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Old 06-05-2010, 06:22 PM   #91
Default Loaned money to town, didn't get back any money.

Loaned money to town, didn't get back any money. wtf? help pleasE?
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Old 21-10-2010, 07:01 PM   #92


Every time I try to repair my ship (hulk or sails) it says, that its overload.
When I visit the merchant, I'am not able to sell ALL of my goods. In the list of the wares, there is still 1 left, which I can't sell.

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Old 02-05-2013, 11:08 PM   #93
Default notes

The manual links don't work any more. Any new ones?

Originally Posted by booo
Loaned money to town, didn't get back any money. wtf?
It doesn't seem to work quite like it says: instead of taking your money and paying out a lump sum with 12% interest after 3 months, it seems to pay a bit of the interest each month and then return your principal after maybe a year. In any case, if you wait long enough, it should show back up as (the misleadingly-labelled) 'amount owed so far' and you click (the even-worse-labelled) 'pay back money owed' to withdraw your cash.

This may reduce your stature within the town, so check afterwards to see if you need to put money back into the local gov't.

Originally Posted by guest
When I visit the merchant, I'am not able to sell ALL of my goods. In the list of the wares, there is still 1 left, which I can't sell.
I don't think this is true. You just have to pull your cursor all the way to the right of the screen to get that last one unit. If that's truly impossible for you, it might be a monitor sizing issue. Dosbox should clear it up.
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Old 02-05-2013, 11:36 PM   #94
Default workshops

Since the manual links don't work at the moment and this took a while to work out, a brief overview of workshops:

First, you must own a warehouse in the city (you start with one in London and can buy more there and in other cities at auction or through the property clerk at the various town halls).

Once you do, various master workmen will appear at the city's inn. They will usually blow you off until you are respected in the town (increasing respect may come from side missions but may be purchased by investing somewhere between £10k and £100k in loans to the treasurer at the city's town hall). If there is no master workman in the inn, you may be able to spawn one by reëntering the inn or you may have to wait for another day. Since it always costs £15k to equip the workshop, you probably need to have that amount of cash on hand to have a successful discussion.

Pay attention to what the workman is a master of: you'll only recoup £7.5k if you end up selling it off later.

Originally Posted by Guest View Post
Can someone who knows explain exactly how to make a profit from workshops? How many servants do you need? How do you know where to sell the finished goods? How can you tell how much it costs you to make each unit of goods?
There isn't any automatic profit. The workshop just turns raw materials stored at your warehouse into finished products in your warehouse. It's up to you to purchase cheap raw materials and sell the finished products for a good price. Obviously, it's a good idea to locate your workshop in a place with cheap inputs (i.e., a brandy distillery in French wine country or a textile mill in London near the English sheep herds.)

You start with 10 workmen and that's all you seem to need. Just make sure you transfer enough money to pay them, using the book at your warehouse. Their 'motivation' seems to be based on the location: Anglican spots like London give you 110% and Catholic Le Havre will only give you 70% despite supposedly being an 'English' city.

One minor gameplay flaw seems to be that some of the workshops can never generate a profit. A gunsmith will use 1 wood, 100 bronze, and 100 iron to make 1 cannon, meaning each one costs £1k-3k more to produce than simply buying them. Similarly, the 'armorer' who uses 1 saltpeter and 1 sulphur to produce 2 units of gunpowder will typically not be able to pay for his inputs and the £50/mo. in payments to the workshop staff. The brandy distillery needs 3 units of wine for 1 of brandy, but can break even depending on where you're buying and selling. Only a very few seem to be generally profitable: the weaver who turns £5 wool into £17+ cloth or the sail-maker who turns the cloth into £23+ sail.

A much bigger problem seems to be that there is no way to transfer your goods from your warehouse to your ships. You can sell your finished products from the warehouse to the merchant and then buy them off of him, but that means you're losing anywhere from £2 to £50 per unit in profit. (Please do let me know if there is some way to do this, because the warehouse and ship ledgers don't seem to be able to and it's a major failure.)
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Old 02-05-2013, 11:48 PM   #95
Default notes

First, this post is very useful information if you didn't read through the whole thread:

Originally Posted by Bharatma View Post
1. Bugs:
The game is horribly bugged in the unpatched version and AFAIK only 10% of those bugs were patched. Also judging from the text files (in the German version) it seems that there were a lot more missions planned than made it into the game.
2. Adventure:
The game has sort of a quest line that includes several missions you do for the queen and might even reward you with some nice videos.
However the line is not continuous and each part requires you to be in a certain port during a certain period of time. So you can easily miss your next mission which will kill most of or even the whole questline.
3. Trade:
Elizabeth I. employs a new trade system which is outright stupid and was fixed in Patrizier II (The Patrician 2 in English afaik).
Price is calculated by supply and demand as in most of those games BUT supply includes not only what's in store at the port but also what you got in your ship.
If you were for example bringing 2 shiploads of beer to a town that has no beer at all, the price would plummet because there's a lot of beer on your ships and you wouldn't be able to sell at a profit. The only way to work around this is to limit the amount of each type of cargo you haul. The upside is, that you can keep prices low for goods you want to buy frequently just by keeping enough of them in stock at the port.

Originally Posted by FobicoDAM View Post
Ok, i have mastered the game... almost... i still cant get the "reputation" thing..
It seems pretty straightforward: loan cash to the city hall treasurer 10k at a time and it bumps you up through several levels (no one cares; people leave you alone; you're respected; etc.) One poster above says things get sketchy if you loan more than 50% of the town's request. It's possible the coders wanted to simulate ahole locals coming up with an excuse not to repay you, but it's more likely (if that's accurate) that it's just a bug.
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Old 13-02-2018, 07:10 PM   #96
Default manual

Does anybody have that English translation of a manual saved?
I only have German pdf file...
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Old 14-02-2018, 11:04 AM   #97
Home Sweet Abandonia
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Originally Posted by Iurius View Post
Does anybody have that English translation of a manual saved?
I only have German pdf file...
Seems not.
If you realy have problem with the germanversion though, I might be able to translate it. Hope it's short, german is not my strong point.
But if you offer the manual to Abandonia, I'm willing to take the risk.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Old 14-02-2018, 01:03 PM   #98
Default Manual

twillight, thank you very much for the offer! But it is 157 pages

Here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TF...jIEagsZi9TqtQF

It is the complete German manual and two additional official hint files.

In case it is too big a task for the translation, does anybody per chance has a physical English manual available for scanning? As Abandonia.com is the only place that has the cover of the English edition on display.

(Sorry, somehow I can't get registered here, it is always 'Registration Failed' for me...)
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Old 14-02-2018, 03:29 PM   #99
Home Sweet Abandonia
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Default manual translation

rtf file:

Elizabeth I

Did you fall out of favor with Elisabeth? The trade routes are not
lucrative enough and the annoying pirates can not be dispelled? You'd manage the Adventure parts, but when and where do they find these adventures? If you ask yourself these questions, you should not
keep paging - because here comes the rescue on the high seas!

To build a trading empire from 5,000 pounds and a small pinnace in 30 years, a trading empire one wants to build up at a fast pace. At the start
should be traded mainly with cheap goods, thus the ship
is also busy. It is worthwhile. For example, look for routes such as cloth from London to Barcelona, ​​beer from Barcelona to Algiers, silk or brandy from Algiers to Edinburgh and then a trip back to London, from where the whole thing is repeated. Of course, the first earned pounds will go straight investing into one larger ship. The advantage of a big ship versus many smaller ones is, that the factory brings positive image boost (respect?) in the city, where one wishes t have the office of the ambassador. Also, the situation should be adapted to the materials to be processed available. Building a distillery is best in a wine area (Le Havre) and a weaving best in the vicinity of cheap cloth suppliers (London, Edinburgh or Antwerp). The last worthwhile way to raise income, is giving cities loans. These interest caps at 12% - a not to be underestimated sum. It also strengthens up
the confidence in the citizens.

The flip side of the coin

If you do not want to remain a merchant forever, you have to become an envoy be appointed. Once appointed ambassador, the road to success becomes a lot rockier. Ambassadors want to receive adequate (expensive), the poor fed, the Legation renovated and festivals celebrated. For one
Ambassadors it is always good, if one in the city hall covers one quarter to one third of the upcoming investment through loans. You should also more often prove faith in the church. Receptions or Special events must always be scheduled the day before with the adjutant. Do not forget: the small people also have votes! But as soon as the money-making in Elisabeth vecomes not-too-difficult, we now dedicate ourselves to the a total of 15 quests. In this way you can gain more image than through the biggest donations. At this point we give you once again our main advice: save, save, save! If you follow this advice hardcore, then it should not be a problem to soon take the place of to chair Sir Cecil the Privy Council. I wish you success!

Introduction Quest

The series of 15 Quests in Elisabeth is right at the beginning of a small one
initiated. Just drive to some harbor with your pinnace (Exception: Barcelona & London) and visit the tavern. It is pointed out to you that an envoy of the English crown has fallen into a storm and urgently needs to be taken to Barcelona to invite the Spanish king to the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth. Take that Order, you will automatically drive to Barcelona. There it asks you Envoy to wait ten days to deliver the King's answer. Invest the 1,000 pounds you pay for 10 days of docking
because after bringing the envoy back to London, you are invited to the palace. There you will find Elisabeth himself. She thanks you and compensates you with one bag full of gold.


André Geller

Cheat trick:
First buy two pirate ships, that You equip. Now go on a foray. Plunder a foreign ship and transfer a good (if possible gems) to your ship.
Immediately afterwards select the goods again with the Enter key. Confirms the number of previous action. Press the enter key again, whereupon the inventory on the looted ship is negative. You can do this until your ship is full.

PS: I just dropped the text to Google Translate german -> english. Before and after the -------------- marks I checked the translation, not between. Later I edited to omit those.
Seems you'd get a better translation if you'd remove the line-breakes from the original text, so the translator don't register broken sentences. It'd actualy be better or almost as good as I'd be able to achieve.


doc file:

Tips & Tricks:
The merchandise management system in Elisabeth is constructed in such a way that one is forced to act with small units of different goods, whereby the enterprise resource planning system becomes much more complex. Some products such as: brandy, silk and cloth are seasonally the exception.
In order to operate factories reasonably, you should put about 15,000 pounds in the camp. You should also transfer about 200 units of iron, or bronze, to the forge.
In addition, the blacksmiths and the armory do not make any profits, as the goods produced are strategic weapons.
On the other hand, good profits can be made with the distillery, weaving and sailmaking.
The production lasts about five weeks, furthermore, the operation of factories in terms of the reputation in Elisabeth is very important
Regularly binge if you are a pirate to prevent a mutiny.
If you can not find an escape in an adventure, you have two options that are quite helpful:
1. If you print your coat of arms downwards out of the picture (please note that the coat of arms outside the screen is in the middle), the information board appears, then press the left mouse button and information appears on the board about the next waypoint in the adventure.
2. If you want to break off an adventure, please go into the cabin and then interact with the coat of arms in the upper left corner. If you now stop about 0.5 cm from the corner and press the left mouse button, a panel appears in the center of the picture. Now you are asked: "Do you really want to do business again?", Confirm with "Yes" or "No".
If Elisabeth I Adventureparts are installed, that should make the game a bit easier. What adventures you can do where can be found in the following list:
Please note that the start of the adventure is also related to your reputation!

Period of takeoff / City or place where the adventure starts
01.12.58 - 31.03.1559 / all except Le Havre
01.11.58 - 31.03.1559 / all except London and Barcelona / Tavern
am 16.11.60 / London after the Privy Council meeting
01.01.63 - 31.12.1563 / all but London, Algiers, Barcelona / Tavern
01.01.66 - 31.12.1566 / London

01.09.68 - 31.12.1568 / Open Sea / Cadiz, Lisbon, La Coruna, Bayonne
01.01.69 - 31.12.1569 / Lissabon/Dealer

01.01.70 - 31.12.1570 / England, France, Neatherland

01.02.72 - 01.03.1572 / all except London

01.01.72 - 31.12.1573 / England or Holland

01.01.76 - 31.12.1576 / London

01.01.79 - 31.12.1579 / London

01.06.80 - 31.08.1580 / Open Sea / Cadiz, Lisbon, La Coruna, Bayonne
01.01.83 - 31.06.1583 / all except Bayonne
15.02.86 - 15.09.1586 / after donating about 100,000 pounds in a Spanish city

(end of document)


manual, table of conents:

system requirements
Charging instructions / installation
1.0 The trade goal
2.0 Building
2.1 Start
2.2 cabin
2.3 Tavern
2.4 Shipyard
2.5 dealers
2.6 Town Hall
2.7 Warehouses & manufactories
2.8 Church
2.9 Dungeon
2.10 Merchant Adventures Guild
3.0 upgrade
3.1 Privy Council
3.2 Legation
3.3 Adventure part
4.0 yields
4.1 Pirates
4.2 Buccaneer
5.0 Attacking
5.1 Ways to battle
5.2 Driving to cities
5.3 The naval battle
6.0 The historical background
6.1 The hasty quick start for the impatient
6.2 Elisabeth's background or: The Story so far
6.3 England's first Elisabeth or: God save the Queen
6.4 Elisabeth's England or: Home, sweet home
6.5 England and the rest of the world or: Rule Britannia?
6.6 Epilogue
6.7 Timeline
7.0 Bibliographies
8.0 service
9.0 credits

As you can see, most of the stuff is just lore, thus not needed to play. What is game-realted material is from page 6 to 61.
I again suggest copying the thing into google translate with the addition repairing broken sentences (remove enter, add space).

As not even replacementdocs have any manual, I assume your germanmanual might be the sole accessible manual for the game on the entire internet, sorry.

I might do the mindnumbing copy&paste + correct common sense/basic language skill requiring stuff for at least the .rtf maybe during the weekend if you'll still need it.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Old 14-02-2018, 07:23 PM   #100
Default Manual

twillight, thank you very much for the translation!!!

Of course, I can use 'Google Translate' as well, and that's what I usually do with non-English manuals. But your knowledge of German would sure be of great advantage there!

So I think that in the absence of the original English manual, your help is most valuable to anyone interested in this rather complex game.
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