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Originally Posted by jonh_sabugs View Post
Auto/quick has the AI fighting for you, and it screws up too much.
Well, then simply speed up movement.

Also, do you realized that it's only animation that lasts? Actually, you can move just after you order your previous unit to act - no need to wait while it finish it. Not work for computer though.

Also, I definitely don't have peasant garrison early on, are you sure it's not random?
All available buildings are "shadowed" in your capital, so you can click and see what it does and what requirements for it. Check it, peasant garrison is in left from unit slots in my second (i.e. first non-tutorial) game. Later it can be upgraded, if you'll found right schematics... Oh, wait. Yes, I can be wrong here. It _can_ be "initial" schematic for my shard, not given automatically. Sorry...

But then you must have something else. Like thieves guild, "real" garrison or something. If you beaten 2-3 shards, you definitely must have it!

Staying in a border province does not help either. Besides having your hero stuck there, the AI will simple circle you through another province in its path to the capital.
Well, as I said, garrisons is the answer. He can beat one, two, three, but eventually he will arrive into your castle (if it will made it at all) totally exhausted.

Also, you must explore provinces, if you want to have really good items. Why not have it at border, where outcome is at max?
I managed to beat a few shards so far, but I believe the game would be more enjoyable if garrisons built up slowly or something.
What level of difficulty are you setting? In "normal" level computer have exactly the same resources as you, so he simply cannot afford "big" garrisons until it have, like, dozen of provinces or more. And even then he will not be able to reconstruct it fast. Actually, my usual tactics is having strong garrison in important province and allowing computer to exhaust itself on lesser ones while my heros "cleans up" space, building up yourself and their armies. After that I cutting enemy from his territory and strangulate him with my heroes. He lose a lot of money for previous big garrisons and hero itself, so after that it's a breeze to take his undefended lands.

Also, most of "simple" garrisons can be bought out back, if you have the money and your diplomacy skill strong enough.
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