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Well, your only "fault" is being too talkative, but while you are in flood theme (i.e. Chatterbox), it's totally ok. Only try to not speak all this non-game things in the game-related threads, and we all will be good.

Speaking about contribution, you are usually does it three ways:
- either you put your files at the external file storing service and give us the link
- or you upload the file right into thread (if it's small enough)
- or you ask Japo for credentials and upload it on the Abandonia FTP.

Also, I recommend to buy and install any good commercial antivirus (I am in Russia, so "good" for me means Dr.Web or Kaspersky Anti-Virus. If you are outside of Russia, you probably have another options. Like Norton Anti-Virus for example). Main downside of any antivirus is disk monitoring that can slow your computer - sometimes significantly. But upside is that you can be free of virus fear.

And if you don't know, it's totally possible to get virus directly from the malicious sites, without installing any games or consciously run anything. Or you can be victim of security breach, without any actions at all. So I prefer to have anti-virus always on.
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