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Default Fallout Tactics - the end

Phase #1:

Phase #3:

proof, basic stats, and inventory:

character sheet and kill-count:

the decision is made:

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Default Fallou Tactics - solo melee?

Obviously the melee build is not viable here - under normal conditions.
It lacks:
- damage
- resistance
- group-handling

But still, I couldn't resist theorycrafting.
Because there would be some advantages:
- no need to pick up almost anything
- the only things you'd need are: a) small energy cells b) healing stuff c) armor
so you could just breeze through the game.

Solo would be optimal, because of the weaknesses, especially those big gunned enemies, who'd just massacre your whole melee party if you'd make one. So that's just stupid.

Anyway, here are all the perks potentially useful for such build:
- action boy (2): 2 AP is 2 AP. Not that meaningful though with all the drugs, and the CTB conditions. Ye, the key for meleeing is abusing the knockdowns and delays, so definitely CTB.
- better criticals: seems essential
- bone head: to lessen the chance you'll have to reload
- bonus hth attack: essential, and makes the action boy unnecessary
- bonus hth damage (3): seems pretty useful / essential
- die hard: seems ok NOTE: this perk is actually bugged - for your favour! Once kicks in, the extra resistance never goes away!
- dodger: marginally useful, but we aim min-maxing
- drunken master: while not essential, can help NOTE: actually this perk does not work at all.
- ghost: while not essential, can help. You'll do missions at night anyway with this because every little bit helps. I mean this character intends to fight guys with rocket launchers and browning. NOTE: actually this perk does not work at all.
- hit the deck: seems essential because of rockets
- lifegiver (2): at least the first rank seems pretty good / essential. More HP means survival
- loner: with all the stats you'd need your skill rate will be low as heck, so it helps immensly
- more criticals (3): either this or slayer. Slayer comes too late, but get back to this in a moment.
- night vision: sounds ok
- quick recovery: sound good
- silent death: slayer makes this redundant. Getting back to this in a moment
- silent running: you'll pass with less stealth. Also will spend less time in the game. Awesome!
- slayer: this is our dream.Getting back in a second.
- stone wall: same as bonehead
- stunt man: like hit the deck, only weaker
- toughness (3): believe me, it is good to have, even if criticals canbypass armor

As only 8 perks would be available in a fair game, my picks would be:
1 - better criticals
2 - bonus hth attack
3-4 - bonus hth damage
5 - hit the deck
6 - lifegiver
7 - loner
8 - slayer

Far from optimal eh? Seems, we should spend ages in the desert, eh?
Well, that's why better pull out the editor and enhance your character.
Unfortunately that thing bugged still, so most perkss show no effect if applied through that, namely:

- action boy
- bonus hth damage
- dodger
- drunken master
- stunt man
- toughness
These have no effect when loading the game, so you'd need to hardcode the bonuses wher possible if you intend to use them. No idea how you could do that though with drunken master os stunt man though.

And here are which are proven working:
- bonus hth attack
- loner
- silent running
- slayer

For all the others I have no idea how to check them (or in the case of the nighttime perks I'm just too lazy to do that), so that's why they are on neither list.

Also, might worth trying to lover the perk rate to 1 to see if you can get perks every single level instead of every 3 levels.

My suggested stats are with gifted and small frame:
S 10
P 2*
E 9**
C 2
I 5
A 10
L 10*
*checking these. If Slayer works independently from luck, than perception shall be risen to 6 for Better Criticals, and another point goes to intelligence.
**will be bumped to 10 by Elixir of Life

Yes, this means pretty crappy skill rate, but you only need stealth and unarmed anyway.
Well, unarmed or melee weapons anyway.

Possible alternative traits:
- kamikaze: while it does SOME damage, when you're fighting the robots, I don't think that counts too much, especially if you wear power fist.
- chem reliant: the aftereffects would still last hours. So nah.
- skilled: naturally, but this even starts feeling cheating somehow. The rest of the modifications for me feel just fun.
- jinxed: I'm not sure of this.
- one hander: a meagre 10% unarmed boost (but no sideffect considering this character)

Unarmed has the advantage that your basic attacks improve by it, and the best weapon for it is power fist.
Melee weapons are somewhat more AP-costly, also no "better melee attack" perk. Also, the best weapon here either ripper which is ca. the same as power fist, or the cattle prod's overcharge which actually feeds on ammo, so would ruin the point of the melee character. Thus I vote unarmed.

the other races:
- deathclaw can't wear armor, period.
- robots don't gain perks, period
- ghouls have the problem of varying min-max of statistics, like 6 AG. Nah.
- supermutants are potentialy devastating (with spiked armor, thoughness*3, thugh hide they'll have 100% normal resistance), but they are slow what is not fun if the enemy like to run around, also don't fit to all places and danger toget stuck permanently.
This leaves humans as the ideal race for this character.

special encounters:
- get to the gas station for elixir of life
- get to the brahmin poker for money
- get to Trader for environmental armor
- get to coppertops for small energy cells
- get to Farmer and Hermit and Merchant for books
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Default Fallout Tactics - melee level guide

Brahmin Wood:
Collect the 2 punching daggers. One in each hand in case you suffer broken bones.

Before starting the mission go and buy the Enviromental Armor at the Trader special encounter. With its protection you won't need your stealth skill.

Rock Falls:
Before starting the mission buy 1-2 Impact Gloves. It has better damage, but maybe two is overdoing.
After the mission buy 1 Power Gloves. No need 2, the enemies are not that tough yet, later probably you'll find another, and small energy cells are not everywhere. Yes, you can go to the Coppertops-encounter, but why bother if it isn't a must?

While you don't really need the vehicle to carry stuff (still, for all the kits will come in handy, also for in-between bases), travelling faster in the wastes makes this quest more desirable.

Wearing enviromental armor negates the threat of poison.
For melee weapon specialists here you can find micro sledge and cattle prod.

has deathclaws. Singled out deathclaws can be delt with simply using Power Fist (bring 125+ ammo, 200+ can be bought at base).
To deal with the ghoul town eat drugs (buffout + 2 psycho + voodoo), and make themstuck behind the farm's fence.
Here stealth is a must at points, so bring in mark II leather armor.
Human/ghoul characters are much faster than supermutants, and that's an advantage. Managed to save everyone, 1 causality each location.

Rise your unarmed to 100% (not counting bonuses) to be able to dealwith wasps w/o problem.
Watch out for the occasional mines, because you use Healing Powder and that takes away your perception (harder to spot mines, if at all).
You find Razor Claws here, best no-ammo unarmed weapon.
Against the Emperor switch to Power Fist. Btw, there are ca. 50 small energy cells here on the enemy, so this should not be a problem. Managed to keep ALL small deathclaw in the final confrontation alive.
Bringing a super stimpack or two is an advantage.

NOTE 1: I'm storing my perks here. My initial perks were: bonus HtH attacks, loner, silent running and slayer. From lvl 2 I gain 1 perk each level, and those were until now, in order: die hard (for obvious reasons), stone wall (getting knocked down is annoying and waste of AP, could result in death, especially against deathclaws), hit the deck (protects against grenades, mines and rockets), bone head (because I don't like to reload I made myself resistant to becoming unconscious).
For the future it is only clear I want better criticals at lvl 9 and 1 rank in lifegiver at lvl 12. What causes me headache are the soon-coming supermutants. Probably I'll take stunt man and bonus HtH damage, while solving my resistances with psycho. Not sure.

NOTE 2: While searching for the special encounters previously, decided to check out the Pitch Black again. Turned ut Riddick cansafely alone walk to the exitgrid, and if you guide your team cautiously through the glowing spots, you can accomplish the same, don't even need stealthing. The last bunchare too close and will start to run towards you, but there you'll simply step n the exit grid.
You can only hire Riddick from the next bunker, and I think this time I will just to have a buddy (I also kept Stitch around on "just to be safe" base, but until now I could firstaid, doctor and lockpick myself through everything).

Now wer're talking. The additional speed compared to supermutants, and especially the armor makes this place very much doable. Still picked 1*toughness because of the top row of all-AK-enemies. For the final battle I even consumed a voodoo.
Also pretty much suggesting to look up the Coppertops encounter for small energy cells, because the amount spent here (25-50) I only have 75-100 left, and that's not much.
With supermutants coming the perk stunt man I see advisable along hit the deck.
Choosing any level of thoughness though resets the Die Hard's activated bonus. Do not afraid though, just make yourself beaten by you buddy, and the bonuses come back to you.

St. Louise:
Staying alive is good, so the next perks shallbe thoughness*2 (rising it 3*toughness).

And I did this (before picking toughnesses, and consuming 2*psycho + trauma pack. Man, that bandaged status rly gets in the way!):

Yep, I'm standing in the middle of the mutant HQ after it got cleaned by just me punching the life out of 'em.


Some tips on fighting mutants:
- always attack the one in armor with power fist
- try changing target if your opponent gets unconscious (the game is slightly unresponsive unfortunately)
- always attack the one with the machinegun, especially if youknow it is a browning
- if you have to face multiple machinegun opponents at once, try standing between the two, so they'll hurt each other, shortening the time you have tospend with each enemy
- silent running is an absolute must, not because it shortens real life time spent on the game, but because of the delay on respons of actions. You have quite the time to reach the enemy after it detects you, but before it gets shooting
- of course there are always the drugs too, but why waste them?

Kansas City:
Wow, this was easier than I thought:
- at arrival sent Riddick with Cattle Prod, attack mode: overcharge, to the north gate, way out of the fance, to the wrecked car where the SAW-mutant comes in, and just set him agressive to deal with the melee mutants.
- me ate: 1 buffout (seems with drugs maxium stats are 12, this rises AG, EN and ST which are for me basic 10) + 2 psycho.
- because of the tumultuous start I've picked more HtH damage todispose the enemy faster.
- me ran immediatelly to dispose the few mutants at the billboard, then run down. Prime directive do not let any slip up, otherwise start on the left, finish on the right, do not mind the two sniper nest. Fortunately none on the map have brownings, that's what makes it doable.
- then just enter sneak mode, run to the next mutant and keep it on. Time is pressure because the drogs are what keep you alive, but shouldn't be a real problem, as you don't need to loot.
- before the mission you can also getyourself a nice enviromentalarmor mark II.

Added myself Dodger.
You can kill everything here if you concentrate on the occasional browning ones, only don't bother the pairs at the main gates. Only go back there when you cleaned everything but the boss' room - if you kill the boss the still-alive mutants disappear.
Still, be pretty-patched-up when dealing with the mutants on the little bridge before the little building (2 armored and an unarmored mutant there, can kill you w/o enough health).
If you wantto deal with the browning-guard-pairs before entering the boss' room take 2 voodoo which you'd need otherwise too because Gamorrin has some pretty awesome penetration, and do your stuff then.

Junction City:
There are a lot of enemy covering each other, and some (mainly the grenadiers I think) can hurt you. Play strike&retreat. Watch out for the traps.

Cold Water:
Added myself Bonus HtH damage (now have 2 ranks).
At the final level you can't kill the sharpshooters above (no way climbing there), so just suffer them.
For the final go I used a trauma pack for more resistances, and also to heal myself (got bandaged). First kill the rocketman, than the boss, than the ripper guy stalking you (he is actually dangerous, watch your HP).
After the mission you can get yourself a nice and cosy power armor.

Great Bend:
Added myself all Bonus HtH Damage, because of Load Lifters etc.
With this many resistance this really becomes almost pathetic.
Btw, seem the Die Hard's effect is cured by the doctor skill.

You find your Advanced Power Armor here. You have to realise stealthing might prevent your encounters with scurry bots, which'll be a sidequest in the mission into the nuclear power plant.
Also, the lack of small energy cells start to be worrying. Ok, I still have 4-500, but for all sake, I'm using Slayer (and against single humanoid bots, or single unconscious-enemy-only I switch to that Wolverine-thingy)! So yep, a stealer mule seems to be a must if you'd try 100% legit. Good new is: you don't need drugs.

Canyon City:
Choosing this for the sole reason no behemot.
The mission was practicaly boring. The only thing noticable is, I'mstarting to run out of smallenergy cells.Sure, I have like 250 left on me, and another 500 appeared on the quartermaster, but that's not many considering a legit playthrough where Slayerdon't spare you a crapload of ammo.

If you'd make an unarmed go, I suggest making a team. The team would be entirely support. One stealer (to lessen the ammo sortage) and one medic (I had problem first aiding myself atthe start) seems advisable. Secondary skills to those two should be: for one big guns keeping in mind Gravestone, and for the other lockpick. Repair don't rly comes into play with this one, and the rest is either negligeable (like barter), or will be covered by books (like trap)

Buena Vista:
Woopsy, ran out of ammo. Seriously. Despite intensively using the Razor Claw on practically everything what was not towerr, or behemoth.
Speaking of behemoth: if it hits you, you're dead. I mean without drugs.
Also, beware for the lasers, they HURT you. Entering the complex is not lethal, but problematic.
At the Deep Pit the load lifters gathered atthe bottom, had to destroy them with electric grenade.
Also used plasma grenades to eliminate the bots behind the fence of the alarm consol. Maybe it'd've been better to let them be alarmed.
Note: after the mission the 500 small energy cells are still for sale at the quartermaster, but after that I can only steal some more from the random BoS NPCs. The shopalso offer Tesla Armor - not exactly practical, because the enemy always have some machingun amongst its ranks.

Scott City:
Ok, so it not impossible to do this, even w/o power fist.
Found out the loss of resistance bug is caused by saving and reloading, and it effects any and all amrors you might wear. So remove your armor before saving. might also be that I changed armor during battle.
Because the bug kicked in late on the map, I got fed up, and next time went straight for the merchan't head. this slightly lessened my ammo-problem, finished the mission with ca. 525 left. On the 3-robot patrol in the junkyard there are a minor amount (75-100, depends how much they can shoot) of small energy cells.
Oh, and there wasn't muchroom for stealthing.

Also, gave a thought how I'd pick the perks for a legit gaming when seeing all my results, and finding the tesla armor in the shop before this mission. That armor is potentially awesome IF you eat drugs. Eat a lot of drugs to give yourself resistances, because the power armor does not really protect you from energy blasts. This is also useful info for the finalmission.
Also because of behemots you'll need slayer, what means an unarmed build must play in though guy mode.

So the perks you should have for an unarmed build in fallout tactics are: #1 slayer, #2 better critical, #3 bonus HtH attack, #4 hit the deck, #5 silent running #6 toughness #7 thoughness #8 toughness #9 die hard #10 lifegiver #11 bonus HtH damage #12 bonus HtH damage #13 bonus HtH damage. Lifegiver can likely be put out, and something else must go too. Thoughness might be exchanged to drugs, and Silent Running might be circumwent.

Final Mission:
Phase #1: 100 small energy cells shorter. Some trouble, but nothing new. The turret at the start w/o robots around remains passive - good.
Phase#2: MUST have tesla armor from a point. Eat healing stuff like a lot. Die Hard HERE AND ONLY HERE is coded right (for f* sake!), and disappears when HP is higher than 20%. -250 small energy cells. Do not try to spare it, the fights are big and serious. Try to chip away the enemy from room to room, crouch behind walls to get time for uing doctor - they realy do cripling criticals here for reasons. Ye,a good doctor skill comes in handy.
Phase#3: wear tesla, and start on the right where some physical attacks come from. Retreat as needed.
But the last room are INSANE. Even with psycho + voodoo, and healing by trauma packs, even the first 2 rooms are siky, not to mention the last one, where you have to dispatch the minigunners ASAP, because they'll penetrate your armor like it isn't there, and eventhan the battle is not won. Oh,and for the last room I just ran out of small energy cells period.

I did it, but even with my extra perks it was more though than any other way.
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For what it is worth twilight... looks like cool graphics for the most part! If you spent money to buy it it usually has all the bells and whistles. So you probably love the game.
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Thumbs up

This is a true Walkthrough with graphics. It reminds me of the GameBanshee and GamePressure.com sites (with well polished Polish team) specializing in Walkthroughs for RPG games.

twillight is very hung(a)ry for games, you know.
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Or likeRPGCodex.net.

For some reason I actually like the game, but I got it from GoG for free when they uploaded all three fallouts. I still bashing my head not picking fallout 2 too, or all three at once (all were free).

With all its faults (maybe even a bit FOR its faults) I like to return to it, although the replay value is diminishing visibly each time.
The only thing left is actually doing the thing with a legit melee build. I confess I even started it after my last post.

Here is my character after the first mission (though guy mode included):

Farsight was removed for next mission, PipBoy is recruited. I only need my party for non-combat purposes (lockpick, steal, medical stuff, mule).

Perks planned:
lvl 3: -
lvl 6: silent running + hit the deck
lvl 9: -
lvl 12: lifegiver + lifegiver
lvl 15: bonus HtH attacks
lvl 18: bonus HtH damage
lvl 21: better criticals
lvl24: slayer
Although maybe more HtH damage might be a better choice instead of silent running and better criticals.

Also, I accept advices on the use of drugs.

Went hunting special encounters. Got the four merchant-one, brahmin poker, and PipBoy. The FoT-worldmap out there gives the locations well at least for though guy mode, where only after 6 encounters they start to randomise.
I usually play solo with supermutant main, and the 6th special is therefor brahmin armor, not PipBoy. Unfortunately muties are slow and their armor-progress is bad, ghouls' stats are problematic, and deathclaw just lacks armor in general

Oh, I play in CTB, and Normal Difficulty.

I chose to skip Silent Running and Better Ciriticals this time (which of course makes my 6PE obsolate, but whatever, I might decide later picking that up). If I fail because of that (Silent Running can only be relevant during the supermutants) I'll use archive save. Oh, be sure to only save after removing all armor, because of the bug which can reset your AC and resistance to basic when save&reload.

Had to restart the misision once because one of the raiders ran away and alarmed the whole base, and it was uncomfortable.
Took an Afterburner Gum at the start to prevent that raider running away again.

Stitch patched me up once, and I used an AK47 improvised to blow up the still (because exp). Could have send in PipBoy, but nah.
I remember from my test-run (with a slayer-from-getgo character, check above) that at a point healing becomes scarce with this character, that's why I'm noting. Although there might have been the problem I did all my medicing (and with 60% or less first aid you keep failing and injuring yourself).

And for Bunker Alfa's last mission Rock falls:

For starter I consumed an Afterburner Gum and a Buffout, and after trimming the sides and storming the main gate (the AK-guys open it! They like to run around either way) took a voodoo too. This is an old combo of mine, and it works.

Ok, had to restart 2 times. For the first go I got unconscious on the top of the fence around the inner bunker, and right after that at the start of the next try got winded and I just couldn't bother.
For the 3rd go I used up like a whole first aid kit (got bandaged), and once even needed doctor.
To unlock the safe Stitch got 40% lockpick plus 2 set of tools.
Stole Tiduk's sister's voodoos by myself, and before moving I made Stitch steal from the elders and scribes all the super stimpacks and small energy cells with 80% steal.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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This is semi-well designed map. You can clearly see planned passages barred etc., but there is a main concept: bunch of AK47 raiders groups. This way they are pretty dangerous head-on.
So the basic strategy is to make them (who are on the roof) waste their ammo standing out of effective range. And even without this method the mission takes like 1 hour 20 minutes, so don't try voodoo.
In the second horizontal lane the two group of AK47 (one right after the gate, one inside the building with the switch) are pretty annoying as you can not make them waste out, so just charge in (try to run in during their 2nd burst, so their AP will be low) and use Power Fist on the first 2 enemy.
There are 2 rocketeer on the map, the first one has 3 shells, the second has 2. Hit the Deck works wonders, but still.
"Disable" the minefield with the car (drive on the mines so they blow up), going back and repairing it as needed.
FEAR THE CIVILIANS on the roof. They have insane ability to cause criticals. I had 5 effects on me there, that's why my unarmed went up suddenly (I didn't even had 33% to hit unaimed without that).
When you pass the last gate, take a voodoo. That's much safer. For the first go I died here once for not drugging up. For a second time I died on this map this playthrough at the start for the annoying "you get hurt critical" bug (at times the engine just makes crippling effects on you so regular it's not funny). Fortunately it'll be pretty obvious, and you die anyway fast if you try.
Oh, and if you can't get on the roof with the chest, try the other ladder. This happened to me now first time of all my playthroughs.

Oh, and Macomb is important to take for enough afterburner gum hoarded.

In Enviromental Armor this mission is way more easy - no poison. Still, Roachor is a threat, so there take a dose of voodoo, and switch to Power Fist (switch back if it gets knocked out).
Oh, overdose-killing the outer turrets requires 3*4 Afterburner Gum - as with the latest patch these turrets like to kill people randomly, this is very much a priority. In case someone does not know this, the turrets can not be overdosed by buffout. Psycho works too, but that's a good drug. No clue on mentat.

This city is a hellhole, but actually not unpassable. But you need (at least better off) sneaking. In enviromental armor just in case. 40% sneak will do, maybe even less. Bring power fist with 150 ammo.
So, first get into the major and kill the boss, and only the boss. Deactivate the siren.
Second, get into the powerplant, switch off the lamp, wait until you see the boss walking, run in, kill her, kill the two nearest guy, kill the bottom two (you don't have to pass the sandbags for this) - use power fist to gain best exp, there will only be 1 causality (2 at worst). Disable the remote detonator traps - that worth an extra 200 quest exp.
Third kill all beastmen around the townhall.
Fourth storm the brothel. For this take 2 Afterburner Gum, and sneak to the left side's door, get to the crouching enemy, than finish the two melee ones, than the shooter inside, than the shooter outside. Preferably use power fist. If you're lucky 5 of 7 sexworkers will still be alive when all the beastmen inside die and you gain 400 exp. If you don't succeed here (I tried to kill the patrol outside, got noticed and had everyone killed), you still get 200 quest exp for the liberation.
Fifth sneak in the townhall, sneak-crawl to the alarm and break it. Keep crawling to the backroom, start the killing there with the nearer sleeper on the left. When finished pop a psycho and from the left side run in a moment than run out, so the deathclaw chase you. Use power fist on it.
Get to the prison. Climbing the ladder in sneak mode helps. You don't really have to mind the people on the ground floor, so just run up, start with the boss, than the two behind the sandbags (if they keep laying passive move further - rare situation), than the towers. Kill everything on the ground floor, use power fist on baby deathclaws.
Get to the lane of houses just above the ghoul town, the house you can see through the deatclaw standing there. Deal with the 3 beastlord and the claw. This is actually optional.
Now run towards ghoul city. Do NOT talk with Elliot, instead run to the farm's fence. Kill the dogs. Don't mind the beastmen (unless nothing happens otherwise, but in that case prepare to RUN), get along the fence on your side in front of the farm's main door. The pack of deathclaws are coming. They'll notice you and stuck behind the fence's other side. Use power fist on them, run back a few steps when you need healing. Too bad deathclaws have range of a spear naturally, so again melee weapons don't worth it. As they're behind a fence, grenades likely don't work here either. Prepare for broken limbs.
If you want, you can get back to where the major is/was kept hostage, go down the stairs and kill what's inside at the cost of more use of power fist on baby deathclaws.
Second optional area is the temple. You either try to hit the two deathclaws through the window, or run away luring them to the door of the prison compound where only 1 can face you at a time. Hope you brought super stimpacks (put yourself passive if you get seriously hurt to accumlate AP).
Lastly I strongly advise against trying your luck against the two sneaking deathclaws and their beastlord master. That just smell unnecessary trouble.

The trick for the start is to not move. The enemy will come to you, what means lesser number, what means a chance to survive. Darn the caws-guy and the two grenadiers if you head-on!
Also, the baby deathclaw on the surface will NOT become friendly, so you might as well try to kill it. Beware, his group (it comes with a beastlord and a cockroach) is VERY dangerous.
There's a babyD also in the dungeon which you'll likely kill because it is near an netrance, and would not have much of a chance anyway. But do not mess with the two in the pit.
Use power fist against Darr, the beastman at the babyD's cell-switch, and maybe the baby deathclaws, but try to restrain yourself otherwise. Better die here than for the lack of ammo later.
Also, just because this playthrough is semi-solo (my team did not made a single shot yet) doesn't mean I have to do all by myself. So I let out the Mother, and take advantage of her cubs against Darr's room. My luck:

So I survived as you can see here (oh yeah, you find the Razor Claw in this one):

The bane of this character here were mostly enemy in pits. The total annoyance is trying to dispose the one in the sniper nest at the end - can only succeed if that one misses once (not much of a threat, just annoying).
The buggy could give some ideas, but better not use it. Instead after gaining it puff a voodoo or two, and storm the raiders/enforcers/kkk-members there. DO NOT LOOT THE BODIES! If you do you'll run out of the doses of these voodoo(s) when reacing the house with the sniper nest. Actually you could manouvere enough even to the 3rd gate with enough patience, but this way you can prevent some potential disasters - for some reason the program liked to make me unconscious here, and I had enough.
If you did not take any voodoo pop 2 at the last gate (which leads to the radioactive goo area with plenty of AK47 raiders). If you did swallow some, pop 1 more (3 being ideal). Go in through the metal gate here, avoid the hole in the fence on the far side - it is too far away, and mined with efficiency.
If you run out of time of the drugs like I did no fuss - pop a psycho to replace your resistances. At the town hall kill 1-2 AK47 (and maybe there is a melee, kill it so he won't bother you) while passing towards the boss who hits still very hard, than finish the fight (concentrate on the AK47 leftover if some is shooting at you, otherwise choose whoever is visible).

Next time: supermutants.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Default Fallout Tactics Insane

Nope, won't continue what started previously. Lost the cause, got the info from the data already available.

But I managed to pull through not just a human, but a ghoul protagonist on Brahmin Wood, and I'd be damned if I'm not following this dream of mine came true.
Insane is bloody hard by the way. My human is atJefferson, and have serious problems of his with the supermutants which this time really laugh off all the pain. From a SAW at least. They even need 2 rockets to be disposed per mutant, and I have no realidea where to get the ammo.

Even Brahmin Wood is tough nut,'specially under though guy, mainly because you have no HP, only a 3-member squad, and the computer cheats like no tomorrow (your effective PE is only 7, most of the times you must be happy even with 33% hit chance, and the enemy has absolute precision which onehitkills you if they can release a shot).
Here is my ghoul though who made it:

Yep, on Insane the protagonist MUST tag Unarmed, and MUST have a good EN. Ghouls have alsothis problem can't wear leather (or metal) armor making their life even harder (their initial HP is also lower than others).

The mission goes as follows:

Numbers mean the enemies. Way todealwith can be suimmed this way:
- gangbang: run to point blank range (usually whenthey're moving from one place to another- the AI is somewhat slow to react)
- sniping: good old fashioned onto the belly with hunting rifle
- shotgunning: sneaking there or waiting in ambush-position and use shotgun on 'em. Double barrel silverhawk from the point you get those.
- other

So you first shotgun #1 (dog) right after feeding the buffout you got for tagging unarmed by Farsight, than gangbang #2, than #3. Watch out for #4 because you'll snipe it or die. #5 is gangbanged, #6 is burst down by Farsight laying down at the leftside of the potsusing the MP5. Shotgun/MP5 #8, snipe #7 after that.
Shotgun 9-12, then switch to defensive mode make falanx before the tent with the hostages, put Farsight on ther right where she cansee one of the raidersand start shotgunning it switching offensive (he's a very lethal melee raider). Switch to single shot stuff, run in the tent and finishthe other raider.
Wait for #15 come close,and gangbang her, not letting her run into either tent (stand in those directions). Than shotgun #16 who's sneaking. Snipe #17after Farsight consumes the mentatyou found at#16's room.
Shotgun #18, snipe #19, than get around leaving the weakest character laying atthe lamp post. Shotgun #20-21 (runaway with whoever gets hurt and patch yourself by stimpack asap).
Make Farsight eat the voodooyou found before, sneak up the sniper nestand shotgun #22, snipe #24. If #23 runs out shotgun it, if not, shotgun it. Shotgun #25, snipe the gay dog from #26-27, deal with its owner the way you feel ok.

Shotgun#28,and be afraid, be very afraid 'cause you'llhave to deal with#29 who has a shotgun, and likes to run close. Throwing the 2 incindenary greande at it might be a good idea. Also the molotov cocktails. Right at that snipe #30, and deal with #31 whohas a sniper rifle (I usually run in with Farsight and Stitch shotgunning it from behind, but that's just me).

To deal with the boss' house shotgun anyone very-very near to the cover of the entrance, also look for a bug-caused hole on named fence to snipe down the sniper (heal every time you get hit by her,she is most dnagerous!). Snipe down whoever remains and don't come close enough.
Don't forget to hurry, Voodoo has only 30 min. duration.


After this let's abuse the special encounters: gone straight to the Brahmin Poker for money, added Stitch (I'll lldump him) Here&Now perk and spent all his skillpoint into barter. Visited the four trading encounter (farmer, hermit, trader, merchant) for books and armor (1 metal, 1 environmental) and 2 dose of mentat. It'll push my CH to 6, and thus can get all the better recruits when I return to the base.
Visited Uprising, and used a dose of Poison on one of the guards there to get a Vindicator minigun and 900 ammo. That crap just eats ammo, but at least it is something.

Also went for PipBoy. Not because I'll use him this time, but because his FNFAL is bloody strong weapon. Do not forget Gas Station either for the Elixir of Life.

After returning the base bought 200 shotgun shells before finally getting rid of Stitch and recruiting, with the new team went for Brahmin Armor (which is better than Ghoul Armor Mark II, so I have 3 better-than-basic armor now). Also delt with the Canadian Invasion, because they have an outdoorsman book and Everybody Hates Raymond, I mean random encounters. Actually random encounters are not to be forfeit as they offer a chance for early big guns (SAW is what's important there, and with a couple of dose of drugs like psycho it is possible to be done) and laser rifles (if you can somehow deal with raiders, I think this better wait until have the first car).

Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Default Fallout Tactics Insane

So, Freeport:

More enemies for sure. There is even one new tactics: sneak and shoot them. This means whatit seems: you sneak to sleepers and shoot them to death while they're sleeping.

There are some AK47-wielding enemies, they are bloody dangerous. As I ran low on RL-luck for a little, I developed a 3-person assault team from Mandy, Rage and Rebecca. Farsight's 4 LK on insane can get in the way you kow, so I used this extra member of my team because I could.

Let me tell you about my team, what jobs they're doing and such:

Lola (main character): will do Big Guns, but first will have to spend points to do Doctor, because getting crippled can get in the way. My human's Insane Team could tell stories:

Strangely 2 broken legs doesn't mean you can't walk. Sounds painful. Mandy, why didn't you do your job already?

Back to my ghoul's team, where the doctor is me, so I didn't have to wait around a whole mission w/o doctor. Accidents could happen. They did not, but could. So I am The Doctor.

Mandy now will be the reapi(wo)man, because she has many skillpoints, and you'll see that's the only role I don't have a member to do it.
But she can do the First Aid stuff.

Farsight is a bit lacking on the sniping for the moment (will be developed through books mostly on the small guns department unlike for my human's where she even has 2 in educated for more skillpoint so ther transition to energy weapons can be done easier), but does outdoorsman too. Given that with all the books from the special encounters, and her initial tag after Freeport (there is an outdoorsman-book at S1) she reaches 100%+ outdoorsman, she's pretty useful.

Jax has the simple role of Big Guns, and I decided to pull him through the necessary missions until we get the stuff. He's a lot behind initially given 5 IN and only 30% starting taggeds, also only clvl1, but if I can pull it through, she'll be better than PipBoy for the human's team.

Rage on the other hand does useful stuff along shooting: steal stuff. Ok, it is kinda risky, but who else would I use, especially early? Ok, there is ONE character that COULD be developed to perfect thief: Sharon. She has uniquly 8 CH, so give her Gain Charisma and Divine Favour, and pick Bluff Master too, and you have a 10 CH character, what means she'll have 100% success rate not getting caught stealing. but that justsound problematic, and she's not good as warrior if youask me, but hey, why not give her a chance.
Even with 40% chance you can steal minor things, like the small gunns book from Shauri (my theory is that she dies later because of this) right after doing Freeport.
With 60% you'll have a chance stealing Pancor Jackhammers from the Merchant encounter, but more importantly with 80% you cansteal the Avenger Minigun from your general. Also the ammo as you're at it. My theory is, he gets abducted later on for this.
And with like 120% you can steal everything (and without much reload).
Stealing can fasten your advancement by a lot.
He also has Awareness perk, which can help using the right tactics.

Rebecca as I said is an extra, she currently does the lockpicking. That only needs like 40% through hard points though, kits carry over the rest, so Farsight will do the job when Rebecca leaves later.

Where this puts us?
Lola: doctor, big guns
Mandy: first aid, repair
Farsight: outdoorsman, (lockpick)
Rage: steal (+ awareness)
Jax: big guns.
I like my team with 2 big gunner and 4 sniper (single shot ranged, laterstage they use energy weapons).

On Jax: he's certainly good at dealing damage - but nothing else. For Insane that still sounds a helluva good thing though. In contrast PipBoy, my usual choice can't change stance, is a little slower than anyone else when walking/running, and starts at clvl 8 which is a slight hinder when you think about it, but pipBoy can also do gambling. And he can win 100% from anyone. this time I'll justswap him in-and-out of the recruit pool.

Back to Freeport:
When you arrive try shooting down with hunting rifles P1 (patrol #1) which isa dog and a raider. They likely will run far away, but that's no problem. Hopefully thi'sll also lure/stuck near P2, which has 2 raider and a dog. Only the raider with the hunting rifle is dangerous as crap, so if you can deal with 'im right now - do so.
Switch to defensive and sneak-strike S0 (sleeper #0). Sneak-strikes can be done with 2 double barrel shotgun (silvehawk if you forgot), or even safer: 2 burst mode FNFal + 1 burst mode MP5. The MP5 spares some 7.74 ammo for you,but ensures the kill. The Madny/Rage/Rebecca combo can do this way 90% of the mission just doing this.
Now snipe down P3, and start clearing the front from right to left: set your people bursting and make someone (Farsight is a safe bet) shoting once at G1 (guard #1), who is a pair of dangerous melee raider. They'll run into their death. If P2 still exists, finish them off.
Sneak to S1 and shotgun it (remember, you don't actually use shotguns here maybe). Set people at burst, and lure to ambush #1 and #2.
Sneak to the alarm at the far side with Mandy/Rage/Rebecca and enough ammo (can be forgotten at this stage, were ammo is not that frequent). Brake the alarm, and wile P4 is farter away burst S8. He has an AK, so he better not shoots back (the 3-assault-team guarantees this). Now crouch at the corner and wait for P4.
Sneak back and send in Rage and Mandy to the other alarm at the prisoner. Break the alarm, and behind the further miniwall wait P3 to appear with offensive burst weapons. Immediatelly get sneaking again. Sneak out and switch to sniping down P4 who has a shotgun (silverhawk), so prepare to switch to bursting weapons when he runs close.
A somewhatproblematic sneak-kill comes: S2. They are very far from each other, so divide your forces appropriately. You don't want them run away causing mischief.
Sneak (use "formation" from the options menu) next to #8-9 who I almost forgot to mark. They have weak (non-instadeath) weapons, so it is ok. Burst them to death.

Now start the Cleansing: sneak-kill S3 (set your weapons single shot, or position very carefully because there's the Elder), sneak-kill S4, S5, S6 + the guy in front of the tent (he's melee, likes to get up and come in, shuldn't be much of a problem if you use bursting weapons instead of shotguns).
Make a big circle and cautiously go in to deal with S7. In the meantime you'll see near that tent a bunch from P5 walks around, so if you crouch/prone your strike team there, you can easily thin them out. This is a good idea, because at least one has hunting rifle, and they like to run away from you otherwise, which is just frustrating. bursting people is much faster anyway.
Get around the site and snipe down the rest of P5. If you're lucky part of #4-7 will run to you toomaking life easier, if not, try setting up an ambush, luring out them by shooting a snipe-shot on wh you can see. If that's done, pick a female (yes, a female), and send her around to the front walking around the whole camp. The female-part can be helpful because they're thin enough to use the rubbled house next to S6's house to her advantage. Your goal is to run to the opposite side where a small sandbag-wall is. From there babystep out so you can destroy the still (worth 400 exp,and at this point effects not your mission otherwise). Hopefully this'll damage one or both of the raider right next to the thing. Don't worry about the closer one, worry about the farter one who has AK47. If that one is alive, try blasting up the oil drums to damage it as much as possible. He's the last deadly obstacle for the mission.

Well, actually I think there'sthe local boss yet too,at least in my writing. He's #3. He's awake always, and pretty pathetic for any other difficulty. He is quit damaging on Insane though. So set your assault team bursting at his entrance, and with a 4th member snipe him. This'll lure him out and get him killed.

Don't forget to release Ripley the prisoner, and tell the Elder he's free to go now.

After this if you have to do anything on the wasteland as Farsight can have abpve 100% outdoorsman, you're free to do. Finding the Grimm Brothers can be a good thing, you might want to steal a repairbook from them (don't push your luck unless you play as a robot when stealing the repairkit might be attractive. the science-book is pretty useless though).
People hate the Wasteland because it can be pretty crowded:

Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Default God, Jesus Christ, is number one!

I'm sorry if I derailed your thread by comments. I just wanted to say I read the last post entirely. I know I would want my post not to go ignored. So just letting you know I read it. If you decide to continue posting that is up to you and the mods. However I always try to learn new things. Thank you for being friendly? hehe Seriously you don't have to be friends but being nice helps smooth everything. Thank you... Tank YOU! Sometimes you have exclusive access to something and it is nice that others like myself get to see from time to time. So it is like a share kind of way. Besides I don't play games really. So it is nice and relaxing to see someone get so far in a game!!! Thank you again for sharing your time and a few pictures to go along the way.

I notice your signature and please don't mind me. We might be on opposite states but it is interesting to me to see others that are that different. Otherwise we all be boring.

Thank you again.
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