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Originally Posted by Rogue View Post

FS-UAE is much easier for people who never used Amiga before, but glad you figured out WinUAE. For me, ClassicWB is much better choice for OS (you still need WB 3.0 or 3.1 to install it). ClassicWB comes in couple different versions, I use Full on Amiga, but P96 is far better choice for emulation.

Sorry, didn't want to get this far off main topic here.

I like what you doing here, please continue. Are XT and AT next?
Yes, packages like ClassicWB are great. I re-tried Amiga in a box a while ago, couldn't even complete the install process... it was build for UAE v8.0.8!!

All I needed to "get" Amiga emulation is that higher Kickstart doesn't mean higher compatibility and a few other notions about the system.

As for doing more PC machines, I don't know, really. I'd like to, but I don't feel much affinity to machines I haven't heard of / tried in real life. We'll see.

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