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Red face Well I'm just being myself.

You know I've been preaching for only a short time. 12 years is a short time in my time out of the 4 times that much that I have lived. What I have understand is when you follow God life is not always peachy but it is better than going homeless and being spanked etc. I have always sufferred in my life. The only difference when I follow God is that I suffer much less. I stress the word much! The good books says my way is better than human ways. No wonder when I do it my way I always end up losing much and gaining nothing. I stress nothing. So before I go any further "Thank you God for the rest of my life." I already have a friend. So I don't need another one. However I am just impatient so I just post nonsense on these boards. I am glad to find some friendly people along the ways. Even though they are fake it is better than nothing. haha It is rare if at all that someone would open their arms to you. I can count them on 1 hands. When I need something I can go to my own family. My mom says the hardest part about being a child is opening up to your parents who care about your true wellbeing. A child is always scared of their parents because the parents want the child to do good in school etc. They want to discipline their kids and so the kids are scared to come to them. So it is hard for the kid in their eyes. But strangers are even worst because you are not with real family members. They will help you out with strings attached. J E S U S # Once I talked with a foreigner in this country. He says it is what can I get out of it deal? My father says it has to be even. But my mom is kind. She does care about her kids ultimate welfare however she gives a lot!!!! Everytime I get into an arguement with my mom she always at worst case storms out of the home. Then I get it because she brings the elders. haha Then I get talked down on and counseled by many of them. haha So I calm down and it lasts. I realize no matter how right I am I must give way to my parents. That is the official law of God!!!!! I want to take honour by being right however according to God it is a disgrace to bring yourself higher than your elders# So now I am trash almost. I am low but have enough for myself so I can live a life without lacking.
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