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Originally Posted by Scatty View Post

There's also another easy way - use this link to access all smilies. You can bookmark it like me, for future use as well. The above link for Smilies doesn't work for me at least, for some reason. The one I linked should be bullet-proof though.
Forum Smilie Listing
Edit: you can also access that list anytime on main Abandonia page, under Services dropdown tab. So don't even need to bookmark it.

And yep, I can speak and understand those 3 languages.
Whoops! I knew there was the link on the main site, but I had forgotten to look it up on Services. I had searched on AB Network, but there was nothing there!

You have managed to solve the puzzle in an admirable way.

So, as a way to honor you, nothing better than images, because they are worth (more than) a thousand words...

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