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Hunter Hunted
Abandonia nerd

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Exclamation Anybody else find the Internet and life in general can be boring?

My life since I left school has almost totally sucked. Forums don't enjoy my company too much. I lost my girlfriend in 2005, found her 7 years later and just got used for my money, which was my fault for being a tool who couldn't walk away. I also had deaths in my family. Also got diagnosed as having PDD-NOS etc.

Apart from forums, I also used to go on Gumtree and because there was so much crap on there, it was hard to find anything remotely worthy. All I wanted was to find a girl to date and then they all went venomous after initially appearing really nice. Even found them on curious websites in provocative poses. Fortunately, Meetup is way better than Gumtree, as it actually has real photos of its members and is easier to use.

I know one should try not to focus too much on the negative things in life, but I hated 2002 all the way up to now, with only a few note worthy things that were actually good about these years. When so much negativity builds and builds inside of your head, of course it will be hard not to let it consume you. Maybe it's because I'm lonely and I'm bored of everything that was once fun, but these days I wake up and wonder what the point is in being here. I've not got many friends around me. I know I'm intelligent and I deserve better, but I never can meet anybody who shares similar qualities.

I just think a lot of today's games, music and movies is crap. Like, I am a big fan of survival horror, but it ain't what it used to be. See Resident Evil 6, people.

Of course, that really has nothing to do with me as a person, but you know how it is with the media nowadays. I guess it's always been that way. Movies, games and music are meant to make money. Right? Sooner or later, they get altered so much, you stop being interested. Everyone has to face up to change.

I'd say more on these subjects, but I'm tired just now and it would probably start an argument, due to my bizarre writing style. Not only that, but I cannot get a girlfriend. I've not really tried very hard to find one as I have mild autism and I never really have anything to talk to anyone about, due to my fixed interests that others may know nothing about. I had one guy recently call "Australian Punk" niche. WTF?

Having autism shouldn't stop me finding a girlfriend, but it does impact my thinking patterns. I've wasted so much money on escorts, because I cannot get it up with them. I realize I shouldn't really be mentioning that on forums, but whatever. I've wasted so much money. I'd be as well just giving it away to strangers I meet on the street. How is it any different?

I don't really know how to continue what I'm writing about without appearing weird or impolite, but I don't really like the Internet that much anymore. In fact, it is getting cancelled on 26 May.

Years ago, I got so much crap on forums from nasty folk and it was the same thing over and over again for years and years because I kept signing up more accounts and I didn't do a good job of hiding myself, so all my aliases were linked. They had banned me, flamed me so constantly and more. I also ended up with my own Encyclopedia Dramatica article eventually, too. It's far from what I wanted.

Examples of a-holes online:

Here's a thread where I gave my opinions on why I didn't like the noughties decade. As in, I didn't like the years 2000 to 2009. It was solely my own POV on the matter. Some people actually gave sensible responses and I always thought that forums are supposed to be for discussing topics with a degree of civility for the other respondents. I'd mentioned things about the popular culture of the era from my own POV like I stated, although a lot of what I posted was quite personal too. Then some douche bag says it was a good thing my grandmother was dead so she wouldn't have to see what a failure I'd become (or something). I'm not sure what page that post is on, but the remark still is visible somewhere in this topic. I was Grace Saunders on Bloody-Disgusting.

Someone also said; "well, you do live in Scotland" - which had nothing to do with anything I was talking about.


Here is another example.

Having had many bad experiences with women I'd booked on a website for the purpose of, you know what, I came to a forum to talk about it at great lengths for potential advice on overcoming certain issues, which I received in a somewhat mixed manner. Again, the post was basically an opinion about what I didn't enjoy about this particular website I was talking about in my OP. Then some members saw it as an attack on women as a whole, calling me a certain 'M' word too. I'd tried to tell them I was no such thing, but it was like a greedy pack of rottweilers were more intent on ripping me to shreds than talking logical sense. Clearly, they didn't pay proper attention to what I was saying, so I ended up not entertaining them with decent replies. They called me contradictory for commenting on adultwork.com, when I tried telling them that I had to, because all the women I was talking about were from there.


A similar incident transpired on another forum. Once they gathered I wasn't a 'full shilling' of sorts, they decided to cut me some slack and be friendly. I've had good conversations with 'em ever since, but it just goes to show that you need to watch your tone around people who may see autism as aggression.


Of course, if you've been a victim of online harassment and want it to stop, but don't have any legal understanding of how things work within the legal system in other countries, you will go ask "experts" for their help. Yes?

I went to one forum for advice. I wish I hadn't bothered. These scumbags were nothing more than obnoxious and unwilling to help.


I used to post on a Resident Evil fan site called Biohaze. Many of the members there knew me from related forums because I used an identifiable handle. For several years, I was regularly active there, but I was always getting flamed by some of the users who never fully accepted my presence.

The forums have a section for the Dino Crisis series, which I am particularly accustomed to, having once had a mini site about the saga. So anyway, no-one really gave a flying rat's behind about that section and it was largely neglected, so I would post in there from time to time, trying to keep things active, while also trying to promote my own site and message boards. But this moron named Stu would post personal attacks that weren't removed, resulting in my threads being locked.

This abuse went on for ages and nobody would do anything about it. I eventually got so sick of this BS that I went and contacted the host for Biohaze. This resulted in a backlash against me by its owner, although I hadn't done anything wrong. The admin ("Yama") deleted me at my request and said I could register again, but I've never gone back and posted - only browsed as a guest.

If you tell a bunch of people you hate that their site sucks and you won't return, but return anyway, that makes you look like a twat, so you need to show you're better than what they make you out to be and actually stay gone, for good.


Then there's these idiots on ED. God, why can't they just let their awful site die? Oh, well actually, it did die once, but they quickly resurrected it...Swedish style!



Anyone else had any awful experiences with people online and can explain how they dealt with them? It makes me glad that I'm moving on soon. People nowadays can be so mean and you wonder why you get picked on, and nobody else goes through what you are, so they appear to be largely unsympathetic.

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