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Old 17-01-2005, 11:07 AM   #1
Game freak

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1. Open up two window folders:
i) The dosbox program window
ii) The game you want to play in dosbox

2. Drag the game executable icon to the dosbox executable icon
Assuming that the game is for DosBox and not just Windows (it will show an error if it is only Windows) DosBox will mount the appropriate file structure and play the game.

* Make sure you have setup the sound settings previously if the options are not present in the game - which is usually the case (Soundblaster is commonly used).

* To change DosBox speed: Use CTRL-F12 to increase cycles and CTRL-F11 to decrease them.
To play in fullscreen, hit ALT-Enter.

*DOWNLOAD available from Abandonia here
*DosBox is used for Win2000/XP.
*Default settings for Soundblaster are: Sound Blaster, I/O address to 220, IRQ to 7 and DMA to 1. You dont actually need a Soundblaster as DosBox just emulates one.
*DosBox, and Dos games folders can contain spaces, as this method differs from the mounting method.
*The best cycle rate differs from game to game, and your CPU. Just play around till it suits.
*Some games executable files are .COM instead of .EXE

Am just posting this for a easier version then the guide, I reccommend it be placed somewhere obvious, or edited to look better to help people out. I hope its in a relevant section at the moment
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Old 24-01-2005, 09:16 PM   #2
Game freak

Join Date: Oct 2004
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Posts: 107

Here are some notes taken from other forums that may help... I will add to this as necessary.

Remember shortcuts are:
CTRL-F12 increase cycles
CTRL-F11 decrease cycles
ALT-Enter for fullscreen.

Questions and Answers

Q. Every game I run seems slow, my computers old, but not that old.
A. Edit the dosbox.conf file with the following:
cycles=20000 or if your comp cant handle it cycles=13000

Q. How do I get DosBox to open every time in full screen.
A. Edit the dosbox.conf file with the following:
Find fullscreen=false change it to fullscreen=true

Q. How do you mount it in the Dos Prompt, what are all the shortcut keys?
A. For a thorough Guide with all the key details and command line info, view DosBox Guide
Note: If you have already followed the graphic method you do not need to mount it both ways, this is for information purposes only.

Thanks to: Wael, BLOODUK, Anubis.
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