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Forum hobbit

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Seven Days a Skeptic

wow you know that i played this game right well its really really good. though if you do not like old graphic adventures because you only play WoW or fighting games on xbox like a r-tard like my mate steve then you might not like it cos it is a bit hard sometimes and even though there is a lift in the spaceship you have to walk everywhere and can't double click the edge of the screen to gtfo faster.

i find that a little annoying sometimes too but i have perseverance which is a good quality to have in people. i though that the game was quite scary and as good as Downfall which if you haven't played please find and play. it is also an adventure game and it is pretty damn scary let me tell you. and some of the artwork is great and when i look at it i am not sure if i feel sexually excited or disgusted because the feeling is in the pit of my stomach.

that is probably a bit of a weird thing to say but i think that if you have the internet then you are a colossal pervert since there is soooo much filth on the net and i'm not even joking ok? just turn off safe search on google (happy birthday google - you have made my life so much better by providing an excellent search engine and all the pron i could eat) and you can indulge your excesses TO TEH MAX!!!!!!1!!

So my review of Seven Days a Skeptic is that of awesomeness because i really needed a good adventure like that since i hadn't changed my underpants for a few days and they were getting smelly anyway.


:-= Seven Derply Sins =-:


this weekend i am in a dead or alive 5 tournament and my mate jim is coming with steve and hopefully this girl called jade who is really nice and smiley all the time if a little coarse but we can sort that out and help her quit smoking fags and wear less foundation and make up and stuff.
my mate jim is like giant haystacks and his weights are the kind that you had in 1800s that are balls with handles and you need a stripy bathing suit and moustache if you want to lift them. i can't lift the 30kg one its so heavy.

i'm such a wimp... :/

ok previews, don't fail me now!!!
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