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Review by: Sebatianos

The Guild of Thieves is a sequel to the Magnetic Scrolls parade text adventure The Pawn. It brings you back to the land of Kerovnia, the very same land you had to get out of in the previous game, only this time you’re a small time thief, who needs to prove his worth and get admitted to the legendary Guild of Thieves (thus the title).

The game is still a text based adventure with graphics. The graphics are really just there as an effect, as everything you need to know is still written on the screen (and you still have to scroll up the picture to see the text). The difference this time is that it is more puzzle oriented. You see, you need to prove you’re a good thief and that’s about all the plot there is. This means you need to solve different puzzles, get different objects and bring them to the exact place, without being caught. Personally I don’t like that all too much, for I prefer a good plot, which gives me the feeling of being a part of the story, a part of an interactive book. This game is more like a written scavenger hunt.

The main improvement in comparison to the prequel is the parser. The parser has been improved and recognizes the locations you’ve already visited, so you don’t have to remember how you got there. You can just say go to X location (if you’ve already been there) and you’ll get there. This really is a big help to all text adventure game players (so you don’t have to constantly type in those N, W, E and S letters).

The graphics are still of the same type and there still isn’t any sound to the game.

So if you’re a fan of text adventures and like solving many puzzles, then this game is the right choice for you. The game is quite enjoyable, but can get really complicated at points.

The game will ask you a copyright question or two… To answer them you will need the manual and I unfortunately don’t have one (but it’s available online). If anybody has a copy of the manual it would be really appreciated.

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I've tried this game, and boy.... WHAT A GAME!!! Although, I'm more of a fan of graphic adventures, this game deserved an A in my book.
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