts that the most advanced of them is Professor Oak, who was the first to send a Protagonist to a journey outside its own region. Maybe he even invented the whole Protagonist Project. We never see the other two rival who supposedly got 10 just like Gary and Ash for some Weird Coincident, because there never were another two. In the game Red/BLue/Yellow there isn't even a third one at all!

And that's why Red went and just stood on that mountaintop. Lacking further instructions, the Protagonist stopped functioning. In Gold/Silver/Crystal he/it is literaly dethroned by the new generation model (as the peak of the post-game).

Now I'ma bit sad I can't have access to the later games, because the games strenghtened my theory about Ash being a robot, the professors being evil manipulators, and so on. I mean, what's the deal with the Ultra Beasts? Pokemon isn't about pokemons anymore? Or there is further connection to the Conspiracy?
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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