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Originally Posted by RRS View Post
That should be the first thing you should work on. There are so many games out there, even free ones with decent quality, that in order to raise interest you should make it stand out. Otherwise it's just like a school project that ends up on the bottom of desk drawer (like that game I made in 1997).

I'm surprised you didn't team up with some hobbyist pixel artist.

That's how this world is imperfect. I've got vivid images of future games, but I haven't hooked with a good programmer...
Well, I eventually want to do a series of horror-themes games with this engine, but to start I am probably just going to do a short demo or a sci-fi military campaign. Right now I am just trying to finish the engine before I commit to storyline stuff.

Also, I don't know any artists lol.

EDIT: If anyone is interested in beta testing once I have something playable or if anyone would like more information regarding my game, please let me know. Thanks!

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