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Originally Posted by Rogue View Post
Not CP/M as os, but one made for IBM PC.
Yes, I undestood. CP/M for other systems has been around since the 70s, or so I've heard.

Never heard of AIX before... to be honest I've only used Unix / Linux builds a few times, and Ubuntu was the one I preferred. Unless you count Android, of course.

Also never tried OS/2. From the included instructions in some games, it sounds difficult to set up.

As for Amiga, it was like the holy grail to me in the 80s and 90s. I was green with envy whenever I saw Amiga screenshots in game magazines. I had to learn a little bit about the system, but I was very happy when I finally got WinUAE and Amiga in a box working. Lovely system, a pity CBM let it fall behind the PC.
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