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Originally Posted by Blake00 View Post

Doesn't make sense that such a hugly sucessful game is not avaiable on GoG or Steam, especially considering there are 64bit compatibility patches for it now too.

I've returned to playing Civ2 after like 20 years and have been having a blast. Via a XP VM with an iso of my old MGE cd I've been playing it in HD on a big screen allowing me to see so much of the world! Have been getting into modding it again too.

If its of interest to anyone this is the first dev diary of a Civ2 Heroes of Might & Magic 2 scenario I'm working with someone on that's 20 years too late but we're doing it anyway lol!

WIP shot (no units added yet)

Wow! Nostalgia!

Nice screenshot!

Let’s hope makes Civilization II available in addition to other games such as Reunion, Rome, and other memorable games!

By the way, I wish you success in your project!
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