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Originally Posted by Rogue View Post

WinUAE 0.8.8 should work fine on pcem.
I wouldn't bother. Its compatibility (even for a plain A500) is way below today's WinUAE.

Originally Posted by Rogue View Post
Wonder if you guys know about LaunchBox, emulation front end. At some point its creator was bored and created DOS version of front end.

It works really great on DOS computer...
I know about Launchbox, but I didn't know about the DOS version. Looks like something work trying. I didn't use a shell like application back in the day, but I've found out even a half-decent one like DOSSHELL can come in handy.

EDIT: It's pretty decent and lightweight. The main disadvantage is that it won't let you run files from your harddrive directly, as other shells do, instead you need to create a profile for every program you want to run. Still quite good.

For my emulated DOS machines I prefer a free Norton Commander clone called UFO: Universal File Operator.

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