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Originally Posted by Scatty View Post
Hmm, looking at the debug file dump, let me ask you something - have you ran other games in DosBox on the PSP aside of Fallout 1? If so, did they have similar problems to save games, or there were none?
Can't pinpoint a solution, but my gut feeling says that there's an incompatibility problem between DosBox' emulated file system, and the PSP's file system. In that when Fallout 1 is trying to save the game, it fails to be able to write the necessary data on PSP's internal storage. But it's just a feeling, I'm not technically skilled enough to decipher the debug file info.
Well, the PSP can save as long as it's done after creating the game. A second time it won't work. Only the first time. And I must create a new game, not load the game and save - that won't work either. I MUST create a new game to save, and at most only once.

My thoughts keep going to the max files of the PSP which seem to be 8 at a time (load(/write?) 8 files at a time), but I'm not sure because I don't know how to test that outside the PSP. On DOSBox documentation it's said one must recompile DOSBox to change the FILES thing (max load/write files at a time), and I've no idea where that's written in the source to even try to change and recompile. So I seem to have no way to replicate the thing outside the PSP... Though, I thought maybe someone could be sure of something having that logfile (which actually doesn't tell me much - there are no error codes >> ???????).

EDIT: but no, I haven't tried any other game. I guess I could try, but I'm not sure on what that would help, since DOSBox can write to the PSP memory (both the character and the game). Though, save the game, only one time alone, unless I create another game. With the character, I seem to be able to save various times (if I remember correctly - I forgot to write that haha, but I believe I could, because I didn't write I couldn't). Also it was able to write the debug file in-game >> while not being able to save........ Hmm...... New information just arrived hahaha.

It can't write a save file, but can write a debug file.... Right.... Wtf?? I also saw on PC with the help of Process Explorer, I ran Fallout 1 on PC with DOSBox (and the Windows version too) and I saw it needs to write the save file (SAVE.DAT) and another one which is the region where I'm at (Vault Entrance, V13ENT.SAV). It wasn't shown on Process Explorer (possibly the it was made too fast to be seen there), but I also see an AUTOMAP.SAV. So I'm guessing it could need to mess with 3 more files. But... Supposing this is sequencial, it wouldn't need to open the 3 at the same time, only 1. So I'm more confused hahaha. Supposing thegame didn't create threads (no idea how that's done in C), then it's sequencial, and it would need to mess with one file at a time - why leave a file open for writing after writing to it? Open, write, close, times 3. Supposing it's sequencial and it closes after writing, then it doesn't make sense to me to be the max files (FILES=XXXX of config.sys). Supposing it leaves them opened for some reason or it created threads or something to do things in parallel, then could still be the max files. At least from what crosses my mind. If someone has any better guesses, maybe it could be fixed somehow. Or if not, it's a pity and I'll have to give up...

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